Best Chair for Short People

Best Chair for Short People – The selection of office chairs for petite and short people can feel limited. There certainly isn’t going to be as many options as standard office chairs, but there are things that you can do to expand your selection. Things like a footrest and keyboard tray can be amazing tools. An electric height-adjustable desk can also be a game changer for a lot of people. These will make the seat height less of a problem.

If there isn’t a chair on this list that will work for your needs, then make sure to take our “7 Things to Consider” with you on your search. If you are armed with the knowledge of what to look for and what to avoid, you should be able to find the best chair for your needs.

Below is a list of five chairs that I feel are nice options if you need an office chair for a short or petite person. I am defining short as 5’ 6” and under. These chairs all feature dimensions that are smaller than standard office chairs.

I also recommend checking out my seven things to consider when shopping for these chairs; you can find them right after the final chair in the list. This information will help you on your quest to find a new office chair. It also helps to explain why I chose the chairs featured in this list.


1.SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair

Sihoo is one of the best brands to consider when it comes to purchasing an office chair. All of their chairs are world-class due to design, durability, and reliability. This Chair chair has well-engineered ergonomic features with high adjustability that will fit you well.

Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair M76 comes at a sweet price of $159.99. However the price keeps changing all the time. So, check the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.

SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair has the most unique design. You will fall in love with the design, aesthetic, and adjustability it offers.

Well, this chair has adjustable height features, and it ranges from 15.5″ – 20″. Most of the regular office chairs don’t go that 15.5″ low as this chair does. If you look at the chair height chart above, you will see that if your height is with in the range of 4’11” to 6’2″, this chair will be a perfect fit for you.

Another important thing you might consider is the chair seat depth. This chair comes with a fixed seat depth. Arm height is not adjustable. But you can flip them up and slide it under the desk easily.

This chair comes with a nonadjustable back support. However, this back design includes ergonomically designed backrest which supports the base of your spine, helping your pelvis maintain a forward tilt.

You can also adjust the reclining position, you will find a tilt knob underneath the chair, which lets you recline back up to 120 degrees, which is enough while you are relaxing or watching a movie by leaning back.

The ergonomic design support for wide range of heights and great pricing makes this chair an obvious choice for people whose height is within 4’11” to 6’2″The weight capacity of this chair is 300 pounds and it also comes with 3 years of warranty from the manufacturer.

The 300 pound weight capacity is enough for most people except for the real big guys. As a side note, I have written an article on Best Office Chairs For Heavy People (300-500lbs). If you are a big guy like me, go check this article out.

This chair is very comfortable, has pretty much adjustable features, and supports as low as 15.5″ height adjustability, and comes from a very reputable Sihoo brand.

This chair won’t break your bank as it has a good price range. I will definitely suggest this chair for shorter people.

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2.Steelcase Leap Chair

Steelcase leap is known to be one of the best ergonomic and fully adjustable chairs on the market. This chair comes with a variety of colors to match your environment and interior. Not only is it a good chair, it also comes from a well-known Steelcase brand.

At the time of writing this post, the price of this chair was $879.00 on Amazon. You can check the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.

This leap chair is fully adjustable to fit your physique perfectly. Essentials features of this chair are 15.5″ – 20.5″ inches of height adjustment and seat depth adjustment. As height can be adjusted as low as 15.5″ if you are less than 4ft11in, it can accommodate that.

Seat depth adjustment is crucial for everyone. It becomes more crucial when you have a taller or shorter height than most of the chairs can not accommodate. The seat depth is adjusted properly when you sit with your lower back against the backrest while your feet flat on the floor, and there are 2-3 inches of space between the seat edge and the back of your knees. On this chair, seat depth can be adjustable from 15.75″ to 18.75″.

Lumbar support is also available on this chair. The backrest features LiveBack technology that changes shape as you move. It supports your lumbar spine that brings you relief while you are working for a long period of time. In the lower back, you will find firmness control that helps you increase or decrease the firmness of the backrest.

The chair has a flexible seat edge that automatically flexes to relieve pressure on the back of your thighs as you move on your chair. There is no need to adjust.

Steelcase leap chair also offers a reclining feature that helps you lean back in various degrees. It is recommended that you recline in your chair, often throughout the day, to change posture and relieve your spine. The adjustable back tension knob adjusts the resistance as you recline.

This chair ships fully assembled, so you don’t need to worry about any assembly of this chair. It weighs about 60 pound; you need to take the chair safely indoors. You will also get a 12 years of manufacture warranty.

The main key point of this chair is it’s fully adjustable and comes in various colors, which comes down to personal preference. One thing to keep in mind is if you find this chair in half of the stated price then it might be refurbished. My recommendation is, it’s a good chair from Steelcase and offers a ton of features. You can consider this chair.

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3.FelixKing Ergonomic Desk Chair

If you’re looking for a compact office chair with a sleek design and easy to store, then the FelixKing office chair will be one of your top choices.

Featuring an ergonomic S-shaped curve design, this chair will help you relieve stress and relax muscles even when working full-time at your desk. And thanks to 90-degree rotating and padded armrests, you’ll find it easy to use this chair and store it quickly.

You can forget about ruining your floor since the FelixKing offers abrasion-resistant and very durable casters, but if you want to be absolutely sure you can always think about purchasing one of the best office chair mats to protect your hardwood floors against any possible scratch.

Back to the ergonomic features of the chair, by adjusting the lumbar support you can change the position of the support point on your lower back. In addition, the height of the upper and lower back can be adjusted by about 1.6 inches, which should let you adjust this office chair for your specific body structure.

As for the reclining feature, the backrest offers a 30 degree recline to comfortably lean back, while the pressure-resistant structure is designed to reduce pressure on your body as well as improve blood flow.

However, while the double-layer mesh back is breathable and strong, it might feel a bit uncomfortable if you touch it with your bare skin.

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4.Amazon Basics Chair

When you’re a petite person, a seat that can be lowered beneath 18 inches isn’t just a nice to have, but an essential feature. Our Honorable Mention goes to this leather executive office chair from AmazonBasics. In addition to creating a lux effect for any office setting, we like that that swiveling chair can adjust to as low as 16.5 inches for the seat height — making it one of the best ergonomic office chairs.

While this doesn’t feature the popular breathable mesh backrest, we do like that you get a 360-degree swivel function and that this chair is available in three colors — black, white, and brown. It also features one of the highest weight capacities from our research, with the ability to support up to 275 pounds. And as is common, this chair also features a five-spoke base with casters. Compare this model to the best executive leather office chair that is also able to support up to 275 pounds..

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5.Ergonomic Office Chair

If you’re looking for a small chair that is durable and not too sophisticated, Boss Office Products has got your back. This chair for short people offers a very basic design, yet services its main purpose very well.

Its built-in back lumbar support was designed to promote a correct posture, while the waterfall contour seat will reduce stress to your legs and back.

Here, you can change the seat height from 18.5 to 23.5 inches to find the most comfortable position for you. Plus, you can easily adjust the back depth for absolute comfort and the armrests can be moved up and down within about 3 inches.

This petite chair also features easy-care fabric that makes it much easier to keep your chair clean. And if you prefer brighter colors, you can order this chair with a red seat fabric.

Lastly, we’d like to let you know that even though the cushion is padded, it might still be a bit too thin for anyone over 150 lbs. A good solution to this problem can be purchasing one of the best office chair cushions.

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6.Modway EEI-757-BLK

If you’re in search of a chair in which you can adjust literally anything, you might not need to spend more time looking for it. With the Modway office chair for petite people, you can change not only seat and armrest height but also back and seat tilt.

You’ll also appreciate its contemporary design that can fit in almost any modern interior (in case you need to use it for a home office), as well as the good variety of different colors this chair comes in. You can adjust the seat height to as low as 19,5” to ensure you feel comfortable during the day.

This chair also has an impressive 6” padded and contoured seat cushion, which should prevent your body from aching after a long workday. In addition, this is one of the sturdiest chairs included in our list since it can support up to 330 lbs.

It’s a bit more expensive than the two previous chairs, yet it’s totally worth the money.

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Things to Consider Before Buying an Office Chair for Short People

Are you tired of uncomfortable traditional office chairs and want to opt for a smaller chair that would provide you with ultimate comfort during the workday? Here’s what you need to know before you make the final decision:

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What are the chair’s seat width and depth?

If you want to avoid constant discomfort, ensure that your chair isn’t too wide or too deep for your tiny body. Ideally, you’d wish the seat depth to be no more than 21-22″, and the shorter, the better.

What’s the chair’s seat height?

If you’re below 5,8”, then having a suitable seat height is a must. First, ensure your new office chair has an adjustable seat height to fit your petite body type. Ideally, you’d be looking for a chair that can go as low as 14 inches, or at least no more than 20”. However, if you don’t care whether your feet touch the floor or not, then you can go for any seat height.

Does the office chair have an ergonomic design?

If you truly care about your back, legs, and arms, you should opt for a chair that offers an ergonomic design for your height and helps you support a correct posture. Usually, such chairs feature adjustable lumbar support to help you feel more comfortable.

How much weight does it support?

While you can always buy a chair for kids to fit your shorter height, it doesn’t mean that the chair could support your weight. So it’s better to make sure the office chair you purchase is sturdy and durable.

Does the chair have a thick-padded cushion?

You might weigh less than taller people, but it’s still important to have a thick-padded cushion to sit on during your 8-hour workday. We also suggest opting for waterfall or curved seat cushions to decrease the pressure on your legs.

What type of backrest does the chair have?

Usually, you’ll come across mid-back petit office chairs as they’re more suitable for shorter people. However, some well-designed smaller office chairs can also have a high back and a headrest. So it’s really up to you and your preferences.

Is the chair compact?

If space is an issue for you, then you should opt for a chair with flip-up armrests or adjustable armrests. This feature will let you easily push it closer to the desk and make your home office look more spacious.

How adjustable is it?

If you have very particular preferences for your office chair and sitting arrangement, it’s better to choose a chair with as many adjustable features as possible, including seat depth and height, back height, tilt tension, etc.

What is it upholstered in?

Do you prefer a breathable mesh, textile, faux leather, or genuine leather petite office chair? This specification might affect the price, but it mostly depends on your preference and interior design requirements. As long as you ensure that the upholstery material is durable, you should be satisfied with your new office chair for short people.

Is the chair multifunctional?

If you like to use your office chair as a gaming chair or as an extra chair around the house, it’s always a good idea to go for a chair that can serve different purposes. This will save you from spending more money on buying other chairs.

The Benefits of an Office Chair for Short People

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Choosing an ergonomic chair for short people isn’t always the same as selecting a regular office chair. Office chairs for a petite person offer some specific benefits than can greatly improve the overall comfort for short people and that’s why here we’ve listed some of the main pros that come with this kind of chairs:

  • Wide range of adjustments: Ergonomic chairs for short people usually include a wide range of adjustments that allow the users to customize features such as the seat tilt or armrests height.
  • Adjustable height: One of the most important benefits is the option to adjust the chair’s height. By adjusting the height, a short person can lower the chair as they see fit.
  • Adjustable seat depth: Seat depth is often overlooked, however it is an essential part of your comfort because if the seat pan is too deep it might result in circulation problems for short people.
  • Lumbar support: When talking about office chairs, lumbar support is always important as it allows you to keep a healthy posture when sitting.
  • Armrests’ width: A petite person might find a chair’s armrests to be too far apart, resulting in an uncomfortable working experience. To solve the problem, some chairs let you adjust the armrests’ width.

Is a Petite Office Chair Worth It?

Picking a good office chair for short people can take a while. However, once you lay your eyes on one of the chair models, make sure you check its seat height, width, and depth. If the chair is too big for you, you’ll feel discomfort throughout your workdays and have less motivation and energy to finish your daily tasks.

Of course, there’s no single best office chair that would fit every petite person. Yet, it’s still possible to find the one that would be the most comfortable for your tiny body type.

We hope that our comprehensive guide to the top nine best office chairs for short people will help you better understand all the main chair specifications and make the right purchase. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to let us know.

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What is a good seat height for short people?

If you’re around 5’6” then you should look for a seat height of 16”, while if you’re 5’2” you should try to go for 15”. In case you’re shorter than 5’2” then we recommend a chair that can go as low as 14”.

I like a chair but it doesn’t go as low as I need. What can I do?

If you fell in love with a chair that can’t be lowered as much as you need then that’s not an irresolvable problem. If the chair’s height doesn’t quite suit your needs, you can always use a footrest to make sure your feet won’t dangle off the ground.

What is a good desk height to fit a chair for short people?

When talking about chairs for petite people we must not forget that another important factor is the height of your desk. Generally speaking, when typing on a computer you want your desk to be about 8” higher than your seat height. This means that if your seat height is 15” your desk should be around 23” high.

Picking an office chair is all about finding the one most likely to keep you comfortable after extended periods. And this is especially true when you’re shopping for a chair and are shorter than average height. To create our guide, we focused on the following key features — adjustability, lumbar support, seat height, and materials.

All of our recommendations featured adjustability specifically in customizing seat height. But if you want full customization, you’ll want to look for chairs that allow for backrests that can be independently raised or lowered, back angles, and adjustable armrests.

Lumbar support is another key feature that is fairly common when shopping for an ergonomic office chair. All of our picks come with built-in lumbar support. But another factor to consider is breathability, which ties into materials. You’ll note that the majority of our recommendations feature a mesh-combination chair with a mesh backrest and a padded seat. This option allows for some of the best ventilation while still providing lumbar support and a comfortable seat. Still, you can find fully padded backrests or chairs made from leather, faux leather, or other fabric upholstery. Just keep in mind that those chairs may not be as breathable.

Of course, seat height is going to be an important issue — especially for shorter people. Picking the wrong seat height range could leave you working in a chair where your feet don’t touch the ground. We prioritized options that offered a lower seat adjustment range. This means that we looked for chairs that could be adjusted to heights of at least 18 inches or lower from the ground to the base of the seat.

We did our research and tried to make a list of the best office chairs for short people in the market right now, which provides you with a good sitting experience if you are a short person.

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We have considered the best ones with different price ranges as well. If any of the chairs that you like but don’t fit with height properly, you can use a footrest to resolve the issue.


We have also added two different types of chairs which are a drafting chair and a kneeling chair that might not fit you well. However, do check them out; both of the chairs have a good value in terms of price.

Please do share your thoughts in the comment section. If you think we have missed some chairs worth mentioning, please feel free to let us know in the comments as well.


Best Chair for Short People – Most office chairs are built to accommodate an average frame. If you are petite or short in stature (under 5’3” for women and under 5’8” for men), your so called ergonomic chair could be exacerbating your existing aches and pains – or potentially creating new ones.

In this guide we take a look at all the important ergonomic factors that short people need to focus on when picking an ergonomic chair, followed by a comprehensive list of the best office chairs for short people. All of these chairs are appropriately sized in the key areas that make all the difference for short people, from seat depth, height, to seat pan width.

Please note that we will be using terms such as “short”, “shorter” or “petite” to describe people that are under the statistically average height for men and women. This post will not focus on chairs for little people, or people with dwarfism.