Best Desk Chair Under 200

Best Desk Chair Under 200 – Choosing the wrong desk chair can have some pretty terrible ramifications, including lower work productivity and serious spine problems. Fortunately, many of the models on today’s market, including those at a lower price point, take all these concerns into consideration.

Comfortable upholstery, adjustable settings, tilt control, and swivel functionality are just a few of the things that will make all the difference in your everyday comfort, efficiency, and happiness.


So whether you’re working from home on the weekdays or spending weekends gaming with your friends (or both!), be sure to choose the chair that can not only support your lifestyle but improve it!


Pros & Cons

At first blush, you might be torn between figuring out whether the Berlman office chair is in fact a gaming chair, and this would be totally understandable because of its high back and sportish look. This ergonomic desk chair can actually be both, and is also very easily adjustable down to your specific preferences.

Like most mesh office chairs in its price range, the ergonomic office chair comes with built in lumbar support that’s great for those times you need to put in long hours at the office without your back getting worked up, as well as a breathable mesh back to keep you cool and comfortable whenever you’re using it. If you’re concerned about your back, you’re probably very keen on finding out it’s got the best lumbar support for office chair. Sit through the rest of this review and we’ll take you through what you should expect.

2.Giantex Chair

Pros & Cons

Gaming in a chair like Giantex helps you to imagine yourself behind the wheel of a slick car or handling the controls on a mission. This Giantex masterpiece has an elegant white PU leather and mesh exterior that sets it apart from the usual black seen on a majority of computer chairs. It’s stand-apart look is enhanced by the rounded armrests and red detailing. And there’s an appealing simplicity in the lack of unnecessary features. There’s no way this Giantex chair can go unnoticed in your office or game room.

If you’re an aspiring video game streamer who’s just starting out and wants to find a budget chair, then you’ve got a pretty good option in this Giantex gaming chair. This chair is something that will help accentuate your charisma without making much of a dent in your wallet. Not only is it incredibly good looking, but it also manages to be good looking without being obnoxious.

3.Office Chair

Pros & Cons

In a hybrid work environment, you’ll need one of the best office chairs not just at your company’s office, but in your home, too. After all, you’re likely going to spend as much time in front of a computer at your house as you are in an office building.

That’s where our guide to the best office chairs comes in. We’ve selected chairs that are not only comfortable, but ones that are adjustable, too. No two people are alike, so a chair should be able to conform to your body. And, it should be supportive of your lower back, shoulders, arms, and wrists, so you don’t suffer repetitive stress injuries.


Pros & Cons

More of us are working from home than ever before, and we need proper support and comfort to help carry us through our workdays. And if you’re in need of a quality ergonomic chair (at a very reasonable price point), we think you should check out the SmugDesk brand.

What’s so different about SmugDesk compared to a run-of-the-mill office chair? A lot.

In this SmugDesk review, we’ll go over three of their best ergonomic office chair models, talk about their pros, cons, and everything that makes SmugDesk chairs a cut above the rest.

5.Homall Gaming Chair

Pros & Cons

Today, we’re talking about the Homall Gaming Chair. Not only is this chair incredibly cozy, but it’s also very affordable. After all, the more money you save, the more you can spend on games, right? However, despite its price and many valuable features, this chair cannot be classed as a cheap gaming chair.

Let’s start with the basics, shall we? The price of this chair is around $100, making it one of the least expensive, high-quality products available on the market. It comes in three different colors, too: blue, black, or white, so you can choose whichever would complement your room the most.

Best Desk Chair Under 200 – BUYER’S GUIDE


Look for a chair made with quality materials. It’s unrealistic to expect an office chair to offer the same support now as it will after you’ve used it for a few months or years, but you want a chair that you can count on that won’t break down easily. A chair in constant need of repair or new parts will slow you down at work and will only frustrate you.

Select a chair known to keep in good working order for a long time. Remember that you’ll likely be using this chair a lot during your day. Any structural problems will remain with you and disturb you as you work. Be sure to check customer service policies if you find that your chair has any missing or damaged parts.

Chair Features

The chairs we reviewed have a variety of different features. Things like adjustable headrest, armrests, backrests, or retractable footrests are parts of chairs that make them unique. Think about which of these features would make you more comfortable and which you can do without.

Since you will be using your chair daily, you want a practical option that suits your preferences. The ideal chair is one you enjoy sitting in all the time, making working easier rather than more rigorous.

Working Environment

Your working environment will tell you what features you need and what features you don’t need. For example, if you have a smaller space and remain mostly sedentary at your desk, a chair that moves easily or allows you to have greater mobility is unnecessary.

Perhaps your working environment is a little more open and requires you to move around your desk space. In that case, you will want a chair that allows you to move around more easily. Open spaces also allow more room for you to have a reclining chair. It is essential to think about how your chair will function in the area you’re working in.

Your Body

Last, but certainly not least, consider what your body needs when you purchase your office chair. Your body’s comfort and ability to do work while sitting for a long time are likely the reason why you’re looking for an office chair. You may also be looking for more back support to relieve back pain. Find a chair that accomplishes those things for you.

Choose the right size chair for your body. Particularly if you’re taller, look for a chair that we mention is better for taller people. If your chair is too small, you may find yourself sitting too low to the ground or find that the seat is too short. Either of these positions will make working difficult.

Also, make sure that the chair you buy can support your weight. Look at the chair’s weight capacity and consider if the chair will be able to hold your weight after a long time. You don’t want to push that capacity too far as it will damage your chair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the Best Ergonomic Chair under and around $200?

The five ergonomic chairs chosen for this review are the cream of the pop when it comes to budget office chairs under and around $200. Many ergonomic chairs cost a lot more than that, some with inferior ergonomic features or durability than the five that made our list.

The  Chair is an excellent all rounder with very few compromises for a budget chair. We loved the Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair for the cutting edge style that usually costs double or even triple its price tag. The Smugdesk also offers unique benefits that people who find standard office chairs too hard on their back or bottom will really appreciate.


On a tight budget for your home office furniture and equipment? Fortunately, you can still find one of the best office chairs for under $200 that will deliver the comfort, support and durability you need.

We’ve researched, tested and analyzed dozens of chairs in this price bracket.