Best Chair for Working Long Hours

Best Chair for Working Long Hours – We have now gone through a complete list review of the best computer chairs for long hours in 2021. All the above computer chairs are the best ones with many positive reviews and five stars ratings that you can buy right now from amazon.

All the chairs deliver high-quality comfort, incredibly supportive, and highly durable in the long run. The main plus point about these computer chairs is much cheaper compared to others in the market.

However, the right computer for you will entirely rely on your personal choices and budget. We hope we have helped you to get enough information about computer chairs for long hours.

Many computer chairs are made with fabric, but if you’re working in a space that tends to get hot, you may want to consider a chair with a breathable mesh back to keep the air flowing. Other chairs are made with faux leather or leatherette, and they tend to have a more upscale “corner office” aesthetic, but they may feel a bit warmer during long hours at your desk, which is important to keep in mind.

Good computer chairs also swivel and tilt, making it easier to move around and reach for items on your desk without straining. With all that in mind, here are the best computer chairs for long hours at your desk or gaming setup.

Apart from sleeping, the next thing we do with our bodies for hours on end is sitting. According to the Washington Post, an average adult in the United States sits for about 6.5 hours on any given day. The pandemic has caused lockdowns, forcing a lot of people to work from home. An uncomfortable chair may cause you back pains. Therefore, we will help you find the best computer chair for long hours of work.

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1.Amazon Basics Chair

If you’re looking for a stylish and comfortable executive chair to complete your home office, the AmazonBasics executive chair is a great pick. It features a supportive cushioned back that has a slight contour for extra lumbar support. You can adjust the seat height anywhere from 41 to 45 inches to get the ideal ergonomic seating position with your feet flat on the floor, and you can set the chair to swivel and rock back and forth — or remain steady — with the adjustable tension knobs. The chair’s sturdy wheel casters make it easy to move, but the padded armrests are not adjustable.

With its bonded leather upholstery and pewter finish, you get a high-end look at a wallet-conscious price, making it a great choice for anyone who works from home or wants a professional office setup without spending too much.

“Is it comfortable? In one word? Very. It’s the type of chair you sit in, and you sink into the cushion. The leather/PVC bond is very soft and supple. Feels very luxurious. […] To sum it all up: It is very well made, extremely comfortable with good back support, has an array of different settings to adapt to your needs, and very easy to put together.”

Pros & Cons

2.Yaheetech Chair

If you’re looking to cheer up your workspace, this basic mesh computer chair is a fun pick that comes in colors like red, royal blue, and purple — and you can also get it in classic shades like gray and black. The height-adjustable chair features a curved back to support your spine, and the breathable material keeps the air moving. The chair has wheels on the bottom, and it tilts and swivels, so you can multitask with ease, but the armrests are not height-adjustable. And while this doesn’t have the upgraded features or customization of some other picks on this list, it’s cute, wallet-friendly, and many reviewers are pleased with the amount of comfort it offers.

“Chair is comfortable, easy to put together and feels great on my lower back. The seat is wide and makes it all the more comfortable. Color is what you see in the pic and looks good!”

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3.SOHO Chair (Brown)

If you want something sleek and modern — but don’t want to sacrifice comfort for style — this office chair is a great pick that looks as good as it feels. Ergonomic without being obvious, the highly rated chair has thick padding on both the seat and back, and it’s curved to support good posture and the natural shape of your spine. The swiveling seat is height- and tilt-adjustable, so you can find a comfortable position while you work, and the wheels roll smoothly along the ground. The one drawback? The armrests aren’t height-adjustable, so you’ll have to make do with their preset positioning. To make up for it, the chair is available in a range of leatherette options, like black, brown, and gray, as well as several understated fabric options, like charcoal and navy.

“For over two months now, I use these chairs about 10 hours a day, 6-7 days a week and they remain comfortable, sturdy, and clean — a damp cloth gets rid of almost any smudge.So if you’re looking for a well-priced, long-term office chair that looks extremely stylish, this is a great one to buy.”

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4.Modway EEI-757-BLK

For contemporary office spaces — or simply staying cool while you work — the Modway ergonomic chair is a great choice. It’s designed with a breathable mesh contour back to provide great lumbar support and ventilation while working at your desk. This ergonomic chair also has a 6-inch-thick padded seat cushion for all-day comfort, and the contouring and waterfall design help reduce strain on your hips and upper thighs. With its adjustable armrests and tilt lever system, you can tailor the chair to your personal preferences. It reclines a bit, and the higher back offers a little more full-body support than more budget-friendly mesh option.

Additional features include 360-degree swivel for natural movement and dual-wheel casters for smooth rolling over both wood and carpeted areas. Plus, this stylish chair is available in six different colors ranging from red to lime green so it can easily complement a variety of bedrooms or home offices.

“I average more then 8 hours on this chair a day! I am 6″2′ with long legs and arms so I have problems with a lot chairs when it comes to height adjustment. The adjustment range on this chair is great, it does up-down, tilt the seat back-forward and tilt the back back-forward. I like the wide armrests and they are not rock hard. Overall comfort for long hours, sleek/clean look, feels solid/rigid.”

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5.Boss Office Chair

The Boss Office Perfect Posture chair is a budget-friendly option that will still keep you comfortable thanks to the built-in lumbar support. The seat features a unique waterfall design to help ease stress on your legs and improve circulation when sitting for extended periods, according to the manufacturer. Even though it’s less than $100, it still has plenty of adjustable parts including the armrests, back height, and depth of the chair. Similar to the others on this list, it can swivel and has wheel casters for increased mobility while working.

“An ergonomic light weight task chair with adjustable armrests. It works well on carpets and gives as good a support as much heavier and more costly chairs. I use it all day in my new working from home office. It is almost identical to the chair I like most in my regular office.”

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6.Homall Gaming Chair

The best chair for long hours of gaming, the Homall swivel chair helps PC gamers get into the perfect seating position for long hours of play. With multi-directional wheels for more fluid movement and a 360-degree swivel for better reach, it’s a gamer’s dream. Plus, it’s ergonomic with height options, an attached headrest pillow, and adjustable lumbar support to help you stay properly aligned. However, the armrests are not adjustable.

The tilt-locking mechanism allows you to adjust the chair from a 90-degree to a 180-degree angle so you can sit up straight or fully recline to take a quick nap between tournaments. This chair also has a sporty two-tone faux leather look that’s available in 10 colors.

“It’s really sturdy and I can sit comfortably for hours in it. My favorite feature is the lever on the side to quickly adjust the incline if the back rest. I would recommend this gaming chair.”

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Long Work Hours? Advice for your Long Day at a Desk

14,000 hours. If you have a full-time desk job, that’s the minimum amount of time you’ll spend sitting over the next 10 years. Add the nights you have to work late, the weekends you’re called into the office, and those unexpected occasions you end up scarfing down lunch in front of your computer, and the hour count only goes up from there

Americans who work full time log an average of 47 hours a week, according to a 2014 Gallup poll, and some, of course, put in many more hours. While Americans like to pride themselves on being the hardest workers around, it’s not necessarily true, according to global statistics from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Its 2014 report found that overall, Mexicans average 43 hours a week, compared with U.S. workers’ 34.2 hours. But in recent years, researchers have found that working long hours is linked with a variety of health issues. Among the ailments linked with long work, hours are stroke, heart disease, mental health problems, diabetes, and abnormal heart rhythms. Experts don’t agree on whether all workaholics or workers who put in long hours are cut from the same cloth. The debate: Is it the long work hours or the mentality of the workers that affect health? Some say those who work long hours by choice because they are “engaged” in work but not compulsive may escape the health consequences. And some people, of course, must work long hours just to make ends meet.

Things to consider before buy a computer chair for long hours of sitting

We always go for brands that others have tried and tested. But when it comes to comfort, it can be very subjective. And whats plush comfort for one person may be torture for your back. So you can’t just go on buying things, especially office chairs based on what makes others comfortable.

Of course, user experience and reviews can play a major role in your decision-making. And when it comes to an office chair that you can use for long hours, you can’t just make a spur-of-the-moment decision. If you have the same circumstances as the user, then good for you, you have it all figured out. Otherwise, you have to dig deeper.

Best Seat Cushion for your Office Chair 2022 | iMore

And we’re here to help you find the most suitable office chair for long hours. Whether it’s for gaming, work, or studying, keep these in mind.


To answer the question above, here are some factors that can influence your decision-making. Let’s crack the eggshell, shall we?

Ergonomics and Adjustability

This is perhaps the core factor when choosing an office chair. When a chair is ergonomic, you will likely find it more comfortable for long hours. And you also have a lower risk of incurring injuries and a bad back at the end of the day.

The term ergo means to “be able to adjust to being efficient in a working environment.” And this term is actually used and abused in the industry. Some brands present their chairs as ergonomic even if they are really not. It’s so easy to put a tag or label on merchandise and claim it as ergonomic.

So, how then will you be able to determine if it is ergonomic indeed? Simple, by looking at how adjustable the features of the chair are. The more adjustable it is, the more ergonomic it is. And the more ergonomic it is, the better you’ll be able to find the ideal spot of comfort.

If you are going to work on a chair for the entire day, your body needs to move. So an ergonomic chair must be able to accommodate minimal movements. A recline, a change in the tilt, a subtle rocking motion, and even an adjustable seat depth can do wonders for your body. These minimal movements can help relieve pressure points and prevent numbness. It allows your body to take a breather even while you are still seated.

Buying a computer chair with adjustable features is one thing. But having easy access to these adjustable features is another. So you also have to consider if the chair can be easily adjusted. Say for the seat height, you must be able to easily adjust the seat while still seated.

Because if you will not have easy access to any of the amazing features, it will be to no avail. You won’t be able to make the chair comfortable for you. And even if you do, you might find it hard to access the levers or the knobs for the recline. And that can be frustrating, let alone it can eat up time.

The size of the office chair

You must be able to sit comfortably on the chair without your thighs rubbing against the armrests. If it does, then that chair is too small for you. Ideally, look for one that will allow for more movement. If you fancy crossing your legs while playing on your console, then an office chair with a wider seat will work for you.

That’s why you have to sit on the chair for several hours. Trying it on for a few minutes might not cut it.

Overall Comfort

Sale > comfortable office desk > in stock

As we have mentioned earlier, comfort is very subjective. Even if an office chair is premium and has all the bells and whistles, it does not mean that it’s for you. For instance, many find the Aeron chair very comfortable. But some people don’t because they find it too firm.

This is especially true with computer chairs that offer lumbar support. Brand A may have a premium adjustable lumbar support. But it might be too aggressive for you. And Brand B may have a pillowy soft lower back airport, but you might find it lacking.

And when we’re speaking of comfort, you have to be certain of the contouring and padding of the computer chair. If it does have padding, you have to ensure that it can also allow for adequate ventilation. Otherwise, you’ll be drenched in your own sweat after an 8-hour workday.

And the contouring of the seat is very important too. Comfortable office chairs should have a slope or waterfall design seat. It might not be noticeable during the first few hours. But hey, it can make a lot of difference if you’re going to sit on the chair for more than 4 hours.

We’re speaking of a numbing pain on your legs that can radiate to your entire back. Thus, you’ll feel pain and you’ll be tired.

Stability and durability

The material of the base of the chair plays a big factor in its durability. There are three types of materials often used in chair bases- nylon, aluminum, and steel.

Steel is the most durable. But some office chairs with a steel base can be too hefty. And they are the most costly too. So you also have to consider if you’ll be moving the chair from one place to another. If that is so, then a steel base might be too much for you.

The second one is aluminum. This is the lightest. Thus it’s suitable if you’re moving the chair frequently. And aluminum also has a more modern look, but it is not as sturdy as steel.

And the third is nylon. Nylon is similar to plastic, except that it is more durable. It’s also more affordable but the least durable of the three. It also does not look that sophisticated.

There are several things to consider when choosing the material of the base. We have mentioned one above. Are you going to love the chair frequently?

The second is the user’s weight. Those on the heavier side will be better off with a steel base. This will ensure that the chair will last longer and can accommodate the extra weight.

20 Most Comfortable Office Chair Options in 2022

Types of chair

There are several types of computer chairs. You can choose from a range of mesh chairs, fabric office chairs, highback ones, and those that have thick padding.

This decision will be greatly influenced by where you’re going to use the chair.

One, the best computer chairs for gaming will likely offer more options for recline. And chairs that can be reclined up to 180 degrees are the most sought after. As for the material, thickly padded chairs have become the norm for gaming. This can offer a plush comfort as you play from dusk till dawn.

But the rules are slowly changing. Gamers are also finding mesh chairs rather comfortable. For as long as it has enough adjustable features, then they could take the place of thickly padded dining chairs. And this is quite fitting in the summer season where the temperatures can rise dramatically. Mesh office chairs offer a cooler option.

Flip-up arms or removable armrests can also be a great advantage in gaming chairs. You have an option to just stow them away if you need more room.

Secondly, high back office chairs are favored by taller users. This type of computer chair can support a taller person’s full-back. So you will not feel any numbing or aching tension because your shoulders will not rub against the frame of the chair.

Thirdly, fabric office chairs are the more traditional type. It’s more breathable than leather and more affordable than mesh. These can also come in an array of colors and fabric styles. So this option is for it if you want to stick to the basics and do not want to splurge a lot for a mesh chair.


For some people, this seems to be the primary factor. Well, on one side of the coin it is. How else would you be able to purchase it if it’s out of your budget? But on the other side of the coin, do not buy a chair just because it’s cheap.

There are already several decent yet affordable computer chairs that can also satisfy most, if not all of the factors that we have mentioned above. Buying one that is the cheapest without considering the factors that we have mentioned is silly. You will not be able to use the chair.

Whether it’s for work, studying, or for play, buying a computer chair is an investment. So you can’t just buy one that caught your eye or one that fits your budget. You also have to look at the specs carefully and weigh them versus your needs.

And if you don’t know which one you should take, which brands are the best, don’t worry. We’ll help you!

How to make office chair more comfortable for working long hours

The 4 Best Office Chairs for 2022 | Reviews by Wirecutter

If you feel like your old office chair is not doing you any good, you are not alone. And since the pandemic started, a lot of us have been spending more time in front of the computer. And the absence of travel and commute makes it more amenable for people to do overtime.

But then the backache starts to amp up. And your chair isn’t doing anything to make you comfortable. It does have something to do with the brand and quality of the office chair that you bought. But regardless, there are still some things that you can do to be able to make things less painful for your back. Keep scrolling to find out.


Best Chair for Working Long Hours – Are you looking for a bit of expert advice for the best computer chair for long hours sitting in your office/home office? You’ve just landed on the right page.

If you’re sitting at your desk all day, keeping your body properly supported and comfortable is key. The best computer chairs for long hours at your laptop or PC are designed with special features, like contouring to support your spine, height adjustment, and even optional footrests that let you change up position to alleviate strain.

The best ergonomic computer chairs will promote the natural curve of the spine with the help of contouring or built-in lumbar support cushions — and some options have lumbar support that’s height-or depth-adjustable, so you can get customizable comfort. It’s also a good idea to look for chairs that can be easily tailored to suit your body and preferences at multiple levels. (Pro tip: According to chiropractor Rodney K. Lefler, D.C., a good chair should allow you to sit comfortably with your feet flat on the floor and your arms at the same height as your desk.) All of the options here have height-adjustable seats, but some have headrests you can move up and down, while others have height-adjustable armrests (and in one case, angle-adjustable armrests). Your choice will depend on just how much control you want over the fit and feel of your chair.

It wouldn’t make sense to add a lot of pressure on your back muscles and spinal discs by using cheap quality computer chairs for long hours of sitting.

With that said, this gave rise to many manufacturers like Steelcase, Herman Miller, OFS, Flash furniture, GT Racing, Ergohuman, and a couple of other companies to set up their game and produce some of the best computer chairs in the market.

Today, we will be discussing the best computer chairs for the long hours of sitting in 2021. After researching online and spending hours testing these computer chairs, I have shortlisted the top 20 computer chairs that you can buy right now.