Best Chair for Leg Circulation

Best Chair for Leg Circulation – I researched a lot of papers to offer you fantastic information regarding the best chairs for Leg blood circulation. As I mentioned, in-motion chairs provide good blood circulation due to their dynamic feature to move while sitting. However, ergonomic chairs have enough adjustability to fit you well. They have dynamic features like reclining, rolling, seat height adjustments, and many other features. So, ergonomic chairs will also provide blood circulation to your body.

Our modern lifestyle makes us stay seated for an extended period. Even in the leisure time, we like to remain seated and watch movies or play video games. So, ergonomic chairs are the way out of this, and physical exercise can play a vital role in this situation.

Given how much time we spend in our office chairs these days, even if you don’t currently have chronic leg pain, you may want to consider buying a chair geared to minimizing discomfort because the same ergonomic features that do that also help to prevent it from becoming a problem in the first place.

If you’re in the market for a new office chair and are interested in acquiring one for either of the reasons described above, you’re in luck! We’ve scoured the internet on a quest to find the best office chair for leg pain.


1.Serta Chair

Serta Big and Tall Smart Layers Office Chair

Serta dominates this roundup review, winning not just the top spot but the second-place position as well. Perhaps this is not surprising, given the company’s experience in designing comfortable mattresses.

Although the Smart Layers Tranquility doesn’t have an exciting or edgy aesthetic, it more than makes up for it in terms of comfort, which is far and away this chair’s main selling point. It’s quite possibly the most comfortable chair you’ll ever have the pleasure of sitting in.

The Serta Big and Tall Smart Layers Office Chair is an exceptional and exceptionally comfortable chair built with bigger, taller folks in mind. Recommended for big and tall folks weighing up to four hundred pounds who need a chair for light to moderate daily use.

Arguably, the Tranquility boasts a sixth comfort layer, because all of the elements we just talked about rest inside a padded comfort cradle. Needless to say, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any other chair, offered at any price that has a more comprehensive comfort system.

As we said, it’s out of this world. We’ve never encountered its equal, which is amazing given the chair’s relatively modest price.

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NOUHAUS is a reliable manufacturer of Office chairs. The NOUHAUS Ergo3D chair is reliable, durable, and provides excellent ergonomic support for long sitting hours.

The NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair medium right now. I will consider this chair for prolonged sitting desk job. Check out its current price on Amazon by clicking here.

The features & design of this chair are unique, and that’s why it fell under my radar when I was looking for good ergonomic chairs at a reasonable price point. This chair has a weight capacity of 275 pounds which is enough for 99 percent of people.

The build-quality of this chair is solid, and the materials feel very premium. It has all the ergonomic features that you see in a thousand-dollar office chair.

It has dynamic lumbar support, which provides excellent support for your back and encourages you to sit with a good posture.

The arms and the headrest are also adjustable. You can adjust them as per your preference, which is fantastic.

The casters of this chair are of high quality and smooth. This chair also has a 360-degree swivel feature, which is very important for proper mobility.

Around the 300 dollar range, it is the best chair available in the market right now. This chair has the perfect balance of features and price.

Besides, the manufacturer provides five years of warranty while other office chairs at this range have only 1-2 years of warranty.

This chair’s durability and unique ergonomic features make it an obvious choice if your budget is around 300 bucks.

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3.La-Z-Boy Chair

The La Z Boy Hyland Office Chair is a beautiful, comfortable executive office chair, offered by a legend in the industry. Recommended for anyone looking for a high quality, comfortable chair for light to moderate daily use, if you can afford it.

Just about everybody living in the United States knows the name La Z Boy. They’re a legend in the home furnishing business. What fewer people realize, however, is that La Z Boy also makes a small selection of office furniture, with the Hyland being one of their high-end models.

It’s an unquestionably stylish and attractive chair, and it’s got some well-implemented features. Unfortunately, it suffers from what we consider to be a fatal flaw which limits its overall value, which is why it only managed to rank third on our list of finalists.

Assuming you’ve got the right build for the chair, the comfort factor is what’s likely to prompt you to pick this model over any other. It offers a simply incredible seating experience, mostly on account of the memory foam used in its construction.

Memory foam is the gold standard of seat padding and is highly prized whenever and wherever it is found. Sure, it’s pricey, but this is one of those instances where you get what you pay for.

Once you’ve had the pleasure of sitting in a memory foam chair, you’ll never want to go back to something padded with block foam, and the presence of all that memory foam makes the Hyland one of the best office chairs for buttock pain on the market today. So if that’s the problem you’re trying to solve, this one definitely belongs on your short list.

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4.GM Seating Ergolux

The GM Seating Ergolux Executive Chair is a stylish, attractive, comfortable, and amazingly adjustable chair that might be the perfect addition to your home office. Recommended for Anyone who can afford one.

GM Seating’s Ergolux office chair is a wonder. It’s a handsome, well-built and well-appointed chair you’ll be proud to own, but there’s a catch. It’s also a harsh mistress. We’ll explain what we mean in detail just below, but before we do that, let’s start with a quick review of the stats that define the model.

Comfort wise, although the Ergolux is a very pretty chair, it really doesn’t look like it would be all that comfortable. Looks, however, can be deceiving. It is a comfortable chair but sitting in it takes some getting used to. This goes back to what we mentioned at the start about this chair being a bit of a harsh mistress. It won’t let you get away with slouching or sitting in it with poor posture.

You’re either going to sit properly in this chair, or you’re not going to be comfortable. The Ergolux doesn’t brook any middle ground. This fact has divided Ergolux buyers into two camps: If you embrace the good posture this chair demands of you, you’re going to love it and wonder how you ever got along without it.

If you continue to try to slouch and buck good posture, you’re going to despise the Ergolux and give it away so you can buy some other chair that will let you get away with slouching. We see this as a big positive, but you may not agree for the first couple of days you sit in it!

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5.Steelcase Series 1

Steelcase is a well-known brand for manufacturing office chairs. Their chair has a lot of demand in the secondhand market because of their durability and comfortability.

The Seat height of this chair is adjustable from 16.5″ – 21.5″. So, this chair will be perfect for people of height, 5’2″ – 6’7″. If your height is within this range then this chair will fit you perfectly.

The build quality of this chair is robust. It comes with 12 years of warranty from Steelcase, which really shows the confidence of the manufacturer on this chair. This chair feels very stable and sturdy as well.

The mesh back allows ventilation from the back, keeping you cool and preventing sweating from your back.

The seat depth, armrests, and lumbar support are also adjustable, which will enhance your sitting experience. The weight capacity of this chair is 300 pounds. This is enough for most people.

Besides, it has good quality caster wheels and a swivel feature, making the chair’s movement pretty smooth.

Steel case chairs have a reputation of lasting for ages. That’s why they are very much popular in the market. The resale value of this chair is also good.

I like the design and features of this chair. Considering the reputation of the durability of Steelcase and the features it provides, this chair is an easy recommendation.

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6.Herman Miller Aeron

Herman Miller makes one of the best ergonomic chairs in the market right now. The Herman Miller Aeron ergonomic chair is iconic, and it is mainly known for its durability and 12 years of warranty makes this chair a safe choice.

It has an extraordinary build quality that makes this chair unique and a marvelous one. Since the price is over a thousand dollars, this becomes a turn-off point for most people.

Herman Miller has put 20 years of their research into building this chair. This chair is very much comfortable, and you will feel by touching that the build quality and the materials used to make this chair is the best out there.

There is nothing much to say about its features; it has all the ergonomic features that I think a chair should have for the user’s proper sitting posture and comfortability.

Herman Miller Aeron is the most premium and comfortable chair, without any doubt. If you have over a thousand bucks to invest in yourself, you should buy this chair. This chair will last for ages. It has 12 years of warranty, and it will easily last 10-15 years.

So, I think this is a good investment if you have that amount of budget. Otherwise, go for the cheaper options that I have listed in this article.

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Everything You Need to Know to Improve Your leg Blood Circulation While Sitting:

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Which office chairs are suitable for blood circulation?

The chair that has in-motion features or adjustability to feel more comfortable is good for blood circulation. All the ergonomic chairs have enough adjustability to keep you nice and comfortable for prolonged sitting. However, all the ergonomic chairs don’t have in-motion features.

What do I mean by in-motion? Well, while you are sitting, you can stay dynamic rather than sitting in a static position. You can freely move your pelvis and back while you sit. All33 backstrong C1 chair has this technology, and the Varier Variable Balans Original Kneeling Chair has this in-motion technology.

According to this recent study, Dynamic sitting maintained or increased pelvic flexibility. The dynamic balance chair may effectively help workers work continuously in seated postures with little fatigue. Prolonged sitting can cause lumbar pain, fatigue, and less blood circulation to the lower extremities. An In-motion chair can help remedy this situation.

However, ergonomic chairs are built and designed for prolonged sitting, offering adjustments that can fit you well. You can recline back while you feel uncomfortable and stretch your body to relieve your work’s stress. A study about Venous Blood Flow in the Lower Limbs shows that the combination of a periodic stretching and deep breathing of the back increases blood circulation in the lower limbs during prolonged sitting periods.

Is sitting bad for circulation?

Sitting for long hours is bad for blood circulation. The blood vessels get squeezed when a person and the regular blood supply to your lower limbs. A recent study also shows that prolonged sitting reduces the blood supply to the brain, leading to the development of neurological disorders such as dementia.

Signs of Poor Circulation Due to Sitting for Long Hours:

If you sit for long hours, you are most likely to experience the following symptoms of poor blood circulation:

  • Numb / Cold feet
  • Leg skin of some people turns pale skin
  • Toenails become Brittle.
  • Loss of hair on your legs.
  • Dry or cracked skin, particularly of the feet.
  • Wounds in the legs heal slowly.
  • Leg Swelling
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis during Prolonged Sitting

How does Sitting at a Desk Affect Blood Circulation?

On average, people spend about 6 hours sitting. A study reported that workers in sedentary jobs spent an average of 10 h in a seated posture during a 24-h period.

When you sit for that long, your body’s muscles, especially the neck and shoulder muscles, stay in a fixed position.

The fixed position of sitting and working squeezes your arteries and veins. Thus the blood circulation in different areas of your body is compromised. Recent studies suggest that this insufficient blood supply can cause several injuries to muscles and nerves as well.

As you maintain a steady, upright position while sitting for a long time, the blood flow decreases further. The return of blood from the lower limbs creates blood to pool. But the average circulation of blood from lower limbs to the heart gets compromised due to prolonged pressure on the thighs’ underside.

Due to limited activity, while sitting for long hours, heart activity and blood circulation slow down. This slows down body metabolism in workers, and obesity builds up quickly. People with obesity and diabetes are more likely to form blood clots on the legs and, in the long run, develop deep vein thrombosis (DVT) disease from prolonged sitting.

How can I improve my circulation while sitting?

Ergonomic Armchair to use laptop at home - Lounge-tek

Sitting properly:

Sit with your legs spaced slightly apart and your feet flat on the floor. There will be 2-3 inches of a gap from the edge of the seat to the back of your knee. Keep your elbow parallel to your working surface.

Talking a Walking:

Periodically, take a walk while you feel uncomfortable. People tend to change their posture when they feel irritated or stressed out of work. So, take a walk for a few minutes.

Stretching Periodically:

Research shows that a combination of stretching and deep breathing increases blood circulation to the lower extremities. So, you can do this periodically while sitting.

Staying Hydrated all the Time:

Drinking adequate fluids, avoiding smoking and alcohol improves blood flow.

Getting an Ergonomic Chair That promotes Active Sitting:

Ergonomic chairs offer many adjustabilities and in-motion features that provide extra support to the lumbar spine and encourage active sitting. Dynamic features such as reclining, rolling from one place to another while sitting, independent movement of the pelvis while sitting makes the ergonomic chair good for blood circulation.

How to Increase Circulation in Your Legs with and Without Exercise


Sitting Vs. Standing: (Is sitting or standing better for circulation?)

A research found that the chair’s seat compresses the veins in the thigh and hip areas, which causes poor circulation to the legs while sitting. Standing has lower leg activity than sitting; thus, standing has better circulation in the lower body.

Blood circulation in sitting or standing positions is controversial because different studies got different results according to their experiment perspective.

However, research also shows that standing causes the most discomfort in the entire lower body. Sitting is the most comfortable and causes the least fatigue.

In our mind, the clear winner in this roundup review is the Serta Big and Tall Smart Layers Tranquility and we stand by that as our top pick. Unfortunately, given the importance of taking careful measurements before buying a chair designed to help reduce and eliminate leg pain, not everyone is going to fit optimally into that chair, which is why we made sure to describe our other top contenders in great detail.

While none of the runners up are as good as the Tranquility overall, in our view, if the chair doesn’t fit you like a glove, then it’s not going to matter how comfortable it is.

None of our finalists are bad chairs by any means. They’re the best of the best office chairs for leg pain and any of them would serve you well. It comes down to what your tastes and preferences are, which features besides comfort you place the greatest emphasis and priority on, what your budget is, and how well each chair fits you.

Posture and a proper chair are important. But sitting for extended periods is bad for you all around. Along with the mini-break it provides, taking breaks to stand up and walk around also helps to get your heart pumping and the blood flowing. The activity can also help to prevent blood from pooling in your legs.

Can a chair cut off circulation?

Yes, a chair can cut off circulation if it places too much pressure on the back of your legs. This is especially true if you’re sitting for extended periods.

How can I improve circulation at my desk?

A few good ways to improve circulation would be to invest in a standing desk and to take periodic standing or walking breaks throughout the day.

How should you sit in an office chair?

You should sit so that your feet are flat on the floor with your knees in line or slightly lower than your hips. You should maintain proper posture so that your spine maintains its natural curve with your chair at a 100 to 110-degree angle.

If you work in the office, you spend most of your life sitting on a chair attending to professional obligations. Without your knowledge, you are setting yourself up for some serious back pain in future. That could also be followed by knee problems and other joint pains. While an office chair with leg support cannot prevent all of these on its own, it certainly does a perfect job. Besides, the popular sentiment, actually not a sentiment but something proven by research is that sitting down long hours is the new smoking.

Would you believe that the cost of the ergonomic office chair with leg rest is just about the same as that of a regular office chair without it? Well, seeing is believing, just go comparing prices and you will see that you do not have to pay through your nose to get this chair.

Buying an office chair with leg support does not have to leave you with a dented wallet. For example, The DoChair is so incredibly comfortable with the leg support. When you want to just chill and let the fatigue ooze out through your pores, just tilt it back to increase the angle of recline and unfold the leg rest… this chair is perfect for that.

Logically, more features equals more money, but that need not be the case. You can time your shopping to coincide with Black Friday and other shopping holidays. Thus, you can get a good discount and get the real deal of a chair.


Even if the cost is not exactly the same, you surely do not mind paying just a little more to get more features. It will be more than worth it.

Staying stuck in an office chair without leg support for many hours is a constant struggle since it strains your back causing discomfort already. This is why an ergonomic office chair with leg support should be considered a basic need for every professional. Your comfort in the office determines the attention that you devote to your office activities.

Choosing the best ergonomic office chair is not just about the lumbar support, as we often tend to think. It is about incorporating everything good for your body. This includes armrest, footrest, headrest and legrest, and any other rest that can be added.

Thus, as for the question of whether a chair with leg rest is better than one without, well, you know that it is neither here nor there. If you want the best modern ergonomic office chair, buy the one with the most number of features. That is how you get good value for your money.


Best Chair for Leg Circulation – Sitting and working at a desk can seem like fun, but when you have to work for 6-9 hours daily, trust me, it’s no fun. Currently, I work at a bank, and for that, I have to sit around 9 hours, five days a week. I faced several physical issues in the past for sitting for long hours. Poor Leg  blood circulation is one of those.

Sitting for long hours can lead to poor blood circulation, and in this article, I will give you a detailed guide to solve that issue. I will also recommend the best office chairs out there, which will improve your blood circulation from my experience.

Chronic leg pain can take many forms. Whatever form it takes, however, it’s no laughing matter, and it can really put a dent in your productivity.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. Ergonomic design has come a long way, and today, you can find high-quality office chairs specifically designed to help reduce your chronic leg pain, whatever form it takes, allowing you to get a full, productive day’s work in. While it’s true that such chairs won’t magically cure what ails you, the right office chair can do a lot to minimize your discomfort.