Best Chair for Writing Desk

Best Chair for Writing Desk – Writing takes a great deal of creative energy, and that’s part of what makes it so rewarding. What it shouldn’t take is a toll on your physical health.

There’s no denying it — sitting for long stretches at a time is terrible for your body. Unfortunately, it’s practically unavoidable for tasks like writing, where you need to be tenacious about getting those words onto paper.

The good news? The best chairs for writers can keep your body properly aligned and comfortable, supporting you as you sit for extended periods at the keyboard (though you should still get up and move on the hour).

As a writer, you sometimes find yourself failing to be at your desk, writing. An aching back, a stiff neck, et cetera. But with a good posture and one of these best writing office chairs, I assure you that your writing sessions will be a bit longer and more productive.

During my tenure as a professional freelance writer, I’ve reviewed countless professional office chairs, ranging from trendy brands like Secretlab to tried-and-true ones like Steelcase. While most of today’s most popular brands boast a lineup of suitable chairs, each one is unique, and some are better than others. Which one is best for writers? Read on to find out!

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1.Steelcase Gesture

You can put your trust in Steelcase regarding posture-friendly chairs as they conducted a study within six continents and ended up making this gesture chair. This one helps to reduce discomfort while allowing you to concentrate more on your writings.

The chair has support for users of various sizes and postures. No matter what technology you spend a significant amount of time on, this chair will make things smooth for you.

It features 3D LiveBack that smartly adjusts to your natural spine movement, ensuring you posture-friendly desk hours. The gesture provides a wide range of posture support for your back and arms that will make you feel more comfortable.

To ensure you sit in a proper style, the arms are placed at a bit backward position than conventional chairs. When you write, your arms will be in a perfect position that reduces shoulder pain.

Its soft seat edges will provide you comfortable working experience. Steelcase implemented soft air pockets beneath the foam that gives you superior comfort. You will not feel strain or discomfort regardless of your body size.

The chair is able to move 360 degrees to meet your various working requirements. With its convenient front knob, you can easily adjust the height and depth of the seat. Similarly, the back knob feature allows you to control the tension, and you can also set a variable backstop to meet your comfortable posture.

There is a torsional spring in its core equalizer system that conveniently adjusts both seat angle and back to provide you with less lumbar support during deep recline. When it’s about upright posture, you will get more lumber support. So, regardless of the position, your body is in the right gear.

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2.Herman Miller Sayl

In most cases, comfort and great look don’t come all together in chairs. This one from Herman Miller is an exception to that. It provides all the necessary features that make a chair great for writers and also enhances the interior décor of the room.

The very first thing that you will notice about this product is its 3D intelligent back. Stretching and moving the body was never so easy and enjoyable before. Its suspension back features elastomer strands that provide you great support during transition regardless of the body size.

You will be able to sit for extended hours in this chair while maintaining a natural S body shape, and ensure a healthy posture and avoid fatigue.

To meet different individuals’ purposes, the seat height offers a range of adjustment between 15.5 to 20 inches.

The chair is lightweight, and the materials are 93% recyclable. It’s worth mentioning that the designer himself is an environmentalist.

Design-wise, the Sayl chair got an aesthetic look that fits pretty much everywhere you put it. No matter whether you use the chair at your desk or around the table of your living room, its unique shape will add more elegance to the room.

The unframed back, as well as its T tower support, gives the chair a trendy and classy visual that also expresses your taste and choice. With this one, you get ergonomic support, the eco-dematerialized design that supports up to 350 pounds without much struggle.

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3.Steelcase Leap Office Chair

If you are looking for a more ergonomic option, this number 1 selling chair from Steelcase can be a good option to go with. The previously reviewed chair lacks live lumbar support. This one offers you more flexibility of movement, ensuring you get the best ergonomic comfort possible.

As people sit in different positions, it’s convenient to have a feature that allows the users to change sitting positions easily. Its live back feature provides you with natural spine movement throughout the day. You can easily change the shape to adjust your comfort level and work for extended periods without any issue.

Even when you recline on this chair, it will keep your posture adequately oriented. The natural glide system also allows you to glide forward at ease. This feature puts a less static load on your spine that helps you to continue the work without interruption.

If you are used to adjusting your body to fit your current chair, it’s time to end that struggle. The chair itself will adjust its settings to fit your body’s comfort.

Like most advanced chairs, this one also allows you to adjust seat height, depth, pivot, variable backstop, etc. For more convenient hand rest, you can also adjust the arms, as well as lumbar back support.

No matter how hard and long you have to work on the desk, its intuitive adjustments will make sure you work comfortably throughout the day. You will be able to push hard and work for extended periods.

As far as durability is concerned, this product seemed pretty well-made, according to most of the customers.

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4.Alera Elusion II Series

If you are looking for an ergonomically designed swivel chair without compromising comfort, this one from Alera is worth considering.

A good quality ergonomic chair can fit people of different body sizes. Due to its design and adjustability features, your body will find this chair a relaxing place, which helps to concentrate better on work for extended hours.

As a writer, you probably have to sit on a chair and think about a topic to be able to write on it. When you are sitting on a chair for hours, the back can get sweaty due to a lack of air circulation, and this happens with most chairs if your room doesn’t have an AC.

If this is the case, you will find this chair cool enough to prevent the uncomfortable sweaty issue. Due to its mesh back, there will be enough air circulation that will help you to sit tight and write for hours without that clammy feeling.

Great chairs don’t only look after how comfortably you sit, also how comfortably you keep the legs. This one comes with a contoured seat cushion that got a waterfall edge that relieves pressure on legs. I must say, you will love how well the thighs stay when you sit on this chair.

Apart from the back, arm, and head, it’s equally important to take care of the position of your legs to maintain a healthy posture. You can adjust the height, depth, and arms for more convenience.

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5.Duramont Chair

The most comfortable office chairs offer various adjustments to fit the body of different sizes. Dumont seems to understand this fact well. Their ergonomic office chair comes with all necessary adjustments that ensure you don’t feel discomfort while working for extended hours.

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You can adjust the headrest height and angle, lumbar support height as well as depth, height and distance of the armrest, and more. Common adjustments such as seat height, tilt tensions, and backrest tilt are also customizable to get you a comfortable sitting position.

One of the issues with ergonomic chairs is the lack of breathability. Due to its breathable mesh material, your back will get enough air circulation and keep it cool enough. The mesh allows air circulation and keeps your back sweat-free so that you can continue your work without any interruption.

Having proper back support on the chair is a must for people who are undergoing back pain issues. This chair makes sure you don’t feel pain in the back.

It features adjustable lumbar and reclines that helps to keep the backrest straight or back. You no longer need to waste time and struggle to get a comfortable sitting position.

The materials used on this chair are of high quality; it’s built to last. You will find it comfortable to sit on its soft cushion seat. Other parts, such as the armrest and headrest, seem sturdy enough. The maximum capacity of this chair is about 330 pounds, which is enough to tell you how sturdy the product is.

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6.SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair

This chair is one of the big guns on the list. You can use it for various purposes, including office, writing, gaming, and general desk jobs.

Adjustability on Sihoo ergonomic chair is amazing. You get adjustable head restraint that allows you to lean your neck for better comfort when you sit back to relax.

For tackling back pain, this one offers lumbar support, which you can adjust as per your body’s comfort. You will be able to work for extended periods without much trouble.

To handle various working conditions, you will find its 3D adjustable armrest very convenient. You can adjust the backrest arbitrarily between 90 to 120 degrees, which helps a lot to change your sitting position.

At first glance, anyone would fall for the chair. Lots of chairs claim to have an ergonomic design, but this one has a correct ergonomic construction, which is recommended by the ergonomics application association.

Its mesh back allows a regular flow of air that prevents you from sweat. Similarly, the seat cushion is also made of high-quality mesh that fits the hips of various sizes without any issue.

The backrest of this chair imitates pretty much the human spine. Its close-fitting also helps you to release the pressure from the spine. You will get enough support and comfort for your thighs due to the waterfall arc design.

If you are concerned about its durability, Sihoo made the chair with high-quality materials. It boasts a steady and durable aluminum base with decent bearing quality. When you move the chair, you will hardly notice noise coming out of it. The back frame design is also durable enough to outstand heavy-duty working hours.

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What To Look For When Buying A Writing Chair? 

Ergonomic Features

Lumbar Support

Lumbar support features are something you should include on your checklist, or it should be deal-breakers for you.

An ergonomic office chair needs to take care of the whole spine, shoulders, and pelvic region.

For lower back pain, the chair that you are going to get has to have sufficient lumbar support. You also have to make sure that the lumbar support is adjustable; because a chair is not tailor-made for one body type, you will need to adjust and readjust the lumbar support until the seat becomes optimally comfortable for you.

Some ergonomic office chairs have a self-adjusting lumbar support.

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Adjustable Seat Height

As I said before, your head needs to be level with the top of your computer screen. The chair should also have a height that allows your feet to lie flat on the floor.

That is why you should get a chair whose seat is height adjustable, so you can align your head with the computer screen and place your feet flatly on the floor.

Look for chairs that have pneumatic height adjustment mechanisms. These help you raise or lower the chair’s seat height with the most ease.

Set Tilt

Apart from relieving the pressure in your shoulders and providing lumbar support, the best ergonomic chairs are designed to help you correctly position your pelvis. In doing so, they protect your pelvis from posture problems that arise from sitting incorrectly for long periods.

A tilting seat helps you sit in a natural position. When a seat tilts outwards, it creates more space and improves your body’s mobility in the chair, improving your sitting experience in effect.


Writing chairs come in all different shapes and sizes. While you’ll find some writers who prefer chairs without wheels, the vast majority will appreciate the convenience they provide when paired with a modern workstation. As such, the most common writing chairs include stool chairs, mid-back chairs, and executive-style office chairs.

When you’re spending extended periods writing at your desktop, stool chairs with no back support just won’t cut it. Not to mention, stool chairs aren’t very comfortable, and they rarely feature any adjustment mechanisms.

Mid-back chairs are much more effective at supporting your body, offering your lower back and lumbar region some much-needed stability. They frequently feature height and tilt adjustment mechanisms and are much more durable overall.

But the real winner among the competition has to be the executive-style chair, which boasts a high backrest that supports your spine top to bottom. Executive chairs also tend to feature adjustable armrests and can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Oh, and my favorite part? Many executive chairs also include a headrest, which can be a welcome addition. While you’re unlikely to use a headrest while writing, they can be nice for those occasional Netflix breaks (yeah, I see you).


As for style? The best chairs for writers come in a range of colors, and most premium models feature at least two or three different variations.

While style isn’t the most crucial element on this list, your writing space is special. Think about it. It’s where you pour your heart and soul into creative work that’s personally fulfilling. You want your workspace to feel good and serve as a reflection of its importance.


It always comes down to price, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, the best writing chairs can cost a fair chunk of change. Even if you buy used, which can save a lot of money, you’ll still need to shell out a pretty penny.

The other bad news? Time is not on your side when it comes to choosing a chair for writing, as your health must come first. You need a chair that supports your body and helps you maintain good posture as soon as possible.

My suggestion is that you don’t skimp on a long-term chair. If you need something in a pinch, choose a low-cost model that can work until you’ve saved up enough for a better one. If you don’t foresee yourself having the money to spend on the very best writing chairs, I’ve included a few budget options on the list. These chairs offer a substantial amount of support, and the target price range is much more reasonable than, say, the Herman Miller Aeron.

But the old adage generally holds true — you get what you pay for.

Reclining Backrest 

The chair should also have a backrest that tilts. A reclining backrest aids in finding the best position that supports a user’s natural spine position. It helps take some weight from the user’s upper body and relieves pressure on the spine.

So, if you are having a tough time with back pains, leaning your chair may help reduce the pains.


One of the ‘good posture’ tips talked about positioning your arms parallel to the floor. Even without armrests, placing your arms at a 90-degree angle from the floor is a good sitting posture positive.

However, the armrests help ease the tension in your upper body (shoulders precisely). Depending on the intended use and mobility, you can choose between slide-down armrests or four-directional armrests.


The uppermost part of the spine also needs to be supported—a headrest pillows the back of the head and the upper neck. In effect, it alleviates tension in your upper torso.

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Essential Non-Ergonomic Features


Although I listed this feature here, I believe upholstery does play a role in the ergonomics of an office chair. After all, who would feel comfortable sitting on a chair with no padding?

Chairs come with different upholstery. The materials used include leather, fabric, vinyl, and mesh. Before choosing the material, you should know the pros and cons of each type.

  • Leather – it is cleanable and durable but pricey and may make some users sweaty.
  • Fabric – breathable but can irritate the skin.
  • Vinyl – breathable and affordable but can irritate the skin.
  • Mesh – Breathable and very comfortable but hard to clean and just like the other two, itchy.

Base And Wheels

Some prefer a base with no wheels, while others want to conveniently slide to a shelf or table. Chairs with wheels are more preferred (all the chairs reviewed in this article have wheels).

Having wheels makes the chair more mobile and gives you more freedom and convenience. However, you have to check the type of material used for the wheel and see whether it won’t do any damage to your floor.

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Non Essential Features

Cushioned Armrest 

Cushioned armrests are a cute accessory initially, but after constant use, the upholstery wears out, and the ‘intestines’ get exposed. The chair then becomes ugly.


None of the chairs that I reviewed have the extended footrest feature. I don’t know; maybe one has a detachable footrest that I might have missed.

For writers, a footrest is inutile. And just like the padded armrest, it will become an off-putting accessory when it gets wobbly, and parts start coming off.

Suppose you work in an office and want to buy a new chair. You shouldn’t pick one just because you think it’s beautiful. There are other factors you need to keep in mind before deciding.

One of the crucial features to consider is whether or not the chair has an ergonomic design. If you buy a pretty sitting spot that doesn’t have ergonomic properties, you might be going back to step one all over again because your back could suffer the consequences of your purchase.

Therefore, ensure that the chair you buy has ergonomic features first. Furthermore, you should determine if you can afford the model you chose. If not, find out if the store or brand offers different payment methods. On some occasions, you may be able to pay it off on a monthly basis, so it could be more convenient for you.

  1. Are mesh chairs better for your back?

Mesh chairs are great for maintaining good air circulation to keep your back dry and sweat-free. However, make sure the mesh material isn’t too soft that is prone to stretch and sag. If sitting all day is your consideration, the chair should have proper lumbar support with an upholstered seat.

  • What is the best chair for lower back pain?

For back pain or lower back pain, you must ensure the chair you are getting offers adjustable lumbar support. Some chairs don’t come with adjustable options; they seem okay, but not for all body types. Adjustability comes very convenient to fit your body type, especially if it’s large.

  • Are recliners good for the back?9 super comfy ergonomic office chairs for your home office – CBS Boston

Numerous studies suggest that sitting at a 135-degrees angle prevents back pain. Sitting at 90-degrees is recommended, but you can also rely on a recliner chair as it reduces stress and pressure from the posture.

  • Are gaming chairs worth it?

People mostly buy gaming chairs for the cool and ergonomic looking appearance. If you only consider how dope a gaming chair looks and buy it without giving a second thought, you are most likely to regret it later.

I’m not saying gaming chairs are bad. When you are to buy a gaming chair, make sure it has all the necessary adjustments, lumbar support, features that make a chair posture friendly.

  • Should I sit on a chair for hours?

No matter how comfortable a chair feels, you shouldn’t sit on it for more than an hour. To keep your posture and eyes healthy, after every hour, stretch your body a bit and let your eyes focus on long-distance objects.


Best Chair for Writing Desk – Office workers often spend hours sitting down while they complete their various daily tasks. Even though most of your day is like that, you might still hesitate to buy the best writing chair. It’s understandable, considering that they can be very expensive, and you may have trouble choosing the right one.

However, the truth is that getting an ergonomic office chair for writing is essential if you want to maintain your back’s health, and ensure your blood circulates properly. Good-quality writing desk chairs are specifically designed to help you work, so getting one is one of the best choices you can make.

Sitting at the desk for hours on end, daily, can have semi-permanent or permanent physical health conditions.

Whether writing at home or at the office, you need a good sitting posture and the best ergonomic writing chair you can get. You can opt for an ergonomic kneeling chair or one of the best ten ergonomic writing chairs that I have reviewed in this article.

As you will learn from the ‘buying guide’ section, an ergonomic writing chair isn’t just a piece of furniture you have to complement your office or home décor; it’s a chair that offers orthopedic benefits, among other gains.

Before that section, I have compiled a thorough reviews list of the 10 best writing chairs—with the Herman Miller Sayl Chair being the best among them all.

A comfortable, stylish, and neoteric design. No additions, no subtractions, just raw ergonomics.