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Best Chair for Writers – Spending money to buy the best chair for writing is an investment. Your work and writing get fluency and your concentration and posture balance are made sure. Hence, according to the price, flexibility, feature, adjustability, material, and comfort, we recommend you the Steelcase Gesture Chair.

The chair is the ultimate one to serve you for a lifetime. Also, our other suggested chairs are worth trying as well. However, to prevent the health risks try not to sit on a chair for hours. Give attention first to your health, then to your work.

Sitting all day at a working desk puts much strain on the body. However, an ergonomic office chair can make things a lot easier for you. If you have to spend significant hours of the day sitting on a chair, getting a posture-friendly chair is an investment for both your physical and professional well-being.

There are lots of chairs available on the market to choose from. But, not all of them serve the best comfort.

In this article, I came up with the best chairs for writers that are constructed focusing on comfort, which allows you to focus more on your work to bring all creative ideas from you.

Writers must know the stress of working hours after hours sitting on a chair. It affects both professional and physical well-being. But you can be stress-free at a certain amount if you get the best chair for writing.

While writing you need to put pressure on your brain hence you feel a subtle mental pressure. But when you do this sitting on an uncomfortable chair, the pressure becomes acute and you may lose your proper physical posture.

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1.Herman Miller Sayl Chair

This is a chair that’s furthest from the budget option. But, I must admit that, at first glance, I thought it would be a cheap, flimsy seat.

Boy, was I wrong.

The chair—designed by Swiss designer Yves béhar—has an unframed meshed back that affords your body more freedom so that you can move and stretch muscles (in an optimal manner of course).

The seat has a tilt limiter; you can limit the seat to tilt up to 91, 101, or 124 degrees. The adjustable arms can be adjusted between 6.7 and 10.8 inches, giving you the option of keeping your arms parallel to the floor without stressing your shoulders.

As the icing on the cake, the chair is made using materials that are almost entirely recyclable.

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2.Steelcase Gesture Chair

You can put your trust in Steelcase regarding posture-friendly chairs as they conducted a study within six continents and ended up making this gesture chair. This one helps to reduce discomfort while allowing you to concentrate more on your writings.

The chair has support for users of various sizes and postures. No matter what technology you spend a significant amount of time on, this chair will make things smooth for you.

It features 3D LiveBack that smartly adjusts to your natural spine movement, ensuring you posture-friendly desk hours. The gesture provides a wide range of posture support for your back and arms that will make you feel more comfortable.

To ensure you sit in a proper style, the arms are placed at a bit backward position than conventional chairs. When you write, your arms will be in a perfect position that reduces shoulder pain.

Its soft seat edges will provide you comfortable working experience. Steelcase implemented soft air pockets beneath the foam that gives you superior comfort. You will not feel strain or discomfort regardless of your body size.

The chair is able to move 360 degrees to meet your various working requirements. With its convenient front knob, you can easily adjust the height and depth of the seat. Similarly, the back knob feature allows you to control the tension, and you can also set a variable backstop to meet your comfortable posture.

There is a torsional spring in its core equalizer system that conveniently adjusts both seat angle and back to provide you with less lumbar support during deep recline. When it’s about upright posture, you will get more lumber support. So, regardless of the position, your body is in the right gear.

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3.Alera Elusion II Series

If you are looking for an ergonomically designed swivel chair without compromising comfort, this one from Alera is worth considering.

A good quality ergonomic chair can fit people of different body sizes. Due to its design and adjustability features, your body will find this chair a relaxing place, which helps to concentrate better on work for extended hours.

As a writer, you probably have to sit on a chair and think about a topic to be able to write on it. When you are sitting on a chair for hours, the back can get sweaty due to a lack of air circulation, and this happens with most chairs if your room doesn’t have an AC.

If this is the case, you will find this chair cool enough to prevent the uncomfortable sweaty issue. Due to its mesh back, there will be enough air circulation that will help you to sit tight and write for hours without that clammy feeling.

Great chairs don’t only look after how comfortably you sit, also how comfortably you keep the legs. This one comes with a contoured seat cushion that got a waterfall edge that relieves pressure on legs. I must say, you will love how well the thighs stay when you sit on this chair.

Apart from the back, arm, and head, it’s equally important to take care of the position of your legs to maintain a healthy posture. You can adjust the height, depth, and arms for more convenience.

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4.SIHOO Chair

This chair is one of the big guns on the list. You can use it for various purposes, including office, writing, gaming, and general desk jobs.

Adjustability on Sihoo ergonomic chair is amazing. You get adjustable head restraint that allows you to lean your neck for better comfort when you sit back to relax.

For tackling back pain, this one offers lumbar support, which you can adjust as per your body’s comfort. You will be able to work for extended periods without much trouble.

To handle various working conditions, you will find its 3D adjustable armrest very convenient. You can adjust the backrest arbitrarily between 90 to 120 degrees, which helps a lot to change your sitting position.

At first glance, anyone would fall for the chair. Lots of chairs claim to have an ergonomic design, but this one has a correct ergonomic construction, which is recommended by the ergonomics application association.

Its mesh back allows a regular flow of air that prevents you from sweat. Similarly, the seat cushion is also made of high-quality mesh that fits the hips of various sizes without any issue.

The backrest of this chair imitates pretty much the human spine. Its close-fitting also helps you to release the pressure from the spine. You will get enough support and comfort for your thighs due to the waterfall arc design.

If you are concerned about its durability, Sihoo made the chair with high-quality materials. It boasts a steady and durable aluminum base with decent bearing quality. When you move the chair, you will hardly notice noise coming out of it. The back frame design is also durable enough to outstand heavy-duty working hours.

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5.OFM ESS Chair

The list seems incomplete without a gaming chair. If you are an intense gamer and don’t want to compromise with luxury and comfort, this chair from OFM can be a groundbreaking deal for you.

Like most other chairs on the list, this one is ergonomic too. No matter whether you use it for gaming for extended hours or regular writing works, you will find its padded headrest, segmented padding, and padded arms provide you with all necessary support to make your working or gaming hour less stressful.

Your hip, as well as the back, will get enough support due to its padded structure. The center-tilt control reclines of this chair make sitting time more enjoyable and painless. To fit your body preference, it got tilt tension for controlling the rate while making it easy for back recline.

Most comfortable chairs offer high adjustability. On this one, you can adjust its height, flip-up arms, center-tilt control, and swivel conveniently. The chair will easily adapt your body shape and size, and get you the desired comfort without making any compromise. You will surely want to do more work on this chair.

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6.Duramont Chair

The next chair on our list is one of the best ergonomic office chairs and this one is our favorite. It comes with multiple adjustable features so that individuals with different sizes and weights easily fit in the chair.

Your overtime in the office won’t feel bad anymore because of this super comfortable chair. This office chair comes with a headrest that can be adjusted to any angle and height.

You will also get suitable lumber support with the chair. The armrests are also flexible and adaptable just like other advanced comfortable chairs. Moreover, the manufacturer of the chair offers a customizable backrest, tilt tensions, and seat height.

Unlike other office chairs, this chair will ensure breathability. Your back will remain cool as there will be enough air circulation because of its mesh material. So, there won’t be any occurrence of back-sweat and you can get an interruption-free working time.

However, even many expensive chairs are not featured with a backrest that can support people of any size. But this chair has the most advanced reclines and lumber that deliver a struggle-free convenient sitting position. Overall, this cushion seated Duramont ergonomic adjustable office chair is high in quality and built to last.

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What to Look for in a Chair for Writers?

As professional writers require to spend 8 to 10 hours per day in front of their laptops, getting the right chair is a must to keep their posture balanced. When you are about to buy a chair for yourself, make sure you check for these essential factors –

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< class="gb-headline gb-headline-7a898738 gb-headline-text">Ergonomics

The most important element in a chair for writing is ergonomics.

You probably see that term thrown around quite often. But what does it actually mean? Lexico describes ergonomics as:

“Relating to or designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment.”

An ergonomic writing chair, then, is an effective and comfortable office chair designed for the modern workspace.

The best writing chairs should not only support your body and posture, but they should adapt to your situation and fit the work environment. That means sustaining your body and arms as you peck away at the keyboard for hours at a time.

Important ergonomic features to consider include:

  • Adjustability — tilt, recline, height, and swivel
  • Supportive backrests that mimic the spine’s natural curvature
  • Comfortable (and adjustable) armrests, preferably four-directional
  • Lumbar tension systems and/or padding
  • Breathability

The main goal of a chair for writers? You should be so at ease that you forget the chair is even there! The focus should be on your writing, not your seat.

Comfortable Design

The back of the chair should be able to embrace your back with a natural spine shape. If it’s flat, you can develop back pain. Some ergonomically designed chairs have padded back that provides enough support to the users’ back.

Some chairs feature a 3D live back and live unframed design that can easily adapt to the body size of different persons.

As far as the seat is concerned, there should be enough cushion, which will make you feel soft and comfortable on sit on.

Apart from that, if the seat has a waterfall cushioned edge, it will provide excellent support to your thighs, and the legs will not feel fatigued whatsoever.


If you work for extended periods, make sure the chair you are getting has high adjustability. The most common and necessary adjustments are height, recline, and armrest adjustment. Although not every manufacturer provides armrest adjustment.

To make no compromise with comfortability, make sure the chair also features a backrest, headrest, and lumbar support. If you are concerned with back pain issues, make sure the chair has adjustable lumbar support and backrest. The headrest will relieve soreness from your neck and doesn’t require you to get up from the seat.

Mesh Back

If you don’t have an AC where you work, or you tend to sweat a lot frequently, it would be best if your chair features a mesh back. Chairs with mesh back can provide enough air circulation to your back and don’t let it sweat regardless of the conditions. Some chairs also have mesh designed seat for more convenience.


You don’t have to invest in another chair after a few months; therefore, take quality construction into account as well. Aluminum or stainless steel frame are the most durable ones. There are some chairs with upholstery or leather fabric on back and seats that are durable too.

Ergonomically design chairs are made of various types of materials. In most cases, they tend to last long. However, you can get a non-ergonomic chair that is made of durable materials as well.

The best chairs for writers feature all different types of upholstery, ranging from simple mesh to genuine leather, and everything in between. There are pros and cons to each type of upholstery, and they all have their place in a writer’s studio. Just keep an eye on customer reviews to ensure the material’s overall quality and durability.

Chat Mesh Office Chair | Harvey Norman New Zealand

In terms of interior cushioning, office chairs universally incorporate standard or cold-cure foam in the seat and/or back (there’s no foam in the backing of mesh chairs, of course). Cold-cure foam tends to be more supportive than standard foam as it’s thicker and custom-molded to fit the shape of the chair.

As for the frame, top writing chairs are typically made of hard plastic and/or metal. While metal chairs are usually more durable and of higher quality than their plastic counterparts, this isn’t always the case — it depends on the manufacturing process and quality of the base material.

No matter what type of material the chair has, make sure it’s not prone to wear and tear.

To ensure durability, it would be best if you go through the review section of the product. If there is any issue regarding it, the customers will surely address the matter.


Chairs come in various sizes. Depending on your room size, you need to go with either a bigger or smaller chair. If you have enough space where you work, you can consider getting a mammoth chair that satisfies you.

However, if this isn’t the case, get a smaller chair with high adjustability. Mid to small-sized chairs offer great adjustments to fit most body types.

If you have a larger body, getting a big-sized chair would be more comfortable as they come with a wider seat.


Writing chairs come in all different shapes and sizes. While you’ll find some writers who prefer chairs without wheels, the vast majority will appreciate the convenience they provide when paired with a modern workstation. As such, the most common writing chairs include stool chairs, mid-back chairs, and executive-style office chairs.

When you’re spending extended periods writing at your desktop, stool chairs with no back support just won’t cut it. Not to mention, stool chairs aren’t very comfortable, and they rarely feature any adjustment mechanisms.

Mid-back chairs are much more effective at supporting your body, offering your lower back and lumbar region some much-needed stability. They frequently feature height and tilt adjustment mechanisms and are much more durable overall.

But the real winner among the competition has to be the executive-style chair, which boasts a high backrest that supports your spine top to bottom. Executive chairs also tend to feature adjustable armrests and can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Oh, and my favorite part? Many executive chairs also include a headrest, which can be a welcome addition. While you’re unlikely to use a headrest while writing, they can be nice for those occasional Netflix breaks (yeah, I see you).


As for style? The best chairs for writers come in a range of colors, and most premium models feature at least two or three different variations.

Ergonomic Office Chairs for Better Health and Comfort

While style isn’t the most crucial element on this list, your writing space is special. Think about it. It’s where you pour your heart and soul into creative work that’s personally fulfilling. You want your workspace to feel good and serve as a reflection of its importance.


It always comes down to price, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, the best writing chairs can cost a fair chunk of change. Even if you buy used, which can save a lot of money, you’ll still need to shell out a pretty penny.

The other bad news? Time is not on your side when it comes to choosing a chair for writing, as your health must come first. You need a chair that supports your body and helps you maintain good posture as soon as possible.

My suggestion is that you don’t skimp on a long-term chair. If you need something in a pinch, choose a low-cost model that can work until you’ve saved up enough for a better one. If you don’t foresee yourself having the money to spend on the very best writing chairs, I’ve included a few budget options on the list. These chairs offer a substantial amount of support, and the target price range is much more reasonable than, say, the Herman Miller Aeron.

But the old adage generally holds true — you get what you pay for.
< class="has-text-align-left">Why You Deserve A Good Writing Chair?

You might think it is just a chair; what differences can it make? Trust me; even if you don’t have any physical issue sitting on your chair hours after hours, you are still not safe from health risks.

When you are sitting on a chair pretty much all day, you are pushing your body to embrace health risks; it can be shoulder pain, neck pain, back pain, etc.

Apart from the health issue, there are other reasons why you must get the right chair.

There is no denying the fact that, right tool or equipment makes things a lot easier to accomplish work. As a writer, you know that when you are distracted and don’t feel comfortable, you cannot brainstorm and focus on a topic and bring out creative and unique writing ideas.

One of the reasons behind the discomfort of writers is the chair. You constantly have to switch positions, get up very frequently, which work as obstacles for your job.

I have had a horrible experience regarding this chair issue in the previous year. During that time, I was going through the pretty bad neck and back pain. The more I spend time sitting on my chair to write, the worst it became.

Ergonomic Office Chairs for Better Health and Comfort

So, I had to rest more frequently than usual to relieve the pain. But, it was only able to reduce the pain by 30%.

Then, I bought a laptop stand and started writing by laying down in my bed. Although it worked for me, it wasn’t a permanent solution. I ended up searching chairs for writers that give comfort and help reduce pain. Finally, I bought one and started working by sitting on it.

Within a few days after buying the chair, I noticed significant changes, both physically and mentally. My pain was reduced significantly, and I was able to focus more on my work and come up with new and creative writing ideas.


Best Chair for Writers – As a writer, you sometimes find yourself failing to be at your desk, writing. An aching back, a stiff neck, et cetera. But with a good posture and one of these best writing office chairs, I assure you that your writing sessions will be a bit longer and more productive.

So the end result is that all the provided chairs are high in comfortable and low in the budget as these chairs are specially designed for the writers who are in a continuous effort of finding one of the best chairs for their writing work. We have given each and every single information and data about these chairs for the easy selection made by users. If you are confused between various products that look similar, but you didn’t find the best for you. Look at the list and get the best option according to your requirements and needs for a comfy chair.

Are you a professional writer? Are you the one who spends most of his time sitting on a chair? Do you feel a lot of stress at your shoulders and legs at the end of your day? Do you realize that your desk chair is not so comfy and make you feel tired? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then why are you not paying attention to it? It is a serious matter of fact. If you are a writer and you spend 10 to 12 hours daily by sitting on a hard chair in front of your desk, then it will definitely ruin your health. Sitting daily on an uncomfortable chair will lead you to some serious health issues. It can be a strain on your body. It will greatly affect your posture and change your style of sitting.