Best Desk Chair for Sitting Cross Legged

Best Desk Chair for Sitting Cross Legged – If you like the posture of sitting cross legged, you’ll need to make sure you have the right type of office chair. A crossed legged office chair is specifically designed for this type of sitting position.

However, you can also choose a suitable office that is wide and has a good weight capacity.

Using office chairs you can sit cross legged in is not best for posture, trunk symmetry and systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Often referred to Indian style or Turkish style sitting, the position still has its fans. However, it is not the office chair position most adhere by and finding a supportive chair can feel impossible.

Some of the best office chairs you can sit crossed legged in are those with no armrests. One leg can rest on top of another which is fine with most chairs. But sitting with the legs crossed underneath the body might not be as easy to support. This is why it has gotten the name of Indian style sitting. This type of sitting is seen both with office chairs and with gaming chairs.

Also, these can be slid under the table when not in use, creating more room to walk around the table. Today we have the top seven office chairs in this list that provide all the specs helpful for sitting cross-legged. Make sure to check this list out.


1.Flash Furniture HERCULES

Any large chair can be useful for sitting cross legged. A wide seat pan is what can make the difference. However, the position might be impeded by armrests and this is why the Hercules is such an interesting option.

The chair has plenty of cushioning so there’s reduced pressure on the joints. With later support on the backrest and foam cushioning, it is actually a chair which would promote long hours of sitting cross legged in. However, as seen above, this might not be the best idea. Alternating the position with normal sitting is best. You can check it out over here on Amazon!

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2.Sadie BSXVST101

The affordable option might be a good start for those unsure about sitting in an office chair cross legged. With its breathable backrest, it can promote long hours of sitting.

However, the chair has a low weight and as a result, it might not be the best option to lay back and relax as the two options above. Given cross legged sitting should not be upheld for the entire day, this can be seen as a minor issue. You can check it out over here on Amazon!

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3.HON Volt

If you prefer a regular chair with extra cross legged capacity, take a look at this model.

It features a pneumatic lift with extended height adjustments in case you want to alternate between a sitting and standing desk.

More importantly, you get a chair base that enables you to cross your legs. According to customers, this is a great ergonomic solution that’s supportive and very comfortable.

It is also easy to assemble, and support is one of its top features. Most customers also had a good experience with the footrest and the padding.

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When buying the best model you should consider important features such as cover, padding, swivel base, height adjustments, etc. Here you can read more info about user-friendly functions that will help you to choose the right model.

Sitting Positions – Kneeling chair allows you to switch between kneeling, sitting, or cross-legged sitting. There are stools with a swivel footstool that allow you to switch many sitting postures. A basic chair with a backrest shouldn’t have armrests so you can comfortably sit cross-legged.

Cover And Padding – The comfortable affordable office chair will often have a leather or mesh cover. The first one is durable and soft, while the second one is more breathable. In addition, the most common comfortable padding can be made from memory foam or sponge.

Swivel Base – This is a very user-friendly feature because it allows you to rotate for 360-degrees without leaving the chair. As a result, you don’t have to twist your back when reaching things around you. Moreover, the swivel footstool allows you to sit in different positions.

Height Adjustments – The pneumatic cylinder is a great feature that allows easy height adjustments. As a result, you can adjust the model to your own height, or working desk size. Also, a cross-legged desk chair can come with hydraulic lifting that’s also efficient with height adjustments.

Weight Capacity – Heavy-duty models such as 500 lb capacity office chairs often have a metal base such as iron, chrome, stainless steel, etc. They can hold between 300 lbs and 600 lbs. On the other hand, there are models with less strong bases that can hold standard weight capacity between 200 lbs and 300 lbs.

Is Sitting Cross Legged On A Chair Good For You?

This chair was designed to let you sit cross-legged for better posture and  health! - Yanko Design

Yes, sitting cross-legged on a comfortable chair is good for you. Because it opens up your pelvic muscles and provides flexibility to the hips, it stretches your knees and legs and keeps your spine straight. It decreases menstrual pain and sciatica pain. By sitting cross-legged, you can improve your body’s posture, and it also comforts your abdomen, thighs and spine.

Is Sitting Cross Legged Good For Hips?

Yes, sitting cross-legged is good for hips. As stated earlier, it opens up the hips. It allows you to distribute the body weight throughout the legs and spine.

Prominent positions of yoga and meditation based on cross-legged sittings because it improves the concentration of the mind. Further provides flexibility to your legs and pelvic area.

Is Kneeling At Your Desk Is Better Than Sitting?

Kneeling at your desk increases your alertness and focus at work. However, kneeling for prolong period can be damaging to your eyes. Plus, it interrupts the blood circulation around the knee area and causes light-headedness and fatigue. The more you sit in a relaxed position more productive you can be.

Before purchasing any office chair, we would like you to look at your overall medical state. If you already have existing arthritis, joint pain, or chronic backache, you should avoid purchasing defy kneeling desk chair. However, we recommend you go towards the Flash furniture Hercules series because they are best with seats and back support.

If you want to stay focused and practice yoga, we recommend the Pipersong Mediation Chair and Alexia meditation seat because they are highly comfortable and stylish in design.

Crossing your legs relieves tension in your body and helps you stretch your piriformis muscle. By doing so, your pelvis stability will increase.

At the same time, sitting with your legs crossed will reduce abdominal muscle strain.

This chair is designed to let you sit cross-legged at the office -  Mothership.SG - News from Singapore, Asia and around the world

When you’re sitting with your legs crossed without a proper chair, you’ll likely lean to one side and lose the straight posture.

Luckily, there are cross legged office chairs where you can sit straight while adopting this posture. Even with a specialized chair, you shouldn’t stay in the same posture for hours.

Doing so may compress the peroneal nerve. You will be safe if you switch positions every once in a while.

One of the most important features to consider is comfort, it should be comfortable for your knees, legs, and buttocks.

Make sure it has good reviews in this regard, it offers enough space for your body, and it has a thick layer of padding.

As you’ve seen in this article, you can choose between cross legged office chairs, kneeling chairs with a similar function, or regular chairs with extra seat space t.

Choose one type of chair depending on what you prefer. When you’re sitting in a cross legged chair, standing to change positions can be quite bothersome and time-consuming.

That’s why we recommend buying a chair with a swivel base rotation of 360º.

These chairs will also require adjusting the height to make sure it adapts to your back. Make sure it has a pneumatic cylinder. Measure your own height and compare.

You will find most models with a recommended weight of 250 lbs or less.

This is enough for most people, but if you’re larger and need a heavy-duty chair, look for 300-600 lbs in weight capacity.

Just before buying the best office chair to sit cross-legged in, you need to learn some tips that should never be ignored. Down below is the list of the basic info that is to be kept in mind in this regard:

The first and foremost thing you’d come across while looking for an office chair to sit cross-legged in, is its back design. Many people tend to be more in favor of mesh back design, as it ensures more airflow. Also, its elasticity increases comfort.

However, there are certain drawbacks of such chairs as well. And the major one in this regard is that such a chair is not a good option for a cold environment as it doesn’t keep the back warm. That’s where the leatherback design comes in.

Now you have to think about what type of back support suits your preferences the most, and then make the appropriate choice for yourself.

The second most important thing to be considered is the adjustability options that your chairs offer. In case of sitting in an upright posture, you’d need a backrest that could be reclined and the seat that could be lifted up and down accordingly.

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However, if you are looking for a chair to sit cross-legged in, then you must prefer the rocking feature and the tilt-lock mechanism. This will help you to lean back and forth and thus you can have a comfortable experience.

Thirdly, make sure that the chair you are going to buy has a considerable weight-bearing capacity. Sitting cross-legged means that the seat carries all of your weight. So this requires enough power in the body and framework of the office chair.

  1. Is sitting cross-legged in a chair good for you?

Sitting cross-legged while working for hours is not at all a good option as it may lead to muscle pains. However, if you want to have relaxing intervals while working, then you may sit this way. Not to ignore the fact that this position somehow increases your blood circulation.

  1. What is the proper way to sit in an office chair?

Office chairs are slightly different from gaming chairs and others because they are designed to maintain posture as well as deliver coziness. Besides, there are many ways people like to sit in an office chair, like cross-legged, slightly reclined, etc.

However, the proper and most recommended way to sit in an office chair is to maintain an upright posture, so as to avoid any muscular pain.


Best Desk Chair for Sitting Cross Legged – The crossed-legged office chair is a new chair design that allows you to sit in the cross-legged style position comfortably while still supporting your back and neck.

The specific chairs are made with no arms or back and are higher off the ground than most. The crossed leg chairs are beneficial for opening the hips and increasing alertness and focus.

Are you bored of sitting in a typical office chair which makes your leg’s sore, and looking for a comfortable chair to sit with crossed legs?

If yes, let me tell you that some genius inventors have built something just for you, and this article is all about your comfort.

Sitting in the wrong position can lead to many issues like backache, muscle sprain and sciatic pain. You might not like it, but it can cause you a lifetime of trouble, like difficulty in sitting and walking.

So, it is best to purchase a super comfortable and relaxing office chair to save you from all the back sore problems. However, we have gathered the best office chairs to sit crossed legged.

Plus, you will seek guidance regarding the postures and sitting positions that will keep you away from backache and muscles’ sprain as you progress in this article.