Best Chair for Soccer Games

Best Chair for Soccer Games – With all of this information, you should now have a much better idea of what to look for in your perfect soccer mom chair. Personally, we think that the best chairs for soccer games are the Chaheati 11.4V Battery-Heated MAXX Heated Chair, which is fantastic in all weather conditions, is comfortable, and is raved as the best portable chair available.

If that’s not what you’re looking for and you need something a bit more geared toward heavy-duty use, you should look at the KingCamp Heavy-Duty Steel Folding Director Chair. It’s guaranteed to last you a long time, and that nifty side table can be used for drinks, accessories, and more. Or, if you and your friend, spouse, or whoever wants to share a chair, go ahead and try out the Coleman Quattro Lax Double Quad Chair.

No matter which chair suits your needs, you can’t go wrong with any of the ones highlighted above. But if you want to shop on your own, don’t forget about our helpful buying guide!


1.GCI Outdoor Chair

This soccer mom chair is unique in the fact that it allows you to rock back and forth like a traditional rocking chair. There is a spring-action tube located on the back of the chair that gently moves the chair’s frame up and down as you use your legs to push off the ground. When you’re ready to pack it in for the day, you can easily fold the chair down in a single motion. There is a durable carrying handle attached right to the chair that makes it very quick to transport to and from the games.

It weighs almost 12 pounds, so it is slightly heavier and bulkier than other picks on our soccer mom chair list. It has a breathable mesh interior with a slightly thicker outer layer that makes it easy to wipe clean. The cup holder attached to the arm of the chair is in easy reach, and it’s large enough to hold bigger cups. It comes in two different color options, and the metal frame is very durable and long-lasting.

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2.Coleman Cooler Chair

This portable soccer mom chair is durable enough to withstand 300 pounds without tearing or ripping. The built-in cooler sleeve will help to keep your snack and beverages cold in the hot weather until you need them. On the right of the chair, you’ll find a sleeve to store your magazines, books, e-reader, or tablet you use during the down time between games. You can adjust the armrests to get a more comfortable experience, and the cup holder keeps your beverage within easy reach all day long.

When you finish the game, this soccer mom chair folds down into a compact form that slides right into the included storage sleeve. There is a small mesh pocket on the chair as well that you can use to tuck away some sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses, bug spray, or your phone. The polyester fabric dries out very quickly, and it’s thin enough to let air pass through to help keep you cool.

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3.KingCamp Chair

This heavy-duty folding chair from KingCamp takes a bit of work both when unfolding and folding it, but it’s well worth the extra effort. This extra-large, heavy-duty soccer mom chair will handle a weight capacity of up to 330 pounds and uses high-quality, 600D Oxford fabric to resist water, wear, abrasions, and general weather conditions.

With that impressive fabric material and the heavy steel frame, you can count on this chair for years of sports events, trips, and general use. Because of the heavy-duty frame and seat materials, however, you should note that this chair is significantly heavier than other models on our list.

It comes with an insulated cooler bag and a cup-holding table attached on either side of the chair. Plus, there’s a lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee through the manufacturer.

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4.ALPS Mountaineering Chair

This slightly larger soccer mom chair may not be the prettiest color, but it’s very rugged and able to hold up to 800 pounds without a problem. It features 600D polyester fabric that is slightly thicker than traditional outdoor chairs, and this increases your comfort factor. The chair will cradle your body and provide excellent support for those longer scrimmage matches on the weekend. Each arm has a pocket hanging off it that can store magazines, books, e-readers, tablets, smartphones, shades, sunscreen, and anything else you bring with you.

Each arm also has a cup holder attached to it, and the back of the chair has enough fabric on it to give when you lean against it to keep you comfortable. Once you’re ready to leave for the day, this soccer mom chair easily folds up and packs away into an included carrying case. Since it’s thicker fabric, it won’t dry out as quickly as thinner material, and it tends to retain heat on very hot and humid days.

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5.Amazon Basics XL

This soccer mom chair from AmazonBasics comes in three different styles ranging from traditional to extra padded, and it has a slightly lax back that allows you to lean back and get support. It has excellent balance, and the nylon mesh fabric gives you full-length ventilation that will help you stay cool when the game starts to heat up. There is a small beverage cooler pouch hanging off one of the armrests that allows you to keep your snacks and beverages cool with a little ice or a frozen water bottle.

The other side of this soccer mom chair has a small pouch where you can store anything from tablets to magazines. It gives you easy access to all of these things, and it keeps them safe when they’re not in use. It folds up to a very compact form when you finish using it to make transport easy, and the thinner fabric will dry very quickly if it happens to get wet. You get a one year limited warranty with each purchase.

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6.Caravan Zero Gravity Chair

If you’re looking for a soccer mom chair to provide you complete relaxation, this is it. You get a very high quality frame that comes with a powder coating that resists wear, tear, and corrosion. It can easily support up to 300 pounds, and you can adjust it to sit in several different positions. You can lay it back between games to soak up the sun, sit up to eat or drink, and recline while you watch the game. The headrest is fully adjustable to provide excellent support, and the armrests are contoured to keep you comfortable.

You can elevate your legs as little or as much as you like with this soccer mom chair. It does weigh in at 18 pounds because it has a slightly larger frame, but it folds up for easy transport. This chair comes with a textaline fabric with bungee supports for additional strength and comfort, and it has a fingertip locking system that is very easy to operate and adjust.

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Soccer Mom Chair Buyer’s Guide

Now that we’ve listed 10 high-quality soccer mom chairs for you to compare side by side, we’ll highlight what’s important when you start to shop for them. Every soccer mom chair has almost the same buying requirements, and having a list on-hand when you shop is a good way to ensure that you find the best one to suit your needs.


When someone calls a chair a soccer mom chair, they’re referring to any chair that you can fold up, put in your car, and take with you to watch the soccer games. If comfort is your main objective, consider buying a slightly larger chair with a taller back that is very stable. These types of chairs are usually farther off the ground, and you’ll get the most features like storage pockets, beverage holders, and adjustable head or armrests. The weight of the chair wil factor in, and the larger chairs are heavier and bulkier.

Soccer Chair 2 Comfort
Since soccer chairs come in different sizes and styles, it’s important to make sure you end up with a good fit to keep you as comfortable as possible.


Unfortunately, these soccer mom chairs can start to get expensive very fast. But, you can find a comfortable chair in virtually any price range. Start by setting a budget before you shop. This will give you a good idea on what chairs you should and shouldn’t be considering. Don’t expect a very inexpensive chair to last a long time though because the manufacturers usually have less durable materials on the chairs to help justify the price point. It can be worth it to spend a little more upfront to ensure you get a quality soccer mom chair.


You do want to pay close attention to the size of your soccer mom chair when you pick it out. If you don’t, you could easily end up with something that is too narrow for you to sit comfortably on. On the other end of the spectrum, a chair that is too large for your frame can be difficult to carry around and transport. You could also have difficulty getting in and out. The size does include the weight range, so pay close attention when you start browsing.


You could have multiple soccer games to visit each week, and lugging around a heavy soccer mom chair simply isn’t feasible. A lot of the chairs we reviewed earlier weighed 10 pounds or less. The lighter the chair is, the easier it is going to be to transport from field to field. More lightweight chairs can be more prone to blowing over or breaking though, so you have to strike a solid balance between the weight of the chair and the durability factor.

Soccer Chair 3 Size
Bigger chairs can usually support more weight, but they’re also bulkier. Make sure you double-check the size requirements for the chair before you buy it so you don’t get something too small or large. 


Many soccer mom chairs feature a lightweight fabric for the chair’s body and a steel frame. They choose these materials because the fabric is breathable, and it can dry quickly if it should get wet. You may have strips of mesh running up the back of the chair for better ventilation too. The frame of your chair will play a direct role in how sturdy and stable it is. Steel is popular because it’s not super heavy, but it can resist rust and corrosion if it happens to get wet.

You’ll notice that some of the soccer mom chairs you’ll come across boast being 600D polyester or 600D Oxford, but what do those terms really mean? More importantly, is there a difference between them?

The answer is yes, but it’s a bit trickier to say this for sure than you think. That’s because Oxford is polyester, but the way it’s handled is different. The higher the number before the “D” indicator, the more likely it is to be labeled as Oxford rather than polyester, though not all manufacturers choose to make the distinction.

So 600D polyester is the same as 600D Oxford, in short. But under normal instances and if set standards are followed, then the material is “polyester” at ranges below 420D and are Oxford at ranges of 420D and higher.

You’re probably wondering what the “D” stands for at this point. “D” stands for “denier,” and it’s a unit of measurement. It measures the weight and thickness of your polyester fabric. What that means is that the higher the number, the heavier and thicker the fibers are that were used in your chair’s construction.

Heavy, thick fibers tend to be much more durable, weather-resistant, and abrasion or scratch-resistant. 600D fabrics are also mildew-resistant and have a considerable amount of water-resistance. This fabric type is also used in backpacks, equipment bags, awnings, and boat covers.

Single or Double 

Do you want a single or a double seated soccer mom chair? Most of these types of chairs are single, but you can find a few double-seaters available. These are nice if you have a friend or family member available who wants to come with you to the game, but they’re usually more expensive, bulkier, and heavier than the single option. There’s also a problem with stability if one person gets up. Decide which one will work best for you and narrow your options down.


Whichever soccer mom chair you choose, it should have at least one or two storage compartments and cup holders. Some of our picks had an insulated storage compartment that you could keep snacks or beverages in that needed to stay cold. Others had dual cup holders or smaller mesh storage compartments attached to the chair. Think of everything you bring to these soccer games and match your chair with your storage needs. You never know, you just may find one that keeps everything secure.

Soccer Chair 4 End
Your chair can easily double as a camping chair if you want to get more use out of it due to the chair’s durability and quick drying time.

Picking out the best soccer mom chair doesn’t have to be a time-consuming or stressful process. With our short buyer’s guide and our 10 product reviews, you can easily narrow down your choices and match the chair to your needs. Pick one out, sit back, and relax.

Features and Benefits

From armrests to cupholders, storage pockets to heating elements, there are many features and benefits that you’ll find as you search through the world of soccer mom chairs. It’s up to you which features and benefits are most important to your wants and needs.

Additionally, it will depend on what other equipment or accessories you choose to bring along, such as coolers, fans, blankets, and more.

Weight Limits

We get it – nobody wants to talk about their weight, especially not after having kids and filling your time with their sports and family activities. But, the weight capacity or weight limit of your soccer mom chair is an important factor you need to adhere to. You don’t want to invest in a chair and not be able to use it, after all.

Be sure to check the weight limit of your potential chair and then check your weight, or whoever intends to sit in the chair. If you’re within five or ten pounds of the limit it’s usually okay, particularly in chairs that have heavier, more durable frames.

Chances are though, you’re nowhere near the weight limit of your chair, meaning you can be the best soccer mom in whatever chair you deem fit for the job!

Support and Stability

Along with everything else listed above, one of the biggest things you should be looking at when choosing your new soccer mom chair is the support and stability offered with it. This ties in with the weight and comfort factors as well. You want a frame and material that won’t give way under your weight while still being comfortable and supporting your body for the hours you’ll spend at the sidelines.

You should look for frames that are heavy-duty but aren’t heavy to carry, and the seat and back of the chair should be made of thick or durable fabrics and materials.
< id="what-is-the-most-comfortable-lawn-chair">What is the most comfortable lawn chair?

This is a highly subjective category because comfort depends on what works for you and being comfortable is a very important feature of any lawn chair. A traditional folding metal chair is comfortable, but in order to extend its life (or yours) you have to put it in storage during the winter. Hoping you can remember where you’ve put it is one of the biggest challenges of this type of chair.

Fabric chairs are lighter and cooler but they need to be stored and they’re either in or out based on the weather. If you live in a warm climate you can store your chair outside year round. If you live in a colder climate, then storing your chair outside during the winter will protect it from snow and ice.
< id="what-is-the-most-comfortable-folding-chair">What is the most comfortable folding chair?

With all the options on the market today, it may take a bit of work to find the best folding chairs for comfort and support, but it’s quite worth the research. The most comfortable folding chairs are made with aluminium, which can support a load of up to 250 pounds.

Be sure to look at the chair’s weight capacity and examine it for its durability. The good news is, any reputable brand will give you a chair that will last for years. Also, don’t forget to check out other people’s reviews to see what they have to say.
< id="what-are-the-most-comfortable-camping-chairs">What are the most comfortable camping chairs?

Comfort is obviously an important consideration when buying a beach chair. You need to consider things like the size of the seat, the material it’s made of, and portability features. Some other things to think about are weight and durability.

With all of this information, you should now have a much better idea of what to look for in your perfect soccer mom chair. Personally, we think that the best chairs for soccer games are the Chaheati 11.4V Battery-Heated MAXX Heated Chair, which is fantastic in all weather conditions, is comfortable, and is raved as the best portable chair available.

If that’s not what you’re looking for and you need something a bit more geared toward heavy-duty use, you should look at the KingCamp Heavy-Duty Steel Folding Director Chair. It’s guaranteed to last you a long time, and that nifty side table can be used for drinks, accessories, and more. Or, if you and your friend, spouse, or whoever wants to share a chair, go ahead and try out the Coleman Quattro Lax Double Quad Chair.

No matter which chair suits your needs, you can’t go wrong with any of the ones highlighted above. But if you want to shop on your own, don’t forget about our helpful buying guide!

This soccer mom chair review will show you what to look for in a good soccer mom chair, we’ll review our best five pick for soccer mom chairs, and I’ll even show you how I photograph the models to make sure I get a great shot of the chairs in a good light.

Yes! It’s true, we use every aspect of photography in our reviews. You’ll see this in many of our reviews so you can get the best possible experience with our site!

The best thing I have learned about visiting soccer games, watching sports from our couch, and any other places there are a lot of sports women around is they all have these big, over-stuffed, heavy and incredibly uncomfortable chairs to sit in!

A perfect mom is one who is always there whenever her kids need her help or support. And if your kids are good at sports, you will have to share support and help wholeheartedly. Imagine there is no place to sit and enjoy your kids’ soccer, how difficult it will be to see and enjoy the match. Obviously, you will suffer from back pain and feel tiresome as well. Moreover, sometimes bleachers aren’t good enough to provide you ultimate comfort. In this situation, we bring the best soccer mom chairs for you.

We Picked the 10 Best Camping Chairs for Sale in 2020 | SPY

The following folding chairs can be transported easily, and we ensure you’ll enjoy watching kids’ sports and outdoor activities the most. Let’s check all the folding camping chairs one by one and make our decision about buying.

If your kids are into sports, you know how much it means for them to see you watch them as they play. What could make you enjoy the game if not a comfortable soccer mom chair?

Most of these chairs come in foldable designs and thus easy to carry around. You need one that is not only comfortable but also secure and fitted with amenities that you might need.

If not sure of the chair to get for your outdoor events, this guide comes to you at the most opportune moment.


Best Chair for Soccer Games – We’ve all heard the soccer mom jokes, had our minivans picked on, the whole nine yards. But part of being a soccer mom is attending games that aren’t at home, and bleachers are simply not comfortable. They can hurt your back and other areas of your body, and you’ll be sitting on them for about an hour and a half per game.

So what can you do? Well, you can get the best chairs for soccer games, of course! You’ll be able to sit at the sidelines of every game your kid plays in comfort and style without having to worry about cold, stiff bleacher seats or, worse, potentially wet grass.

We hope you have found all the details of the best soccer mom chair you are searching for. Nevertheless, if you have any questions in mind, please ask in the comment section. Moreover, if you have any suggestions about folding camping chairs, please inform us in the comment section. Your recommendations mean a lot to us. We will consider it and apply it to our readers.