Best Chair for Programmers

Best Chair for Programmers – Coding needs a great mind juice, but don’t let a lousy recliner squeeze your back juice. For that reason, I have added plenty of luxury and comfortable programming chairs in my listing. But still, which comes on the Number 1 spot? It still needs an answer, I know.

Working from a computer has excellent benefits and perks but requires a significant amount of focus. Programmers can develop unique and creative projects but still need to focus on doing their job correctly. If you are thinking about back pain and having a bad posture, you are more likely to be distracted. Since we want you to be comfortable doing the best job you can, we bring you a list of the top 10 best chairs for programmers in 2022.

Whether it’s a back strain or just feeling less active while working, these problems can determine if your job performance gets worse. No worker should suffer from those problems, but it’s very common ergonomic office injuries since not everyone is actively investigating the issues that using a conventional chair can cause

So making an easy recommendation, I assumed Steelcase Gesture is a clear winner. The chair is elegant, minimal but technological sound in design and execution, delivers great performance delivery for long hours, and brings some unorthodox armrest setup. Yes, it still lacks the Backrest Height adjustment but features a high back backrest to cover this lack.

Factually, this is an expensive piece of technology that can’t get under everyone’s budget. So for that reason, you can consider the ErgoHuman Swivel chair with some compromises on your table. The comfort level isn’t compromised though you’ll find somewhat less adjustability scale and upholstery option.

Other than these, you can check out other best chairs for programmers according to your specification priority.


1.Steelcase Gesture Office Chair

With much alike build quality and comfort level to its sister Leap office chair, the Gesture resembles a lot with Herman Miller Embody. Looking for a best programming chair, you’ll discover tons of adjustability options, the same minimalist comfort-oriented design, and a hefty price tag starting from 1000$.

It comes with a variety of upholstery options, with Buzz2 as the default variant. Besides, leather, Remix, Cogent, Billiard, and Bo Peep are other upholsteries varieties available at a minor/major price difference.

But then, the seat cushioning is still thin but rich in comfort. With 2” of seat padding, it produces the same comfortable feel to use it for long 8-10 hours of sitting. So don’t let the slim padding seat fool you; the seat comfort is the strong performer here.

The Gesture arises with tons of adjustability capacity, including a whole unique Armrest setup. The armrest design is Never seen before in the market with an incredible movement range. Technically, the armrest material is the same as the Leap variant, yet the specialty here is the movement that delivers 10.25” width (10.25-22.50”) and 4.5” height adjustment.

So for some longer arms or bulkier body frames, long movement plays an important role in your productivity.

Furthermore, you would also see adjustable lumbar support that feels minimal, nevertheless, renders enough satisfaction. The lumber support befalls in a flexible plastic material that better flex according to body size and pressure. However, the backrest height adjustment is still lacking in this model, too.

Notwithstanding, the backrest is already long, posing a 24.1” height for guys above 6Ft.

Meanwhile, the seat is adjustable through a dialer like a controller. You’ll experience smooth seat adjustment without standing from your position.

Another department where this programmer chair shines explicitly is the weight capacity. With a 400lbs weight limit, Gesture has attained 2 cylinder variants same as Leap V2 setup. The standard one is the 4.2” inches chair model, yet if you want to take it into drafting chair styling, a long-range cylinder will suit you better.

On the whole, the chair feels much like a small boy, but practically, it’s a comfort and flexibility beast.

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2.Herman Miller Chair

So when you are trying to make a fusion of luxury, aesthetics, and comfort; No, It’s not Herman Miller Aeron; it’s the Herman Miller Logitech G Embody chair suiting your purpose (A JV of Logitech and Herman Miller). The Embody chair is a luxury with the same scientific yet minimal design blessing programmers to comfy their 8-10 hours office sittings.

On the material and upholstery part, the chair comes in two patterns known as Balance and Rhythm. On a charge of an extra 200$, the balance comes all the way from Italy, posing a dotted pattern. In contrast, the Rhythm is organically driven from the USA and comes in solid coloring.

Both the upholstery materials are purely 100% polyester and further come in 4 layers to add breathability, durability, and obviously the comfort. Additionally, the upholstery materials are tested against 200,000 rubs for notable sustainability of padding against sagginess and flatness.

For non-techies who don’t know about rubs – it’s a testing mechanism of mimicking the human sitting ratio. So, for such numbers, the upholstery is meant to last for multi-years usage.

On the performance part, the chair isn’t ultra-adjustable yet comfortable for longer hour sittings. The pixelated seat and backrest is human ribs themed and works directly for natural human posture. The seat depth is adjustable through a lever to roll the seat forward and backward for different sitting postures and body size.

Other than this, the backrest doesn’t have an adjustable backrest yet secures 3 lockable tilt positions. You can manually adjust them to find a sweet comfort spot for your back. Besides, the backrest isn’t wider, and this makes this Embody chair a little unique in the crowd.

The upper narrow shaped backrest doesn’t cage your shoulders, allowing them to adjust in a normal sitting position. This preserves the whole shoulder, mid, and lower back setup against stress and strains for time-intensive schedules.

Another area where this programmer chair falls short a bit is the Armrest section. 4D armrests would have been an excellent addition yet, these are only 2D setup able to move up/down and pivots inside and outside. Nonetheless, the soft padded armrests are pretty comfortable and exotic to deliver healthy support for your arms.

However, bear in mind, the Embody chair gives you synchronous tilt, so the armrests don’t bring you into the awkward sitting spot.

The Herman Miller Embody is a good boy earning excellent adjustability abilities. The height adjustment goes from 16.2 to 20.5” that covers the most significant portion of user heights. Moreover, the armrests display a height adjustment from the seat in a range of 4-8.75”. Similarly, the width ranges from 11.5 to 21 inches to smoothly consume bigger bodies.

Lastly, the weight limit isn’t very unusual yet broader enough to convince you. The 300lbs limit allows chubbier and chunkier buddies to secure a highly secure sitting without any risk.

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3.Steelcase Leap V2

The Steelcase Leap V2 is a king of adjustability, comfort, and the highest-grade of craftsmanship. For users who are looking for a simple, fully ergonomic, and highly resilient seating solution in the luxury class, Steelcase is unquestionably a worthy programmer chair for your consideration.

Starting with the upholstery, the chair comes with various upholstery options but at a fraction of some extra bucks. As a base model, it comes with Steelcase signature Buzz2 fabric that is 100% polyester. Leather lovers will also taste this chair in leather materials, but it’ll cost you some 50+ bucks.

Factually, the upholstery materials and variety make it highly versatile in this section.

Well, taking Hermon Miller as its primary competitor, the Steelcase Leap V2 is in the high books of comfort and adjustability. The seat padding isn’t very beefy or substantial; however, it’s a sheer wonder how it handles 10-12 hours of seating without giving any sign of soreness and hip fatigues.

There is quite a unique flexible feature for fatigue control. The seat pan and backrest move along with your body movement, so you never miss an inch of support. So, your body never remains unsupported, and it largely depreciates the chances of discomfort.

As its king of adjustability, the wonder starts from adjustable lumbar support. You’ll find two interesting mechanisms to find generous support for your back. The one is manually up and down lumbar support movement. On the second, there is a knob-styled controller to manage the tension of lumbar support.

These both processes allow you to better adjust the back support according to the C-arc of your back and enjoy stress-free and most prolonged sittings in your office. However, the Leap chair controversially lose a point by not adding backrest height adjustment into its recipe.

So, for big unfortunate fatty programmers and developers looking for a well-heightened backrest, it may not be a well-pick for you. But it gives you 5 sweet spots for backrest tilt to tune your sitting posture accordingly.

However, the armrests section is impeccably the greatest in the market. The movement range is broader, and the 4-dimensional setup lends you a helping hand to find a comfortable spot for your wrists and arms. The armrests are big and soft padded, so it won’t dig into your elbows and arms after some time of usage.

Well, Steelcase has given a whole new dimension to adjustability. As far as the cylinder system is concerned, it comes in two variants; the regular chair and the stool model. For the chair model, the height adjustability with no surprise remains in 16 to 20.5”, covering 90% of the heights.

On the other equation side, the stool variant; however, costs you high but comes with a staggering 22” to 30” range to better become a drafting chair model.

In both models, the armrest height and sideways movement remain the same, covering 7-11 inches and 12.75 to 20 inches, respectively. The same goes with seat depth as it can roll from 15.75” to 18.75” for better thigh support management.

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4.Musso Gaming Chair

In a hunt for comfort and fatigue-relief, not all programming chairs worth an island in Panama. Some great chairs for coders come sweetly in your budget, like a Starbucks and McDonald’s. The same goes with this Musso that at the same time is a best-budget model, a massager, and comfortable gaming gear.

Though it’s a budget model among luxury brands, the upholstery quality still flies high with textured PU-leather to keep you in place while sitting. The racing seat uses the sponge foam filling and renders a 5.2” inches thickness that is way more than Arozzi Vernazza, AKracing Master Series, etc.

So, if you want a chair that remains firm more than your expectation, the elastic sponge will definitely give years of beneficial servicing without getting hard or sagged.

On the ergonomics part, Musso has tried to keep every aspect of this chair competitive in the run. The chair appears in two variants as SizeA and SizeB. With the size B, instead of a 140-degree recline, you get a 170-degree recline, including a foldable footrest to better place your whole body in a sweet comfort zone.

Yet, in both models, the chair allows a rocking back function to attain a good sitting posture.

Additionally, the adjustable cushion supports are a nice addition, while vibrators in the lumbar support cushion is an exceptional feature you get in this budget. The two vibrators don’t provide intense massaging; despite, it’s still a blessing to soothe your sore back during break timings.

Moreover, the curved surface armrests are finished with soft rubber padding. With only 1D direction, the armrest can move up and down in a range of 3.2 inches. Though at-least 2D movement would have been a valuable addition but you get what you pay for.

Surprisingly, the chair displays a class4 gas lift system. Due to such high-class addition, the chair becomes able to creamily hold 300lbs of the weight limit. In addition to this, the chair makes a sweet and non-squeaky height adjustment from 18.20 to 21.9 inches, covering 90% of the height spectrum.

Overall, the chair is a pack of most aggressive specs in a pocket-friendly budget.

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5.Ergohuman Swivel Chair

I know many users lust for luxuries but can’t afford them. As a result of this, here is a mid-ranger that originates with a weird design but never loses the ground of comfort and adjustability.

Firstly, this boy is an all-mesh material chair, which means you won’t struggle for breathability in hot summers, just like Florida, where humidity squeezes your sweat. The edges of the mesh stitching have been padded with soft foam that sometimes gives you a sinking feeling. The mesh material displays remarkable durability and toughness against wear and tear situations; however, it gets loose after long usage.

Bring your mind at peace; it’s highly subjected to sitting and usage style and won’t slip from its place after some sittings.

The chair presents a unique look at the very first glance. The backrest has been divided into two portions, separately targeting the lower and upper back. The most prominent part here remains the lumbar support that has been pivoted outside a bit to better support your C-arc and pelvis.

The backrest is flexible, and you’ll feel the support when the pressure is applied to this segment. It adjusts its position according to your posture and brings better support and comfort pillars for your back. Other than this, there is an adjustable headrest that moves above 2” for variable heights and neck posture.

However, it has been built for slightly bigger guys above 5.7 to 6.4ft. Individuals below this mark would certainly feel neck support not complying with their body size. For that reason, the ideal move is to bring the chair without neck support.

Wholly, the backrest has 3 lockable tilt positions. Besides, the armrest also supplies you with a 3D adjustment. Yes, it’s not 4D as you won’t be able to stretch in/out the armrest width. But then, the armrests are long, soft padded, and don’t wobble.

The chair is big and tall but not big enough in the weight-bearing capacity. Where many luxury and midrange programming chairs hit above 300Lbs, this only falls to 250lbs. Though it can easily handle over this mark, yet keep the chair effectiveness in your mind.

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6.Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair

If you or your company are not ready to make a $1600 investment in a chair like our top pick above, you might want to look at those that are more in the “middle of the scale” budget-wise. In that case, the Duramont Ergonomic is a superb choice. It includes most of the features you need in a chair, is at the low end of the mid-range price point, and performs as well as most upper-tier chairs.

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How to Choose A Good Chair for Programming?

Now that you know the importance of finding a good programming chair, it appears the following question: What to look for in a programming chair? That is an excellent question because you need to take into consideration some critical criteria.

There are tons of office chairs, but not picking the right one that offers you what you need can turn out to be a bad investment for you.

We want to help you make the right choices, so here are some fundamental things that you should look for when buying an ergonomic chair:

< style="font-weight: 500">Adjustability

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Traditional chairs can often cause back pain or discomfort when sitting in them because people make them with general characteristics and can’t change them. That lack of adjustability is well known by the ergonomics industry, which is why they offer you the possibility of adjusting your chair according to your needs.

The seat height or depth, the armrests, the leg rest, and the back support are just some of the few things that you should be able to modify in a good ergonomic chair. However, some offer up to 19 different modifications exclusively for you to find the spot when you feel the most comfortable in them. So, look for a chair that lets you adjust it into the best chair for you.

< style="font-weight: 500">Seat Height

As explained before, seat height is one of the things that you should be able to adjust in a good programming ergonomic chair. This one is pretty important since it can make a chair useless if you can’t fit it with your programmer desk setup other components.

Whether it’s too high or too low, working without being at the perfect height for your computer can be highly unpleasant for any programmer. Some people look for chairs with a seat height from 16 to 21 inches off the floor and are happy with them. However, those chairs may only be useful for one task and limit the possibility of using the chair for something else.

< style="font-weight: 500">Material

The materials of a programmer chair are like the ingredients of a food recipe; they are essential. The ergonomic chair design can be spectacular, but the chair is just a sophisticated conventional chair without adequate materials. The main goal of a chair is to be as comfortable as possible, avoiding anything that could make the users experience unpleasant or average.

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Some of the best materials for an office chair for programmers are:

  • Mesh: It boosts your back seat breathability, improving the airflow of the chair.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl makes the chair highly resistant, which assures its longevity. It also is very easy to clean.
  • Leather: Because it makes your chair look sophisticated and offers outstanding comfort.

What Things Can I Fit an Ergonomic Chair With?

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It doesn’t matter if you have the best chair for programming if it’s the only thing you have to work on. Programmers and people who work from their computers, in general, need a good working setup that improves their productivity and energy. There is nothing more pleasant than working in a place you like to be in.

We have a few recommendations regarding the improvement of your workplace, which occurs when you combine the comfort of a good programmer ergonomic chair with other elements that boost each other’s assets, working together to make your performance better.

< style="font-weight: 500">Desk

Naturally, you need a place where you can put your computer and other stuff you need to do your job adequately. A perfect standing desk is an ideal match for an office chair for programmers since they work as two parts of the same setup, complementing each other and functioning to achieve the same goal.

The first thing you need to worry about when purchasing a desk or using an old one is the space available for you to put things in it. Before you try to add items to improve the aesthetic, make sure you have everything you need to work at hand without disturbing other components of the setup.

< style="font-weight: 500">Dual Monitors

Dual monitors are a gift for everyone who works on their computer. Investing in adding these to your workplace shows a significant but positive change in your productivity since it allows you to work with more information. Dual monitors also save tons of time because, with them, you don’t have to waste time closing and opening windows and side programs since you can work with both altogether.

< style="font-weight: 500">Music

Working with music may not seem an important thing that makes a big difference, but it does make a huge one for some. It is proven that music helps you develop your ideas faster and make you feel more comfortable in the place you are in, so it wouldn’t hurt to try to work with some mood music for concentration in your workplace to notice if there is any visible change.

< style="font-weight: 500">Lumbar Support

The lumbar support feature in ergonomic chairs is essential to its primary function, delivering comfort and easing back pain. That allows your low-back to rest correctly and the rest of your back to breathe appropriately.

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Almost every office chair or ergonomic chair provides this function, varying its quality and level of support. It is recommended to find a chair that lets you adjust how much lumbar support you want to receive. That way, you can make the chair fully support you and adapt to your body shape.


Best Chair for Programmers – Now that you know the importance of finding a good programming chair, it appears the following question: What to look for in a programming chair? That is an excellent question because you need to take into consideration some critical criteria.

There are tons of office chairs, but not picking the right one that offers you what you need can turn out to be a bad investment for you.

As a programmer, software developer, software engineer, or tester, you’re almost guaranteed to spend most of your workday sitting in a chair. Most of the time, you probably don’t think about it. Why would you? You’re busy trying to get that last piece of code working to meet the deadline for that all-important release.

But over time, your choice of seating can make a difference. For any programmer, it’s essential to find something that is both comfortable and ergonomically supportive. Comfort keeps you going during those long hours of intense coding; proper support keeps you healthy for the long term.

If you are in the market for a new chair, you will find that there is a vast selection to choose from. No worries! Let’s comb through the noise and look at our choices for programmers’ best chairs.