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Best Chair for Laptop – If you’ve ever placed a laptop on your lap, you may have noticed that it can become hot. To avoid causing your legs to sweat and impeding the laptop’s ability to circulate air, a laptop tray for chair use can be a convenient accessory for working from home or at a café. Portable laptop trays and those designed for use with chairs may also allow you to adjust the angle of the screen for optimal typing and visibility. Explore our top ten laptop trays for chairs.

Never skimp when it comes to buying chairs for your home — especially office chairs. Most of us spend an inordinate amount of time in an office chair for weekly admin chores, Zoom meetings, and the like, so investing in a quality office chair will save you from both wealth and health issues in the long run. Trust us.

Whether your office chair is intended to complement a badass gaming laptop setup or home office space, choosing the perfect throne can make a world of a difference for your overall well-being and productivity. From the shape of your spine to the pressure placed on your back, these chairs can vastly improve your quality of life. Here are the best office chairs to test drive right now.
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1.Humanscale Freedom

Humanscale makes some seriously nifty high-end ergonomic office chairs, and the Humanscale Freedom(opens in new tab) is, for us, the pinnacle of that niftiness. It not only looks fabulous – particularly in the leather option, which offers additional advantages in case of accidental drink spillages – but the really clever bit is that the Freedom is designed to do away with the complex knobs or levers that many ergonomic options can baffle you with. Instead, it adjusts itself automatically to fit the ideal ergonomics for your body.

For example, when reclining in the chair, it automatically adjusts the backrest resistance to the optimal level. The end result is a whole lot of comfortable sitting, without having to do any thinking about tension settings and so forth.

There are, of course, some adjustable elements, including the armrests which move in tandem (so they’re always at the same height as each other). You can also slide the seat pan forwards (or back), and adjust the height of the backrest, and the headrest (simply by pulling it in the latter case; in fact, all these adjustments are dead easy to make).

So there is a lot to like here, but the downside is that this is not an office chair for the faint of wallet. Bear in mind, however, that the pricier models are the leather and polished aluminum offerings. Remember that there are versions with plain fabric and a graphite frame – they might not look as high-end, but they still provide the same superb sitting experience, often for hundreds of dollars less. Also note that this chair is backed by a 15-year warranty, which inspires confidence for sure.

At the time of writing, in the UK this chair has a substantial 20% discount (use the code WFH20-UK at checkout to get that chunk of money off plus free shipping).

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The IKEA Markus(opens in new tab) chair has been around for a long time, and is a well-liked option for many folks who want one of the best office chairs around without having to break the bank (some of the seats out there can take a truly exacting toll on your wallet).

You don’t get much in the way of adjustments with the Markus, at least not compared to the fancier ergonomic chairs around, but this is a sturdy seat which offers a comfortable upright sitting position, with a long back and integrated headrest. Furthermore, the back is made of a mesh material to let the air through and provide better breathability, which is always good for those longer sitting sessions.

You can adjust the Markus for height, tilt, and the back can be locked in place, or it can be reclined. So there’s a decent amount of adjustability, and overall, this is a solid chair which is well-made for the money. An unexpected bonus in this price bracket is that this IKEA product comes with an impressive 10-year guarantee.

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3.Celle Basic Chair

Herman Miller(opens in new tab) is a renowned maker of high-end office chairs, although some models will truly set you back an arm and a leg. For those who don’t want to spend quite so much, but still want a high-quality chair for a (relatively) more affordable asking price, we recommend the Celle. Be warned, it could in no way be described as a budget product – if you want more wallet-friendly, look to some of the other chairs elsewhere in this list – but for what you’re getting, the Celle represents great value in our eyes.

This office chair is impressively comfortable, and very robustly built as you would expect with a Herman Miller product (the 12-year warranty is equally comforting, for sure – and there’s a 30-day ‘no hassle’ return policy if you aren’t happy post-purchase).

The Celle can be had starting from direct from Herman Miller itself, which is a reasonable ask for the quality on offer. That includes an ergonomic design using ‘polymer cells and loops’ which conform to your body shape, and the chair sports plenty in the way of ventilation so your back won’t be in danger of getting sweaty.

There’s a raft of adjustments available, including seat depth, tilt tension (and limiting the extent of the recline), plus optionally, the armrests and lumbar support can be adjusted. Those two optional features will cost you extra, but are probably worth forking out for in our opinion – certainly the lumbar support. The latter will run you an extra $45 at the time of writing – money well spent, we think, given that this is a crucial area of any office chair that you’ll be spending a great deal of time sitting in.

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4.FlexiSpot OC3B

If you are looking to add a splash of color to your home office, Flexispot has got you covered. The bright orange cushioned office chair will be the center of attraction in any room you decide to have it placed.

The Flexi-Chair Oka BS9(opens in new tab) office chair is beautifully designed, comfortable, and easy to build. The original price of the chair is £299.99.

In terms of comfort and design, the chair ticks those two boxes as you are able to sit on the office chair with ease for hours on end.

As the chair is relatively new, there are not many reviews online, but one thing is for sure, the chair is exactly as the company has described and looks exactly the same as it does in the pictures on the Flexispot website.

The quality is on the higher end of the scale when it comes to the BS9 chair. The ergonomic design of the chair protects your back and with a 7cm cushion on the seat of the office chair, comfort is the last thing you’ll have to worry about with the BS9.

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5.Vari Task Chair

In addition to standing desks, Vari also makes office furniture including a variety of office chairs. The company’s Task Chair is available with or without a headrest and if you choose the black finish, you’ll only need to pay an additional $20. However, both the Vari Task Chair with Headrest(opens in new tab) and Vari Task Chair(opens in new tab) are a bit pricier if you choose the grey finish.

Vari has designed its Task Chair with ergonomics in mind to help you maintain proper alignment and reduce muscle strain while working. The headrest, chair back, seat, armrests and seat back tilt and tension are all adjustable so you can configure this office chair in a way that is comfortable for you. The Vari Task Chair supports up to 300lbs (136kg) and its casters work on both carpeted and wood floors. The chair’s reinforced mesh back allows for breathability while a pivoting ergonomic backrest provides maximum lumbar support.

Just like with the Vari Standing Desk, its Task Chair can be assembled in only a few minutes and no tools are required to put it together. Once assembled, the chair has a height range of 38-inches to 43-inches while the seat has a height range of 17-inches to 22-inches.

Upgrading your current office chair is also easy with Vari as the company provides 30-day risk free returns, free delivery and buy now, pay later at checkout.

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6.Amazon Basics Classic

If you really want to spend as little as possible on an office chair, while still getting something decent, then our recommendation is this offering from Amazon.

The AmazonBasics Classic Puresoft Office Chair(opens in new tab) is well-padded and comfortable, and it comes with padded armrests too. As you might expect with a budget product, there’s little in the way of adjustability, save for raising and lowering the height of the seat, and allowing it to tilt back. There is also a tilt tension adjustment, so you can tailor exactly how much force is needed to tip the chair back.

Positives include the fact that it’s not a struggle to put together, going by feedback online, though it pays to take care during assembly (which we suppose is true of any piece of furniture you buy that requires construction – taking a bit of time over the process pays off, considering how long you’ll likely be sitting in an office chair).

The Classic Puresoft is reasonably lightweight, yet still feels sturdy enough when you’re actually sat in the thing. Obviously you have to temper your expectations when paying so little for an office chair, and there are some complaints of fabric tears in the feedback from customers in reviews, but this AmazonBasics seat makes a solid case for itself when it comes to those on the tightest budgets.

This office chair is available in black or brown, with the former being slightly cheaper and likely the one most folks will plump for anyway, at the time of writing.

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How to choose the best office chair for Laptop

The 13 Best Home Office Chairs to Make Remote Working Easier

We spoke to Paul Simons, director of office chair specialists Wellworking, to get the lowdown on the key features you want from a good office chair.

Does a good office chair have to cost a lot?

The world of office chairs is one in which you should buy the best you can afford. Pricier chairs generally give you superior ergonomics, more adjustability and longer warranties, while cheaper chairs tend to be a false economy. That said, there are occasional bargains to be had for surprisingly decent office chairs, while a few of the chairs costing several thousand pounds aren’t actually any better for sitting for long periods than those costing several hundred.

What are the key features to look out for Laptop ?

  • Adjustable height, back position and tilt – Adjust all three so that when your bottom is pressed against the back of the chair, your lower back is slightly arched and feels well supported and cushioned and your knees sit just below your hips while your feet are either flat on the floor or on a footrest.
  • Adjustable seat depth – Make sure that when you recline in the chair, the backrest doesn’t drop away. You want the angle of the seat and the back to stay the same whether you are sitting upright or leaning back, not unlike a rocking chair.
  • Armrest adjustability – Avoid chairs with arms unless they’re adjustable as they can prevent you getting close to your desk and affect your posture. Your wrists and forearms should go straight out in front of you and your keyboard should have approximately four to six inches in front where you can rest your wrists when taking a break from typing.
  • Lumbar support – Make sure the backrest provides lumbar support that fits naturally into the curve of your spine. Some chairs provide ‘additional’ lumbar support, but others provide a flexible backrest that will mould around your spine.
  • Free float tilt mechanism – Make sure your chair moves with you and doesn’t get stuck in a static position. We may have been told to sit up straight at school, but the best for your back is to keep moving whilst seated.
  • Different size options – We are not all the same size and build so ensure the chair is the right size for you. Better quality chairs will offer a range of adjustability so that they can be tailored to your exact specifications.

Is there anything else you need to consider?

What kind of floor do you have? Get the right type of castors for your floor – hard floors, stone, carpet and so on – to prevent you sliding around when you don’t want to, or potentially damaging your floor.

The best office chair can do wonders for your health and posture, all the while making your home working experience an altogether more comfortable one. In the early stages of the coronavirus lockdown, the number of British people working from home shot up from 1.5 million to something north of 10 million, and many people are beginning to accept this new change as a permanent one. So, if you haven’t already got yourself a new office chair, then now is perhaps the time to invest.. Indeed, crouching over your laptop from a stiff old kitchen chair – or, worse, working from your sofa or bed – can play havoc with your back and your productivity.

The Best Desk Chairs To Get Online

It goes without saying, then, that it’s worth spending some of your saved commute money on a decent chair. You’ll find a couple of pricey ergonomic options in our rundown of the best office chairs, but we’ll also reveal some budget-friendly options that’ll keep your back pain-free as you work, without breaking the bank

Note that we haven’t tested the below products, except of course where it’s made clear that there’s a review on TechRadar Pro. Rather, outside of reviewed products, we’ve compiled our listing of top picks by thoroughly researching the chairs in question, comparing relative specs, available features, build materials, feedback across various online forums and customer reviews, as well as taking into account other factors such as support, warranties, and overall value proposition.

A recliner laptop table adds convenience and comfort to your space. There’s nothing more comfortable or cozy than leaning back in your La-Z-Boy armchair lounger with your laptop. But you might not like the little navigation pad, so you have to use a mouse. You like having a water bottle at hand, and you might need your cell phone or even your banking information. Where can you put it all?

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Best Office Chairs & Home Office Chairs | IndieWire

A recliner laptop table provides a stable surface and a place where you can place your laptop and organize those things that you like to have on hand while you are working. Your laptop recliner table can be a convenience, making it easy to relax in your recliner. Whether you are cranking out work-at-home projects or keeping up with your besties while you play online with your gaming team, a reliable laptop recliner table can add an element of security to the experience. It gives you the ability to use your computer from the most comfortable chair in the house – your favorite recliner. Team it up with an armchair tray, and you can be set for several hours of work or fun.

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A recliner laptop table can come in several styles, ranging from handcrafted wood to ingeniously engineered metal. It can be a simple shelf, braced by legs that slide under your favorite chair, or it can be a mechanical device that has a shelf that can swing aside or that can be positioned at different angles or heights.

< id="what-extra-features-to-look-for-in-a-recliner-laptop-table" data-magellan-target="what-extra-features-to-look-for-in-a-recliner-laptop-table">

Some recliner laptop tables even come with a handy top brace that can help you get up and down out of your recliner – something that can be quite a feat if the chair is deep and comfortable. Convenience doesn’t end there, however. Some recliner laptop tables include features such as chill mats for your computer, cup holders, document clips and even (although all computer users know that this is bad for your computer keyboard) a place for snacks.

< id="how-to-select-the-best-design-of-a-recliner-laptop-table" data-magellan-target="how-to-select-the-best-design-of-a-recliner-laptop-table">

The exact design of the recliner laptop table that will work best for you will depend on a variety of factors. These are likely to include:

  • Your computer activities
  • The number of hours you use your computer
  • Whether you like to keep snacks by your computer
  • Your personal mobility
  • The style of your recliner
  • Whether it’s important to you that your recliner laptop table matches your décor

These are options that are likely to influence your choice of a recliner laptop table.

< id="what-are-the-most-important-construction-features-of-a-recliner-laptop-table" data-magellan-target="what-are-the-most-important-construction-features-of-a-recliner-laptop-table">

Equally important are basic construction features that can influence your buying decisions. These might be as follows:

  • Sturdy construction that will stand up to continuous use
  • Adjustable for personal comfort
  • Power connection – the laptop can plug into the table
  • Built-in chill mat
  • Means to stop the laptop from sliding
  • Will hold up under older, heavier portable computers
  • Are drink or snack holders positioned in a way to protect your computer?

These are practical considerations that should be made when choosing your recliner laptop table. Of this list, the first – sturdy construction that will stand up to continuous use – is probably the most important.

The year 2020 was a big one for home office chairs (no explanation needed). Although a swivelly seat is now a household staple two years later, finding one that checks boxes for both aesthetics and back support without obliterating your budget is tough. But where there’s an internet connection, there’s a way — to find the best cheap office chairs that are comfy, stylish, and clock in under $100. (When it comes to a piece of furniture as involved as your average rolling chair, going much lower than that could leave you sitting on a milk crate for your morning Zoom meeting.)
Choosing the best home office chair - Which?
So, whether you’re replacing the swivel chair you stress-bought on a whim these past two years or you’ve finally realized that working from under the covers just isn’t cutting it anymore, the affordable office chairs featured ahead can help — and we made sure to isolate only the winning-est of models that boasted high marks from the customers who liked them enough to part with a hard-earned c-note. Click on to explore our line-up of ergonomic WFH seating that comes vetted and approved by the internet’s team of ruthless reviewers.


Best Chair for Laptop – One of the best office chairs could also be one of the very few things that stand between you and chronic back and shoulder pain. Excellent ergonomics could be the last thing on your mind when you’re going about your hectic day at work, which makes having the right chair to ensure your well-being all the more important.

With one of these desk chairs overseeing your comfort and making sure that your body is in that ideal position all day long, you can go about your tasks for hours without worrying that you’ll suffer from injuries at the end of the day. Investing in one, therefore, is vital – just as vital as getting the most ideal PC(opens in new tab)laptop(opens in new tab) and peripherals – especially when paired with an excellent standing desk(opens in new tab).

We’ve gathered some of the best office chairs, some of which make for excellent gaming chairs(opens in new tab) as well, at different budgets and with different feature sets.

Find the best office equipment: fax machines(opens in new tab)scanners(opens in new tab)shredders(opens in new tab)copiers(opens in new tab)coffee machines.

THERE’S A GOOD chance you’ve given more thought to the mattress you sleep on than the chair you sit on. That’s fine! Sleep is extremely important. But if you spend several hours—more than eight, if you’re me—at your desk, it’s a good idea to give the humble chair more attention. It’s not just about finding a comfortable seat. The right materials can whisk away body heat, and having plenty of adjustability options can tailor the chair to your body. We’ve spent the past year sitting on about 20 office chairs, and these are our favorites.

Be sure to check out our other buying guides, including the Best Mattresses, Best Couch in a Box, and the Best Work-From-Home Gear.

Updated April 2022: We’ve added the Fully Alani to our Honorable Mentions section and Flexispot’s Sit2Go chair as an option to avoid. We also added Stealtho casters, and removed the Laura Davidson Futura as it’s permanently out of stock.