Best Desk Chair for kids

Best Desk Chair for kids – Whether your kids are home for virtual school or are simply doing their homework or other projects at a desk, they need a comfortable and supportive place to sit. When searching for a great desk chair for kids, consider the size of the desk chair you need and whether you want something plush or ergonomic or super-simple. Additionally, think about whether or not you want a chair on wheels.

Finding the right desk chair will help to create a productive workstation for your kiddo, so check out our choices for desk chairs for kids.

Schools will look different for kids this fall in many areas across the country. Children in Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, and Washington, D.C., will go back to school under a remote learning plan, while those in New York City will operate under a mix of remote and in-person learning. And, of course, there are plenty of kids who will do remote learning in other areas of the U.S.

As a result, parents are working hard to try to set up mini schools in their homes. Pinterest is flooded with suggestions on how to create fun at-home workstations for kids, and desks designed for children are selling out everywhere. But, while you can make the space warm and inviting for your child, picking out a kid-friendly chair is a surprisingly daunting task.


1.GreenForest Chair

Your child will get a comfortable and supportive seat with this stylish choice. Easy to assemble, this chair requires only eight bolts, which are included, so older kids are able to put it together themselves. There’s a choice of four bright colors and the fishbone design seat-back is stylish and breathable.

The chair’s maximum weight is up to 200 pounds, so this height-adjustable, rolling, and 360-swivel seat is perfect for older kids and teens. Reviewers praise the seat’s small footprint, comfort, and ease of assembly.

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2.Amazon Basics Chairs

Whether you have two remote learners at home or just want a chair to spare, this AmazonBasics set has got you covered. Made of molded plastic, the chair has a contoured scoop seat, firm back, and smooth, rounded edges with no pointy corners—always a perk with kids. The chairs are lightweight and come in pink (pictured) or blue.

Amazon reviewers call the chairs “amazing” and “perfect,” noting that they support the weight of adults, too. “Extremely sturdy, but not too heavy that kids can’t move it themselves,” one five-star reviewer wrote.

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3.Flash Furniture 6

The Flash Furniture chair is advertised for people who are buying for ~actual~ schools, so this is about as close to being in a school chair as your child will get. The chair is specially designed for younger children, but can support up to 154 pounds. A contoured shape helps support your child’s back as they sit, maximizing comfort.

The seat is also lightweight, allowing your child to easily move it as needed. Many people in the reviews raved about how “sturdy” and “well-made” this chair is. “It’s simply the best chair out there,” one five-star reviewer said.

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4.Delta Chair

Younger kids may appreciate having a full-service station for all their needs. This set includes an all-in-one desk, chair, storage bin, and removable cup holder for snacks or art supplies. The seat holds kids up to 50 pounds, so it has a limited life span, but can be useful for toddlers that are home and may want their own workspace to mimic their parents or older siblings.

Parents praise the easy-to-clean material but complain that there’s no way to set this seat up as a “lefty” desk, so may not be the best choice for any southpaw kiddos.

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5.SIDIZ Ringo Kid Desk Chair

If you’re looking for a long-term investment chair, this is a great option for growing kids. Designed specifically for kids from 6 to 13 years old (or 3.5 feet to 5.3 feet tall), it’s all about adjustability with this option. The backrest moves for comfort, there are four height settings, and a fixed footrest provides additional support.

When more than 55 pounds is applied on the seat, the casters will stop rolling, so your kiddo can concentrate and stay in one place. When not in use, the chair can easily roll around the room. Reviewers praise this chair as “exceptional” and how much parents love it seems to justify the high price, especially if your kid will be doing full-time remote school or will use an at-home desk for years to come.

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6.Children’s Rabbit Chair

fluffy faux fur rabbit chair for children has cute pink star sequins with a white chrome star base. A functional play or study accessory, the chair features adjustable height, and cute bunny ears adorn the backrest. The material is super-soft and skin-friendly, offering optimal comfort.

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How To Choose The Right Kids’ Desk Chairs?

Here are some points to keep in mind when buying kids’ desk chairs.

It is understandable that kids today have difficulties with motivation and procrastination. In the age of constant stimulation from technology, it can be a challenge for anyone to sit still. How can you focus on one task, when there are so many distractions?

Kids especially suffer from this problem because they love to always be in contact with their friends on the Internet. This means it is especially important for parents to make a special place in your home for homework— a space free from distractions.

When kids are having trouble focusing on homework, the problem may be where they are working. In order to best serve their mind, they need to do homework in a suitable environment for learning.

Comfort and function are key to finding the right desk for your child. We’ll walk you through the main points to consider when looking for a kid’s desk.


Get your desk search in motion by measuring your space to figure out what size desk you’ll need. Be sure to allow for 30 inches behind the desk to make room for the chair. An ample workspace is important, but you also have to envision the footprint of the desk.


Because you want your child to be comfortable, look for a desk that is the right height for them. Their desk chair should let them sit with their feet flat on the floor, and the desk should be around eight inches above the chair seat. Several of our finds are height adjustable so that you can make sure the desk fits your kiddo to a tee.

Best Kids Desk Chair: 7 Top Choices for Your Young Learner [2022]

Our experts recommend looking for chairs that are adjustable (and therefore more ergonomic) because they can be tailored to fit a child’s needs and, according to California-based chiropractor Dr. Brook Sheehan, “help with keeping and supporting an upright posture.” This includes elements like adjustable armrests, seat height and depth, and an adjustable swivel. According to our experts, armrests give kids more places to rest limbs and achieve a comfortable position while they work. An adjustable seat that can move up and down in height (as well as depth) will also help kids sit properly and ensure they can reach their desk without strain. Lastly, you’ll want to take into account whether the chair’s swivel can be adjusted. If your child tends to be easily distracted, having the ability to lock the chair in place can help ensure spinning does not become a distraction.


Think about what your kid will be using the desk for. Do you have littles that need space for crayons and coloring sheets? Teenagers that will be working with heavy textbooks and a laptop? Decide how much storage the actual desk needs, such as a hutch or additional drawers, or if you’ll use other furniture for organization.

Scroll on to find our top picks for kids’ desks — from space-saving to versatile, from storage-ready to budget-friendly.

  1. Adjustable: Ensure the seat has adjustable height and backrest. This will allow the child to sit at the right height at any desk. The backrest should fit the spine curvature and offer back support, and improve posture.
  2. Footrest: If the chair seems a bit high for the kid, make sure it has a footrest to keep the knees at a 90° angle while sitting.
  3. Swivel and wheels: A swivel chair is fun and offers the child the freedom to move along the table or across the room. Caster wheels help maneuver easily.
  4. Cushioning: Make sure the seat is well-cushioned for comfort and support, while the back of the chair should allow air circulation to prevent sweat.
  5. Footrest versus no footrest: Footrests are important — especially for younger children who may not be tall enough for their feet to reach the floor when seated — because they help prevent “feet from dangling all day,” which Kwon says can cause unnecessary fatigue. Of course, if your child is older or tall enough for their feet to reach the floor unaided, you may not need one.

What Makes A Chair Ergonomic?

  1. The following features make an ergonomic chair.
  2. Height: The seat height will determine if your feet stay flat on the floor. A chair with adjustable height is recommended.
  3. Seat width and depth: The seat depth should be two to four inches between the back of the knees and the edge of the seat.
  4. Seat tilt: A good ergonomic seat should have a slight tilting feature.
  5. Backrest: The backrest should offer lumbar support and support the natural ‘S’ curvature of the spine along with a recline feature.
  6. Swivel: The swivel motion helps maneuverability, making movement across the table less stressful.
  7. Arm and headrests: Arm and headrest reduce stress on the upper body, relaxing the shoulders and neck.

Kids need proper chairs to sit at their desks all day. The body needs to have optimal comfort with support for the joints and muscles. An uncomfortable chair will cause back pain and tension in the body. We hope our list of the best kids’ desk chairs can help you choose the right one.

Children start their days sitting at school desks with rigid seats. If any parents think back to their time at school, it’s easy to remember just how uncomfortable those seats are. Schools buy desks for kids for the sole purpose of utility and function, rather than comfort. In order to run an efficient school, desks and chairs have to be washable and stackable. It’s not wondering why some kids have so much trouble paying attention.

At the home, we want our kids to succeed in learning from their homework. Therefore, it is best to have a set up for them to do their best work. You may think that a hard chair and desk will keep kids focused. On the other hand, some people think working on a relaxing couch is a good idea. However, the best way to focus, in fact, is a more moderate approach.

To work efficiently, it is important to feel comfortable—but not too comfortable. Ergonomic chairs are a great solution in this “happy medium” area.

While some ergonomic chairs are made for comfort and luxury, others are specially crafted to focus on work-related tasks, including homework sessions. Just like in an adult’s office environment, children work best in a comfortable but firm chair. Instead of feeling uncomfortable and bored, ergonomic chairs assist parents with getting their kids to sit and focus.

School, homework, and play are the natural activities each child spends their time doing each day. Understandably, kids want to minimize the amount of time they spend on homework each day so they have more play. Children typically take a break after school for a snack or even wait until after dinner to do their homework. As soon as they get started, if they have the proper workspace, kids will finish their work faster and get right back to the recreational activities they enjoy.

Too often, kids fill out worksheets and study for tests in the middle of the common area of the house. Spending hours on kitchen table chairs does not make homework any more pleasant. Plus, afterschool math problems seem to be the last way kids want to spend their time. Sitting on hard wooden chairs make kids get antsy. They are even more uncomfortable and want to get up and move around.

Beds are even worse. If a kid is doing their homework in bed, they could just as easily be on electronics or even fall asleep. One way to keep kids more focused is by making the place they sit and do homework more comfortable. Ergonomic chairs allow for kids to have their own space that feels special. That way, they know that when they are in their study area, they get the work done.

Benefits of a Desk Chair for Kids

Of course, you can let your kid use your office chair when needed, but since children’s bodies are much smaller, here are a few advantages of buying an ergonomic office chair designed specifically for kids:

  • It can help them maintain good posture
  • It can prevent spine problems
  • It can improve their sitting experience
  • It can boost their productivity
  • They can use it for multiple purposes
  • They can feel excited about choosing the chair color
  • It can be adjusted according to their body composition
  • It can make their study setup more ergonomically-friendly

Should I Buy an Ergonomic Office Chair for My Kid?

The Best Kids' Desk Chair Options for Comfortable Studying - Bob Vila

Knowing your kid is sitting in a comfortable chair will make you less worried about their posture and overall health. In the age of technology, it’s hard to prevent your child from spending time in front of a computer or, of course, from completing their homework as it usually involves a laptop or a PC too. That’s why getting a proper desk chair for your kid will be one of your best investments.

We hope you managed to find what you were looking for. And if you have any questions or have an idea of what we should review next, please let us know.

  • How often should I replace a desk chair?

    Typically, desk chairs should last for years. However, if yours is wobbly or broken, it’s likely time for a new one. You’ll also want to replace your desk chair if your child has outgrown a too-small one, as you’ll want them to have a comfortable fit.

  • How do I clean a desk chair?

    Read the cleaning instructions, if any, that come along with your desk chair. Depending on the material used in the desk chair, use a dry or wet cloth to remove any stains, dust, or dirt.

  • Is it bad to sit in a desk chair all day?

    While a desk chair is better for long stretches of work than a less-supportive couch or armchair, It’s not healthy for kids (or adults) to stay seated at a desk chair all day long. Depending on their age, kids have limited attention spans and ability to sit still—and even if they can do it, it’s not ideal. Every 20 or 30 minutes for little ones and every hour or so for big kids, be sure to have your child get up from their chair for some movement, such as stretching, yoga, or a run around the block.

Expert Tips for Choosing the Best Kid’s Desk Chair

The rules of ergonomics for kids are largely the same as they are for adults, says Jennifer George, O.T.D., an occupational therapist at Rutgers University. Meaning, while they’re working, your child’s feet should be flat, their knees should be bent at a 90-degree angle, and, when they’re typing, their wrists should be at the same height as the keyboard.

11 Best Kids' Desks 2022 - Stylish and Functional Desks for Kids

The right desk chair for your child depends on your child’s size, George says. “If you can find something adjustable, great,” she says. Alternative types of chairs, like ball chairs, can also be good for kids who tend to move a lot, she says.

But if you can only find or afford a more standard chair, that’s OK, too. “It is perfectly fine to have a non office-style chair as most school chairs are not office-style,” points out Ashanti Woods, M.D., a pediatrician at Baltimore’s Mercy Medical Center.

In a perfect world, you’d find a chair with a shorter seat depth so that your child can use a backrest. “But you’re not always going to get it right,” George says. “If you can find one that fits your child, amazing. But you can use a pillow behind their back or roll up a towel to make it fit.”

Foot support is important, too, says Alison Crepeau, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon at Connecticut Children’s. Your child’s feet “shouldn’t just dangle,” she says. If your child has a desk that’s a standard height, that often means you’ll want to rely on a footstool for help, George says. And, for younger kids, a chair with a back is often a good idea, Crepeau says.

But experts stress that these are all just suggestions. Ultimately, the best desk chair for your child is one they like using.

How much weight does it support?

While almost any office chair can support any kid, remember that kids are known for jumping into the chair or inviting their friends to sit together in it, you name it. Here’s when having a chair that can hold enough weight is crucial if you want the chair to serve longer than a few uses.

Does the chair have proper lumbar support?

This is by far one of the most crucial aspects of any task chair for kids. Children’s bodies grow, and it’s essential to have furniture that supports the growth of that young body. In addition, promoting good posture from early years can help prevent problems later in life. So if you want to ensure your kid sits in an ergonomically correct position, always check what kind of lumbar support the chair provides.

Does it have armrests?

While it’s mostly a question of preference, armrests can help your kid relax during online school breaks or in between homework assignments. You can find a few chair models with comfy armrests on our list if it’s a deal-breaker for you.

Can it be adjusted?

Considering that kids are different and keep on growing constantly, it’s great to have a desk chair that can be adjusted according to your kid’s height. This will also save you money on buying a new chair every year.

Does the chair offer colorful designs?

If you know that for your kid, it’s important to have bright colors in the room, then go for a chair model that offers multiple color options and let your kid choose once. It’ll make them more excited about studying and promote productivity.

How thick is the cushion?

When we talk about your kid’s comfort, it’s essential to mention that the chair should have a thick-padded seat cushion to prevent fatigue and make it easier for your kid to sit through an online lesson.

There are several things to consider when purchasing a desk chair for children. Kids should be able to place their feet firmly on the ground and as parallel as possible to each other. That way, their weight is distributed evenly, and there should be less strain or tension in particular muscles.

Ideally, a desktop would measure between 22 to 29 inches, and a chair would measure from 8 to 18 inches. The depth of the chair (from the front to the back of the seat) needs to be enough so that your child can sit with their back against the chair’s backrest whilst still leaving around 2 to 4 inches between the back of their knees and the seat of the chair. The chair’s measurements – width, height, depth – are therefore important to take into account before purchase.

It’s a fair amount to consider, but also important to get right so as to minimise any back or neck pain in growing bodies. That way, your kids can get on with learning and schoolwork without any problems. If you’re searching for both a desk and chair, why not turn to our list of the best desk options for kids?

How to Choose the Best Kids Desk Chair for Focused Home Learning

It’s probably not a secret for you how crucial it is to have an ergonomic office chair to get through a whole workday. But what about a school day? Whether your kid is sitting at the desk doing homework or attending an online class, it’s no less important they also do it sitting in a comfortable chair.

However, when choosing an ergonomically designed office chair for a kid, it’s very easy to get distracted by colorful patterns and forget about functionality and comfort. For a growing child, it’s crucial to use an office chair that promotes good posture.

To help you make the right decision, we have hand-picked the nine best desk chairs for kids. Scroll down to review our selections!


Best Desk Chair for kids – Setting up the right workspace for your child is a big step you can take to ensure their schoolwork goes smoothly. At the minimum, any little learner will need a desk (we’ve rounded up a bunch of expert-approved ones here) and a place to sit. But not all chairs are created equal.

Schools will look different for kids this fall in many areas across the country. Children in Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, and Washington, D.C., will go back to school under a remote learning plan, while those in New York City will operate under a mix of remote and in-person learning. And, of course, there are plenty of kids who will do remote learning in other areas of the U.S.

As a result, parents are working hard to try to set up mini schools in their homes. Pinterest is flooded with suggestions on how to create fun at-home workstations for kids, and desks designed for children are selling out everywhere. But, while you can make the space warm and inviting for your child, picking out a kid-friendly chair is a surprisingly daunting task.

“It seems straightforward, but depending on the kids’ ages and their level of learning, the expectations for them to achieve or maintain certain postures for a certain amount of time will be different,” says Dr. David Kwon, a physical therapist who works as the general manager at Next Level Physio in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey. To find the best desk chairs for kids, we spoke to Kwon and three more experts — some of whom are parents themselves — about the ones they’d recommend.

We can’t cut back on the hours of homework, but we can give our kids a comfy spot to finish up their math worksheets, history paper or latest science project. A comfortable chair is essential, and a big part of that equation is picking a chair that’s well-built and the proper height for your child.