Best Desk Chair for Tailbone Pain

Best Desk Chair for Tailbone Pain – Consider the above guide if your tailbone is breaking while sitting down in chairs. We have reviewed the top 6 office chairs including their complete profile details and working mechanisms, from which you can choose the best office chair for tailbone pain.

Also, consider the components highlighted to ensure in the chair through buyer guide before buying to help you figure out which chair is most suitable for your pain side.

These chairs are suitable for all users including office workers, the elderly, and pregnant ladies. To create our guide for the best office chairs for tailbone pain, we focused on the following key features: seat cushion, seat height, lumbar support, materials, and additional features. We know that a quality seat cushion goes a long way towards reducing coccyx pain, just like seat adjustments and lumbar support. Likewise, being able to access other features like a recline function can help to give your back a break and allow you to rest for brief periods throughout the day. Keep reading to learn more about our criteria and to shop from our recommendations.


1.Steelcase Leap

Tailbone pain can be a huge distraction when working. It’s important to find a seat with a good cushion and matches the shape of your buttocks. Specifically, the Steelcase Leap uses a dense foam cushion along with tiny air pockets in the foam to conform to the shape of your body. This ensures you’re getting firm support throughout while having the pressure dispersed due to the density of the cushion.

In addition, the Leap has flexible edges that bend downward when sitting on top. This relieves the pressure points underneath your thighs and improves circulation.

Besides its seat cushion, posture is an integral part of alleviating tailbone pain. Since the coccyx is a part of your spine, you need to ensure you are sitting in a balanced and forward posture. The Leap has its Natural Glide technology that slides forward when you recline your back.

The backrest features a 3D LiveBack technology that mimics and adapts to your movement. As a result, your lumbar will be well-supported, and your spine will retain its S-shaped curve.

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2.Serta AIR Health

Serta Air Health and Wellness Executive Office chair is an appreciated model of Serta whose primary goal is to earn ease for its users by bringing air pillow support from the back and throughout the complete tailbone.

If your budget is not so high and your demand is a chair that can suit your height as none other chair has proved equally supportive to be long enough to sustain neck comfort. You need not be worried anymore.

Serta executive office chair has a big backrest and stylish finish with supportive features you can get under an extremely reasonable price tag. (Hit your problems right away!)

The appearance of this chair is simple yet definitely assembled with the backrest scaled higher and provides top-notch relief to the complete posterior.

Be happy because you don’t need to add extra pillows near lumbar where actually the coccyx is irritating you. The chair has an integrated pillow on the back which seems like an outgrown bend of the backrest and pushes your spine without being stiff on touching.

Do not think extra if your height is short. You can also conveniently go with its structure. Simply adjust the height, using cable levers, to a position where your feet touch the floor and reduce pain originating from the end of the spine.

It is an easy option for office workers with bad tailbone pain. By fixing a desirable position using a pneumatic lift beneath the chair, you can scale your backbone up without stiffing it to grow painful for long-term sitting.

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3.Steelcase Gesture

If you want a chair with a professional design and which ensures the stability of sitting for a long run, we have tested the Steelcase gesture chair to be a perfect fit so far.

Its ergonomic features collectively help you release aches from the back once you end up positioning yourself in a posture that your back is relaxing on the backrest, height is supportive and feet are touching the ground.

The overall body is plastic-made and allows movements in all directions with easy adjustment options.

Your best comfort to the lumbar for reducing extra burden over coccyx can be provided through Steelcase gesture’s armrests, seat depth, and height adjustment screws that are easily reachable while you are calmly sitting in it.

The seat comfort is an amazing factor in this chair which promises to provide skin-friendly fabric and comfy seat padding.

While sitting to get a quick nap, place your arms over armrests that are adaptive to 4d movement and made of durable plastic.

It is true that the complete chair is covered with plastic. But this plastic is sufficient to provide equal comfort to areas where flexibility is required, such as pelvic and shoulder. Also, metal features, including tilting mechanisms and height levers are upholstered with a plastic layer to give a cleaner view overall.

You can lock the position at 7 different points you think where your tailbone feels more satisfaction to stand. It makes it a compatible chair among the stocks we are reviewing.

You can choose Steelcase gesture chair for all back pain types as it is confident to provide luxurious sitting involving both its attractive structure and manageable features.

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If you are facing extreme trouble with your tailbone that even no backrest of chair can heal, we have Dragonn by Vivo Ergonomic Kneeling chair, which is such an affordable treatment for your lower extremities complications while sitting.

The chair is very easy to connect all its components and comes directly for use.

You will be impressed by its supportive style which is different from other office chairs and doesn’t have a backrest and armrests at back or around.

Sit on its downward sloping seat and put your knees over knee pads filled with comfortable padding in front so that your feet are moving backward, pushing your spine forward and reducing strong pangs occurring in back joints (just appropriately built for tailbone pain sufferers).

Your big contribution to spine problems including tailbone pain and disc slips comes from inappropriate sitting while performing desk tasks.

This kneeling chair has 2X padding support and comfort for both knees and seat which limits the bending possibility of the spine like no other.

There is a screw behind the seat for seat height adjustment and this frame excluding padding is pure metal which is firmly constructed to bear weights up to 250lbs.

Instead, you deal with armrests, backrest height, and lumbar depth in the seat, this kneeling chair doesn’t demand this all management. It is a heavy-duty, simple, yet effective seat you can have everywhere as it is easy to carry from one location to another.

If you are bored with the same chair look and also want to bring a new one that understands your current instability of tailbone, here is your choice in the form of DRAGONN by VIVO kneeling ergonomic chair. Just grasp it for living a better working life!

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5.Duramont Ergonomic

If you are appointed to overlook managerial tasks in summer and handling hours of work which can be highly stiff for your tailbone and make you sweat, here is the best choice you can consider right away which is Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair.

It is meshed and designed very simply so that anyone buying it can understand its features without reading details mentioned in the description.

Among all meshed chairs ensuring complete airflow to sustain comfortable and ventilated sitting, Duramont is highly featured and has many more to assist your posture while making yourself active on the desk for multiple hours.

The chair has a tilting limiter while reclining you to a suitable position. It also has height adjustments through simple handles that you can get assembled right beneath your seat.

The armrests are an ordinary design but can permit two-directional movement when you are tired of placing your arms in the same state for hours.

Douramont doesn’t support the extensive features that other professional chairs have. It still operates in a way where your lumbar is extremely relaxed and finds support to reduce tailbone stiffness. Hence, it has been adopted by hundreds of users with five-star reviews!

As far as value goes, the Duramont seemed more like the “you get what you pay for” brand. When the Duramont suits your budget and you are taller, you might want to consider it.

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6.HAG Capisco

An amazing and unique style of saddle chair is HAG Capisco Adjustable Standing Desk Chair which is extremely comfortable for executing podcasts and doing more desk work in less time.

Its body is designed considering human comfort as a priority and you will see that the back has a template that seems like human parts supporting the back.

Similarly, the seat is shaped from where your thighs are free to move without being covered up to your knees – which is a really exceptional thing you would ever experience in a chair.

So, if you have no time adjusting to the many and many features we usually have in ordinary chairs, just go with this option and you will enjoy it while feeling differently and at ease for the tailbone.

The HAG Capisco Standing Desk chair is the right choice for tall and extra tall people who have to frequently face height problems in chairs. But with this chair, you will get composition components consisting of only two things; backrest and seat, while there is nothing to bother and adjust at all.

It has a seat height of 22.5″ – 33″ with an 18.5″ backrest which is a great thing to stay above the ground at a maximum position and slaying at a very minor angle while your feet are touching the ground.

At the base, there are rolling casters for moving over all surfaces, whether softwood or hardwood carpet. It has a weight capacity of 250 pounds which makes it highly durable and firm. So be ready to support your back wherever you are appointed to run an hours job!

HAG Capisco Standing desk chair is an overall trendy choice mostly adopted by youngsters. But if you are buying it for the elderly, there are more chairs with complete components you can consider than this.

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Things You Must Know About the Best Office Chair for Tailbone Pain Before Buying

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It is better to know which components in a chair can make it reliable for posterior support. So you can ensure them and then pick the one and best option for getting a convenient sitting style that never puts pressure on the coccyx to hit the tailbone in return.

Here are some important features you need to know before buying the best office chair for tailbone pain:

Structure and Material

Do not miss to check what the structure of the chair is and if it seems relevant to your needs or not. For this, we have mentioned above different seat designs including advanced ergonomic office chairs, kneeling chairs, and ball chairs. They all are different and support different types of back pain or tailbone pains.

So you can pick from them understanding the nature of your tailbone pain and comparing it with structure support for that area.

Backrest Height


Since a long backrest will work the same way to support your tailbone as it is done by short backrests. So never bother this thing you are going to get high backrests in order to support your lumbar.

Just sitting comfortably and pushing optimally to the last bone of the spine or coccyx will be good to go with your tailbone relief. Consider as well, the chair you are using has sufficient room for seating and doesn’t resist or feel rock line to the body.

Composition and Built Quality

Have a look at the material used for providing comfort to the lower back or tailbone. Since flexibility matters to regain tailbone agility, it is better to go with a material that allows movement and relaxation at the same time!

Also, check out the built quality of the chair. Most chairs have steel and aluminum mechanisms for tilting which is sometimes directly exposed in real material while sometimes covered in a plastic sheet.

Choose the chair whose plastic body is durable and firm. You can also check plastic durability by comparing it with the weight limit mentioned in the product description. The greater the weight capacity, the stronger will be the plastic to bear heavy weight over it.

Lumbar Adjustments


It is important to note down lumbar strength given to the user as tailbones come directly to fit in the lumbar area. Therefore it must be comfortable, strong, qualified for adjustabilities, and overall a good spot in the chair.

Many chairs have plastic support right behind the seat near the lumbar region to hold your back perfectly when it fits in the seat. You can also say that the ease you feel while tailbone pain when sitting on a chair is just the reflex of its better lumbar support.

One that provides lumbar height locks and position adjustments is the finest to buy from the rest of the stock.

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Can an ordinary chair help reduce tailbone pain?

An ordinary dining chair or table chair cannot be as effective as an office chair as it doesn’t support many features supported by ergonomic office chairs.

You would have to place extra pillows in seats near or around the lumbar when sitting in an ordinary chair. The wooden stiffness from the back can make the tailbone experience shock and hence be more disturbed.

How does an office chair provide support to the tailbone joint?

Office chairs are different in many ways than ordinary ones due to owing height adjustments, reclining, tilting, and overstuffing. These all components are extremely supportive to put light pressure on the spine which helps it to stand exactly right and lessens the burden over the coccyx or tailbone joint.

Why do I feel a hurting tailbone while sitting in an office chair?

There are many reasons such as trauma to the tailbone and long-term negligence of pain that can lead to chronic pain of the coccyx.

Reaching this condition will make you uncomfortable even by sitting in office chairs and you immediately need a doctor’s consultation here.

An office chair is an investment that may last you over a decade. Some chairs may last a few years, while others will last much longer. That is dependent on the build quality and materials used. First, the frame of the chair should be made of steel or aluminum. Chairs with any nylon or plastic materials tend to wear down easily. You’ll find that these materials have a higher weight capacity as well.

Secondly, the cushion is another important material used. Foam cushions should be highly dense or highly resilient. Some chairs even use memory foam. These foam types maintain shape for longer than the standard form.

Office chairs should also have a dual-caster with a PU cover for protection or a rubber rollerblade wheel casters. Dual wheel casters tend to last the longest since they have a PU cover and have two wheels put together. 

Depending on the severity, tailbone pain can be very uncomfortable. The best way to sit is to lean slightly forward to lift the weight off of your tailbone. The coccyx is located just under the sacrum, which is the base of the spine. Although you’re leaning forward, your back should still be on the backrest. Make sure you can adjust the seat depth as needed to get an optimal position. Also, your feet should be planted flat on the floor.

To supplement your sitting position, you can also ease the discomfort by placing an ice pack or heating pad on your tailbone. Never hunch over to a C-shape spine curve since that will only put more pressure on your tailbone. 

Seat comfort is an integral part of the entire posture, but especially your tailbone. A seat that is too soft will cause you to sink in deeply and ruin your posture. In contrast, a chair that is too firm can hurt your buttocks and put excessive stress on your tailbone. The best seat cushion is a happy medium.

Many chairs use a high-density foam cushion to take some of the load and disperse it evenly along with the seat. You may find some chairs with a W-shaped design that matches the shape of the buttocks. Or some chairs even have a waterfall seat edge to increase blood flow circulation under your thighs.

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However, chairs that have a mesh seat must use a softer mesh material. For example, the Herman Miller Aeron has a unique elastomeric suspension that is very forgiving. This absorbs the pressure, which makes sitting on it very comfortable and supportive. 

Office chairs need adjustments so that you don’t have to sit awkwardly to work at your desk. The most common adjustments in an office chair are seat height, seat depth, backrest height, backrest angle, tilt tension, headrest height and angle, lumbar support, and armrests.

The seat height ensures that you’re sitting at eye level with your monitor and your feet are planted firmly on the floor. Seat depth allows you to get a proper backrest, no matter whether you are tall or short. The armrest is designed to take the load off of your shoulder and neck. In addition, the armrest should be adjusted so that you don’t receive carpal tunnel syndrome from excessively bending your wrists to type on the keyboard. 

Back support is a key element to finding the right office chair. Most people who sit for long hours tend to throw posture out the window. All office chairs should aid in improving your posture. First, you may consider looking for a backrest height adjustment if the backrest is separate from the seat. This ensures that taller individuals are well-supported as well.

Another main component of the backrest is the lumbar support. Office chairs need to support the natural curve of the human spine. Chairs like the Duramont and the Secretlab Titan have backrests where you can adjust the depth and height of the lumbar support. Controlling the firmness or depth allows you to get just the right support that feels comfortable to you. In contrast, the Herman Miller Embody doesn’t allow you to adjust the lumbar specifically. Instead, you’ll adjust the entire backrest to align it with your curve.

The backrest recline should also have the ability to adjust in angle and tilt tension. By reclining backward, the pressure unloads off of your spine, which reduces back pain. The tilt tension adjusts the amount of tension needed to change positions. This is important because light and heavier people will need different tension levels to adjust their position to make the transition smooth.

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For those who weigh 250 pounds or more, consider the weight capacity of your chair. On average, standard chairs support up to 250 lbs. If you’re looking for a chair that can withstand more weight, the Steelcase Leap can support up to 400 pounds, and the Herman Miller Aeron supports up to 350 pounds.

Never try to sit on chairs that can’t withstand your weight because that can cause the frame, base, and parts to wear down quickly. 

Knowing your budget is an important aspect of selecting your office chair. Luckily, we’ve listed chairs that vary from low-budget to mid-tier to premium chairs. If you’re on a budget, we recommend the Duramont office chair, DRAGONN kneeling chair, or the Isokinetics Fitness Ball Chair. These chairs are minimalist but offer excellent features to manage tailbone pain.

For mid-tier options, we recommend the Secretlab Titan or the Serta AIR office chair. Both offer plenty of cushions to lessen the pressure and make sitting much more comfortable. If you’re willing to invest in the highest quality chairs, we recommend any Herman Miller or Steelcase office chairs. These chairs are the most durable and, specifically, will adapt their supports to your body shape. As a result, you’ll get a chair that relieves any pain and helps correct any bad posture.


Best Desk Chair for Tailbone Pain – Obviously, pain at the back and especially around the coccyx (the end of your spine) is very problematic, as it is the point where our complete backbone relies on.

It can have many reasons including surgery, trauma to the coccyx, and long-term sitting on an uncomfortable surface. This all makes your tailbone feel crampy and itchy all the time. It is no doubt a big issue while doing work – whether at home or in the office.

Tailbone pain can be incredibly uncomfortable and difficult to deal with, especially if you sit in an office chair all day. This can significantly impact your productivity at work. Tailbone pain, otherwise known as coccydynia, is the pain located in and around the triangular bone just below the sacrum of your spine. This injury can be slow to heal. Depending on the severity, it can last between 8 to 12 weeks.

Luckily, there are office chairs that can help alleviate coccydynia and allow you to work effectively. We’ll review the 10 best office chairs for tailbone pain and provide a buyer’s guide to selecting the right chair.