Best Chair for Mental Health Therapists

Best Chair for Mental Health Therapists –  Being a Mental therapist and seeing patients every day might fill up your pocket, but every therapist has an untold story as well. Your patients come to you to get the relaxing time they need. An hour of a session is all they want to ease up their body. But little do they know, you need to relax as well.

After sessions of therapies, you often get the ache on your back, and all you need is to sit on a comfortable chair. But not all of them are comfy, are they?

Well, we’re reviewing the best chairs for therapists here, so you may get your relaxing zone along with your patients as well.  So why wait? Jump to the reviews to see our top lists.

As a Therapist, one of the key decisions you will make when setting up your practice is purchasing a therapist chair. Creating a comfortable setting for your patients has been shown to have positive effects on patient experience.

When therapists sit all day, every day, the tension can build up in your muscles thus interfering with your overall concentration. It is interesting to look back on therapists’ chairs as they have an interesting history.

A good therapist’s chair is an element of a good healthy environment because it often helps both the patient and doctor to be relaxed and comfortable during the therapy session. It plays a crucial role in the healing of a patient. When a therapist is sitting in a comfortable chair, they are in a better position to give a patient the right answers.

In this article, we will review the best chairs for therapists available in the market today as well as highlight some of the factors that you need to look out for during the buying process.


1.Ergohuman High Back Swivel

On the first of our priority list, we’ve got the high-back swivel chair from Ergohuman. Sleek design, premium aesthetic, ultimate comfort, you name it, this boy right here has got everything your body needs to feel relaxed.

It doesn’t matter if you’re taking hours of therapy sessions. There’s no way you’ll feel fatigued or discomfort on your back, head and butt. Sit on it and let the soft cushion take over your butt as you feel the soothing embrace.

Thanks to the seat-depth adjustment, you can sit more correctly than ever. Whenever you’ll feel like to recline your chair a bit, you can use the Synchro-tilt mechanism for reclining magic.

And guess what? It has got contoured lumbar support to make sure you can say goodbye to all those pain on your back once and for all. The best part? You can adjust the height of the lumbar support at your convenience.

Plus, as you keep sitting on it for hours, your backs won’t get sweaty at all. All the credit goes to the mesh back the chair shows off. The air will flow through it constantly while keeping your back cool.

You can’t ignore the convenient armrests, can you? Unlike the mainstreams, the pivoting armrests make sure your hands get all the room they need to stay relaxed.

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2.ALFA Furnishing

Introducing you to the best multi-purpose chair, So don’t worry if a name is spelling home and office. An ergonomic chair is a lumbar support chair with the best adjustability.

The armrest is adjustable to go forward, backward, up, back, and side to side. It has a 3.15″ adjustment of a seat that is exceptionally comfortable to work while resting all day long.

This lumbar support chair is a manufacture of the best company, “ALFA Furnishing”. This chair has a 3D armrest and the lumbar support constructed into two parts. The structure of this chair is fantastic and soothing for the back.

The ergonomic office chair has moulded foam which provides ultimate relaxation. The padded seat reduces your hip pain and best for lower back parts. It is easy to install, and it has 360-degree wheels.

The design of the chair is stylish and traditional, it will compliment your clinic. So get yourself this best therapists chair.

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3.Hегman Millег Mirra 2

We don’t think we need to tell you much about Herman Miller. This giant is widely known to everyone for making ergonomic office chairs.

Guess what? This time it comes with a therapist chair with good back support.  Wait, you don’t want to get your hands on it without doing your homework on it, right? Let’s see what this one has to offer.

The hybrid structure is what makes it stand out from the typical ones. Just look at it, not only it will take the wow out of your lips but when you’ll sit on it, you’ll be able to align your body in a perfect way.

Besides, from now on, you don’t have to say ‘Ouch!’ whenever you’ll change your posture. This chair has got a reinvented tilt. As a result, you can shift from one posture to another without experiencing even the slightest of discomfort.

Be impressed to see how the seat takes over your hips when they land on the seat. The soft cushion will adapt to you just like that and you’ll get all the comfort in the world.

Let’s not forget the lumbar support that makes sure you don’t experience any pain in your back. In fact, it eliminates the pain if you’re suffering from it. To enhance your comfort, you can activate the harmonic tilt mechanism for reclining pleasure whenever you want to.

As for durability, it’s been constructed with polymer. However, the makers have made each molecule count. Meaning, they’ve used less of the material to make sure you’re getting maximum performance.

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4.HON Ignition 2.0

Here’s a mid-back therapist chair for you that will blend perfectly with your profession and your place. The moment when you’ll roll your eyes on it, you’ll probably say ‘Yeah, this is the chair I’ve wanted.’ It’s just, medical authorities use this chair too much. Here’s why.

‘Compact’ is the first word that will probably pop up in your mind. The slender shape fits in even in places with space issues. Since it’s more like an ‘executive’, it will create a rich vibe in your place as soon as you bring it in.

The breathable 4-way stretch mesh back keeps your back cool while you don’t sweat even for a second. Thanks to its construction, you’ll get constant air circulation during therapy sessions.

If you feel like you want to give yourself a break, you can simply activate the advanced Synchro tilt and take a nap. You can also adjust the back height and the position of the seat if you feel a bit confined.

The best part? You can adjust the lumbar support as well to eliminate your lower back pain. And the armrests? Just move them up and down and even towards your body or away from it anytime you need to.

You’ll also love the way this chair allows you to swivel around pretty fast so that you can collaborate with your colleagues and teammates. Wheeling over to get a snack is a breeze from now, thanks to the durable wheels it comes with.

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5.Steelcase Leap Plus Fabric

Bigger is not always better. If you like it small, you can go for the leap fabric chair from Steelcase. We’re going to close the best chairs for therapists review with this little champ here.

Get all the ergonomic comfort as this one comes with the live lumbar technology. Sit on it and you can flex and move pretty easily without having any trouble.

Want to change your posture? Do it simply without worrying about experiencing any pain on your back. The Liveback technology makes sure you can maintain the natural shape of your spine while you don’t get any static load on it.

If you feel the height of the seat is too uncomfortable for you, you can have it adjusted within a snap; it’s that easy. Thanks to the natural glide system, you can recline anytime you want and that too without you leaving your vision. Sounds cool, right? This allows you to stay oriented to your job all the time.

Try leaning forward, you’ll love how the edge of the seat flexes and takes away the pressure off the back of your legs. In a nutshell, you’re getting everything you need to make sure you’re working comfortably.

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6.SMAGREHO chair

This fantastic chair is best for a therapist, as it provides comfort for an extended period. SMAGREHO full body electric zero gravity massage chair says all by its name. It has a zero-gravity feature, Bluetooth audio feature and many more.

SMAGREHO full body electric zero gravity massage chair has a lower back heating feature. That helps in relaxing your waist whenever you feel exhausted, known as back heat cupping therapy.

This chair is devoted to giving a relaxing massage with airbags placed at positions like arms, hips, foot, shoulders.

Well, you can also adjust the massage speed the way you want. You will not end up spending tons in assembling this chair as it is easy to install. It is the best chair for a therapist. Purchasing this chair will be best due to its features and durability.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Chair for Mental Therapists

So, you’ve decided to buy an ergonomic therapist chair. Good for you. However, did you do all your homework on the features of a good-quality chair? If you don’t know what features you should look for before buying a chair, chances are, you’ll get your hands on the wrong product.

To make sure you don’t fall into a trap like that, we’ll guide you to the things you should consider before buying a chair for therapists.

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Not just chairs, durability matters for everything. You’re not going to buy a therapist chair every once in a while, right? This is why, if you buy something, make sure it’s durable and sturdy. Always get your hands on the chair that is made of high-quality material.

The Size

You can get yourself a long chair for a therapist or you can get yourself a small one. Set your priority right. If you’re a tall person, you might have to go for a high-back chair. For someone average, the mid-back chairs will do. If you’re a bit short, you can go for small chairs.

In a nutshell, if you do your homework right on the types of chairs, you’ll know which one to grab.

Is It Compact?

If the chair you’re buying eats up too much space of your place, it needs to go. Fortunately, all of the chairs we’ve mentioned here are compact in shape regardless of their sizes. So, you can get your hands on one of these to suit yourself. We’d suggest going for the Hon Ignition 2.0 if you want our suggestion.

Breathable Mesh

As you have to take long therapy sessions and your back is most likely to get all sweat up, you better get yourself a chair with breathable mesh. These chairs allow airflow through them as it reaches your back to keep it cool. As a result, you don’t get sweaty even if you keep on sitting on your chair for hours.

Reclining Mechanism

Let’s face it, we all want our comfort zone. Sometimes, you just want to tilt your chair a bit and want yourself to relax. This is why a chair with a reclining mechanism is something you should have in your arsenal. With this feature, you can tilt your chair to a satisfying angle while getting enough room for stretching your hands and legs.

Armrests and Headrests

Speaking of comfort, you want to keep your hands on something that’s soft, don’t you? There are chairs that have no armrests at all. For which, your hands never get the room to stay relaxed. This is why get your hands on a chair that has got a cushioned armrest. The reason we’re recommending cushioned ones is that they’re soft and comfy.

Also, don’t forget to get a chair with a headrest. Not saying it’s a must but you should have it if you want to take a power-nap. Just keep your head on the headrest and get yourself some good sleep.

Lumbar Support

It’s probably one of the most important features you need to take into account. A chair with good lumbar support makes sure your spine gets to maintain its shape no matter which posture you shift to or how long you sit on your chair.

There are chairs that do not have satisfying lumbar support. As a result, users often experience fatigue and discomfort which becomes a major issue in the future.

This is why you should get yourself a chair that keeps your back straight. Besides, these chairs also eliminate any type of back pain that you’ve been experiencing.

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Is it hard to install these chairs?

Not at all. All of these chairs are pretty easy to assemble and install. It won’t take you more than 10 to 15 minutes for each chair.

Can I use an office chair as a therapist chair?

There are certain office chairs that can be used as chairs for therapists. However, it’s wise to go for the ones we’ve recommended on our list.

Am I getting any warranty with these chairs?

Yes. However, we’re not aware of the duration details. If you want to know about the duration, you have to contact the seller you’ll take the chair from.

Well, that was everything in the best chairs for therapists. We had to spend hours of research for suggesting the best ones available in the market. Yes, you’ll have lots of other choices as well, however, there’s no way you can skip the ones we’ve recommended for you.

If it needs, you can do your homework on it more. But we’re pretty sure, if you get your hands on one of these chairs, you won’t regret it a bit.

You can go for the Flash Furniture Mid Back Mesh Study Chair on our list number 1. No wonder why it’s our top priority.

There are many different types of chairs that therapists can choose from.

A specifically designed ergonomic office chair makes it easier for a therapist to perform his or her job. These chairs have been developed by medical professionals and help therapists stay upright while sitting on them. Instead of leaning forward, as they may do in a standard office chair, the backrest is positioned to keep the spine erect. This reduces pressure on the back and shoulders and can help reduce pain after a long day of counseling sessions.

The seat cushion was made with medical-grade foam that helps provide support to the lower back area in particular. The armrests are slanted forward so that they will not cause pain or discomfort if the therapist is making frequent movements while counseling clients. Some of these chairs even have a tilt-in-space feature that enables you to adjust a seat angle from sitting upright to reclining.

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It is valuable to serve people as a therapist, which sometimes makes therapists ignore their comfort for the sake of humanity. But this time, you can help and pamper yourself while working for your patients.

As a fact, the human body is like a machine, and it also requires rest and care. So do not ignore your comfort and relaxation, and for this, those were some best chairs for psychotherapist.

Every product described above is best and perfect, but we know you would be confused among an extensive list. We hope you buy the best chair, so for this. I have listed the Top 3 best chairs for therapists.

 Is the waterfall seat proved suitable for the body?

Yes, the Waterfall seat is suitable for the body as it is a curve-shaped seat that also allows the legs. The waterfall seat avoids the stress and pain in the lower body parts.

 Why is a headrest necessary for a therapist?

While sitting for an extended period at one place, you may end up inheriting head-ache and neck pain. So for avoiding a headrest chair, it is essential for a therapist.

 Why should I go for an armrest chair?

Support and comfort are impossible without an armrest feature in a chair. So it is essential to buy a chair with an armrest if you are looking for a chair which provides the best comfort.

 Why does a therapist need armrest?

The armrest is essential for body relaxation, so if you are a therapist and continuously work, it is mandatory to have an armrest chair.

Is it acceptable to purchase a chair with lumbar support?

Yes, it is good to purchase a chair with lumbar support as it gives support to lumber parts, which are the lower bones of your back.

The chair with a lumbar support seat will provide the best support to your lumbar bones. It works amazingly in avoiding back-ache.

 Why is it useful to have a mesh seat and back?

As a therapist, it is good to purchase a chair with a mesh seat and chair. The mesh material seat and back allows good air-flow, and the material stays cool for a long time.

This question will not trouble you anymore. I got some points to be aware of before buying a chair for a therapist. This buying guide will amazingly help you in catching up with the perfectly destined therapists chair for you.

Before buying a chair, you better make sure you check the adjustability of the chair. The chair you are looking forward to buying must have different capacity adjustability as this is the symbol of a well-designed chair.

In adjustability, you have to check whether the armrest, headrest, height, back and other features can move the way you are willing.

The adjustability of a chair itself describes the manufacturing of the product. Well, the more the chair is adjustable, the more it is better.

The headrest feature is a must, so never ignore it if your chair is not having this feature. As a therapist, it is routine to sit on the chair continuously for an extended period. In your free time, you will probably prefer relaxing by laying your head.

How will you get comfort when a chair has no headrest feature? This is why it is imperative to consider a chair with a headrest for a better experience. After all, you deserve a reliable chair.

Armrest in a chair makes it the best for a therapist. The armrests are always padded, which gives you unique relaxation.

The armrest also allows you to lay your hands. Meanwhile, it works fantastically in providing comfort and ease to you. It is best if you consider buying a chair with an armrest.

Double-check whether the chair is perfectly padded. It can result in providing the best comfort. The comfortable chair will help you in giving a smooth and relaxed seat.

Also, never miss out on confirming the durability of the product you are going for. It is not a good idea to spend often on the same effect when you can buy the perfect chair once with excellent durability. You better consider a product with high durability.

Never Miss the Headrest

At times you will need to lean back and rest your head on the chair-back. Without a solid and comfortable headrest, this isn’t going to work. Moreover, make sure the headrest can be altered for different heights.

Bones at your lumbar region are quite vulnerable to uncomfortable sitting. Your chair should have a good lumbar support to effectively hold on to your lumbar area, and prevent backaches.

There are a few models that allow you to move the lumbar support back and forth to match your back. If you can manage to find one with this additional feature, that will be a winner!

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If you can manage to slope the back of your seat, it’s going to support your backbone pretty effectively. A few models on the market allow a three-position tilting for better learning support. The back of these chairs can be locked at certain positions for greater flexibility.

If you are not going for a leather-skinned one, you probably are opting for meshed back and seat. For this version, select the air-ventilated one for the best cooling support.


Best Chair for Mental Health Therapists – As a Mental therapist, sitting for long hours is part of the job. This may cause your back to ache which makes your sitting experience uncomfortable and painful. Thus having a perfect seat for you is an absolute necessity.

How you sit and what you sit on plays a big part in your physical health as well. Investing in a good therapist chair is well worth the cost and will pay dividends for you and your patients for years to come!

‘Every doctor is a patient’- this is probably one of the funniest ironies you’ll see. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of this rare truth. Like come on, you just can’t imagine the doctor who treats cancer, get chemo himself.

But then again, as you can see Dr. Octavius ending up in error and Charles Xavier spending his 24/7 in a wheelchair, you can have a hunch that doctors need treatment too.

Now, since you’re a therapist (we think you are because why the hell would you even come here), we won’t make you a topic of gossip if you face pain in your back.

We wouldn’t be surprised if someone said to you ‘Boo-hoo! The therapist needs therapy now.’  But then again, you can keep it your little secret simply by getting the best chairs for therapists. You won’t need a doctor anymore because the chairs we’ll suggest you will eliminate all the pain in your back.