Best Chair for Music Studio

Best Chair for Music Studio – Have you been dependent on sitting in the recording studio with your backache? Knowing you look bad when you are slouching around does not make you feel comfortable doesn’t make things any better.

An inferior chair will place undue tension on the lower back, causing all manner of physical issues farther down the road.

The value of comfort, particularly while working in a studio, can never be underestimated.

It’s not unusual for producers to spend long hours editing, mixing, mastering, and sound-recording processes.

The less preoccupied you are, the more readily you’ll react to long-term opportunities. It will influence the job you are now engaged in and your future achievements.

Do not be afraid to spend a little more on an excellent chair if you want the best experience in your recording studio.


1.Modway EEI-757-BLK

Modway Articulate has so many features all poured into a low-budget package. The features include – several choices of adjusting the chair and the comfort of the chair. The back seat of the chair is made of mesh, while the seat is made of padded fabric.

Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Chair should be the first thing to cross your mind when searching for a low-budget but highly adjustable chair.

The chair frames and other parts are made of plastic causing most people to change their decisions toward purchasing the chair.

All parts of the chair are easily adjusted included the seat height and the tilt. The armrests can be changed or removed depending on the purpose of use, either by a musician or who it is.

Amidst all chairs we have stressed so far, Modway provides the best value depending on your money and the chair’s purpose.

Pros & Cons

2.SPACE Air Grid

It is among the most affordable chair even though it is not long-lasting at the other chair on the list. It is advisable to purchase a Space Air Grid Swivel Chair when you are short in cash.

This particular ergonomic chair is particularly made for those in search of a low-cost ergonomic chair. The backrest of the chair is also made from mesh, making it provide lots of lumbar support.

In certain cases, though, the company’s customers might find it challenging to expand their equipment. Since the majority of the parts are plastic, you must also remember other considerations.

You can have this in mind if you are looking at the casters for this chair; they are designed for soft ground, so don’t be concerned with them for anything else. AirGrid costs a lot less capital, making it an economical alternative.

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3.Brenton Studio

Patented ZenWave motion technology gives you the ability to move without stress. Whether you are a guitarist or bassist, you can be glad that the armrests are detachable.

Brenton Studio chair was built for the postural and maximum comfort of the physical tasks of music producers.

Using the adjustable bench, you will add greater heights to the pipe to make it a safer option for sound engineers and lighting crews.

It is lightweight compared to the other chair, and the metal is outfitted with a specially formulated coating to block light.

If you plan to use it for live concerts, it would be smaller because it doesn’t cast a large light on you. But, lumbar support provides more assistance.

The seat may be fixed into place. Additionally, it would be best to tip it sideways to further relieve pressure on your lower back.

Since the seat is made of fabric, it distributes weight equally around the buttocks and the back of the legs, providing excellent ventilation.

Guitarists and bassists would have so much more practical flexibility concerning which notes to play since the armrests are conveniently detachable.

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4.Herman Miller

Herman Miller Aeron chair has been upgraded. That is one reason behind it being listed among the most popular ergonomic chair producers do purchase.

It is an expensive ergonomic chair, but does the price worth the chair come to think of it?

The Frame of a Herman Miller Aeron Chair is made from durable metal, which can be acquired in polished aluminum or satin aluminum of three different sizes. Also, the backrest and the seat of this chair are gotten from breathable mesh.

Herman Miller Aeron chair can easily be adjusted. You can adjust how far your back can be leaned and the amount of space between the bottom and the back of the chair after doing so.

Been a producer, you need to be very considerate about your ergonomic health, and in doing that. It is advisable to budget for a high-end chair with tons of adjustment options to select from.

Herman Miller Aeron will do just that, but you will have to pay a full price because you’ll never want to buy another chair again.

One of the major reasons Herman Miller Aeron hasn’t been listed as “Best Premium Option” is that most users can’t offer the price range of the chair.

Either way, if money isn’t an issue, then this chair can’t be recommended highly enough.

Pros & Cons

5.Argomax Ergonomic Mesh

Argomax possesses more adjustment choices than you’ll get to find on the most expensive chairs. The armrests of the chair are very easy to keep off the way. And also, the backrest of the chair provides excellent support.

Argomax Ergonomic Mesh Chair is the next chair anyone can compare to Herman Miller Aeron’s performance when budgeting for a lesser price. That is for those still in search of the best recording studio chair they can buy.

It has a removable headrest and a plastic bottom with a thin cloth padding, excellent lumbar support and a high mesh bank.

The frame is made from fiberglass and nylon, making it lightweight and less durable compared to a metal-framed chair.

The chair has a single handle that controls both the height and angle back of the chair to eliminate pain.

Another cutting-edge feature of the chair is the armrest. It is not entirely removable but can be adjusted, making it handy to ensure one’s relaxed state.

Pros & Cons

6.Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh

The tightness of the chair toward the back is very easy to adjust due to the control is beneath the chair. The black adjustment handle can maintain the height of the chair.

One thing significant about the Gabrylly Office Chair is its continuous maintenance of online ratings. It also has a removable mesh headrest with a meshed seat.

Although the chair doesn’t provide lumbar support, the seat, armrests, and headrest are adjustable.

As for those who want to be ‘mixing mode,’ they should rejoice because the chair’s armrests swing up and out of the way.

The Gabrylly office Chair does not provide better lumbar support. Still, it can be easily adjusted, making it the highest-rated chair, and the armrests also swing conveniently out of the way for guitarists and other people who require it.

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The Best Studio Chairs For Music Studio Recording

Home Studio Recording Desk - part work, part play. : r/DIY

The price and convenience should first be on your mind before diving into the best music studio chairs.

Many people had to remember the price and comfort before heading to the chair for Modway Articulate as the best flexible music studio grabbing chair. If your budget is lower, you can use the Space Air Grid.

However, Ergolab Stealth Studio and Herman Miller Aeron are the best high-end studio chairs if the price is not a problem.

We’ve already searched for the best-sounding music studio chair, but we are prepared to test out any and every possible design to find the one that maximizes comfort.

For each studio chair on our list, the Output crew took the following factors into consideration:

  • Comfort
  • Flexibility and mobility
  • Posture and form
  • Armrest adjustment
  • Aesthetics

Remember: Finding your “studio chair soulmate” is all about balance. Depending on your needs, some features might be more important to you than others. If relieving back pain is a concern, pay attention to chairs with lumbar support. If jamming out on your guitar is crucial to your workflow, then movable armrests are a must. And you’ll need to take your height, the chair’s height, and your studio desk height into consideration. (You don’t want knees knocking against a desk’s keyboard tray or backaches from a desk that’s too high!)

This is all to say that there is no one-size-fits-all option when it comes to the “best” studio chair. But there are chairs that are best for you and your work style. Below, our picks for the top 13 studio chairs available for music producers in 2022.

What makes a great studio chair?

Essentially, you’re looking for a mixture of comfort and practicality. Comfort is important because of the amount of time you are likely to be spending in the chair over the coming years. That doesn’t necessarily mean buying the most plush, well-padded option you can find though. Why’s that? Well, a lot of studio work is done sat bolt upright in front of a computer monitor or laptop screen and, while the temptation to lounge backwards for long periods is high, it isn’t always the best move for your spine.

So instead, comfort means a chair that offers a range of options to fine-tune the seat to the specific ways in which you’ll use it. We’re talking lumbar support, headrests, armrests and multiple seating positions. Think of a good studio chair as a tool that works with you, rather than an impassive piece of furniture.

For practicality, you need to think about how you use the chair. Yes, a lot of the time you are sat in a reasonably static position, but at other times you may be spinning around to plug and unplug cables, or prop up a guitar on your legs, or any other type of action that requires a degree of freedom from the chair. Also, think about your feet; you naturally tend to make many small movements without even realising. Do you prefer having your feet flat on the ground, or raised up on a platform attached to the chair? Before making a purchase, focus in on how you move and interact with your current chair during a session, and that will help guide you to the right option for your needs.

The best advice we can give is to think carefully about your preferred way of working. It’s easy to be suckered in by a well-padded, luxurious option but in the medium to longer term it could end up causing serious problems to your posture. And, if you’ve ever had that dull, recurring back pain caused through slumping at a desk, you’ll know it’s something worth avoiding.

Ready to look at some options? Take a look at our guide to the best studio chairs around today.

As a guitarist myself, I had a chair with armrests for quite a while and I learned to just live with it. I figured out that if I hunch and lean a certain way, I could avoid my elbows not being obstructed by the armrests.

I definitely paid the price over time as I’d get up from a long session and my ribs and back were sore from being in such an awkward position.

I’ve since invested in a producer chair that has removable arms, and it’s made a massive improvement in my seating posture and playing ability.

Anyway, this applies to anyone who plays tactile instruments while in a seated position. So, if you fall into that category, definitely consider an option that allows you to move/remove the armrests, or doesn’t include them at all.

Eleazar Music Recording Studio Desk in Black Oak -

If you use a SubPac tactile sound system, you’ll want to make sure your chair is going to accommodate it. While the SubPac M2 and M2x are small enough to work with almost all full backed chairs, the S2 is a bit larger and can be too tall for some shorter chairs.

Depending on the material the chair is made of, it will resonate at different frequencies. Because of this, you’ll probably need to tweak your SubPac’s settings when you get a new chair.

Using a regular chair is better than sitting on a bench or stool.

The concern with using these seats is that they lack lumbar support.

When recording and producing music, it’s important to stay alert and concentrated.

Ergonomic chairs that promote healthy posture can naturally do that just by sitting in them.

A chair with proper lumbar support and thick cushions helps producers focus more on making beats instead of the seat that is beating up their backs.

So What Makes A Chair Ideal For A Recording Studio?

Besides being aesthetically pleasing for the revolving door of the artist. The rite chair depends on your body frame, height of the desk, and your audio system situation.

Minimal Noise

Nobody wants to hear a background noise in their recordings. It’s important to have a chair that will not squeak or jiggle when being used in a home music studio.

  • Materials like leather might be more prone to creating unwanted noises compared to something softer like mesh fabric.

Are You Using A SubPac Within Your Workstation?

If a SubPac tactile sound system is running within your setup, you’ll want to establish that your chair will sustain it. While the SubPac M2 series are sufficiently compact enough to work with almost all full backed chairs, the S2 is greater and for some shorter chairs be an uncomfortable experience.

Depending on the material they make the chair of, it will reverberate at various frequencies.

  • Because of this, you probably must tinker with your SubPac’s settings to make get the best experience out of your new chair.

Adjustable Features (Height Range & Armrests)

Music producers work at different workstation throughout their creative process, each standing at different heights.

An ergonomic chair with a wide range height in the armrests and pneumatic lift are essential for maintaining healthy posture.

Proper Lumbar Support (Backrest & Seat Tilt)

Give your lower back much needed support! Long periods of producing music in front of the workstation can create many posture issues.

  • While your back is up against the chair, there should be a bump near your lower back, commonly referred to as lumbar support.

Spend What You’re Comfortable With

Chairs come at all different price tags. It’s not the item to play ‘Keeping up with the Joneses’. There is quality at ALMOST every precise tier.

  • If you ‘re renting a recording space, remember that most swivel chairs under $100 will break apart within 12 to 18 months.
< data-pm-slice="1 3 []">Can Ergonomic Chair Makes Creating Music More Productive? (And Enjoyable)

With chairs used by professional creatives, size kinda matters! Working for extended periods of times doing meticulous activities in a chair that is too high or too low will negatively affect your posture.

An easy method to finding out if you’re sitting in a proper-sized chair is by looking at your knees.

If they point upwards, it means the chair is too short. When the chair is too high, you easily notice this by your lack of balance.

Continuously sitting in the wrong-sized chair may cause issues such as Headaches, Gastrointestinal pains, and Gastrointestinal pains

< data-pm-slice="1 1 []">Making Music In The Recording Studio Should Also Include Unhealthy Posture!

10 studio essentials to make your space comfortable and functional

The many health reasons we discussed above why not practicing safe posture could lead to health issues?

Negative reasons aside, sitting up straight contributes to staying alert and better focus. An effective way to avoid hunch-back is by integrating ergonomics within every recording workstation. Not convinced?

A 2019 study out of the Federal University of São Carlo researched into the distribution of weight while seated in an office chair within the work-place setting.

  1. 76% of the body weight gets placed on the lower back!
  2. The second highest percents of distributed weight was for plantar support (16%).
  3. Third, followed by the surface desk or workstation table (5%).
  4. The fourth bottomed out at (3%) of the weight allocated to the backrest.

It’s essential for musicians playing string or wind instruments to sit in a chair that arches their back in a position more natural for playing music.

In terms of aesthetics, musicians’ chairs either look like lobby chairs or workout benches. They equip some of these chairs with foot-rest for added comfort and more niche than one’s even have guitar stands designed in the chair’s legs.

At least two for the occasional guest, if you’re the homebody type of producer. More seasoned music makers should have 5 to 6 chairs available for sitting.

A quick online search will show you’re not short of options if you’re looking to buy a chair for your studio. Everything from classy-looking executive chairs you’d see in the offices of Forbes Top 100 companies, through to flashy looking chairs designed with gamers in mind. With that amount of choice, it helps to narrow things down slightly. What makes a good chair for a recording studio then?

The best studio chair is the one that provides the right balance of comfort, support and practicality for you. For us, the Ikea Jarvfjallet(opens in new tab) fulfills that brief perfectly, at a price we found more than reasonable. It features plenty of adjustable settings, from basic adjustments like height and incline, through to more macro changes like the height of the lumbar support and headrest, and the position of the seat itself. Personally we’d opt for the version without the arm rests, purely so you don’t bash your guitar while jamming or recording a take, but overall the Ikea Jarvfjallet is a pretty compelling package at a very agreeable price.

The pandemic did create a significant strain on the availability of office and studio furniture as everyone geared up to work from home in 2022, but you needn’t worry now with stock levels back on the rise.

How many hours you spend every week, sitting in your studio?

A lot, huh?

And while you may not care much at first, eventually you come to realize…

That all those hours can be either be spent sitting comfortably

or NOT.

If right now, your room is somewhat lacking in the chair department…

In today’s post, I share what are in my opinion, the 6 of the best seating options for home studios.

If, like us, you spend many hours every day located in your studio, then proper seating isn’t just nice to have, it’s almost as essential a purchase as your audio interface or studio headphones. For your health, your posture and for your overall comfort, a proper studio chair is among the best investments you can make.

While gamers, writers, and anyone who sits for a long time will appreciate our list below, we’ve written this guide specifically with producers in mind. Here are a few things you’ll want to look for in a studio chair.

Best Chair For Audio Production Best Sale, UP TO 59% OFF |
< id="ftoc-heading-10" class="ftwp-heading">ARMRESTS – LOVE THEM OR HATE THEM?

Here’s the thing about playing guitar while you’re sitting in a chair with armrests: they get in the way. Ever tried to pull off an octave bend into a whammy bar dive with two armrests obstructing both of your elbows? Yeah, not fun.

In this guide we’ll look at what makes a great chair for the recording studio and offer some recommendations for some of the best studio chairs you can buy today. Trust us, your back and behind will thank you for it.


Best Chair for Music Studio – You don’t question putting down money for expensive audio equipment to get the most out of your recording sessions, but have you ever considered the seat you’re using?

It’s a good rule of thumb to invest in anything that separates your backside from the floor. A prominent example being the work chair.

The piece of gear you’ll use most often as a music producer is the most overlooked one: your studio chair.

Whether you’re making beats, practicing a routine, mixing a record, or doing some critical listening, you’re going to spend countless hours in your seat — so make it a good one. In the same way a good mattress is a smart investment, so is a comfortable, well-built studio chair.

Assembling the ideal home studio takes more than microphones or synthesizers. As studio junkies ourselves, we understand that every part of your environment needs to be just right. Unfortunately, the importance of studio recording chairs is overlooked by many, even though they’re crucial to our daily health and comfort. While they’re not always the cheapest purchases, they’re definitely worth the money in the long run.

Does your back get sore from long sessions in the recording studio? Do you slouch like a complete moron, all while knowing it’s terrible for you (but it feels so right)?

Me too, and our chair isn’t doing any favors for us either.

A substandard chair can force you to sit/slouch in an unnatural position, putting unnecessary stress on your lower back, and can lead to all sorts of irreversible complications down the line.