Best Desk Chair for Hip Pain

Best Desk Chair for Hip Pain –  Of course, a good Desk chair can be great for helping to reduce hip pain, but there are also a bunch of other things you can do too!

First of all, when you’re in the office you should try to take regular breaks. It’s really important that if you are a desk worker that you take frequent breaks through the day. This will allow you to keep your muscles moving. This kind of movement can also help you to increase your productivity too!

Getting some exercise into your day can also help a lot with hip pain. There are some really easy things that you can do, such as taking the stairs instead of catching the elevator, or parking your car further away so you’ll be able to walk more on a daily basis.

Want to keep moving while sitting at the desk? Try an under the desk cycle or elliptical as a gentle but effective way to keep those legs moving throughout the day.

There are many reasons for hip pain. According to WebMD, arthritis ranks as the most common culprit, though basically any type of repetitive strain on the tendons and ligaments that support the hips can lead to hip pain.

Whatever the reason, if you suffer from hip pain, picking a suitable office chair can go a long way in preventing your condition from getting worse. After all, most of us spend almost half of our waking hours sitting.

Simple movements like this can do wonders for your general health, and they are helpful for combating a sedentary lifestyle.

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1.Steelcase Gesture

Our top pick for an office chair that helps alleviate hip pain comes from Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Steelcase. The Steelcase Gesture is a high-end, premium office chair that, while expensive, includes excellent ergonomic features to keep you sitting in an optimal, strong position.

When it comes to helping with hip pain, the Gesture features a handful of ergonomic features, including Steelcase’s 3D LiveBack Technology, which is a backrest that’s intentionally designed to flex and mimic the movement of your spine as you change positions.

There’s plenty of other things to like about this chair, including its…

  • Wheels, which are great for hard floors or carpeting.
  • Durability. Steelcase is known for making extremely high-quality products and the Gesture lives up to that reputation. It also comes with a 12-year warranty to back up that durability.
  • Comfort. This chair, which features a 100% polyester fabric on the cushion and back, is designed for all-day comfort.

The chair weighs in at 78 pounds and has a weight capacity of 400 pounds, which is one of the biggest capacities on this list.

Of course, the biggest downside to this chair is its price. It’s on the higher end of the spectrum, but it lives up to the expression, “You get what you pay for.”

This is the type of chair that can easily last more than a decade.

You can typically get the normal colors, like black and graphite, pretty quickly. If you want something a bit more customized, like a navy blue or a saddle brown leather, expect to pay even more and wait a few extra weeks for your delivery.

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2.Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair

For those with hip pain — and on a budget — look no further than the Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair. Not only does this chair feature the ergonomic features that people with hip pain demand, but it also looks quite attractive and professional for a chair at this price point.

Let’s dive into the features of this chair:

  • Deep seat. This is critical for those with hip pain. You want your thighs to lay parallel with the floor and not creep over the front. You don’t have to worry about that with this chair.
  • Comfortable headrest. This isn’t always the case with headrests, but Ticova’s features a foam headrest that’s quite comfortable and effective at supporting your head.
  • Metal back. This is important from a quality and durability standpoint. Combined with the elastic mesh backing, your body should be supported for several hours of work while sitting.

This is also a great chair for tall people thanks to the deep seat. In terms of weight capacity, though, it tops out at 280 pounds.

Some users have complained that the lumbar support is too supportive. For some people, depending on their size, that could be it feels like it’s potentially digging into your back.

And like most budget chairs that are mass-produced, there can potentially be some quality control issues with parts.

All of that being said, most users of this chair agree it’s comfortable and solidly built, making it the perfect chair for your home office.

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3.Serta Chair

If you suffer from hip pain, having to get up and down from your seat while working can be a challenge. This will no longer be necessary when you own the Serta Big & Tall Office Chair. The base of this chair is set on dual-wheel designer casters that roll smoothly on all types of floors.

The overall dimensions of the seat are 33 inches by 28 inches, while the height adjusts from 44 inches to 48 inches. The seat depth is 19 inches, and the seat to floor height adjusts from 18 inches to 22 inches. This makes the chair ideal for people who are especially tall, while the chair supports up to 350 pounds, making it one of the Best Big and Tall Office Chairs you can buy.

The patented Tranquility’s comfort system has been composed of five separate layers. The top layer is composed of poly-fiber, which is similar to block foam but is more pliable and flexible. The second layer is made of memory foam, while the third layer is made of dense foam for extra support.

The fourth layer of this special comfort system is made up of two different components. There is also a double-thick layer of dense foam near the edge of the seat that cradles your legs. The seat consists of a large number of comfort coils that help to ensure that pain is no longer an issue.

While the armrests come with plenty of padding, it is not possible to adjust their height. The thick and fully padded leather upholstery provides plenty of support and comfort. However, this material is not very breathable, which could be an issue in hot office spaces.

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4.Flash Furniture

Do you find that most average office chairs are too short and narrow for comfort? This chair is ideal for large and tall users and makes regular office chairs look like dwarves. The Flash Furniture Office Chair is also able to support up to 500 pounds, making it one of the Best Heavy Duty Office Chairs on the market.

The seat of this office chair is padded with four inches of memory foam. This helps to ensure that your body is supported while you enjoy pure comfort. The waterfall seat edge also helps to take the pressure off of your legs and thighs.

Adjusting the height of this chair is easy thanks to the pneumatic control lever. You are able to adjust the seat to floor height from 21.5 inches to 25.5 inches. This helps to ensure that your legs will not be cramped while you are sitting.

You are also able to adjust the angle of the backrest up to 120 degrees, which is ideal for unwinding. At a total of 66 pounds, this is one of the heavier office chairs around. However, the double caster wheels make it easy to move across all types of office floors.

While this chair comes with a range of ergonomic features, it should be noted that they are not adjustable. This means that you are not treated to the same versatility as certain other models. The large build of this chair means that it may be simply too big for some home offices.

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5.AKRacing Office

If you love gamer chairs, this model is sure to satisfy. The AKracing Executive Chair boasts a racing style and features luxurious genuine leather upholstery. The upholstery is especially durable and easy to keep clean.

However, this is also the perfect chair for office use. The adjustable and removable lumbar pillow removes pressure from your lower back. The armrests are also adjustable so that you can make sure that you receive the support you need.

Even if you have a larger than average frame, you are sure to find that it is easy to get comfortable. The seat is wider and flatter than average so that your hips do not come into contact with the sides. The chair is especially sturdy and can easily support up to 330 pounds.

The innovative Rock It and Lock It functions allow you to adjust the chair to the perfect height and angle. The backrest reclines up to 180 degrees. Once the desired adjustments have been made, the system holds your preferences firmly in place for extra stability.

There is a large neck pillow at the top of the backrest that you can pull outwards to the desired angle. However, if you are especially short, you may find that the neck pillow digs into your shoulders a little. Fortunately, the range of adjustable features helps to make sure that this chair is suitable for a range of people.

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6.Steelcase Series 2

It’s no exaggeration to say that the Steelcase Series 2 is perhaps the best office chair for hip pain in its price range. With an advanced mesh and fabric upholstery, pliable seat, and unique of ergonomic features, it is an incredibly effective chair for warding off hip pain.

The seat on the Steelcase Series 2 is where a lot of the magic happens. Upholstered in fabric, the cushion is strong yet soft. There are air pockets under the foam that helps with even pressure distribution. The seat also has a sloping edge. But wait, it’s not just any ordinary waterfall design. The edge is actually flexible. This further minimizes any pressure under your thighs.

Let’s talk about the seat pan. The seat height on the Steelcase Series 2 can be adjusted between 16.5” and 21.5”. This means that it’s suitable for peopple as short as 5’2″ based on BIFMA’s recommendation. The seat is 19” wide so the average Joes and Janes will find it spacious enough. The seat depth is also adjustable by up to 3.75”.

A responsive backrest, adjustable lumbar support, and weight-activated synchro-tilt complete this amazingly supportive office chair.

On happy owner of Steelcase Series 2 mentioned that he noticed that the Steelcase Series 2 didn’t aggravate his hip pain even during long sitting sessions.

Prepare your wallet though, because the cost of going pain-free is steep with the Steelcase Series 2. But, depending how severe your hip pain is, this could very well be money well spnt.

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Buying Guide

Hip Pain is not something that you should ignore, if it is beyond your bearing capacity, you should consult a doctor but if it’s in the initial phase, you can get rid of it by getting an effective office chair.

We have listed some of the best chairs above, all these are reliable and you can any of them as per your convenience. Besides that, every selection is done on the basis of deep research.

Best Office Chair for Hip Pain Guide

As you have seen, office chairs for hip pain come in a wide range of different sizes and styles. Therefore, it is important to keep your specific needs firmly in mind when searching for the perfect model. Here are some important things to check out during your hunt for the best office chair for hip pain.

Casual chairs come in a standard size that usually fits everyone. They may be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for a few hours but are not meant for working long hours. The casual chairs are ergonomically designed with lumbar support but with an unusual posture at work. Ergonomic chairs with lumbar support are specially designed for relieving you from back and hip pain. Its inward curve gives your spine a natural posture that allows you to work for long hours without painful backaches.

Lower back pain and hip pain have become common phenomena among young and old populations alike. Thus, having the right chair with a soft seat, adjustable height, and most importantly, good lumbar support can spell the difference between good and bad posture in the long run. When buying one, look for the right seat size and height, quality construction, sturdy legs, reclining backrest, and any other feature you might need to make sitting more comfortable.

Hip pain is an unfortunate problem that can plague many office workers. It can be caused by a number of different things, but one cause of hip pain in office workers is sitting down for many hours on end.

This can become an even bigger problem when you’re sitting on a chair that is not ergonomically designed, and thus does not give you the right support and comfort.

So, now that we’ve shown you some of the best office chairs for hip pain, it’s really important to know what you are actually looking for in an office chair. Knowing what you’re looking for can be the difference between buying a great chair and one that’s pretty much useful to you. Without further ado, here are some things to consider when you are looking for the best office chair for hip pain.

Weight Capacity and Chair Size

If you are looking for a good office chair to help you with your hip pain, then it’s absolutely pivotal that the chair is able to properly handle your weight.

All chairs have their own maximum weight capacity. While one chair may be able to suit someone of an average body size, another may be able to support someone between 250 and 300 lbs.

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And certain chairs, such as big and tall office chairs, are engineered to exceed those capacities, sometimes allowing for weights in excess of 400 lbs. These chairs are built to provide sufficient long-term support depending on the weight of the user.

If you are too heavy, then the chair will not provide ample support and you may compensate by sitting with poor posture, which can result in increased hip pain over the long term.

Also, make sure you find a chair that is the right size. Usually, with any good task chair, you can adjust the height of the chair so it’s comfortable enough. But, to be sure, you should be able to sit with your feet flat on the ground and knees close to a 90-degree angle.

If the chair is too high, you may put more pressure on your hip joint, as your legs will dangle of the edge of the chair. If it’s too low, you will sit with poor posture and a shorter hip to knee angle that can cause tightness in your hip flexors.

When you want to sit with a broader hip-to-knee angle, which also encourages an upright and active posture, you should definitely check out a saddle chair.


Seat cushioning is pretty important! Your chair should always be comfortable and should be able to give you the support that you need. Look for dense foam or memory foam cushioning that will remain comfortable but firm over the course of an average work day.

Ideally your office chair should also come with a waterfall edge seat design. With this design, the end of the seat is not as sharp. Rather, it is curved to reduce pressure on the bottom of your thighs, which can improve comfort, and most importantly, circulation.

If you need a specific type of cushioning for a specific therapeutic need, such as to relieve sciatica or during pregnancy, you might want to look at a donut shaped chair cushion. These types of cushions can improve blood circulation and relieve hip or back pain that comes with sitting for hours on end.

You shouldn’t ignore all of the support features that an office chair can offer –  you should try to look at the support for the head, back and the armrests – basically, make sure that when you are looking for support you are looking for support for the whole body.

The main issue that faces desk workers is that they have to sit throughout the whole day. But this is not the only thing.

Most office workers also don’t sit with the correct posture, so it’s definitely a good idea to find a chair that will encourage good sitting posture while you work.

Lumbar support that is separately adjustable is one example of a good support feature for an ergonomic chair. You may not think this is super important for hip pain, but actually, it’s a pretty big deal that your back remains in full contact with the back of the office chair.

Plus lumbar pressure, and an ergonomically shaped backrest in general, will support the contour of your spine, relieving pressure on other areas, such as your hips.


There are a couple of materials to choose from in ergonomic office chairs, but there is one thing to keep in mind. If you struggle with hip pain, you may want to avoid cheap mesh chairs. Bad quality mesh has one particularly irritating feature, in that it allows you to slip down.

This is inconvenient to say the least, especially if the chair has caster wheels and you have a wooden floor.

If you don’t move at all though, your body will likely become tense which means your hip pain gets worse. Not the best idea!

You could also opt for a fabric office chair. This is a pretty popular choice for home office chairs, and they are very comfortable. They also come in a bunch of colors usually, so you can buy something that will best suit the office aesthetic.

Of course, stains can become a bit of an issue with fabric office chairs, so you may not want to eat that curry at your desk! There may also be more of a chance of mold buildup.

Leather and PU Leather are the other alternatives. PU leather is probably the most common form of leather office chair because the material is affordable and looks like leather, but not quite. It’s usually very easy to maintain, but the material isn’t super breathable which can be an issue if you spend many hours in your chair a day. Bonded leather is a little softer than PU leather, but it can peel after a while.

This doesn’t tend to impact the overall functioning of the chair, but it’s not the most attractive thing on earth. Top tier leather can also get pretty expensive, but it’s the real deal if you want an authentic leather look.

Seat Depth Adjustment

This is another handy feature to look out for on any ergonomic office chair. Usually with adjustable seat pan depth, you can use a lever to move the seat backwards or forwards. This is usually found in more expensive ergonomic office chairs, but it essentially means that the bottom of the thighs are totally rested on the seat of the chair, regardless of the length of your torso or body size.

If you adjust the seat death, you will also be able to position your lower back up against the backrest, which can enhance your posture and give more support for the whole back.

Bonus: How to Reduce Hip Pain When in Work

The Perfect Way to Sit In A Task Chair | Inspiring Workspaces by BOS

Of course, a good ergonomic office chair can be great for helping to reduce hip pain, but there are also a bunch of other things you can do too!

First of all, when you’re in the office you should try to take regular breaks. It’s really important that if you are a desk worker that you take frequent breaks through the day. This will allow you to keep your muscles moving. This kind of movement can also help you to increase your productivity too!

Getting some exercise into your day can also help a lot with hip pain. There are some really easy things that you can do, such as taking the stairs instead of catching the elevator, or parking your car further away so you’ll be able to walk more on a daily basis.

Want to keep moving while sitting at the desk? Try an under the desk cycle or elliptical as a gentle but effective way to keep those legs moving throughout the day.

Simple movements like this can do wonders for your general health, and they are helpful for combating a sedentary lifestyle.

Adjustable Back Support

Your back and hips are connected, and it is important to make sure that your back is fully supported. The backrest should be contoured to help cushion your back while correcting your posture. Being able to adjust the recline angle will help to provide enhanced comfort and support.
< id="sturdy-backrest">Sturdy Backrest

While buying a new chair, you must ensure that the backrest of the chair is sturdy and doesn’t wobble much. If your spin is rested properly on the backrest, the majority of the causes will be eliminated quite easily.
< id="padded-seat">Padded Seat

In your next chair, you must ensure that your chair seat is well padded. Having a waterfall edge design for thigh support will be cheery on the cake. On top of that, you must select a chair that has height adjustment settings.

Lumbar Support

Best Office Chair for Hip Pain Support

Make sure that your lower back also receives extra and independently adjustable support. Some office chairs come complete with a special lumbar pillow that cushions your lower back. Make sure that you can adjust the height of the lumbar pillow and even remove it altogether if you prefer.

Waterfall Seat Edge

Choosing an office chair with a waterfall seat edge is ideal for relieving hip pain. It is also designed to help your feet, legs, and thighs feel relaxed and comfortable. The special seat edge increases blood flow to prevent numbness and tingling.

The Seat Height

Your feet should be able to reach the floor without your legs being bent too much. Being able to adjust the height of your seat will help to provide extra comfort and versatility. Once you have adjusted the seat height, the chair should feature a mechanism to hold the seat in place.


If you are searching for a chair for your office, it is likely to get a lot of use. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you choose a model that will be able to go the distance. Top-of-the-range office chairs for hip pain are often supported by a comprehensive lifetime warranty.

There could be multiple reasons for Hip Pain, but as per studies, the most common cure for Hip Pain is an office chair with appropriate padding and seat.

The regular strain on the knee joints and ligaments could trigger hip pain, and it could be problematic if not cured within a short span of time. If you are using a chair that doesn’t have appropriate height settings or padding, then it’s time to change your chair.

Getting an effective office chair could be a tedious job for you, but we have our teams regularly analyzing and reviewing chairs, we know the exact point to start on.

Your Office Chair Height and Angle Causing Back Pain

Since you are reading this, all the hustle is taken care of, and now, you can simply have a thorough read of this guide. It is because, in this guide, we have listed the 5 Best office chairs that will help you eliminate your hip pain.


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Unfortunately, hip pain is something that can plague a lot of office workers. Having the wrong office chair can make hip pain ten times worse, however.

As a result of this, it’s important to ensure that you choose the right office chair that is going to properly support you through your working day.

There are a lot of ergonomic office chairs out there designed for hip pain, but it can be difficult to know if you’re choosing the right chair for you. Thankfully, we’ve tested and researched the market to help you find the best office chair for hip pain.

Read on to see our top picks and review the buyer’s guide towards the end of this article to learn more.

Whenever you feel a bit of pain in your lower back or hips, check it out. Don’t ignore it. The problem may be a pointer to bigger things yet to come. Investing in a good ergonomic chair with back support goes a long way to help. The article has listed several lower back support office chairs for your consideration.

Make sure you understand what causes your lower back and hip pain before you address it. Your health is very crucial to your work, loved ones, and yourself. Take care of it accordingly. It does not hurt to invest in a good reclining office chair if it is what is needed to help.