Best Desk Chair Under 300

Best Desk Chair Under 300 – Although you probably won’t see leather in $300 chairs, mesh is commonplace, and is arguably a better option for many people, as it’s more breathable and provides better air circulation. However, as mesh fabric, especially wire mesh, is firmer, it does not easily deform, which means a user might have to buy an extra layer of padding for more comfort. You can elect for chairs with faux leather in the $300 price range, though be aware that mesh is more durable; faux leather can wear down more quickly and ruin the looks of the whole chair, which you don’t want.

In general, you will be able to find a high quality mesh ergonomic chair in the $300 range, such as the ones we’ve reviewed above.


If you work in an office or behind a computer for much of the day, then you know the importance of a chair that is supportive, comfortable, breathable, and, perhaps, a bit stylish.

1.Homall Gaming Chair

Pros & Cons

Putting together the Homall chair was extremely easy due to its light weight. All the pieces could easily be handled by a single person, including propping up the backrest as I fastened it to the seat. The caster wheels also all went into the base with relative ease.

I did run into an issue at this stage however that points to possible quality control issues while simultaneously demonstrating the company’s stellar support.


Pros & Cons

The Koillee office chair may seem a bit small. The mid mesh back seems like the chair will not be able to support the entire back of a full gown 5 ‘10” adult. We also thought the same, but surprisingly the chair felt nice and comfortable, both on the cushion and the back support. And once you sit on the chair, you can tell that it has a sturdy and stable build. There is not any annoying creak that you sometimes get when you try to squeeze yourself into a small chair.

But it can be a love and hate relationship. For those average size users who stand max 5:10”, they might be able to find the Koillee office chair comfortable. But go larger around the waist or taller than that, you’ll really feel like an adult sitting on a kid’s chair.

3.Ticova Chair

Pros & Cons

Ticova is a young company that specializes in home and office furniture. The company was founded in 2018, and Ticova trademark owner is located in CUI Kanghua, China.

They don’t seem to have offices in the US or any direct customer service support.

They only sell online through various vendors, so when you buy their products, you must communicate with the official vendor on any issues that arise.


Pros & Cons

Not the prettiest thing to look at, but an amazingly capable and versatile chair offered by a small, but excellent brand. NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair is recommended for smaller or averaged sized power users, interested in a chair that can stand up to the rigors of heavy daily use.

While aesthetics is a matter of taste, aesthetic flexibility is a measure of how easily a given design would fit into a wide range of home décor schemes.

5.Gabrylly Ergonomic

Pros & Cons

The Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair is popular among people who practice chair yoga, as it features an armrest design that enables you to stretch sideways in a range of yoga poses. It has made our round-up of the best ergonomic office chairs for people who want to enjoy the benefits of a full body stretch at their home office desk, but the Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair isn’t without its drawbacks.

Working at a desk for several hours a day can often lead to aches and pains. That’s why it’s always recommended that you move and stretch at regular intervals. Chair yoga helps keep your neck, shoulders and spine flexible, but doing these stretches is not always possible in some office chairs as the arm rests, swivel function and high seat-backs restrict how much you can move.

Best Desk Chair Under 300 – BUYER’S GUIDE

While there are tons of office chairs on the market, varying from less than $100 to a few thousand dollars, here are a few advantages of buying an ergonomic office chair under $300:

  • You can choose from numerous styles and designs that would look no worse than expensive office chairs
  • You can find a fully-adjustable chair to fit your body structure and improve your sitting experience
  • You can purchase a heavy-duty big and tall chair in this price range
  • You’ll have a choice of mesh or faux leather upholstery material
  • You can still find a presentable executive office chair under $300
  • You can purchase a chair that would complete your ergonomic workstation setup
  • You can protect your back and neck if you buy an office chair under $300 with proper lumbar support

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Buy an Office Chair Under $300?

If you make sure to purchase a high-quality ergonomic office chair in the $300 price range, you won’t be disappointed. Of course, these office chairs might not be upholstered in real leather or last you for ten years. But if you treat your office chair under $300 with care, it might as well serve you for many work years to come.

We hope you managed to find what you were looking for. And if you have any questions or have an idea of what we should review next, please let us know.


You came to the right place. Since you made it here, you are likely on the prowl for a mid-to-high end office chair that offers all the benefits of modern ergonomic design, but still comes in under that 300 dollar price point.

Which is still a big purchase for a chair. And, luckily, there are tons of great chairs in this budget category.