Best Chair for Lower Back and Hip Pain

Best Chair for Lower Back and Hip Pain – Working for long hours while seated can cause a lot of pain and injuries if you are not using the right chair. What type of job do you have? Do you work standing or sitting for long periods? Either way, you need to invest in the right furniture to cut out pain and injuries.

Consider buying the best chair for lower back and hip pain if you sit at work for long hours. On the market, you are sure to find an office chair for lower back and hip pain. First things first, do you know why your lower back and hip hurt when you sit in a chair for a long time? Maybe not.

How does the pain impact your health in the long run? To answer this question, read on to find out what it means to have this work-related pain. This article also breaks down the best ergonomic chairs that help lower back and hip pain.

Finding the best office chair, that will help reduce lower back pain, is a quest for many office workers. While most office seating companies claim to have lumbar support, they almost always lack in this area.

While you may find other lists on the internet, almost all of them will be built to push you into Amazon products. It’s important to note that most, if not all of these websites, have never tried the chairs they promote. As someone who has sat in hundreds of chairs, I know there is no way you could ever know what chair is excellent or bad without sitting in each first hand.

Chairs that offer better lower back support do exist, and today we will take a closer look at the ones we have found to provide the best lumbar support. I will show you chairs that are available at different price points so that no matter your budget is, you can start to work more comfortably.

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1.Herman Miller Aeron

The Herman Miller Embody is our top office chair. It has a super unique design that offers a lot in the way of customization and adjustability. If you suffer from back pain, you should definitely give this chair some serious thought, even with the high price tag. This chair will have you saying goodbye to that old seat cushion you used to use.

This office seat for low back pain is almost completely adjustable, from seat position to armrests. The best part? The backrest automatically adjusts to your spine every time you sit in the chair using what Herman Miller calls a “dynamic matrix of pixels” that constantly adjust when you move or reposition. It is similar to the Humanscale Freedom ergonomic chair that uses a self-adjusting recline.

This encourages proper posture. Tall people will appreciate this design for its customization as it fits their body type. This chair by Herman Miller also includes a fine-tuning knob for the backrest that helps you get it just right and the tilt tension is nice.

Unfortunately, the Herman Miller doesn’t include an adjustable headrest or even the option to add a headrest, and the arms can only adjust up-and-down or side-to-side. If you sit close to your desk, you might get annoyed with the lack of back-and-forth adjustability.

The hefty price tag may be intimidating at first, but once you sit down, you’ll be grateful you made the leap. It’s hard to find executive chairs this good. I wish that all office furniture was made like this. But if you can’t afford a new chair, your next best option is the best office chair cushions.

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2.Flash Furniture

The Flash Furniture Mid-Back Mesh chair offers great back support for a small price. It’s got a simple design with built-in lumbar support that makes it a good choice for anyone looking to buy an office chair on a budget. The lumbar support isn’t adjustable, but it works well enough that you’ll likely still benefit from it being there.

This budget choice features a mesh back that almost everyone will find comfortable, especially during extended periods of use as, because it conforms to the way you’re sitting at any given moment and keeps your back cool and comfortable. Its ergonomic features provide proper support at various sitting positions.

You can adjust this breathable mesh chair in the standard ways, like height and tilt, but it’s decidedly lacking overall in the adjustment department. While you can flip the armrests up, you can’t adjust their height, and the seat isn’t adjustable, either. Taller or larger people may find the lack of adjustability uncomfortable. Despite these downsides, you still get a comfortable mesh seating chair for under $100, which can be hard to do. But you can also check out other options with more adjustability, lumbar support, and comfort, by reading about some of the most comfortable office chairs on the market today.

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3.Ergohuman Chair

The Ergohuman High Back Swivel chair is similar to the popular Amazonbasics Midback Mesh, or the Herman Miller Aeron chair, but better. It has a unique design with one purpose in mind: ergonomics. This is one of the high back office chairs that lets you customize almost every single component so you can create the most comfortable mesh seating experience tailored specifically to your preferences. You can adjust the backrest, the headrest, the seat depth, the armrests, and it has adjustable height.

The ergonomic chair features a comfortable mesh fabric that can be a little sticky at times, for lack of a better word. You may experience the mesh hanging onto your pants as you stand up or adjust in the chair, which can get annoying. The Ergohuman chair lacks adjustable armrests, but each arm rest does swivel, which is nice, but they don’t lock in place and tend to move too easily.

Aside from the adjustable arms, the overall construction on the Ergohuman is sturdy and attractive. You can use the tension control adjustment to control the amount of force to recline or sit up straight as well. Chairs with tension adjustment are very good at improving posture. It also has a pneumatic cylinder to adjust the height. Put the best paper shredders close by so that you remain comfortable while working. For people with different levels of scoliosis, you should check our guide on the best office chair scoliosis.

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4.Steelcase Amia

The Steelcase Amia is sleek, simple and highly adjustable. If you have both back pain and hip pain or even neck pain, you’ll want to find a chair that offers a lot of adjustability in the seat to reduce back pain. The Steelcase Amia fits the bill, which is why it’s the best at addressing “lower back and hip pain”.

It allows you to adjust seat depth and height with the height adjuster, and it features a flexible seat edge that relieves pressure when you recline or lean forward in an upright position, further alleviating any pain you might experience in your hips so that you can have some pain management. Sitting vs leaning back can make a big difference when it comes to finding the right chair for you.

This chair for lower back and hip pain also features a unique feature that Steelcase calls “LiveLumbar.” The back of the chair adjusts with your back as you move, and you can slide the lumbar support to the position that gives you the most pain relief. These tilt mechanisms are important in an ergonomic chair.

Unfortunately, you don’t get a headrest and the chair itself is a little heavy, but it offers a wonderful option for anyone looking to relieve both lower back and hip pain during their working hours. It has a tilt locking feature that locks in in the upright position. Ergonomic office chairs are not easy to come by on a budget but this is one of the sleekest desk chairs out there at an affordable price and Steelcase also makes the popular Leap chair, so they know quality. The Steelcase Leap is a favorite of many workers. If you want to add a chair to your home too, check out this list to find the best reclining office chair.

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5.SMUG Office Ergonomic Chair

This office chairs may look simple and affordable, but don’t let those two things fool you. The SmugDesk office chairs offers an adjutsable back and is built with ergonomics in mind.

To that end it’s back is made of mesh, which means breathability. So if you run hot this chair will be a fit for you. Included is a headrest, which great for added support during long working sessions. The lumbar support will also help with lower back support as will the adjustable arm rests. If not, have a look at the best memory foam seat cushions that feature ergonomic designs, lumbar support, pain relief, durability, and breathability too.

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6.Eurotech Seating Vera

The highest-ranked chair in our list for lower back pain, the Ergohuman LE9ERG, scored 82/100 overall. Just looking at the design of the lower lumbar region on the LE9ERG is impressive. Naturally protruding beyond the upper backrest, the lumbar support system is the first part of the backrest to make contact with your back.

The backrest on the LE9ERG is height adjustable, allowing you to move the lumbar support on your back. The design of it also allows for it to be automatically depth adjustable, based on the user’s weight and how much you push into the backrest. Additionally, there is some flexibility with how it moves with you as you twist and move around in the chair.

If you tend to lean forward while tasking, the lower support of the LE9ERG stays with you even if you cheat forward. This feature is perfect if you prefer not to lean back in the chair unless you’re on a call or browsing the internet.

Because of the design of the lumbar and upholstery, the support is very specific on the LE9ERG. It doesn’t spread across your lower back as a mesh alternative would. This is important because some users may not like that feeling. If you’re looking for a little less pronounced lumbar support, the ME7ERG Ergohuman does a better job at flexing and spreading the support through the lower back.

When you lean back in the LE9ERG, the motion of the chair will pull the lumbar support up your back some. At about 50 perfect recline, I noticed the support became less pronounced, but it was still good. Depending on the position of the lumbar to start, it could require you to lower it down your back for the right support.

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Office Chair Lower Back Pain Buying Guide

How Unified Communications Boosts Workplace Productivity

When looking for good task chairs for low back pain, there are a few things you should consider. And while sitting in the chair is the best way to know if it’s comfortable, there’s still a lot of research you can do beforehand to ensure a good level of success.

The top chairs for lower or mid back pain not only alleviate this pain point, but they can also help you start on the path of curing it completely. You can choose a low back, midback office chair, or a high back. There is a lot of science that goes into office chairs for back pain that focuses on increasing blood flow and preventing important ligaments from shrinking.

Some popular models that didn’t make our ranking include the Serta Midback office chair, the Herman Miller Sayl chair, Amazonbasics midback, Viva Office, the Leap Fabric chair, and the Steelcase Gesture chair, which are runners up.

However, remember that buying a chair for back pain is only the beginning. Consider getting up, moving around and stretching every so often while working at your desk to promote even better blood flow.

You may also want to consider purchasing a standing desk that you can use along with your office chair for alleviating your discomfort and to create a comprehensive solution.

Features to Consider When Shopping for a Lower Back Pain Chair

Consider the following features as you do your research. Office chairs with these features are the best choices when it comes to relieving pain your lumbar and hip areas.

  • Lumbar Support
    If you’re looking to relieve chronic pain in your lower back throughout the day, you absolutely need to buy an office chair that features some kind of lumbar support. Most office chairs are curved in the lumbar area to provide this support, but the best chair for back pain will do more than that. If you have poor posture these chairs will help. Consider finding a chair that offers adjustable lumbar support or lumbar support that contours to the shape of your body automatically. These chairs will relieve your pain the best.
  • Comfort and Blood Flow
    It may go without saying, but you’ll want to buy an office chair that’s comfortable. Increased comfort typically leads to increased blood flow (and vice versa), which will help you stay healthy while sitting for extended periods of time. For this reason, a padded seat is recommended. Again, you may not be able to gauge specific comfort without sitting in the seat itself, but you can form a pretty good idea of overall comfort based on the materials used in the chair’s construction. The most comfortable office chairs encourage blood flow and increase breathability using a mesh-fabric hybrid that is both durable and well-ventilated.
  • Adjustability
    Most people suffer from back pain because they sit too stiff in their office chairs. The best ones let you lean back and adjust a wide range of comfort settings to prevent ligaments and hip flexors from shrinking and pulling on your back. As such, adjustability is an important component to consider. Chairs that offer more adjustments also make good standing desk chairs due to their flexibility. It should have the proper height and width to seat you comfortably. The top chairs for back pain will allow you to adjust almost every single component of the chair,  including the lumbar support to help correct poor posture. Consider chairs with plenty of adjustable features that also allow you to adjust seat depth, seat height, and have adjustable armrests. Seat height adjustments will make sure your legs are perpendicular to the ground which is essential for good ergonimics. When you buy a fully adjustable chair, you can customize your sitting experience to target your comfort needs and wants. Some people may prefer a kneeling chair, treadmill desk or an electric standing desk to stay upright and exercise, but most of us have to sit. Speaking of standing desks, a standing desk mat is great for your feet while using any chair as it encourages your feet to be in the proper position.

What is an executive chair?

Boost Your Bottom Line With Better Office Chairs

An executive chair is a premium, high back chair that supports the entire upper body. An executive chair comes with more features and tends to be of a higher quality than other standard desk chairs. In layman’s terms, it refers to the “bosses” chair when the quality and cost of office chairs corresponded with seniority.

 How you sit in your chair while you task

Not all users task the same way. While some work in perfect posture with their back up against the chair, others tend to slouch. Maybe you like to lean to the side when you type. It’s essential to understand how you like to sit when finding the perfect office chair.

One of the most significant issues we’ve seen is that customers try to adapt to an office chair. This is the quickest way to failure, as most habits can be hard to break. Some sitting habits aren’t bad, and the expectation that you sit perfectly for long hours throughout the day is unrealistic. Finding a chair that provides proper support for the way you sit, is likely to improve your support while seated.

Office Chair Set Up

Does the chair offer good support while reclined?

Do you like to recline in your chair? Is this something that you spend a lot of time doing? If you are taking a lot of phone calls, in meetings or even working from this position, proper support while reclined can be important if you have lower back issues.

Just because a chair offers great support while you’re sitting upright, doesn’t automatically mean that you will see the same support when reclined. We’ve found through testing all of the chairs in our office, there can be significant differences in lower support as you recline back into the chair.

Depending on how the recline function moves on your chair, the lower support can change in various ways. Whether it’s diminishing support or that the support actually moves up the back, both can have a significant impact on your lower back pain.

Is the lumbar support height and depth adjustable?

While not always true, having a lumbar support system that is height and depth adjustable can be important. If the lumbar support system doesn’t provide a good fit for your body, you will need the ability to move it up and down your back. Having depth adjustment will allow you to add and reduce the amount of pressure applied to your back. Depending on the amount of support needed, this can be a nice feature to have.

Does the backrest and/or lumbar move with you in the chair?

Depending on the type of tasks you perform in your chair, you may want to consider how the backrest and lumbar moves with you. If you are doing a lot of twisting and reaching, having a backrest that moves with you and provides continuous support is good if you really need a lot of lower support.

We have seen a lot of different types of backrests that will provide this function. From the entire backrest bending and flexing, to only the lumbar support automatically adjusting in depth. If this is important to you, you’ll want to pay close attention to the back of the desk.

What material is the lumbar system made from?

The last thing to consider is what type of material the lumbar and backrest are made from. Certain types of materials will flex more, spreading out the support through your back. We have seen upholstered lumbar systems with padded backing that can feel more stiff and will focus more on a certain area. Depending on your needs, this type of focused support can be good or bad. This is especially true if you’re able to fine tune where you can place the support.

Casual chairs come in a standard size that usually fits everyone. They may be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for a few hours but are not meant for working long hours. The casual chairs are ergonomically designed with lumbar support but with an unusual posture at work. Ergonomic chairs with lumbar support are specially designed for relieving you from back and hip pain. Its inward curve gives your spine a natural posture that allows you to work for long hours without painful backaches.

Lower back pain and hip pain have become common phenomena among young and old populations alike. Thus, having the right chair with a soft seat, adjustable height, and most importantly, good lumbar support can spell the difference between good and bad posture in the long run. When buying one, look for the right seat size and height, quality construction, sturdy legs, reclining backrest, and any other feature you might need to make sitting more comfortable.

Can a Standing Desk Help With Hip Pain?

Since sitting all day is hard on the hips, periodically switch between standing and sitting can help with stiff hips.

According to a 2013 research, a ratio of 1:2 is optimal. That is, 1 hour of standing for every 2 hours of sitting. If you get tired easily, you can opt for 30 minutes of standing and 1 hour of sitting.

Even when using a standing desk, you should practice “active standing.” For example, the Canadian Centre for Occupational Healthy and Safety (CCOHS) suggests:

  • Using an anti-fatigue standing mat to engage different muscles while standing
  • Using a foot stool to shift your weight between your legs and break your standing routine

If adding a standing desk interests you, make sure to also check out our post on the best practices when standing at work.

Your Office Chair Height and Angle Causing Back Pain

Is Sitting on a Saddle Chair Good for Hip Pain?

Yes, sitting on a saddle chair can help prevent or eliminate hip pain. But, it takes some getting used to.

A saddle chair enables you to assume a riding style position wherein there is reduced load and pressure on the hip joints. The increased joint space decreases the compression in the hip joint cartilage. There is also more space for the nutritional fluid which enables the hip joints to stay healthy in the long run.


Best Chair for Lower Back and Hip Pain – If you tend to sit for long hours at work, you may be at risk of developing lower back pain. Wrong postures may aggravate the risk even more. This post lists the best chairs for lower back and hip pain.

An ergonomic chair has a reclining backrest, waved backrest, adjustable height, good lumbar support, and a soft seat. These features align with your spine, provide ample support, and keep your arms and feet at length with your body. They ultimately help you maintain a good posture while working.

There are many reasons for hip pain. According to WebMD, arthritis ranks as the most common culprit, though basically any type of repetitive strain on the tendons and ligaments that support the hips can lead to hip pain.

Whatever the reason, if you suffer from hip pain, picking a suitable office chair can go a long way in preventing your condition from getting worse. After all, most of us spend almost half of our waking hours sitting.