Best Chair for Tight Hip Flexors

Best Chair for Tight Hip Flexors – Maybe you are looking to reduce hip flexor soreness or maybe you have been struggling with SI joint/hip pain or even sciatica…one way or another, you need a proper ergonomic office chair that will help you to get rid of those symptoms.

You are in the right place. Below I listed 8 best office chairs for hip pain along with a special ergonomic orthopedic seat cushion that is a great addition to the package.

Is your hip pain is negatively impacting your daily performance at the office and home? If yes, then we can help you with best chair for hip pain.

Primarily people who have arthritis cause hip pain. Generally, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis are the main reasons for hip pain. If you are one of them, this article is just for you, as we will introduce you to the best chair for lower back and hip pain that you can use at the office and home.

Ignoring hip pain can take you from high pain to different medical conditions that may not be treatable or sometime leads towards surgery.

And ergonomic chairs for bad hips and buttock pain will help you reduce hip pain and correct your sitting posture as well.

Whoever works for hours and hours on an office desk sitting over an uncomfortable chair, they must complaint about hip pain for sure and the reason behind your painful condition is your chair because not every office chair comes with beneficial purposes.


1.AKRacing Office Series

If you love gaming chairs or racing-style office chairs, this chair is for you. The Onyx Executive Chair by AKRacing is a high-end luxury office and a gaming chair that is made of quality PU leather.

With the experience of designing and manufacturing chairs in the automotive sports industry, AKRacing designed this chair with the same objective of designing a sturdy, comfortable, and a true performance chair. You can’t miss the quality and craftsmanship on this chair, just like any other chair produced by AKRacing.

With a high backrest, your entire back gets supported all of the time. The guaranteed back support reduces the pressure on your spine, and as a result on your hips as well. With four-dimensional armrest adjustment, you can customize the armrest as you like and ensure you get the needed upper back support. The armrests don’t come with a locking mechanism, so you might find yourself constantly elbowing it if you move a lot in your chair.

The seat provides a great room for your hip when you sit, so your hip is not pushing against anything. The headrest is adjustable, and the lumbar pillow can be adjusted for your comfort. The lumbar pillow lacks straps that the headrests have, so you will have to readjust it if it moves when getting up.

With its high back and large size, the Onyx Executable chair is an ideal pick for tall people. It is a great daily task office chair and is also a great gaming chair. The Rock it and Lock it function allows you to rock in the chair and adjust the rocking tension.

However, with a lack of lock mechanism for the armrests and the missing straps on the lumbar pillow, you might find yourself constantly adjusting the armrests and the pillow, something to consider if you are easily annoyed by the frequent elbowing and readjusting.

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2.Amazon Basics Chair

The AmazonBasics Big & Tall Executive Chair is a great ergonomic chair that is comfortable and soft to sit in. It falls in the heavy-duty category and holds up pretty well when compared to other big and tall chairs in the same category.

It isn’t the perfect office chair, but a great heavy-duty chair. The chair being heavy-duty means it has a weight capacity of 500 lbs.

The padding on the armrests provides great comfort when you rest your elbows on it and work. You won’t experience any scratching on your elbows because of the comfortable padding. But unlike other chairs featured on this list, the armrests lack height adjustment. So, you wouldn’t be a perfect fit for the chair if you aren’t of a certain height.

With the padded seating, you get a soft sitting surface that greatly reduces the amount of strain you might experience while sitting and working for long hours. The soft and comfortable seat helps reduce hip and lower back pain.

Although comfortable, the chair isn’t as breathable as a mesh chair, and you might end up sweating quite a bit, especially on hot days.

The padded seat edge that goes right under the thighs provides additional comfort to the inner thigh area and reduces leg pain and fatigue. Having a padded seat edge is much helpful if you sit with your legs bent, resting on your toes, or even crossed in the same position.

It also comes with a padded neck and lumbar support, which is a plus. The overall design promotes good posture keeping your upper back upright and reducing muscle strain from your desk work.

The padded armrests provide great comfort when working on your desk while resting your arms and elbows on it, making it a great choice for writers, editors, and programmers who have to spend hours typing and working; ideal for desk or computer work. Because of its lack of height adjustment on the armrests, you would have to be of a certain height to fit in this chair and make use of the comfortable armrests.

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3.Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair

For those with hip pain — and on a budget — look no further than the Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair. Not only does this chair feature the ergonomic features that people with hip pain demand, but it also looks quite attractive and professional for a chair at this price point.

Let’s dive into the features of this chair:

  • Deep seat. This is critical for those with hip pain. You want your thighs to lay parallel with the floor and not creep over the front. You don’t have to worry about that with this chair.
  • Comfortable headrest. This isn’t always the case with headrests, but Ticova’s features a foam headrest that’s quite comfortable and effective at supporting your head.
  • Metal back. This is important from a quality and durability standpoint. Combined with the elastic mesh backing, your body should be supported for several hours of work while sitting.

This is also a great chair for tall people thanks to the deep seat. In terms of weight capacity, though, it tops out at 280 pounds.

Some users have complained that the lumbar support is too supportive. For some people, depending on their size, that could be it feels like it’s potentially digging into your back.

And like most budget chairs that are mass-produced, there can potentially be some quality control issues with parts.

All of that being said, most users of this chair agree it’s comfortable and solidly built, making it the perfect chair for your home office.

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4.La-Z-Boy Delano Chair

If you’re in the market for an executive-style leather office chair, the La-Z-Boy Delano is our pick.

While it is extra plush, it does offer decent support that can help with lower back and hip pain.

When you see this chair for the first time, your initial impression is going to be, “Wow, this chair is really big.” And you’d be right. It’s a large chair weighing in at 55 pounds, but one that features a weight capacity of 350 pounds, which is more than most chairs on this list.

You can’t adjust the wooden armrests, but the height, recline and tilt settings are all fully adjustable.

As a mass-produced chair, this chair is quite affordable, but there’s a chance you could receive one with cheap parts or misaligned screw holes, as some customers have experienced. That being said, La-Z-Boy is very quick to help with returns and send new parts over.

Still, if you’re on a budget and want an executive style chair, you should go with the Delano. There is some assembly required, but it should only take you 15 to 20 minutes.

If you’re looking to test one, go to a La-Z-Boy store. Costco also occasionally carries these chairs.

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5.XUER Ergonomic Office Chair

If you often get sweaty while working, an office chair with a mesh back and seat like the XUER is a good option. With an intelligent lumbar support, a springy mesh cover, and a waterfall edge seat, it’s one of the best mesh office chairs to ease hip pain.

Choosing a mesh office chair to prevent hip pain is actually quite tricky. We picked the XUER because it scores well in three critical areas- the seat design, the type of mesh, and the lumbar support.

The XUER has a curved sloping seat design, a must for mesh office chairs where its shape is unyielding. Otherwise, the seat edge will dig into your thighs and limit blood flow to your lower extremities. The mesh material on the XUer is also taut enough so you don’t slip down and assume an awkward position. It has just the right amount of give to make it comfortable. The sliding seat pan is a wonderful bonus that you can use to find the least pain-inducing position while working.

The cherry on top is the lumbar support which automatically adjusts to the user. According to one owner, it is even better than that on the much more expensive Gesture chair. With these three factors covered, it isn’t surprising that one happy buyer said that his hip pain was gone after he switched to the XUER.

If there’s one thing we could improve with the XUER, it’s the tilt function. It is decent at a 119° maximum tilt angle that’s lockable at 4 points. We’d love to see it upped to 125° though so users can open up their hips more when leaning back. The seat depth, which is about 17.7” when fully extended, is also not suitable for people with long legs.

All in all, the XUER is a great option for people with hip pain looking for a highly breathable office chair that won’t break the bank.

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6.SIDIZ T50 Chair

When we reviewed the Korean made Sidiz T50, we were taken back with just how adjustable the chair was. This is a high end ergonomic chair without the sky high price tag.

The most notable feature on the Sidiz T50 for easing hip pain is the forward tiling seat. Using a lever, you can slightly angle the seat forward about 5 degrees. This helps bring the hips slightly above the knees to open up the hips, reducing the amount of force exerted to that region. As one buyer pointed out, this is an amazing feature that works similarly to his last Herman Miller chair, except the later costs 3x as much.

We also love other aspects of the Sidiz T50’s seat as well. The highly pronounced waterfall edge reduces contact between the back of your thighs and the seat where pressure tends to build up. Throw in adjustable seat depth and soft fabric upholstery, and this is a seat we found to be comfortable even after 8 hour of sitting.

The curved backrest on the Sidiz T50 can tilt into 5 lockable positions, up to 125° to ease spinal pressure. There is also a decent lumbar support that’s adjustable in two planes as well.

Great as it is, the Sidiz T50 still has some limitations. For example, it’s better suited for short to average sized users (4’9″ to 6’2″). The backrest doesn’t recline either, only tit. This is more of a productivity chair than anything else

As long as you fit the bill in terms of body size, the Sidiz T50 can help eliminate your hip pain.

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Best Office Chair for Hip pain Buying Guide

Hip pain is an unfortunate problem that can plague many office workers. It can be caused by a number of different things, but one cause of hip pain in office workers is sitting down for many hours on end.

This can become an even bigger problem when you’re sitting on a chair that is not ergonomically designed, and thus does not give you the right support and comfort.

So, now that we’ve shown you some of the best office chairs for hip pain, it’s really important to know what you are actually looking for in an office chair. Knowing what you’re looking for can be the difference between buying a great chair and one that’s pretty much useful to you. Without further ado, here are some things to consider when you are looking for the best office chair for hip pain.

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Build Quality

If you’re going to spend hundreds of dollars on an office chair, you want it to last for several years. That’s why the build quality of your chair is so important.

We like to recommend office chairs with steel bases as opposed to plastic. You can certainly purchase a chair with a plastic base, but we feel like steel lasts longer.

Many prospective office chair purchasers question mesh versus leather for the seat and back of the chair. Either should hold up nicely, but mesh will allow your back to breathe a little better.


If you want to alleviate your hip pain, you need a chair that’s ergonomic.

That means a solid lumbar support to support your lower back, which can help with hip pain.

Additionally, the seat cushion needs to also include ergonomic features. That means something that’s relatively firm, but also deep enough to support your thighs.

And, assuming you use a computer and keyboard at your chair, you want your armrests that can adjust up and down so you can keep your arms and wrists at an optimal position.

Back Support

Because everything in our body is connected, your hip pain could potentially be caused by a tight lower back. If that’s the case, you need two things: An exercise and stretching regime to alleviate that pain and an office chair with adequate back support.

It’s on you to figure out the exercise part, but we can help with the office chair part.

Americans now spend even more time sitting, study shows •


Most office chairs feature two main features for back support: A panel that shifts up and down to support different areas of your back and a lumbar support that pushes in and out to apply pressure to specific areas of your back.

You’ll want to make sure your office chair offers both of these if you have back issues.

Weight Capacity and Chair Size

If you are looking for a good office chair to help you with your hip pain, then it’s absolutely pivotal that the chair is able to properly handle your weight.

All chairs have their own maximum weight capacity. While one chair may be able to suit someone of an average body size, another may be able to support someone between 250 and 300 lbs.

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And certain chairs, such as big and tall office chairs, are engineered to exceed those capacities, sometimes allowing for weights in excess of 400 lbs. These chairs are built to provide sufficient long-term support depending on the weight of the user.

If you are too heavy, then the chair will not provide ample support and you may compensate by sitting with poor posture, which can result in increased hip pain over the long term.

Also, make sure you find a chair that is the right size. Usually, with any good task chair, you can adjust the height of the chair so it’s comfortable enough. But, to be sure, you should be able to sit with your feet flat on the ground and knees close to a 90-degree angle.

If the chair is too high, you may put more pressure on your hip joint, as your legs will dangle of the edge of the chair. If it’s too low, you will sit with poor posture and a shorter hip to knee angle that can cause tightness in your hip flexors.

When you want to sit with a broader hip-to-knee angle, which also encourages an upright and active posture, you should definitely check out a saddle chair.


Seat cushioning is pretty important! Your chair should always be comfortable and should be able to give you the support that you need. Look for dense foam or memory foam cushioning that will remain comfortable but firm over the course of an average work day.

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Ideally your office chair should also come with a waterfall edge seat design. With this design, the end of the seat is not as sharp. Rather, it is curved to reduce pressure on the bottom of your thighs, which can improve comfort, and most importantly, circulation.

If you need a specific type of cushioning for a specific therapeutic need, such as to relieve sciatica or during pregnancy, you might want to look at a donut shaped chair cushion. These types of cushions can improve blood circulation and relieve hip or back pain that comes with sitting for hours on end.

These kinds of cushion have a round and donut kind of shape that elevates you from the sitting surface. This means that most of the weight would be put onto your thighs and around the coccyx. As a result, there will be less pressure on the nerve which can make sitting more comfortable.


You shouldn’t ignore all of the support features that an office chair can offer –  you should try to look at the support for the head, back and the armrests – basically, make sure that when you are looking for support you are looking for support for the whole body.

The main issue that faces desk workers is that they have to sit throughout the whole day. But this is not the only thing.

Most office workers also don’t sit with the correct posture, so it’s definitely a good idea to find a chair that will encourage good sitting posture while you work.

Lumbar support that is separately adjustable is one example of a good support feature for an ergonomic chair. You may not think this is super important for hip pain, but actually, it’s a pretty big deal that your back remains in full contact with the back of the office chair.

Plus lumbar pressure, and an ergonomically shaped backrest in general, will support the contour of your spine, relieving pressure on other areas, such as your hips.


There are a couple of materials to choose from in ergonomic office chairs, but there is one thing to keep in mind. If you struggle with hip pain, you may want to avoid cheap mesh chairs. Bad quality mesh has one particularly irritating feature, in that it allows you to slip down.

This is inconvenient to say the least, especially if the chair has caster wheels and you have a wooden floor.

If you don’t move at all though, your body will likely become tense which means your hip pain gets worse. Not the best idea!

You could also opt for a fabric office chair. This is a pretty popular choice for home office chairs, and they are very comfortable. They also come in a bunch of colors usually, so you can buy something that will best suit the office aesthetic.

Of course, stains can become a bit of an issue with fabric office chairs, so you may not want to eat that curry at your desk! There may also be more of a chance of mold buildup.

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Leather and PU Leather are the other alternatives. PU leather is probably the most common form of leather office chair because the material is affordable and looks like leather, but not quite. It’s usually very easy to maintain, but the material isn’t super breathable which can be an issue if you spend many hours in your chair a day. Bonded leather is a little softer than PU leather, but it can peel after a while.

This doesn’t tend to impact the overall functioning of the chair, but it’s not the most attractive thing on earth. Top tier leather can also get pretty expensive, but it’s the real deal if you want an authentic leather look.

Seat Depth Adjustment

This is another handy feature to look out for on any ergonomic office chair. Usually with adjustable seat pan depth, you can use a lever to move the seat backwards or forwards. This is usually found in more expensive ergonomic office chairs, but it essentially means that the bottom of the thighs are totally rested on the seat of the chair, regardless of the length of your torso or body size.

If you adjust the seat death, you will also be able to position your lower back up against the backrest, which can enhance your posture and give more support for the whole back.


Best Chair for Tight Hip Flexors – Back and hip problems are not just a result of bad posture, but are also caused by repeated heavy lifting or some sudden awkward movement. But bad posture only makes the problems worse and can lead to even severe chronic conditions. This is why back support office chairs have become an important addition for many people for their ergonomic office chair needs.

As you can see, you have plenty of options when it comes to purchasing an office chair to help with your hip pain.

While there aren’t too many brick-and-mortar stores around today to test out office chairs, if you can find out, definitely make the most of the opportunity. Know that you can likely get the best deals online, though.

Best of luck in finding an office chair that can help make your hip pain feel like a thing of the past.