Best Chair for Reading Books

Best Chair for Reading Books – The best reading chairs serve as welcome invitations to kick back, relax, and get lost in a great story while forgetting the day’s troubles. And they should be comfortable enough to support you through even the longest, most epic narratives.

But what’s comfortable for someone else, might not be comfortable for you, so it’s important to consider your needs and ergonomic preferences before committing to a reading chair for the long-term.

If curling up with a good book is your idea of fun, you know how crucial a comfy reading spot is. Whether you’re an avid reader or an occasional bookworm, devouring a page-turner is all the more enjoyable when cozied up in a chair. But not just any chair. It must be one you where you can sit back, curl up, or even lay down while flipping through your latest paperback.

“Comfort is key when selecting a reading chair,” says Decorist interior designer Elizabeth Herrera. “A high or rounded back will provide lots of support and create a cozy feel.” She recommends opting for an oversized design or something with a recliner. Chair-ottoman combos are great, too, and depending on your preferred reading position, you might want to get something with armrests.

You’ll also want to consider the upholstery material and size in the actual seat and overall dimensions. There’s no one-size-fits-all reading environment, but we found many options at various price points that check most (if not all) of the boxes.


1.JUMMICO Recliner Chair

For bookworms on a budget, we suggest the Jummico Recliner. Featuring a durable steel frame, breathable fabric upholstery, a padded back, multiple reclining positions, and even a footrest, this best-seller pulls out all the stops. It comes in five colors to suit your style. Although, take note that it’s not the best option for smaller spaces. Some assembly is required, though you won’t need any tools, and it shouldn’t take long.

Whether you’re catching a quick nap or settling in for a Netflix binge, a small recliner chair that can hold you upright or make you comfortable on your back can quickly become the favorite seat in the house. This might be the best furniture purchase you make all year, so here’s how to do it right.

Comfort is a big part of the package, but you’ll want to consider size as part of this calculation. Your recliner should suit your body type, but it also needs to fit appropriately into the space. It helps to do a quick measurement of your living room or den, and determine exactly where you want that recliner to go. Pay close attention to the dimensions of your recliner — and don’t forget to take into account how long it will be when fully reclined.

Now that you’ve fit your chair into the room, make sure you fit into the chair. Standard size recliners are 40 to 50 inches wide. Smaller recliner chairs are available, and anything larger will be labeled as oversized. Obviously, you don’t want something you need to squeeze your hips into, but don’t overlook the height of the back or the length of the footrest. If your heels hang off the edge, this can put pressure on your Achilles’ tendon. You’ll also want your head in a natural position when you lean back, with no cushion pushing it upward. (If you plan on doing a lot of recliner napping, you can always get a couch pillow.)

You’ll find many different materials can be used in the recliner’s outer covering, but your options generally fall into one of two categories: Leather or upholstery. If you’re going for something that will last, it’s hard to beat leather. Leather’s moisture-absorbing properties will stand up to those inevitable spills and the surface is a lot harder to scuff. Of course, there are those that don’t like the feel of a leather chair (especially in summer). Upholstered chairs might require a little more care and caution when it comes to spills, but you can spend a little extra on performance fabrics that can handle the rough treatment of kids or pets.

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2.Christopher Knight

The Christopher Knight Home brand is known for creating home furnishings that fit a variety of lifestyles and spaces. Simplicity is the keyword here from the breathtaking design of the Christopher Knight Home Couches to the effortless transitions from indoors to outdoors. Choose from a wide selection of fabrics and furniture styles that will meet everyone’s tastes and preferences.

The best thing about Christopher Knight Home is that it offers quality products without compromising on quality at affordable prices. All the products are designed by expert designers who ensure that all the products are durable and long-lasting.

Apart from this, the company also offers free shipping on selected items which makes them even more affordable. Another great feature of Christopher Knight Home is that they offer free returns due to which you can easily return the product if you don’t like it or if there is some defect in it within 30 days of shipping date.

If you like being outside and want to relax in the sunshine, you need an outdoor lounge chair. This is a type of seating that enables you to put up your legs and feet so you can be fully comfortable. Many lounge chairs are in a reclining position, while others have different settings for the seatback so you can lower it if you feel like sprawling out.

There are many benefits to having a lounge chair on your deck, patio or lawn. When you have a comfortable spot to relax, you are bound to use it. If you’re constantly having to bring a chair out from inside or from the garage, you may not want to go through the effort. An outdoor lounge chair is durable to the elements of the weather, so you don’t have to worry about it getting ruined in the snow, wind or rain. Plus, many outdoor lounge chairs are fully waterproof, so you don’t need to cover them up if it’s wet out.

Being outdoors has many benefits, even when you’re just relaxing in a lounge chair. Being outside actually gives you an energy boost. If you’re feeling sluggish and thinking about having some caffeine, you can actually get the same kind of energy from being outside for 20 minutes. Being outdoors can also help you to feel less pain. If you’re having health issues, spending a few minutes lounging outside can boost your immune system and help you feel stronger. In addition, if you want to experience some natural aromatherapy while you’re relaxing, place your outdoor lounge chair next to your flower beds so you can inhale their scents. Research shows that helps people feel calmer and more relaxed.

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3.Sauder Boulevard

Add sophisticated style and comfort to your home decor with this chair from the Boulevard Cafe collection. This handsome lounge chair features a leather-like cushioned seat and back for the comfort you can enjoy while you sit back and scroll on your smartphone or relax while watching the evening news.

Its two armrests are accented with wood arm caps for an extra touch of elegant style that is sure to catch the eye of all your guests. Attractive from every angle, this mid-century-inspired accent chair is the perfect accent no matter where it stands! Living room, dining room, or office. With its unique Camel color and durable, powder-coated black metal frame, this classy chair gives your home decor the wow factor that you have been looking for.

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Enjoy the style, sophistication, and comfort of this modern barrel swivel accent chair. Designed with a sophisticated metal swivel base and high density foam seating, this barrel accent chair has multiple uses. Add as an accent to your bedroom or pair two together in your living room for comfortable entertaining. Luxury and cozyness combine in this modern frame. Fully assembled so you can begin enjoying upon arrival at your home. Easy to care for over time.

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5.POLY & BARK Napa

If you surf the web, you just might’ve heard of this brand before. Calling themselves the makers of “The Internet’s favorite sofas” and built around the principles of creating your own comfortable escape, Poly and Bark works to provide quality furniture at affordable prices to US customers.

Composed of simple furniture styles that will complement any room, this brand cuts out the middleman to save you time and money on your purchases.

Design is key with this company, and their 190k Instagram followers flock to see the latest in interior design to inspire styles in a variety of homes.

Are the savings and rave ratings too good to be true? This Poly and Bark review will guide you through the brand’s products, customer testimonials, materials, costs, and more to help you decide if they’re worth it.

Not much is known about the origins of this company. Their “About Us” section promises “incredible design, impeccable quality, and durability that lasts.

No information is available on the founders, but we do know that the current CEO is Dov Coleman and the brand is based in Los Angeles, CA according to Linkedin.

This company’s big focus is the pricing options available for their furniture, making it easier to finance larger items for your home. Products are promised to be made with love, care, and creativity from this US company, though manufacturing actually takes place in Asian factories.

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6.Evolur Harlow

Sit down, sink in and feel at home with Evolur Harlow Deluxe Glider is designed with ultimate comfort in mind, the Harlow 275-degree swivel Glider and recliner offers soft, plush seating, smooth rocking and gliding motions, and offers a easy to reach power reclining mechanism with different positions.

This recliner also comes with a built in USB charger port, which enable you to have all electronics conveniently on hand. This glider is a perfect addition to any nursery For story time, late night feeding or just snuggling with your baby. This versatile Glider will fit perfectly in any living spaces where you may want another relaxing spot. Add warmth, comfort and modern chic to any room with Evolur Harlow Glider.

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What to Look for When Choosing the Best Reading Chair

The Sunflower Chair - Great For Reading, Resting...

Unwinding with your favorite book—or magazine; we’re not here to judge—is a favorite way to relax. If you’re aiming to lounge with your literature, invest in the kind of reading chair you can sink into comfortably while still supportive enough to hold up a book or tablet. Keep these key factors in mind as you shop:

Before you start an online search for some of the best reading chairs on the market, you first want to determine your style preference.

Upholstery Material

There are two general types of upholstery for lounge chairs, arm chairs, and the like: leather and fabric, with fabric having several subtypes. The upholstery material you choose will impact the chair’s durability and comfort.

  • Genuine leather is extremely durable and can stand up to years of wear and tear. It’s the highest quality upholstery available, meaning it’s the most expensive. Although it’s a strong material overall, leather is vulnerable to scratches and water damage.
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) mimics the appearance of real leather at a lower cost. This synthetic material is more scratch-resistant and stands up better to water in comparison.
  • Polyurethane is another popular and budget-friendly fabric option. It’s waterproof, stain-resistant, and has enhanced torsion strength, meaning it can withstand cuts and punctures.
  • Velvet has a soft feel and luxurious sheen, coming in natural and cheaper synthetic varieties. This fabric is virtually snag-proof and immune to pet scratches, but tends to attract dust and pet hair.
  • Polyester is a water-resistant fabric favored for sofas and chairs because it resists stains and spills. Polyester velvet is particularly popular, offering the high-end look of true velvet at a lower cost.
  • Microfiber is affordable, relatively stain-resistant, and holds its color well. On the downside, it attracts dust and pet hair, and may generate static cling.

If you have children or pets, polyurethane, polyester, and microfiber are good fabrics since they’re durable and clean easily with mild soap and water. Velvet can be cleaned using the same method. Genuine leather chairs require a specialized leather cleaner, but are otherwise simple to maintain.

Reading chair: Tips on buying a comfortable & ergonomic one

Frame Material

The material of the chair frame will determine how much weight it can bear and how sturdy it is. Metal is the strongest and longest-lasting option. However, if you don’t restuff the chair cushions periodically, a metal frame can create uncomfortable pressure points over time.

Hardwood is another good option due to its durability and give, though solid wood frame chairs can be expensive. Alternatively, manufactured wood is an affordable frame material, but it’s the weakest and generally has the lowest weight capacity.

Style and Space

If you don’t have a specific sort in mind, there are a number of classic reading chair designs to consider for your space.

  • Club armchairs are typically fabricated with leather or another thick upholstery. These lounge-type seats usually come with a footstool or ottoman, so you can put your feet up and relax.
  • Lounge chairs are designed with or without armrests. Round reading chairs are a favorite in this style, allowing you to curl up and get cozy, thanks to the softer lines.
  • Recliners are another go-to for readers, with modern styles offering features like a swivel base, cup holders, and massage functions.
  • Chaise lounges offer a lovely space to lounge and put your feet up because of their elongated shape—plus they look more elegant than recliners.
  • Hammock chairs have a fun look and provide a feeling of weightlessness in their enveloping fabric seat.
  • Floor chairs are designed for portability, with many options that fold up and can be stowed away when not in use. These legless reading chairs are among the most cost-effective.

The available space in your residence or office will also determine the type of the reading chair that best suits the spot. If you have limited space, consider a compact armchair or lounge chair. On the other hand, you can take advantage of a larger space with a chaise lounge or an oversized recliner. Regardless of type, it’s good to measure the living or working space available before you make a purchase.

Comfort and Support

Comfort and support go beyond just having a pleasant place to read. An ergonomically designed reading chair is built to ensure that it feels comfortable, even after a long period of sitting. Chairs with a tall back provide a place to rest your head and reduce strain on your neck. Ideally, the seat cushion will fall in that perfect middle ground between plush and firm for adequate support.

Having a reading chair with spacious armrests can provide a spot to hold up your book, beverage, or even a bowl of snacks. And, if kicking up your legs at the end of a long day is important to you, choose a reading chair with a footrest or ottoman. These accessories can prevent foot swelling and discomfort when you sit for long periods of time. Otherwise, you can purchase this foot support separately or opt for a fully-reclining chair.

Additionally, think about seat depth before investing in a reading chair. For tall users or those who prefer to sit with their legs curled up, chairs with deep seats are a good choice. A deep seat is also ideal if you like to frequently switch seating positions while reading. These reading chairs typically have a seat depth of 20 inches or more.

As Herrera mentioned, comfort is vital when it comes to reading. You’ll want to go with a chair style that’ll keep you comfy and relaxed for hours on end, such as a design with a relatively tall or rounded back. Otherwise, she says to “consider an oversized chair or even one with a recliner so you can put your feet up.” A chair-and-a-half is an excellent choice, too, as it offers a broader and deeper seat. If you like to lay back while reading, consider getting a chaise lounge.

10 Best Reading Chair Ideas For Your Cozy Nook


For one, it’s essential to find a design that’ll fit in your space. Whether you’re placing it in a designated reading nook, bedroom, sunroom, or office, make sure to measure (and re-measure) before ordering carefully. Size has a lot to do with a chair’s overall comfort as well. We recommend getting one with a relatively wide and deep seat if you like to curl up, lean back, or even lay down while reading.

Upholstered chairs are usually a little softer, and you can often find stain-resistant options. “I also think about the texture—bouclé upholstery, for example, is plush and cozy, while a chair that isn’t upholstered won’t be as inviting,” says Herrera. Leather-upholstered chairs tend to be more expensive, though they typically last longer.

The frame material is also important. If you want something with a higher weight capacity or built to last for several years, look for a chair with a solid wood frame—even better if it’s kiln-dried. Some recliner frames are steel, which is generally considered a high-quality, long-lasting material.

How do you make a chair more comfortable?

When the only thing stopping you from finishing a page-turner is uncomfortable seating, there are a few things you can try to make things a little comfier. First, if the chair has removable cushions, take them off and fluff them up, just like you would a pillow. And speaking of pillows, sometimes that’s all you need to get the back or neck support you crave. A footrest or ottoman can go a long way, too, as it allows you to recline back in an otherwise small chair.

Where do you place a reading chair?

“I like to place reading chairs in a quiet area of the home,” says Herrera. “A living area near a fireplace or a cozy corner in the bedroom are great options.” Some people opt to place armchairs and chaises near a window, as it can be peaceful while offering ample natural reading light.

You can create a coveted reading nook nearly anywhere in your home, and it could go in the corner of a larger room, underneath a staircase, in an attic, or even built into a wall.

How do you clean a chair?

The proper way to clean a reading chair depends on the material. Fabric upholstery can typically be spot-cleaned with an upholstery cleaner, a homemade solution, or sometimes liquid carpet cleaner. Some chairs even come with removable covers that can be zipped off and thrown in the washer for a more thorough cleaning.

In some cases, you can use handheld steam cleaners to freshen up fabric upholstery. Leather chairs can typically be wiped down with a slightly damp cloth and a small amount of mild soap if needed.

Reading chair

Once you decide on the perfect reading chair, it’s time to figure out where to place it. If you’re like many people, then reading can be a challenge when you’re surrounded by noisy distractions, so Andra DelMonico recommends that you, “Place your reading chair in a quiet space in your home. This could be in the bedroom, office, or living room. It could even be a small nook under your stairs.”

Speaking of nooks, the beauty of a cozy reading nook is that you can create one virtually anywhere—all you need is a little bit of empty space. According to Lianne Leventhal, “There are a lot of fun opportunities to be had when creating a comfortable nook space. Though bedrooms are often a perfect spot, reading chairs are equally at home in a living room or family room as long as the space allows it. Shelving and a place to store books, a fireplace, or even a window seat can transform any corner into a spot for a reading chair.”

“There are a lot of fun opportunities to be had when creating a comfortable nook space. Though bedrooms are often a perfect spot, reading chairs are equally at home in a living room or family room as long as the space allows it.”

To make your nook cozier and inviting, Leventhal suggests that you, “Dress it up with your favorite novels, a few unique knick-knacks, and a chunky knit blanket to add another layer of that cozy library feel.” Of course, it never hurts to add a plant or two there, as well.

“Once you get your new reading chair home, figuring out the best place for it is really determined by where you are in your life,” adds interior decorator and designer, Lindsey Machado. “A reading chair would be totally appropriate in a main living space (living room, family room, etc.). But, if you are trying to create a quiet haven for yourself away from the hustle and bustle of life, it would be better suited in a quiet bedroom.”

Ideally, wherever you create your reading nook it will also be close to an outlet that you can use to plug in your reading light. But if your space doesn’t allow for it, you can use an extension cord to extend the reach of a nice reading lamp, stapling the cord along your baseboards if you want to make it more discrete. You can also purchase a portable reading light that you can clip right onto your book and take with you to whatever cozy spot you land on.


Best Chair for Reading Books – There is nothing like freezing winter weather to drive me into one of my favorite cozy reading chairs tucked into the perfect reading nook for hours at a time, wrapped in a fuzzy blanket with a steaming mug of tea next to me. But the most essential piece of that equation—the reading chair—can sometimes be the most difficult to get right if you’re shopping for a new one.

What’s the right amount of cushion? Do you want a reading chair that swallows you up with its squishiness or do you want a solid, supportive, ergonomic reading chair that will keep your spine from telescoping in on itself? Does fabric matter? Do you want something that’s easily cleanable because you’re a frequent spiller or you have pets that will shed all over the place? Most importantly, how much do you spend on the perfect reading chair?

Everyone’s “perfect” reading chair is slightly different, but we’ve got a bunch of great ones for you in every budget range, from the truly splurge-worthy down to the best affordable reading chair you’ll never know didn’t cost a fortune. You’re bound to find something you can burrow into for a solid page-turning marathon.