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Best Chair for Standing Desk – Whether you use a standing desk to promote good posture or increase circulation while you work, it’s natural to want to lean or sit periodically. The best stools for a standing desk provide a place for you to do just that, and generally fall into two categories: stationary stools and active stools that tilt or wobble to encourage movement and core engagement. Which style you choose is a matter of preference, but let’s take a closer look at some features to consider when it comes to choosing a stool for your work setup.

By nature, active or wobble stools have a slightly unstable design that’s meant to encourage movement, whether you choose an option with a rounded bottom that rocks or one with a tilting pedestal attached to a steady base. These designs will keep your body engaged and are generally best for leaning, rather than fully sitting. If you want the option of sitting, a stationary stool is the better choice. It should have a wide, stable base, and a footrest to help reduce strain and pinching at your hips.

Standing chairs are a cool new emerging product category. I really like the idea behind incorporating different seating and standing postures throughout the day. These chairs are a great addition to a standing desk to help alleviate stress and soreness caused by standing for prolonged hours. I do think it is important to limit expectations with standing chairs though. They are not going to be a good replacement for a chair that is used for 8-12 hours a day. The firm seats, lack of armrests and lack of backrests make it very difficult to use standing chairs for more than a couple hours at a time.

I think that these chairs are best suited as a secondary option for people that are sitting or standing for a prolonged period of time. I also think they are great for people that are up and out of their desks a lot. The market is growing rapidly and there are quite a few options to choose from now. Sometimes it can get confusing to sort through all of the options. This list should be a good starting point in your hunt for a new standing chair.


1.Vari Active Seat

The Vari Active Seat rises considerably higher than most adjustable standing desk chairs that we’ve seen, making it a good choice for tall users. Using the commercial-grade, air lift piston mechanism, the chair can easily adjust in height up to 35 inches.

It also has a wider seat of 17 inches, compared to the Vari Active Seat Basic version, which has a 14-inch seat. The seat is made of foam, which is covered by vinyl. Also, the seat can accommodate up to 250 pounds.

The fully articulating pedestal lets you lean and rock in any direction while standing or sitting. However, it also has a tilt guard to ensure that the seat doesn’t move forward more than 20 degrees.

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2.Adjustable Learning Stool

The most budget-friendly option on the list, Learniture’s standing desk stool has a weighted, curved base that rolls and tilts to keep your body in motion, and a backless design that promotes good posture and core muscle engagement. The stool’s padded seat measures just over 12.5 inches across and can be adjusted between a height of 18.5 inches and 28 inches to accommodate a broad range of users. The wide height adjustment also means it can be used with both conventional and standing desk designs. The sit-stand stool has a weight capacity of 256 pounds and, according to several reviewers, the nonskid rubberized base is textured to prevent sliding on a variety of floor surfaces.

 “I have an adjustable standing desk that I love and was looking for a stool to relieve my back occasionally throughout the day. This arrived and was PERFECT! Easy assembly, easy to operate and comfy! It adjusts to standard desk height but I will be using it mostly for standing/leaning/sitting purposes.”

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3.Mesh Ergonomic Drafting Chair

Our pick for the best overall standing desk chair is this one from Hylone. What makes it so great is that all parts of it are adjustable: the height, the foot ring, and the arms can all be customized to suit your personal comfort and needs.

This swivel drafting chair can be raised up to 31.2 inches to reach some of the highest desks, and its footrest can be adjusted to relieve pressure on your legs after you’ve been standing for hours. The padded arm rests add extra comfort if you need to sit back, relax, and unwind after a long day.

If you do happen to catch yourself leaning back in this chair, the mesh material is breathable, so you won’t overheat while taking a break.

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4.Office Star Deluxe

If you’re searching for a standing desk with a backrest, well, you might have just stumbled upon one. The Office Star mesh back drafting and standing desk chair is a great option under $100 you’d definitely want to check out.

This standing desk chair offers a breathable screen back and a mesh seat with built-in lumbar support. And while it’s not an upscale model, this standing desk stool does its job well. You can adjust its height from 24.25 to 33.75 inches. Plus, you can also adjust the backrest according to your sitting preferences. This standing desk chair is a great starting point if you have never used these types of chairs before.

While this standing desk chair features a foot ring, it might move back if you put any weight on it after adjusting.

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5.LeanRite Standing Chair

If you don’t want to sacrifice comfort and are ready to spend more on a high-quality modern standing desk chair, the LeanRite elite ergonomic standing desk stool will exceed your expectations.

The LeanRite standing desk chair is more expensive than the rest of the options on this list, but it’s definitely worth it. This multi-award-winning standing chair has a sturdy construction and features an anti-fatigue mat that provides a comfy, stable work-base.

It also offers a wide variety of posture supporting positions from leaning to sitting and standing. And if you’re curious, this standing desk stool was tested and recommended by an orthopedic surgeon and Doctor of Physical Therapy.

However, since this standing chair has a pretty sophisticated construction, you might find it too bulky to move around often.

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6.Hylone Drafting Chair

If you’re looking for a standing desk stool that you’d also like to use as a regular chair from time to time, the Hylone standing desk chair is your perfect match. This high-back drafting chair can bring your workday to new heights.

This tall standing desk chair offers a breathable mesh back, padded flip-up arms, and adjustable foot ring. The chair also allows you to adjust the height, seat tilt, and tilt tension.

This ergonomic standing desk chair is designed with built-in lumbar support to fit your body curve well and provide reasonable protection for your spine and waist. It’s perfect for standing desks, sit-to-stand desks, and bar tables if you ever wish to use it for that purpose.

The only challenge you might encounter with this standing desk stool is when you try to assemble it.

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Things to Consider When Buying a Standing Desk Chair or Stool

You probably agree with us on the fact that standing desk stools look very unusual, making it quite hard to decide which one you should go for. Here are a few things you might want to consider to make the right choice.

After using all of the products over an extended period of time, we decided that there were six categories that would best represent the characteristics that are most important on a standing chair. While there are certainly a number of other things to consider when buying a standing chair, we felt that this was a well-rounded set of factors to provide a good ranking system. Each category is weighted the same in the calculation of the overall score. Below is a brief description of each category used to rank these sit stand chairs.

1. Build Quality

The build quality of the item will be a reflection of the components used and the aesthetics of the product. Products with higher quality components like cylinders and fabrics will score higher than products with lesser quality parts. It is also important to a lot of buyers to have a standing chair that looks good. Products that have focused on making an attractive design will score higher than products that don’t.

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2. Warranty

The warranty is important because it gives you a guaranteed amount of time that you will have a working standing chair. This helps to give you peace of mind knowing you will have a chair for a set period of time. It also helps you to budget for future purchases based on the amount of warranty time you have. Another thing to think about with a warranty is that it is a direct reflection of the manufacturer’s confidence in their product. Longer warranties are typically provided on higher quality products while lower end products will have short warranties or no warranties at all.

3. Portability

This category is used to show how easy it is to move a chair to a new location or place it into storage. Lightweight products with built-in handles that allow you to move them with one hand will have the highest scores. Heavy products that take up more space and require two hands to move will have the lowest scores.

4. Seat Comfort

The seats on standing chairs are much different than the seats you will find on normal office chairs. They are smaller, have little to no padding and usually have some type of pronounced shape. The most typical shapes are: convex with a rounded seat, concave to form to your bottom or saddle seat. The most important takeaway is that they will not be the same experience that you are used to with a normal chair. The seat comfort category is a score based on the level of support the seat provides and the amount of time the seat will allow you to sit before feeling numbness or discomfort.


5. Range of Motion

The category we use to measure how active you can be while sitting is range of motion. There are many different types of motion that active chairs can produce. Some chairs wobble, others tilt and some bounce. The more motion that a chair is capable of means the more active you can be while working. The chairs with the highest scores will be the models that promote the most activity.

6. Adjustability

Standing chairs have a very limited number of adjustments but there can still be a noticeable difference in the adjustability between them. A chair’s adjustability score will be determined by the number of adjustments a chair has and the range that those adjustments provide. A wider adjustment range means that a chair will fit more people so it deserves a higher score. Chairs that allow people to use them in numerous positions will have the highest score. For instance, the Muvman has a high adjustability score even though it has a single adjustment because it can be used sitting, perched or leaning.

Does the stool have a stable non-slip base?

If you’re going to buy a standing desk stool, you want to ensure it won’t slip while you’re moving in it. Otherwise, you can end up with injuries, and we don’t want that to happen.

Does the chair have a wide seat?

The seats in standing desk chairs usually are more rigid than in regular chairs. That’s why it’s important to check whether the standing desk stool you chose has enough sitting area to make you feel comfortable.

Best Active Seating of 2021

Does it come with a rubber pad?

A rubber pad can add more stability to your standing desk stool and take your sitting experience to a whole new level. Some of the high-end standing desk chairs already come with high-quality rubber pads. If not, you might consider acquiring one.

How much weight does it support?

Unfortunately, you probably won’t have any luck finding a standing desk chair that would support 400 pounds like some heavy-duty chairs. So, if you need a chair that would hold more than 250 pounds, a standing desk stool is not your best option.

Does the chair have a foot ring?

Some of the standing desk stools come with an adjustable foot ring that you can use to either adjust the chair’s height or rest your feet when needed. If you think that’s the feature you’d want to have, then go for a standing desk chair with a foot ring.


Does the stool feature wobbling and tilting?

The whole purpose of a standing desk stool is to keep your posture safe and engage your core, letting you burn a few extra calories while sitting. If you’d like that, then you should better go for an active sitting stool.

Does it have a backrest and armrests?

If you still want to use your standing desk chair as a regular chair, being able to lean back and rest, then a drafting chair is your best bet. They’re comfortable enough to use as a standard chair and will fit nicely to your sit-to-stand desk.

Is the chair suitable for both adults and kids?

If you plan on using a standing desk chair together with your child, it’s better to choose a wobble active sitting stool. Usually, they can be adjusted to fit taller adults and shorter kids.

Do you plan on using the stool all day long?

Beware that standing desk stools aren’t meant to be used for extended periods of time. That’s why it might take you a while to get adjusted to it and feel comfortable. If you still would like to try and use it throughout your workday, you should consider one of the high-end standing desk stool models.

Benefits of a Standing Desk Chair Himimi Ergonomic Kneeling Chair - Faux Leather - Thick  Comfortable Moulded Foam Cushions - Brake Casters, Adjustable Stool for  Home & Office : Home & Kitchen

If you’re still hesitating, here are a few advantages of using a standing desk chair:

  • It keeps your core engaged while sitting
  • It helps you burn extra calories
  • It lets your body move while sitting
  • It enables you to maintain a better posture
  • It provides you with a variety of sitting positions
  • It’s a great addition to your ergonomic office setup
  • It helps reduce fatigue
  • It can sometimes be used as a regular chair
  • It can be affordable, depending on the brand and features
  • It can improve your productivity

Should I Buy a Standing Desk Stool

A standing desk stool is an excellent choice if you prefer standing when working. Standing desk chairs come in a variety of shapes, colors and have multiple features. Switching to an active sitting stool is also a great way to create an ergonomic home office environment. A standing desk stool can help you move more during the workday and keep your posture safe.


We say a standing desk chair is worth a try. But ultimately, it’s your choice.

We hope you managed to find what you were looking for. And if you have any questions or have an idea of what we should review next, please let us know.

How We Review: Our Office Chair Ratings Methodology

At Overheard on Conference Calls, we take pride in how we review office chairs. Our team of office chair experts spend hours researching and reviewing dozens of products before they even start writing their review or article. Our goal is to bring you honest and unbiased information to help you make an informed choice that will be the best for you. Our recommendations are not for sale and they are not influenced by any of the manufacturers we review.

When reviewing an office chair, there are numerous factors we analyze to determine our recommendations. Here are our four most important:

  •  Comfort is key to a good office chair. It’s likely you’ll be sitting in it for hours so you’ll want something that won’t cause you aches and pains after hours of use. We gauge comfort by testing for 4+ hours as well as looking at the thickness of the seat cushion and its material.
  •  Not all office chairs are built the same. Our durability factor looks at the quality of the materials and how sturdy the chair is after assembly. Because we have a limited tested period, we also conduct customer research of longtime users.
  •  While this is an ergonomic feature, we made this its own separate rating factor because of how important it is to your overall posture, health, and comfort. We analyze each chair for its lumbar support or lack thereof.
  •  In addition to lumbar support, we also look at other ergonomic features such as the armrests, height adjustment, reclining, seat ergonomics, and more. The better it is for your ergonomics and the more features/adjustability, the better.

Why isn’t price included on that list? Fair question! We do consider price in the order of our recommendations but because everyone has their own budget in mind, we won’t rule a chair in or out just because it has premium or budget price.

Our team has researched and reviewed hundreds of chairs and we’re confident in our recommendations. We strive to only recommend the best products and we periodically refresh our reviews and rankings.

To give your legs, ankles, and feet a rest at your standing desk, you’ll need an ergonomic adjustable chair that’s comfortable, extends to heights that match your setup, and can actually fit in your space.

When looking for a standing desk chair, the material of the seat—as well as whether or not it has a sturdy back—is important. If you find yourself standing for the majority of the day, you don’t want your first sit-down break to be on a hard, uncomfortable surface.

Aside from comfort, whichever chair you opt for should be able to adjust to the height of your standing desk, as well as fit in your WFH space. If, when you’re sitting in the chair, you can’t properly reach the top of your desk, that model won’t be a good fit in the long run. Similarly, you’ll want to ensure that the desk chair you choose doesn’t take up too much room in your space, and you’ll want to avoid selecting a too-small chair that winds up being uncomfortable or looking undersized. The perfect standing desk chair will align with the height of your desk, and, when out of use, can be stored underneath.

As working from home has become the norm for many people over the past two years, many folks have found themselves eager to create workspaces that go beyond a standard desk setup. Some have added a mini treadmill or elliptical to their workspace to allow them to work while working out, while others have opted for a standing desk to avoid getting stuck in a chair all day.

If the latter applies to you, you might be in need of a chair that gives your legs a break from standing from time to time—but a standard desk chair won’t work for your setup. The solution: an adjustable desk chair that provides you a comfortable place to rest throughout the day.

There is a growing societal movement to get healthier. Gym memberships, healthier diets and full-blown lifestyle changes are more and more commonplace as people become educated about potential health risks. This has also extended into the workplace. People are learning that sitting for prolonged periods of time can be detrimental to your health. This has caused an explosion in the standing desk category. Everyone from fortune 500 companies to home office users are buying standing desks.

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The popularity of standing desks has opened the door for entirely new product categories. One of them is standing chairs. I ordered the most popular standing chairs, currently available, so that we could try them for ourselves. This list will provide you with unbiased, honest feedback so that you can decide which standing chair is best suited for your needs.


Best Chair for Standing Desk – As working from home has become the norm for many people over the past two years, many folks have found themselves eager to create workspaces that go beyond a standard desk setup. Some have added a mini treadmill or elliptical to their workspace to allow them to work while working out, while others have opted for a standing desk to avoid getting stuck in a chair all day.

If the latter applies to you, you might be in need of a chair that gives your legs a break from standing from time to time—but a standard desk chair won’t work for your setup. The solution: an adjustable desk chair that provides you a comfortable place to rest throughout the day.

This has also extended into the workplace. People are learning that sitting for prolonged periods of time can be detrimental to your health. This has caused an explosion in the standing desk category. Everyone from fortune 500 companies to home office users are buying standing desks.