Best Desk Chair for Sciatica

Best Desk Chair for Sciatica – Long sitting sessions (while working at home or at the office) are more likely to cause back pain. According to a survey, almost 80% of Americans complain of lower back pain at least once in their lives. If not treated properly, this pain can turn into sciatica.

In this case, comfortability and productivity are two challenges to meet while keeping your spine in alignment.

I have encountered many patients who have chronic pain and discomfort despite having tried various treatments like acupuncture, chiropractic, ice & heat therapy, to name a few.

Sciatica sufferers, therefore, need a comfortable ergonomic office or home chair with lumbar support and adjustability that prevents lower back pain and piriformis syndrome.

Still around? Good! Check out the list below to find more reviews about the best office chairs for back pain or sciatica that can reduce stress on your connected tissues and ensure a healthy posture throughout the day.


1.Steelcase Gesture Office Chair

When it comes to office chairs, you can’t go wrong with any product from the luxury brand Steelcase. The Grand Rapids, Michigan-based company is the go-to pick for office chairs and other furniture pieces, including desks and storage.

The Steelcase Gesture is the brand’s flagship office chair. It’s a great option for those dealing with sciatica because it offers a range of motions and contours to the spine like a glove. Even better, the headrest is adjustable to keep your neck and upper back in a comfortable, stable position. And when your neck and upper back are straight and secure, your lower back will also be in a suitable position to help alleviate — or at least stabilize — sciatic pain.

The Steelcase Gesture comes in a bevy of beautiful colors. It’s on the heavier side at 72.8lbs, but it can support up to 400lbs, which is quite impressive.

Here are some other things we like about the Gesture:

  • Beautiful design. Steelcase is known for modern designs that make office furniture stand out in the crowd. The Gesture is no different, featuring sleek lines and top quality materials.
  • Ships fully assembled. Office chairs aren’t exactly difficult to put together, but they can take time due to their size and weight. The Gesture comes ready to sit in the box.
  • Adjustable arms. While this doesn’t necessarily help with sciatic pain, it’s a game changer in terms of overall comfort. The Getsure 360 arm moves like a human arm and can essentially be set in any position — perfect for all-day typing.

The Gesture is on the higher end of the pricing spectrum, as are most products from Steelcase. But if you’re upgrading your home office, or if human resources is letting you splurge for a new chair at the office, you can’t go wrong with the Steelcase Gesture.

Pros & Cons


For those experiencing lower back pain, but who also have a tighter budget for a new office chair, the staples Hyken is an excellent choice with minimal compromises.

Sure, it doesn’t look as sleek as the more expensive Steecase or Herman Miller options, but the number of adjustments on this chair allow you to custom tailor it to your lower back needs.

First, let’s talk about the mesh back. If you tend to run warmer, you’ll appreciate how this chair keeps your cooler throughout the work day. The tight mesh also aids in back support, offering the perfect amount of give.

The adjustable tilt tension features a wide range of seating angles, allowing you to hone in a seating position that best supports your individual back.

One downside are the adjustable arms. They go up and down, but don’t swivel for full 360-degree control. Some have also argued that the armrests don’t come down low enough for complete comfort.

With a 250lbs weight capacity, this chair also can’t hold as much weight as its more expensive counterparts. The chair itself only weighs 28lbs, making it one of the lighter chairs on our list.

For the money, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better chair. So, if you’re willing to deal with some of this chair’s shortcomings, then by all means buy one today.

Pros & Cons

3.HAG Capisco

For those searching for a smaller-profile office chair that offers top notch ergonomics, the Fully Hag Capisco is an office chair that checks those boxes.

This chair requires a second glance at first. It’s certainly not as large and plush as other chairs on this list, but this unique chair is all about supporting your back and posture.

The saddle is firm on this chair, but once you’re positioned for a work session, it does have a relatively comfortable feel to it. That’s because it’s molded to support your lower back in a way that’s a tad more deliberate than other chairs on this list.

For those concerned about size, Hag does offer similar chairs with larger profiles.

As you can probably imagine, based on the photo of this chair, it’s not the best for sitting for a long period of time. There just isn’t enough a cushion in its smaller profile to make it truly comfortable for all-day use. You’ll likely want to schedule breaks from it to walk around, which is a good practice anyways for those dealing with Sciatica.

The main purpose of this chair is to support your back and it does a great job at this.

The Fully Hag Capisco isn’t a cheap chair, but if you require an office chair with the ultimate ergonomic profile, you can’t go wrong with it.

Pros & Cons

4.La-Z-Boy Delano

For those with the impressive mahogany-filled offices and large, impressive desks, the La-Z-Boy Delano might not only be the most comfortable chair on this list, but it also does a darn good job at supporting your posture and alleviating sciatica pain.

Now, this chair isn’t for everyone. The whole “executive office” fad pretty much died in the early 2000s, but there’s certainly a crowd out there who still finds the large leather roller office chair attractive and useful.

So, for those interested, here’s what you need to know about our pick for best executive office chair that also helps with your lower back pain:

  • Great weight capacity. One benefit of a larger chair is a larger weight capacity. This chair, which weighs in at about 55lbs, can support up to 350lbs worth of weight. Additionally, this chair undergoes rigorous BIFMA testing.
  • Solid materials. Yes, those arms are made of real mahogany, which is a very sturdy wood.
  • Reclines. The ability to recline is extremely important for those who deal with sciatica pain.

One of the best parts of this chair is its price tag. It’s on the lower end of this list and very affordable by most measures.

Some owners have complained about quality control issues, but La-Z-Boy has responded promptly by sending new parts.

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One of the best chairs for those with sciatica pain, but certainly not one to sit in all day, is the Dragonn by Vivo kneeling chair. This unique chair is designed to support everything from your back to your knees, shins and buttocks — and it does a great job at that.

There’s certainly a learning curve with any kneeling chair. You have to build up some muscle in your shins and knees that will develop over time and simply get used to “sitting” in a kneeling position.

Owners of this chair say it has offered great relief from their back pain, but are adamant that this isn’t an all-day chair. Your knees can hurt after a few hours and will almost definitely hurt after six to eight consecutive hours. If you’re in a job where you’re at your desk for 20-60 minutes at a time, but are constantly moving around, this could be a great option.

We really like how there are wheels included, making adjustments quick and painless. The front wheels do lock so you can stay in place.

Impressively, this kneeling chair can support up to 250lbs. Its height is adjustable by 10 inches.

There are more expensive kneeling chairs on the market, but this one is a steal when it comes to price. If you’re on the fence about a kneeling chair, you can’t go wrong at least trying this one out. Chances are if you don’t like it, you could sell it second hand to someone else who is interested in learning about kneeling chairs.

Pros & Cons

6.Gabrylly Ergonomic

This chair is supportive with lumbar support and has several adjustable features including armrests, headrest, height, and backrest. The upholstery is comfortable and offers breathability. It also has caster wheels and a durable base.

The tilt function works well and it has a great neck support feature that helps to prevent pain in the shoulders, neck, and upper back.

Pros & Cons

What are Office Chairs for Sciatica?

How to sit properly in a chair –

Sciatica is often caused by prolonged sitting in an uncomfortable chair that does not offer the support and comfort that your body craves.

The pain erupts when there is compression on the sciatic nerve. Not only can awkward posture cause sciatica, but so can sitting for too long at a time or too often.

Office chairs for sciatica are chairs made specifically to reduce spine associated with pressure on the sciatic nerve.

These chairs often have saddle shaped seats which provide the necessary support while simultaneously reducing the pressure on the sciatic nerve and tailbone.

The cushions on these types of chairs are also often very soft, yet remain supportive to promote good posture.

The lumbar support is perhaps the most important feature of office chairs designed for sciatica. They also usually have tall back supports to encourage good posture.

Many options are also highly adjustable so that you can use it for your exact specifications.

Check out this video explaining three different exercises that you can use to prevent sciatica while sitting in your chair!

What are the Different Types of Office Chairs for Sciatica?

There are a few different types of office chairs that can be helpful for sciatica.

There are standard back support chairs, saddle seat office chairs, ergonomic chairs, kneeling chairs, and sciatica support accessories. Let’s check out the features of each one.
< class="">Standard Support

This is similar to a typical office chair, but has some design features that can help to improve back pain related to sciatica.

Usually this type is incredibly supportive, but also has a thick cushion on the seat. The seat usually has a u-shaped design that limits the pressure on the sciatic nerve as well.

They are available in tons of different style options and have different levels of adjustability. Some have armrests while others do not.
< class="">Saddle Seat

The shape of the seat on this type looks like a saddle. This takes most of the pressure off of the sciatic nerve which reduces the pain.

They also commonly have more adjustable features than standard sciatica office chairs.
< class="">Ergonomic

This type of chair for sciatica is highly adjustable so that it can be altered to fit your exact body type and shape.

They have taller backrests to provide good posture and sometimes even have seat depth adjustment. Many options have a backrest tension adjustment as well.

They are usually more expensive, but can be worth it if you regularly have flare-ups with your sciatic nerve.
< class="">Kneeling Chairs

While not exactly a typical office chair, they can help with sciatica.

This is because the weight on the sciatic nerve is limited because your weight will be evenly distributed around your body.

The pelvis moves forward and the back is allowed to remain in its natural position. All of this can be beneficial for the reduction of back pain.
< class="">Sciatica Chair Accessories

There are also lots of options for cushions that you can put onto an existing chair in order to reduce the pressure on your back, tail bone, and sciatic nerve.

These cushions are usually very soft and squishy so that they can be supportive while also being comfortable.

How Do Office Chairs for Sciatica Work?

Office chairs for sciatica work by limiting the pressure in the sciatica nerve.

Since this is what causes sciatica, it is the most important thing you can do for pain relief. There are a couple of ways that this type of chair does this.
< class="">Seat Shape:

First, the seats are often shaped to conform to the shape of the human body.

This makes them more comfortable and gives less tension in the joints and nerves.

They also usually have highly supportive seats for the lumbar and sciatic region. They are usually soft, comfortable, and firm.
< class="">Room for legs:

Sciatica can also be reduced by allowing the hips to have extra room and the legs to open up.

Many of these chairs offer more room for the body to rest comfortable in a natural position that is good for the back.

They also tend to have better lumbar support than other types of office chairs. This will support good posture and reduce back pain as well.
< class="">High Backrests:

Finally, the higher than average backrests provide good posture that can alleviate pain in the back, neck, and shoulders.

Many options have adjustable features to increase the likelihood that the chair will work for you.

What to Look for in the Best Office Chairs for Sciatica?

9 super comfy ergonomic office chairs for your home office – CBS San  Francisco

There are some important things to consider when shopping for an office chair that will work for your sciatica pain.

First, you need to consider the size more than with a traditional type of office chair.

The chair should not be too small because that limits movement and compresses joints and muscles.

However, it should also not be too large because that does not encourage good posture as much as one that fits your body shape and size.
< class="">Lumbar Support/ Cushions:

The lumbar support and cushion need to be carefully considered. This is the part of the chair that will help, or hurt, your sciatica the most.

You want one that is comfortable enough to remain comfortable after sitting in it for a while. You also want it to be supportive.

A lot of chairs have extremely soft cushions that may seem comfortable, but will increase your pain levels over time.

A hard chair seat is also not good because it cannot conform to your own body shape and can put more pressure on the sciatica nerve.

Key Factors For the Best Office Chair for Sciatica

Do you suffer from sciatica? If so, you know how painful and uncomfortable it can be. But did you know that there are specific office chairs that can help to relieve the pain and discomfort of sciatica?

When it comes to choosing the best office chair for sciatica, there are a few key factors you need to consider.

Good support for your spine

The most important factor is finding an office chair that will provide good support for your spine. You want to find an office chair with a lumbar support cushion that will help to keep your spine in its natural curve.

Adjustable height and armrests

Make sure that your new office chair is adjustable, so you can easily change the height as needed. You should also be able to customize and adjust the height of your desk, too, which will allow you to do work from a seated position or standing up if necessary.

It would help if you also looked for an office chair that has adjustable height and armrests so you can customize it to fit your body size.

Having a good chair and a good desk will let you choose how you want to work each day, which will improve your productivity and mood dramatically!

 Type of material the office chair is made from

Another key factor to consider when looking for the best office chair for sciatica is the type of material the office chair is made from. You want to choose an office chair that is made from a breathable material like mesh or cloth, so you can stay cool and comfortable while you work.

Soft, comfortable, cushioned seat

The best office chair for sciatica will also have a soft, comfortable, cushioned seat so you can sit comfortably for long periods. Make sure to choose an office chair that is easy to move around, so you can easily get up and walk to the printer or water cooler.

Stimulate blood circulation while you work

Best Office Desk Chair Without Wheels - Home Office Warrior

This is optional, but if you have extra savings to spare, you can choose a chair that stimulates blood circulation, so your body doesn’t ache. Look for an office chair with weight-activated massage, adjustable lumbar support and adjustable headrests.

Ergonomically designed

Another important key factor to look for is an ergonomically designed office chair. The best office chairs for sciatica will have the proper support in the right areas so you can sit comfortably and work productively all day long.

The best office chairs for sciatica will be ergonomically designed to fit your specific size so you can work without pain and discomfort all day long. If the seat is too big or too small, it could cause problems with your back and legs.

Removable lumbar support pillow

Some best office chairs for sciatica will have a removable lumbar support pillow so you can regulate pressure on the lower part of your spine during long periods of sitting. Lumbar pillows can also help support your lower back more comfortably as it eases pressure on the spine.

When seated, your lower back should be fully supported but not so much that it causes poor posture or more pain than comfort. You will be able to find the perfect balance with a good office chair for sciatica.

Armrests and knee rest

Many best office chairs for sciatica will have armrests and/or knee rests built into the design so you can sit comfortably without too much weight on one area of your legs and give them some rest by providing support at crucial points during long periods of sitting.

This feature is especially helpful for those with bad backs who need immediate relief from discomfort in order to continue working productively.

Height and tilt adjustment

It is important that your office chair be adjustable so you can find the perfect position for your body. The height should be adjustable so you can sit with your feet flat on the floor, and the tilt should be adjustable so you can find a comfortable position for your back. If the chair does not have these adjustments, it will not be ideal for long-term use. 

Fabric or leather

Many people prefer leather chairs because they are durable and easy to clean, but fabric chairs are often more comfortable. Choose the material that will make you most comfortable so you can sit in your chair for hours at a time without feeling any pain.

Weight capacity

Make sure the chair you choose can support your weight. The average weight capacity for office chairs is 250 pounds, but some chairs can support up to 350 pounds. If you are heavier than this, make sure to find a chair that can accommodate your weight.

This is not an exhaustive list, and all these factors may or may not be found in one chair. You should find a chair that will work for you while you take each of the factors into consideration.

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The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the human body. It originates in the lower back and runs through the hips and buttocks, down the length of your legs and into your feet. Pressure on this nerve at any point can cause sciatic nerve pain, with the amount of pressure being placed on the nerve determining the intensity of the pain you feel associated with it.

In practice, one of the more common causes of this type of pain is when a disc in your back begins pressing into the nerve. When this happens, the pain is sharp, sudden and extreme, radiating from the small of your back and traveling down one and possibly both legs, usually to about the back of one or both of your knees but in some cases, even further.

What is Piriformis Syndrome?

Your Office Chair Height and Angle Causing Back Pain

This is a specific type of sciatic nerve pain caused when the piriformis muscle puts pressure on the sciatic nerve. The piriformis muscle is a flat, band-like muscle located near the top of your hip joint, in your buttocks. Every time you take a step, shift your weight from one foot to the other and do anything that requires maintaining your balance, you rely heavily on your piriformis muscle. It’s not a terribly common condition, but it causes a great deal of suffering in those who have it.


Best Desk Chair for Sciatica – Do you suffer from Sciatica, Piriformis Syndrome, or some other form of chronic lower back and/or leg pain? If so, you know what a challenge it can be to stay productive. The pain can be blinding and all-consuming, and it can make it virtually impossible to get any meaningful work done.

If that’s something you’re currently struggling with, you’re going to like what you read in our latest roundup review.

We’ve scoured the internet on a quest to answer one question: What is the best office chair for sciatica in 2022? Our research has led us to a definitive answer, and in just a moment, we’ll tell you all about it, and the other top contenders we discovered along the way.

While it’s true that none of the chairs on this list provide a magic cure for sciatica, all of them make it possible to work with and around the condition, making it possible for you to have several productive hours a day at your desk, and that’s huge.