Best Ergonomic Chair for Tall People

Best Ergonomic Chair for Tall People – With office workers who have to spend continuous hours at working desks, they surely feel uncomfortable with pains from back to legs. Not only that, a lot of office staff need to work at home for an extra two or three hours to complete work progress.

Therefore, if they want to remove worries about osteoarthritis, they have to equip the best office chairs for tall people, which contain many effective functions to improve the health of office workers.

Normally, the working chairs at the company often have basic designs with average quality. Therefore, when the office workers sit on those for a long time, they will not have the most commodious space, and the working productivity will be reduced regularly according to time.

Besides that, it can cause some diseases about osteoarthritis, preventing the blood circulation system. So, if you are a generous boss in your company, please equip the high-quality office chairs for your staff to receive effectual results in a job.

A wonderful and suitable chair will not only help you increase working productivity but also support your health far away from diseases. On the markets nowadays, they have a variety of working chairs with different designs, patterns, materials, shapes, etc.


1.Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair

For a long time sitting on a monotonic office chair at the company and at home, my back feels sore after working.

Therefore, I decided to own a unique recliner for myself to work at home comfortably, and I have been collapsed before the perfect functions of the best computer chair for a tall person by the Duramont Adjustable Office Chair.

From my point of view, I really love using this office chair more than other products.

The most enjoyable things for me of this chair are adjustable knobs integrated anywhere to support people for finding the most comfortable sitting.

The first knob is behind the chair used for adjusting the depth and height of the lumbar. With this function, I can definitely remove the spinal disease and never have a backache anymore. I was so disappointed with the company’s chair because it doesn’t have any knobs to impale the armrest height.

Although this knob is not popular for the office chairs, it is still important for me to relax, hence, it becomes the main reason why I choose Duramont.

Thirdly, people can modify the headrest angle and height conveniently from 90 degrees to 100 and 120 degrees. Last but not least, this product still integrates other adjustable knobs including the seat height, the tilt tension, the backrest tilt.

Furthermore, the frame is covered by a breathable mesh that can circulate the cool air to keep my back sweat-free. The mesh is made with premium elastic material so that I can take a lot of pressure on it comfortably when finding a convenient seating position.

At the bottom of the chair legs, they consist of the wheels to help clients can move efficiently without noise. The chair weight capacity is up to 330 lbs; hence, people with all shapes and sizes can confidently use it for their jobs.

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2.HON Sadie

The places like offices, meeting rooms or common areas ought to equip versatile office chairs for tall men and petite women. Now you can have a one size fits all chairs due to releasing of modern Sadie Big and Tall Office Computer Chair products.

The frame of the chair is produced broadly for covering the whole back. Besides, it provides a stable lumbar to adjust and find the right seating position. When people have to sit for a long time on the chair, the sweat will moisten their clothes and that will cause inconvenience during the meeting or working.

Understanding these worries, Sadie has been produced a cooling mesh at the back frame to increase cool air circulation, looks sturdy but heavenly comfortable.

This chair is made with thick seat cushions to create mellifluous and soft feelings when customers have to sit for a long time.

Additionally, the padding still is integrated at the armrests against the marks on the client’s arms. To be more suitable for both man and woman, height and tilt tension adjustable arms for supporting people to find the fittest position.

To increase comfort when customers lean on the back frame, this product has been designed with a wide backrest and no headrest.

Customers can move the supplies efficiently without noise as a result of durable wheels and smooth-rolling casters. As creating from premium-quality materials, Sadie chair has a 400-pound capacity to use for a long time and never been broken easily.

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3.Amazon Basics

In case you are confusing in selecting the best tall office chair that suitable for slightly large stature, I highly recommend AmazonBasics Executive Office Desk Chair, which will knock down entire customers by modern functions and original beauty.

First of all, this chair is covered by brown or black leather entirely to create luxurious and glossy for customers. Not only that, all details of it are padded by the thick cushions including the headrest, armrests, the back in aims of creating the greatest feelings for clients.

Although the thick leather can create soft and wonderful support for sitters, it will decrease cool air circulation a lot.

Secondly, clients will have a chance to enjoy superior maneuverability and lumbar support comes from the versatile knobs.

People can use tilt mechanisms with endless locking adjustment to find the right seating position. The tilt is not limited by any angles like other supplies; hence, users of this chair can set it with every angle they want.

Moreover, people can adjust the seat height efficiently by the pneumatic control handle under the cushions. These are two important adjustable knobs that are always integrated into the office chairs, and this one has the highest quality.

Additionally, when clients have already found the fittest position for working, they often put their hands on the armrests to reduce stress on the shoulders. Understanding that the manufacturer has created the armrests with a curved shape.

Furthermore, this product can swivel 360 degrees smoothly and move fluently without noise by premium rolling casters.

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4.La-Z-Boy Delano

If your working office is designed from glossy wood, synchronic wood chairs are the best selection to give outstanding with luxurious results.

One of the most popular ergonomic chairs for a tall person nowadays belongs to the La-Z-Boy Delano Leather Office Chair.

This chair contains two outstanding and distinct characteristics from other products that are entirely bonded leather and premium wood frame. Look at the overall the glossy bonded leather could make you collapse with chestnut and black color, along with a final touch that comes from premium wood.

The chair is covered by five different layers at cushions to create the softest feelings for users including Poly Fiberfill comfort is the top layer, the second layer contains memory foam for support, people will feel heavenly comfort as a result of additional soft layers, and the last layer firmly supports at back of cushion to reduce point pressures.

Besides that, this office chair has provided ergonomic controls to help clients in adjusting the tilt and height of it efficiently.

Furthermore, the manufacturer has been produced this product with a waterfall seat edge to promote leg circulation. It still has cable actuated levers for ease of use and classic styled rich wood arms.

As primary making from wood and leather, this chair really needs a careful maintenance. And due to wood chair legs, customers should remember that do not use too much pressure on the recliner to avoid breaking of them.

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5.Serta Executive Chair

A wonderful choice of luxurious and elegant office chair for the company will belong to Serta Faux Leather Executive Chair.

Entire the grumpy customers can be surrendered before not only formal but also the modern beauty of this product. They will be overwhelmed with the height and width of the recliner, which is absolutely suitable for a hefty person.

Besides, the exclusive leather material and delicate designs become two important elements to make this product becomes a good chair for office workers.

An impressive thing about this chair is exclusive contrast stitching designed on the leather for an outstanding look. To increase the prominence of strong white stitching, the manufacturer has provided dark colors of the office chairs including black, brown, gray.

The headrest and body pillows are padded with many layers to deliver comfort and improve neck support for people who have to sit for a long time.

Additionally, the armrests are produced as hand-sculpted for maximum convenience and they can remove the bad imprints on the client’s arms.

When users want to adjust the height of the recliner, they can use the EX-reach control arm that is produced under the chair effortlessly.

Furthermore, the wheels are created to use on many surfaces without leaving scratches.

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6.Flash Furniture

Nothing is getting better than a leather office chair for winter days, while the most suitable choices for hot days are the mesh back chairs that have better airflow behind the back. As usual, the products are often made with basic colors like black, gray, brown or formal designs.

However, with Flash Mesh Office Chair, clients can have not only more selections of colors but also differences of the chair legs and back frames.

In terms of colors and designs, we can choose some like a high back, side chair, mid-back, and mid-back drafting chair, or a variety of unique colors are black, gray, green, white, tan, red, etc.

Firstly, this recliner is designed with premium quality mesh to increase air circulation, keep clients cool no matter how the pressure. The mesh is used to cover the back frame and the seat cushions.

Secondly, the seat is padded with fire retardant foam around three-inches to create a soft and safe feeling for everybody. Moreover, the seat edge is designed as a waterfall shape to don’t interrupt the blood flow to the customer’s legs.

Thirdly, the armrests still have thick paddings to reduce the pressure of your neck and shoulders. The base consists of heavy-duty and nylon materials to be more robust, durable even using for a long time. Nevertheless, the armrests are packed pivoted up so that we can find a lot of difficulty in assembling them.

Last but not least, the chair has been integrated with a lot of adjustable knobs including height adjustment and tilt tension adjustment. When you set your product with a tilt tension knob, you can lock it comfortably at any angle which is suitable the most for you.

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What to Look for When Buying an Office Chair for Tall People?

On the market nowadays, they offer a variety of office chairs with different designs, exclusive colors, and from famous brands. But the recliner used for tall people isn’t similar to others; hence, users should be careful in choosing the best one to use.

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The Chair Sizes

The most important thing that customers have to note is measuring their stature, selecting the width of seat cushions before buying the product. An appropriate office chair as an effective assistant can protect your body entirely, remove the diseases about spine, lumbar, fatigue.

The Chair Materials

After finding the most suitable size with your body, you need to choose other elements like the main materials of the chair. With the main material of the chair’s frame, people can choose the supplies that made from wood or inox; both of them still have equal quality and they are durable over time.

If you want to create luxury and difference, the wood recliners will make your office be booming with elegant beauty. Otherwise, the inox or nylon components can increase dynamism, robustness that suit your personality.

The Back Frame Structures

Not only the above requirements, but clients also ought to choose the structure of the back frame depending on their working conditions.

If you work in an office that contains a few heaters or working in the winter days, the leather office chairs can be good selections. It keeps users warm to protect their bones or muscular and also creates a more comfortable feel with soft bonded leather.

Otherwise, in hot summer days, the mesh chairs become more popular options than leather recliners as a result of cool air circulated ability. With tiny holes in the mesh, the cool air can come to the back of the head easily to reduce the sweat of users.

Additionally, these meshes are produced with highly elastic so that people can put a lot of pressure on them effortlessly.

A wonderful office chair has to not only consist of premium quality materials but also bring the most effective comfort to customers. To do that, the manufacturers have integrated a variety of adjustable knobs to support people in finding the right sitting position.

The Added Knob Functions

If you often take a nap on your office recliner, the knobs about tilt tension, the height of the chair, the armrests and headrest adjustments are absolutely necessary with you.

Today, the manufacturers have integrated entire these knobs in just one product of them to make customers more satisfied.

Last but not least, before buying something, customers should care about the brands to note that the materials of them are suitable for you or not?

In conclusion, selecting the office chair for tall people takes a little bit difficult so that you ought to equip some pieces of knowledge for receiving effective results.


What are The Most Trusted Office Chair Brands for Tall People?

Currently, the manufacturers come from reputable brands always produce the supplies with the highest quality and integrated adjustable knobs to give excellent comfort to their customers.

If you are finding some brands which offer the mesh back frame to increase cool air circulation, you can refer to Berlman, Duramont, Hon, Smugdesk, Flash, etc.

Practically, the office chairs are created with lumbar support to protect the lower back and spine of clients. However, to modify the curve of lumbar support, the Duramon brand has provided an exclusive adjustment to help people finding the most comfortable position.

Moreover, these brands contain the knobs to adjust the height of the recliner, the tilt tension from 90 to 120 degrees. But Duramont, Hon, Smudges still have the armrest modification that will remove arms fatigue for users.

Additionally, if you like leather material with glossy, luxurious and elegant of it, you can have some brand references including AmazonBasics, La-Z-Boy, Reficcer, Serta Faux, Hon, etc.

They consist of not only the premium quality leather with graceful colors like black, brown, gray but also have a variety of paddings at the back, seat cushions to increase optimal comfort for clients. Not only that, entire these products are stitched with white contours for more specific and outstanding.

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What are The Different Types of Office Chairs for Tall People?

You cannot imagine the serious implications that affect to your health of prolonged sitting. You will cause some problems with the spine, lower back, head and arms fatigue. That is the reason why you should equip an advanced office chair to protect your body.

On the markets nowadays, they have different office recliners like conference chairs, armless chairs, big and tall chairs, ergonomic chairs, etc. Certainly, each kind of chair contains specific elements to create its uniqueness. However, the good products that can remove diseases above are ergonomics, conference chairs, and big size chairs.

Ergonomic Chair

This product line has been researched and produced by famous manufacturers that followed the advice of health professionals. Ergonomics are seen as human biotechnology or engineering that used to produce objects that have interaction with human health.

Therefore, the ergonomic chairs are created to best support the body of users, including standards of posture, support, comfort, and health.

A perfect ergonomic product has to consist of 10 quality elements are seat height, seat width, and depth, seat tilt, backrest and lumbar support, backrest recline, swivel armrests, headrest, materials, and wheels.

But the most important things that an ergonomic chair should have will be listed as follows:

Seat Height

An optimal seat height that ranges between 16 and 21 inches will be suitable for most people. Hence, this recliner has an adjustable ability to support people in finding the right position with their stature.

Seat Tilt

The pelvis is an affected position almost with a person who sits a lot so that clients should protect it carefully to remove the problems of the spine. For this reason, the health professionals said that the good ergonomic chairs had to have the tilt tension and allowed the seat cushions to tilt at some standard angles.

Backrest Lumbar Support

An ergonomic chair is designed as the ‘S’ shape of the spine will support your lower back optimally. Adjustable lumbar support can prevent slumping and reduce fatigue on the pelvis or spine.

Big and Tall Chair

With this product line, the manufacturers have promoted the development of the seat height and weight to be suitable for hefty users. Hence, these supplies have a capacity of up to 350 or 400 pounds.

Not only that, they still contain a variety of adjustable tools to give the most comfortable feel for customers. Taking a nap directly on this recliner will be easier than others as a result of wide spaces, more soft paddings on the seat cushions, back frame, headrest, and armrests.

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Conference Chair

The conference chairs are often used for meetings, working offices. They are designed with formal models including high-back, soft seat cushions, armrests, and swivel ability. Practically, the recliner contains less adjustable knobs than ergonomic or big and tall ones because the office workers don’t have to sit for a long time.

Low-Back, Mid-Back, High-Back Chair

These types of chairs express the position of lumbar support.

With a person who wants to protect the pelvis carefully, the low-back chair will be the most suitable choice because the lumbar support is designed to support the lower back. Otherwise, if you want to improve your spine effectively, the mid-back recliner is the wise selection to solve this problem.

Lastly, the high-back chair is produced with the straight back frame so that clients can set the position according to their opinions comfortably.

In conclusion, not only these types of office chairs are good for office workers but others also are the perfect selection in some cases.

Why do You Need an Office Chair for Tall People?


The implements today are often created with the normal sizes to suit for almost people; hence, with a very tall person or hefty user, those items will cause some inconveniences.

Firstly, the standard’s chairs will contain small seat cushions or the height is too short so that they can’t support for tall customers effortlessly. When the user’s legs are overhanging in front of the seat and unsupported, clients can face a lot of problems with interrupting blood flow and waist fatigue.

Secondly, when people have to sit for a long time in front of the computer desk, normal recliners don’t have any functions which used to protect their bodies. With colossal clients, they need a variety of adjustable knobs to find the right sitting position efficiently.

Based on these adjustments, they will not lean forward or down to the working table and protect their spine always be straight. Therefore, the specialized office chairs will be the best choice than other normal recliners.

Last but not least, a good office chair should maintain the most comfortable feel for customers during working for hours.

With tall people, they need not only advanced adjustments but also softer and more durable of the paddings. So, the office recliners are promoted in covered layers and produced from the premium quality materials.

How to Use It?

With each kind of office chair, it will require different assembly to receive the right result. But don’t worry, all of the new products are provided instruction to offer knowledge for customers in assembling them efficiently.

In this article, I’m glad to introduce instruction on how to assemble your office chair:

  • Step 1: Unpacking all items of the chair from your new packaging and you have to check it carefully to imagine what we should do next.
  • Step 2: We start with the casters, you ought to take all the wheels outside and put them into the base.
  • Step 3: Putting the gas strut cover into the right position of the gas strut.
  • Step 4: Putting the gas strut into the base. The gas strut has a tapered fit so that it will be tighter when we sat on the chair.
  • Step 5: Fit chair back onto a mechanism, can slide in easily. Then, using the bolt supplied to bolt it together.
  • Step 6: Before starting the sixth step, you have to make sure that the chair back has already been attached. Now place the main chair mechanism under the seat. Aligning the 4 bolt holes rightly and then bolt the mech.
  • Step 7: Sliding the paddle handles onto the silver levers that stick out of both sides of the chair mech.
  • Step 8: Attaching the armrests and using the hand screw to tighten them up.
  • Step 9: Putting the chair onto the gas strut and 5 bases carefully.
  • Step 10: Attaching the headrest to finish assembly.

How to Clean and Care?

According to the main material layers of the office chairs, we can divide them into 2 basic types are leather and mesh covers. With leather office recliner, customers can wash them easily with water and soap. They can disassemble each part including the headrest, armrests, seat cushions to clean it carefully.

However, users should remember to bask washed elements to not only remove water completely but also prevent bacterial proliferation.

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Additionally, with the leather office chair, we couldn’t use that way to clean it. You ought to use the damp clothes and wipe the chair lightly to remove dust on cushions and frames.

To keep the products that can be used for a long time, we not only clean each element frequently but also take care of them in the right way.

Firstly, customers shouldn’t put a lot of pressure on the chairs or use the sharps to clean them because they will break apart the cover layers like the mesh or leather and elicit soft paddings outside.

Secondly, when clients use the adjustable knobs, they should be careful and gentle with them.


Best Ergonomic Chair for Tall People – As a tall person, you’re probably used to sitting in office chairs with your knees flexed or a good portion of your thighs exposed past the seat’s edge. And while this may simply look awkward more than anything else, there are real health and productivity issues that can arise from bein in this anatomically incorrect position for hours every day.

In this comprehensive guide we look at the key things you need to be mindful of as a tall person when picking out an office chair, plus our picks for the best chairs for tall people currently on the market.

Tall people are at an increased risk of injury: The further you are from the ground, the harder a fall is on your body and the more likely it is that you will get injured. Even if your body is strong, no one can fight gravity. And as a result, the back and neck are common places of injury that can ruin your day.

Poor posture can cause injury over time: Poor spine posture occurs more with tall people due to manufactured objects that are not specially fitted for all heights. Tall people also have less relative strength in the back that causes an eventual deviation from the neutral spine posture. The result is a sudden or gradual pain that may have been building up over years.

A bent spine from hunching: A deviation from spine posture happens when the spine is in a constant state of bending. This is a problem because the pressure that is applied unevenly to the spine affects the discs. This uneven pressure pushes the soft contents that cushion each disc to the side, which sometimes creates a herniated disc (usually at a later age. These issues are caused by constantly hunching day-to-day over the computer or at a physical job.