Best Chair for Guitar Practice

Best Chair for Guitar Practice – There are hundreds of guitar chairs and stools out there and many of them tout the same features, and while they may look similar, build quality does vary greatly between them. No worries, though, I’ll be showing you all the best guitar stools and chairs at each price point! If you want to learn more about them before reading reviews, check out our stool and chair buying guide at the bottom of the page.

The right chair can make all the difference in your practice sessions. If all you have is a dining room chair, your tookus will not be happy. Even if you have a chair or stool that you think may work, it may not be the best option for playing guitar.

So in this post, we’d like to cover how you can choose the right guitar chair for your practice sessions.

Sports and music are such delicate activities that it needs many things to be perfect. Art comes from you and you need to feel comfortable when delivering it. Therefore, guitar stools play a huge role when it comes to guitar practice and playing.

Especially, if you move around a lot. No matter how good or comfortable, the stool has to fulfill your particular needs as well. So, we have introduced you to the best type of chair for guitar practice and playing. It is time for you to choose the best guitar chair from these reviews so you can deliver your art.


1.Gibraltar 9608MB

Gibraltar Hardware may not be that well known to many guitar players. They were founded in 1993 and are a company more commonly associated with bar stools in the world of drumming rather than guitar. Their drum gear is actually really good with them producing everything you will need from stands to stools. Also it is interesting to note that Lamb of God’s Chris Adler uses their gear.

The 9606MB is actually a drum throne, yet it’s large and versatile design allows it to be used as a guitar chair as well. It is a sizeable barstool and stands out from its competitors with adjustable backrest and an extra-wide motorcycle style top. The padded Moto-seat sports a Cordura top and the sides and bottom are reinforced with vinyl.

Adjustability is a key feature of this barstool. The locking mechanism allows you to leave it open for a swivel ability if you like more movement while playing the guitar, or it can be locked to remain stationary. Height adjustment is done by way of the robust threaded steel spindle. It can be adjusted to a maximum of around 2 feet high which is a common seat height with these products and is usually ideal unless you are very tall.

The stool is supported by a 3 legged, double braced support and feels sturdy. Despite the tri-support, it does not impede leg movement, even when swiveling which is one of the best features for musicians. The backrest is solid and well built however there are quite a few parts with it which can take some time to assemble upon initial purchase. Also, it should be noted that the backrest is stationary.

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2.CedarsLink LK-STU

Do you play instruments other than the guitar? Then, CedarsLink LK-STU portable chair is the ideal chair for you as it is built for musicians in general who just need a chair. You want to look cool on stage and this chair lets you look cool.

Apparently, it has a backrest that is located at such an angle that it does not make you slouch when you play. However, the design of the chair does require quite a bit of room on stage or in the studio. Other than that, the backrest is also very adjustable.If you have certain back issues and you want to take good care of your back when playing then this chair is a great choice.

Other than that, the seat of the chair is very comfortable as well. It comes with a footrest as well and that makes things even more comfortable. The grip under the chair is quite strong as well, so you will never be falling. Also, you can adjust both the seat and backrest extremely easily.

The capacity of this chair is great as well. You can easily transfer and store it too. Also, it looks very suitable for any household with its great, classy looks. Lastly, it is reasonably priced for the delivered quality.

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3.Quick Lok Musician

Want to experience the ultimate comfort when playing your guitar? Then, this Quik Lok Musician seat may just be able to provide guitarists with what they really want. Apparently, it has a seat that is padded very well and lets you practice or play for hours straight without feeling tired.

Furthermore, it has a nicely angled backrest that provides your back with sufficient support and prevents back problems caused by bad posture. In fact, the backrest is also adjustable so you can set it just the way you like it best. However, there is a part of the backrest that some users may feel a bit uncomfortable on the lower side of the back.

You can easily adjust the seat height. However, the seat is itself taller than usual and the lowest seat height may also seem too high for you. So, this may not be the best solution for people who are shorter than average.

However, the footrest is not the sturdiest. Also, it may be placed too high up from the ground or at a place where it is not comfortable to keep your feet. But, it is not the same in every case for everyone. Based on your physique, you may love how the footrest is placed.

Other than that, the quality of the build is top-notch. There is nothing in the seat that could cause allergies or anything of that sort. The price is a bit higher than the average ones but for the class, convenience, and design; it is worth the price. Still, it is one of the top guitar stool with backrest.

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4.Fender Barstool

Even if we bring the best guitar chair or seat in the world to you, you may not like it. It is like that famous or hyped dish that everyone is crazy about eating but you go once to taste and never go back.

As you can guess, the guitar stool you choose should satisfy your unique taste. If it does not then it is just not worth it. We have this Fender 30″ Barstool with backrest to be used as your guitar stool here if this is the kind of stool you like.

The design is very different from regular guitar stools. You will notice that it is more round in shape. In fact, it not only has a round seat but also the frame is tubular. However, the seat is still very stable. It comes with a backrest and a footrest as well. The seat is well-padded and comfortable for hours of practice sessions as well.If you want the most comfortable guitar chair that provides you with support in every possible way then this bar stool may just be the one for you.

The guitar stool height is fixed, you cannot adjust it in any way. However, when a good brand cuts down on useful features, it finds other ways to satisfy you and this one does satisfy you.

Apparently, you enjoy the flexibility in a different way- the barstool comes with a 360-degree swivel. So you can move just the way you want to.

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5.On-Stage DT8500

If you are alright with a non-adjustable guitar stool with a footrest only for you or people similar to you, then this On-Stage DT7500 stool would be a great choice.

Apparently, by nature, it is not adjustable. You cannot adjust a single thing in this stool- not the height, not the footrest, nothing. Yes, it comes with a footrest and if the height of the stool and the footrest suits you then you will love the footrest.

However, this stool is very lightweight and collapsible. So, if you roam around a lot of gigs then this is the right stool for you. Also, note that this stool is better for taller people as shorter ones won’t really be comfortable with it.

When it comes to comfort, the seat this stool has is quite comfortable. It is both well-padded and breathable. However, with no backrest, it won’t really provide any guitar player the best comfort for hours of practice. But it comes with a built-in guitar stand. So, you can just rest the guitar on the stand whenever you need to.

The quality of the build and design is great. It looks great as well. There are fewer features and not the best stool for guitar by any angle but it is a good one considering the price.

If a guitar player prefers a backrest over a built-in guitar stand, then On-stage DT8500 Guitar/Keyboard Throne would be a better choice from the same brand.

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The Adjustrite musicians’ chair is a humble folding chair with an excellent design and feature set curated for a musician. This chair comes with an added advantage as it was designed by a cellist. Meaning that the chair was conceptualized by a person who cared and knew what a musician wanted.

Even if you are not an outgoing musician, the Adjustrite has impeccable lumbar support which makes it an ideal choice for musicians with injury-prone histories.

The Adjustrite has 5 inches of adjustment from 15 inches to 20 inches. This wide range allows this chair to be suitable for both young children, adults alike. Also, the adjustments are done through pegs on the legs and the front and rear adjustments are independent. This means that if the user prefers a more slanted seat, he/she can adjust the chair to be slanted.

The Adjustrite has a solid metal build with high standard materials for the cushion. Despite being a folding chair, the Adjustrite is as solid as it gets. The blacked-out color scheme gives this chair a professional and industrial look making it ideal for both on-stage and in-studio use.

This chair weighs 18 pounds (8.2 kg) and can support users weighing up to 265 pounds (120kg). Such a high own-weight to supported-weight ratio makes the Adjustrite- as stated previously- one of the best folding guitar chairs appropriate for the outgoing musician

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How to Choose the Right Chair for playing Guitar

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You will end up with just another stool for use when in need if you do not carefully consider the following factors. You need to know what makes a great guitar chair and how to choose a guitar practice chair.

1. The Height

The main reason you have to sit when playing an acoustic guitar is that you have to support your legs. Now, if your legs are in an uncomfortable position or posture, you cannot really take care of how you hold the guitar, can you? The discomfort will ruin other aspects of the performance for you as well.

If the chair is too high, you will not be able to keep balance. Again, if the chair is too short, your knees will point upwards and your body will bend at an awkward angle. As a result, the guitar in your hand will not get the correct position, and the freedom it needs to have.

Therefore, when you set out to buy a guitarist chair, make sure what the best height for a guitar stool is, and it should suit your height. There is a myth that the chair should consider the size of the guitar- it’s a myth. Your chair should be proportional to your height, not your guitar size.

2. The Arms And Rests

What makes the most comfortable guitar chair different from other chairs? The absence of arm and some other features but mostly the absence of arms.

As you can imagine, you cannot really take your guitar in your hand while sitting on an office chair with armrests. The armrests act as an obstruction and it will not let you have the accurate posture for playing the guitar. Therefore, look for chairs with no armrest.

Other than that, for utmost comfort, the best guitar chairs come with a backrest. You can totally consider a backrest if you want support for your back as it will probably not cause any trouble when you are holding and playing guitar. However, do check that the design is effective enough.

3. The Comfort Of The Seat

If you are passionate about playing the guitar then you probably spend hours practicing. Your hand will end up aching, so will your neck and mind. However, the struggle will be double if your legs start aching too.

Why may they ache? Because of an uncomfortable seat. You need a well-padded chair or stool to be very comfortable. Or else, it will be the greatest obstacle in your way to success. Leather seats with a good amount of padding inside work well and look great.

4. The Design

Based on the build of your body, you will feel comfortable in different kinds of chairs. Make sure the shape of your chair brings you the maximum comfort when you sit on it. There are chairs that contour to the shape of your body. In fact, these thoughtfully built chairs are not only good for your physique but also for performance.

A few stools come with a footrest while many do not. It is up to you whether you want a footrest or can do without it. Moreover, the shape and design of the legs differ as well. Some may be able to provide more stability than others.

Since you will be placing it in a studio, home, or stage, you want it to look good. An elegant design will keep you and the viewers happy as well.

5. The Adjustability

You may not be the only musician in your house and studio. There may be other guitarists who will use the same comfortable chair or stool. But, as we all know, they will not be of the same height or weight.

So, the availability of height adjustment features should consider before buying any guitar stool or chair. You need to check the range of adjustability as well. Also, consider the ease of adjustability.

6. Build Quality

As a musician, you know how attached you can get to your instruments. You buy high-quality, well-sought-out, great guitars so that they accompany you for a lifetime and through generations. The same is the case with guitar accessories and stuffs like stools- you want them to last through generations.

Only the quality of the build can assure you that. You want real, strong, corrosion, and rust-resistant steel in the build. Other durable materials will do too if they are sturdy enough.

The trouble begins with the padded seat. Apparently, leather or padding may not last very long. In such cases, you should check if the parts are replaceable. So, you get to keep the chair that you have made memories with just by modifying it a bit.

7. Features You May Want

A guitar chair is just a chair until you specify what you need from it. Apparently, these chairs can offer you some interesting features. For example, you can find guitar stools that come with a guitar stand attached to them.

This is like the perfect combination of products, isn’t it? There are many such features that will amaze you. You just have to be clear about your needs and you will find features meeting them.

If you perform in shows a lot, you may be in need of a portable guitar stool or chair. Yes, you can find lightweight, foldable chairs as well. The quality may not prove to be the best but these are quite convenient for usage.

8. The Price And Warranty

You will find both insanely expensive guitar stools and also really cheap ones. But, both these extremes are a no-go zone. Guitar stools are important but not important enough to commit your whole bank balance to it. In fact, it is best if you carefully look for the features and quality and settle at a mid-range price.

You will be amazed by the value you get from the price level. In fact, you will also get warranties and guarantees with your product alongside great customer service. You just have to be very careful when choosing.

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Guitar Chair Vs Regular Chair Or Stool – What’s The Difference?

A guitar chair and a regular chair both types of seats have the same primary purpose- to sit on. However, we can found some differences between the two depending on the design, features, and usage:

Design: The main difference between a dedicated guitar practice chair and an ordinary chair is the design. Guitar chairs and stools are mainly designed for guitar players to provide the highest comfort than any regular chair or office chair.

Feature: The guitar chair has some extra features like a proper backrest, guitar stand, a footrest, height adjustment, etc. due to it was designed especially for guitarists. All of these features would not be available in most common chairs.

Comfortable and Convenient: Typically, guitar stools and chairs are more convenient and portable than the regular chair. This is because most guitar chairs often have a well-padded seat in a durable and sturdy frame that is lightweight and foldable at the same time, whereas it would be hard to get the same qualities in a desk chair or gaming chair.

The Benefits of Guitar Practice Chair

You can buy many different types of guitars, picks, attires, etc. But why a chair? Here are a few reasons why:

No Health Hazards: You already know how much pressure you put on your fingers when playing on a guitar. There are other parts of your body suffering strain as well. A guitar player’s chair, crafted for this very purpose, creates the ideal sitting and playing situation for your body. As a result, with the posture being perfect, you do not harm your body parts in anyways and can say goodbye to aches.

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Comfort: As we mentioned you should check the padding of the seat when buying the chair. This ensures comfort. So does the contoured to your body needs the ideal guitar playing chair. You totally do not have to put in extra effort to feel comfortable when playing the guitar.

Style and confidence: Perfect guitar stools and chairs have a mental effect as well. You may get nervous on stage but when you feel that familiar feeling of your studio, sitting on the same chair- your nerves calm down a bit. Furthermore, you choose a guitar seat carefully tailored to your taste. As a result, it becomes a symbol of your style.

How To Take Care OF A Guitar Stool?

There is not really much to take care of when it comes to a guitar stool or chair. You can clean it off dust regularly and keep it in a cool, safe place when storing. Even though materials are usually rust-resistant, it is best to not expose the chair to too much humidity.

Also, humidity can be a major concern for your guitar depending on your location so check our article on guitar room humidifier for more information.

Other than that the cushion will show trouble in the long run, so will the cover and many other parts. You just have to carefully replace and repair the parts when necessary.

How Do I Know Which Is The Right Height For Me?

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There is no objective answer about the right guitar stool height. Apparently, you can check out the height of the chair you feel most comfortable in. Then, buy a guitar stool that has the same height. Tall people usually like 24-inch chairs and shorter people like 17-inch ones.

We all have a bed or a couch, so why invest in a guitar chair or stool? Well, the wrong kind of seating can mess with your posture and your playing technique.

If you experience back, neck, or rear-end pain during and after your practice sessions, it’s probably time for a new chair.

But first, you should ask yourself: for what am I practicing? The answer to that question will help you decide if you need a chair or not. Because you should always practice in a context that’s as close as possible to the situation for which you’re practicing.

Are you practicing to perform live? If so, will you be sitting or standing on stage? Many performers prefer to stand during concerts, but some sit.

Are you practicing so you can get better at recording guitar in the studio? If so, most of your job is done in a chair.


Best Chair for Guitar Practice – Have you been to live music cafes and seen chairs being kept on the stage for a great acoustic performance? You have experienced art but you do not know what the artist may have experienced behind the enthusiastic guitar playing. If he had a good time then it’s worth mentioning that he got the best chair for guitar Practice players to sit on and perform smoothly.

It is not only about stage performances, anywhere you play acoustic guitars it is more convenient to play while sitting. And, this is a special kind of perfect sitting- not on the ground, not on a table. You need to be able to relax your body while playing as you will have to focus all your mind and energy on the guitar at hand.