Best Computer Chair Under 200

Best Computer Chair Under 200 – If your budget calls for you to find the best Computer chair under $200, you’re in luck, as the units found on our list will surprise you with their nice collection of features, supporting your lower back, positioning your hips correctly, and reducing pressure points throughout your body.

We bought the top 3 office chairs under $200 and tested them throughout our work day to find the chair that gave us most, if not all, of these features. After all, you don’t need to spend a fortune to find the best Computer chair, because sometimes the best things are not the most expensive.

With more people than ever shifting their professional lives to their homes as work from home measures have swept the globe due to the pandemic, it’s never been more important to have a suitable home office setup. A comfy sofa, dining table, or coffee table can fit the bill for only so long. As weeks have turned into months, and soon into an entire year, it’s crucial to have an office chair fit for the task of safeguarding your posture and offering comfort for the daily procession of Zoom calls we’ve all become accustomed to.

We all hope these work from home measures will only be temporary, and it can feel a little like a waste to invest a sizable sum into an office chair that could end up gathering dust before long. Yet, it’s entirely possible to buy a fit-for-purpose office chair without breaking the bank.

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1.Serta Style Hannah II

The Serta Hannah II is a superb ergonomic design. Modestly priced and available in a variety of colors. Recommended for anyone. Serta knows a lot about comfort and this microfiber upholstered design is exceptional.

Our list of fabric chairs is dominated by just two companies, with Serta taking the top three spots, and little Flash Furniture rounding out our top five.

It’s no surprise that Serta dominates this category.  After all, the company knows a lot about comfort, and while their primary area of expertise is in mattresses, their designs in this category demonstrate that they can easily apply that knowledge to the task of making great office chairs.

The Hannah II has just about everything you could ask for in an ergonomic chair.  It features a waterfall seat to take pressure off of your legs, excellent lumbar support, and above average head, neck, and shoulder support, in addition to sporting ergonomic armrests.

In addition to that, it’s well-padded and comfortable, and its microfiber upholstery only adds to that, making for a luxuriant, enjoyable seating experience.

Pros & Cons

2.Flash Furniture

If you are looking for the best overall office chair for under $200, then this is the model we suggest you check out first. This chair is lightweight and easy to move, all while still being extremely durable for the most part. The base and casters are nice and thick, which allows the chair to move freely about without any issues.

Perhaps the best feature for this chair is its well-designed lumbar support. There is plenty of support for your lower back, which will also help to promote correct posture. This design helps to make this an extremely comfortable chair that you can easily sit in for hours on end without any problem.

This chair is also highly adjustable. It has a wide range of heights to choose from, which makes it a lot easier to find the right height for your needs.

Something else that helps to make this such a comfortable chair is the mesh back. While many office chairs don’t allow for very much ventilation, this backing really lets the airflow through with ease. That makes it a great option for use in warmer weather.

Of course, while this mesh is highly breathable and makes for a very comfortable chair, it isn’t quite as durable as other materials. While you shouldn’t expect the backing to break down any time soon, you do need to be cognizant of the fact that it will rip or tear if you run into anything with it. Thankfully, as long as you use the chair carefully and appropriately, the mesh backing shouldn’t be any problem at all.

Pros & Cons

3.OFM ESS Chair

Even though you don’t want to spend a ton of money on your new chair, that doesn’t mean that you need to settle for anything less than the best. If you are in the market for a high-backed executive style office chair, then we highly recommend that you give this one a try. Its extra high back has an integrated headrest. This headrest helps to make this one of the most comfortable chairs on the market. Adding to this extra level of comfort is a thick layer of plush cushioning, which is covered in durable PU leather.

This PU leather has the look and feel of real leather. Of course, since this is PU leather, it is much easier to clean and maintain than real leather. This faux leather is also a lot more breathable, which makes it even more comfortable.

Another nice feature for this chair is that its arms can be adjusted up and down just like the seat. This high level of adjustability makes it much easier to get the chair just the way you want it. This will help to make the chair that much more comfortable, which is, obviously, ideal.

The only real drawback of this chair is that it is relatively heavy. Though this shouldn’t be too big of a deal thank the durable and easy to use casters, it might make it more difficult for someone with limited mobility to move about.

Pros & Cons

Things to Consider

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In this section, we will guide you through everything that you need to know to find the best office chair under $200 for your needs. We have also taken the time to answer several frequently asked questions, so be sure to read through those as well if you need any more information.

Features to consider when choosing an office chair

As you can imagine, there are a lot of different factors and features to take into consideration when you are looking for a new office chair for a reasonable price. In this section, we will provide you with all of the information you need to find the perfect model for your working or gaming needs.

Upholstery material

The very first thing that you will want to figure out is the kind of material you want your chair to have on it. There are three basic types of upholstery materials to choose from in an office chair under $200. These include the following or a combination of thereof:

PU Leather

If you are looking for a high-priced look without spending a ton of money, then PU leather might be the way to go. This material doesn’t absorb water, which makes it very easy to clean. It will also last a good long time because, unlike real leather, it will not dry out over time. Of course, it isn’t very breathable, which might make it uncomfortable in warmer locations.
Fabric – Fabric chairs are breathable and very comfortable, even if you are working in a warmer area. They are also very easy to clean. If you are someone that uses your chair regularly, however, you might have a bit of an issue with fabric chairs since they are usually not all that durable.


Mesh is not a material that can be used for an entire chair. Instead, it is usually used for the backing, as you can see in a chair like the Flash Furniture Ergonomic Office Chair. This allows the chair to be a lot more breathable, which makes it a lot more comfortable in warmer areas. Mesh is not very durable, however.

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Weight capacity

After you have chosen your material for your new chair, then the next thing you need to look into is the overall weight capacity of your new chair. Obviously, the higher the capacity, the larger the chair is going to be. If you have a smaller space, then you will need to get a chair with a smaller capacity, like the Hbada Office Task Desk Chair. Thankfully, even though this is a smaller chair, it can still hold up to 250 pounds.

On the other hand, if you are in search of a chair that will hold a bit more weight, then the Modway Attainment Modern Office Chair is going to be your best bet. This larger style chair can hold up to 330 pounds comfortably, making it an awesome option for someone with a larger frame. The Boss Office Products CaressoftPlus Executive Chair is another good choice in this regard, as it has a capacity of 275 pounds.

Backrest and seat dimensions

Something else that you will want to carefully consider is how large the backrest and seat are for your new chair. It is always a good idea to get a chair that has a larger backrest and seat than you think that you are going to need. That way, you will have more than enough room to provide you with the support you need while you are working or gaming. Of course, you also need to factor in how much space you have at your desk or table as well so that you know that your chair will fit appropriately.

If you have lots of room, then the Boss Office Products CaressoftPlus Executive Chair is a great choice. This executive style chair will provide plenty of support for both your back and your seat. If you don’t have a lot of room, however, you could always go for something like the Hbada Office Task Desk Chair, which has a much smaller seat and backrest.

Overall dimensions

While the seat and backrest are certainly going to be a big factor in where you can fit your new office chair, the overall dimensions are a better indicator of whether or not you have enough space for a certain model. These dimensions will let you know both how tall a chair is and how much floor space it will occupy in your office.

It is always a good idea to measure your space beforehand to make sure that the chair you have in mind will fit without making it impossible to move from place to place.

If space is not an issue, then the BestMassage Ergonomic Massage Chair is a fine choice. This larger than average chair will provide you with plenty of support and can also massage you while you work, which is always a plus.

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Seat height

Another factor that you need to consider is just how high you need the seat to be on your new chair. Thankfully, all of the models on our list are able to be raised and lowered within a wide range. This versatility should allow you to find the right height to fit your preference, no matter if you are a taller or shorter individual.

Smaller chairs are usually going to have a lower maximum seat height when compared to larger chairs. As such, the Hbada Office Task Desk Chair might not be the right option for a much taller individual. Of course, that means that a chair like the BestMassage Ergonomic Massage Chair might be a bit too tall for shorter people.

If the armrests are adjustable

You will also want to decide whether or not you need the armrest of your new chair to be adjustable. Even though you will be able to change the height of your new chair, you still might not be able to get comfortable enough if you cannot change the height of the armrests. The last thing that you want to do is have your chair at the perfect height but then be uncomfortable due to the armrests.

There are several different ways that armrests can be adjusted. They can be adjusted by tightening and loosening a knob that allows you to pick the correct height. The other way is to have a quick release that allows you to move them up and down much more quickly to different pre-determined height slots. Both systems work well, though the quick release, as you would expect, is much faster.

Caster wheels features

While you might not think that you need to worry too much about the wheels on the bottom of your chair, that is actually not the case. Even the most comfortable office chairs can be done in by inferior casters, so it is a good idea to look these over closely as well. You want to make sure that you get a chair that has casters that can swivel independently of each other. Otherwise, you won’t be able to make the chair roll the direction you need it to while you are working.

Something else to remember while you are thinking about the casters on your new chair are what material they are made of. These wheels usually come in two different materials, which are plastic and rubber. Rubber is much more durable, while plastic wheels help to keep the cost of the chair down. No matter which material was used for the casters, you need to make sure that it is pretty thick. That way, they won’t break down on you any time soon.

Ergonomic seat and lumbar support

The best office chairs of 2022

One of the most important things to keep in mind when buying any chair that you are going to be spending a lot of time in to get work done is how well it supports your back. You want to make sure that you are getting an ergonomic seat that will help to keep your posture good. This will save you a lot of back pain while you are working, which is, obviously, quite important.

It is also a good idea to look for a chair that has lower lumbar support. Chairs like the Flash Furniture Ergonomic Office Chair help to provide extra cushioning for your lower back, which, in turn, will make it that much more comfortable to sit in for an extended period of time. This support will also help to keep you from getting sore, which will allow you to sit the next day without any adverse effects.


Best Computer Chair Under 200 – While we put together this review, we first looked at the dimensions for each chair, since you want your chair to be roomy and comfortable, regardless of your build. Next, we looked at the overall capacity for each chair, as this will let you know whether or not it will work for you or the members of your family.

Finally, we looked at the different upholstery materials used to make the chair: mesh fabric is ideal if you look for breathability, while leather looks much more luxurious and is easier in maintenance. This careful research helped us to find the best office chairs under $200 on the market today so that you can find the one that ideally fits your needs.

After lots of time and research, we have come to the conclusion that the Flash Furniture Ergonomic Office Chair is the best overall model on the market for under $200. This chair is ergonomic, durable, breathable, maneuverable, and, best of all, affordable. We highly recommend that you check this one out!