Best Ergonomic Chair for Tall Person

Best Ergonomic Chair for Tall Person – Office chairs are a very essential part of our daily lifestyle. As most of us have a desk job all day long, sometimes having an uncomfortable chair can ruin our posture and decrease our productive hours. It’s necessary to have the right chair for every person.

Finding an appropriate chair can be a daunting task. You could spend hours, even days, before finding the right chair for you. I have seen many posts on social media where people complain about not finding the right chair for them after searching for hours.

So, in this article, we have added 12 chairs that can fit a person’s height ranges from 6’1″ – 7’2″. We did our research to find the right chair for you, so you don’t need to spend hours looking for a chair that matches your height. With an appropriate chair, it will improve your posture and let you work productively for hours.

Office chairs have become more ergonomic  in recent years, but for tall people, it can still be a challenge to find one that is comfortable. Common problems include a seat that cuts into the thighs, a headrest that is too low, and misplaced back support.

In the quest to find a chair that fits well and offers the proper support, you can start by checking out these top options below. Each one is specifically designed for people who are head and shoulders (literally!) above the average person.


1.XUER Ergonomic

When selecting our favorite big and tall office chairs, we were looking for those that were sufficiently sized to accommodate larger users, provided plenty of comfort in terms of seating, back and armrests, and adjustable features, and were strong and durable enough to support taller users.

With that in mind, it should come as no surprise to learn that the XEUR Ergonomic Office Chair topped the chart for best tall-person friendly office chair of the year as it scored the highest marks in all of those categories, and then scored extra marks for looks, ergonomics, and superior seating quality.

First of all, there’s the size factor.

From the tip of the floor to the top of the headrest, the whole chair can extend to as tall as 62″ with an adjustable floor-seat height of between 18.5″ – 21.65″. Add in a seat width of 19.9″ and an adjustable seat depth of between 16.14″ and 17.71″ and what you’ve got here is a chair that’s very suited to those of a larger frame.

Yet what really sets this one apart from the crowd is the way it’s been ergonomically designed to deliver maximum comfort.

Take the seat, for example. The dipped, curved design with waterfall edge relieves pressure on the back of your legs which improves overall circulation to help you maintain focus and energy throughout your day, while the breathable mesh design ensures proper airflow to keep you cool and comfortable.

That mesh is extended to the backrest, where you’ll find enhanced lumbar support and 99° – 119° adjustability so that you can find the perfect position to suit you.

Elsewhere, the PU leather armrests can be adjusted in three directions (up-down, left-right, back-forth), and while there are those that do offer four-directional adjustability, it really isn’t a deal-breaker when you consider how comfortable this one feels after all-day use.

Finally, we should point out that the XEUR Ergonomic Office Chair also proved excellent in terms of durability, with the manufacturer’s maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs that means it’s going to provide exceptional support for a long time to come.

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2.Duramont Ergonomic

For a long time sitting on a monotonic office chair at the company and at home, my back feels sore after working.

Therefore, I decided to own a unique recliner for myself to work at home comfortably, and I have been collapsed before the perfect functions of the best computer chair for a tall person by the Duramont Adjustable Office Chair.

From my point of view, I really love using this office chair more than other products.

The most enjoyable things for me of this chair are adjustable knobs integrated anywhere to support people for finding the most comfortable sitting.

The first knob is behind the chair used for adjusting the depth and height of the lumbar. With this function, I can definitely remove the spinal disease and never have a backache anymore. I was so disappointed with the company’s chair because it doesn’t have any knobs to impale the armrest height.

Although this knob is not popular for the office chairs, it is still important for me to relax, hence, it becomes the main reason why I choose Duramont.

Thirdly, people can modify the headrest angle and height conveniently from 90 degrees to 100 and 120 degrees. Last but not least, this product still integrates other adjustable knobs including the seat height, the tilt tension, the backrest tilt.

Furthermore, the frame is covered by a breathable mesh that can circulate the cool air to keep my back sweat-free. The mesh is made with premium elastic material so that I can take a lot of pressure on it comfortably when finding a convenient seating position.

At the bottom of the chair legs, they consist of the wheels to help clients can move efficiently without noise. The chair weight capacity is up to 330 lbs; hence, people with all shapes and sizes can confidently use it for their jobs.

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3.HON Sadie

The places like offices, meeting rooms or common areas ought to equip versatile office chairs for tall men and petite women. Now you can have a one size fits all chairs due to releasing of modern Sadie Big and Tall Office Computer Chair products.

The frame of the chair is produced broadly for covering the whole back. Besides, it provides a stable lumbar to adjust and find the right seating position. When people have to sit for a long time on the chair, the sweat will moisten their clothes and that will cause inconvenience during the meeting or working.

Understanding these worries, Sadie has been produced a cooling mesh at the back frame to increase cool air circulation, looks sturdy but heavenly comfortable.

This chair is made with thick seat cushions to create mellifluous and soft feelings when customers have to sit for a long time.

Additionally, the padding still is integrated at the armrests against the marks on the client’s arms. To be more suitable for both man and woman, height and tilt tension adjustable arms for supporting people to find the fittest position.

To increase comfort when customers lean on the back frame, this product has been designed with a wide backrest and no headrest.

Customers can move the supplies efficiently without noise as a result of durable wheels and smooth-rolling casters. As creating from premium-quality materials, Sadie chair has a 400-pound capacity to use for a long time and never been broken easily.

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4.Amazon Basics

In case you are confusing in selecting the best tall office chair that suitable for slightly large stature, I highly recommend AmazonBasics Executive Office Desk Chair, which will knock down entire customers by modern functions and original beauty.

First of all, this chair is covered by brown or black leather entirely to create luxurious and glossy for customers. Not only that, all details of it are padded by the thick cushions including the headrest, armrests, the back in aims of creating the greatest feelings for clients.

Although the thick leather can create soft and wonderful support for sitters, it will decrease cool air circulation a lot.

Secondly, clients will have a chance to enjoy superior maneuverability and lumbar support comes from the versatile knobs.

People can use tilt mechanisms with endless locking adjustment to find the right seating position. The tilt is not limited by any angles like other supplies; hence, users of this chair can set it with every angle they want.

Moreover, people can adjust the seat height efficiently by the pneumatic control handle under the cushions. These are two important adjustable knobs that are always integrated into the office chairs, and this one has the highest quality.

Additionally, when clients have already found the fittest position for working, they often put their hands on the armrests to reduce stress on the shoulders. Understanding that the manufacturer has created the armrests with a curved shape.

Furthermore, this product can swivel 360 degrees smoothly and move fluently without noise by premium rolling casters.

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5.La-Z-Boy Delano

If your working office is designed from glossy wood, synchronic wood chairs are the best selection to give outstanding with luxurious results.

One of the most popular ergonomic chairs for a tall person nowadays belongs to the La-Z-Boy Delano Leather Office Chair.

This chair contains two outstanding and distinct characteristics from other products that are entirely bonded leather and premium wood frame. Look at the overall the glossy bonded leather could make you collapse with chestnut and black color, along with a final touch that comes from premium wood.

The chair is covered by five different layers at cushions to create the softest feelings for users including Poly Fiberfill comfort is the top layer, the second layer contains memory foam for support, people will feel heavenly comfort as a result of additional soft layers, and the last layer firmly supports at back of cushion to reduce point pressures.

Besides that, this office chair has provided ergonomic controls to help clients in adjusting the tilt and height of it efficiently.

Furthermore, the manufacturer has been produced this product with a waterfall seat edge to promote leg circulation. It still has cable actuated levers for ease of use and classic styled rich wood arms.

As primary making from wood and leather, this chair really needs a careful maintenance. And due to wood chair legs, customers should remember that do not use too much pressure on the recliner to avoid breaking of them.

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6.SMUG Office Ergonomic

If you feel those office chairs above that do not make you satisfied, I guarantee that Smugdesk Mesh Executive Chair is the best desk chair for a tall person with a variety of functions combining with 3D adjustable knobs.

You will be drowned out by the robust and durable image of this product; the characteristics seem basic designs, but they are produced with the most modern equipment.

Firstly, the entire chair is covered by high-elastic mesh from the headrest, the back frame to the seat cushions. This mesh reduces heat and increases cool air circulation that gives greater comfort for customers.

When we continuously sit at the working desk more than hours on the office chair, your lumbar, spine, or muscles will be fatigued stably and cause some painful symptoms. Understanding those problems, the manufacturer has created enhanced lumbar support to protect the natural curve of the client’s spine.

Thirdly, this product contains a variety of exclusive characteristics without any products available that can own are 3D adjustable armrests, multi-dimensional headrest, and endless tilt angle.

Customers can find the most comfortable position to put the arms because the armrests not only can be adjusted up and down, but also left and right, forth and back. Moreover, the headrest can be rotated comfortably with a multi-dimensional ability to support the head and neck will not be fatigued for a long time.

Last but not least, the wheels of the chair are made from PU materials to avoid scratches for your floors. It also offers a silent and fastly movement to remove unreasonable noises.

If clients want to wash the seat cushions periodically, they can disassemble the waist pillow to keep their product always be clean.

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Are you slouching without noticing?

Office Ergonomic Assessment - Ergonomics Advance

The taller you are, the more back pain you will experience in your life. It has to do with the fact if you are higher up you have to reach farther down— which usually means slouching.

The worst time to be slouching is while relaxing for hours, such as while watching TV or working on the computer. While you are busy on the computer, your back is not being supported. You may notice when lying down to sleep that the lower back is always in an uncomfortable position. The reason for this: tall people slouch. The funny thing is, you don’t even notice it until one day when you feel aches and pains.

In some cases, this results in Herniated disks which cause intense pain. The pain may not always come from the damaged disk. It may be coming from the pressure that herniation place on the nerves outside the disc, which are highly sensitive. The pain increases the tightness in the back, stressing the discs out even more. This is how the cycle of chronic pain begins.


Why not take better care of your body?

It makes no sense why people don’t start thinking about how to support their backs at an earlier age. Bodies are fragile. It is human nature to need to slow down as we age and provide our physical body and mind with what it needs to function properly. We work out to keep our blood pressure low, eat a good diet to keep a healthy heart and take vitamins for extra nutrients. It’s curious how we spend so much time thinking about our health; yet forget to take care of our muscles, joints, and spine, which we rely on every day.

For those with long bodies, the back is one of the main physical areas that need attention. By reducing the amount of stress on the back with ergonomic chairs, back pain could be avoided in the future. In life, when we think in advance about our upcoming problems we can save time and energy, leading to a more successful career and feeling better all the while.

Any person at any age can get stronger. Anyone has the power to improve their body’s performance. And while some try improving their posture, it is often not that simple. Just like some of us need a treadmill in the basement to work off those extra pounds, a chair that is specially made for you is needed to prevent back pain.

8 hours per day on an uncomfortable chair

Most chairs are not made for tall people: if your chair is not adjustable, then it is not meant for your needs. As we well know, designers tend to make products for those of average height. As a result, people who are outside the normal range suffer from a product that is not well designed for their needs. The ergonomic chair allows for complete adjustment to customize the angle to best fit your back. This is especially a necessity for tall people so that the back can be lengthened and positioned to best support while typing.

In the workplace, hours of work every day require extra thought into how comfortable you are making your body. While you are working your mind by checking emails and making phone calls, you are also working your back without even realizing it. At an office job working on the computer, the average person spends eight hours sitting down in the same position. If this position is not a good one, then you are spending 40 hours a week slowly weakening your spine.

You may not have a choice of what chair you use while at work. However, at a home office, this should be the main consideration when choosing the furniture that will create a work environment in the home. When buying a chair that you want to last in your house for a long time, there is something to be said for going for quality. An ergonomic chair is a good investment, as it can be an essential part of your office for many years.

At the end of the day, don’t we deserve to be comfortable at work? There is enough stress in running a business. There’s no need to have the additional problem of being in an uncomfortable position during the workweek, and paying for it on the weekend when you want to enjoy yourself playing golf or going for a walk with friends.

Tips for Choosing an Office Chair for a Tall Person:

Office Furniture Never Meant for You: The ergonomics fail when it comes to  women | by Dr. Patricia Farrell | Medium


1. Check for the Ergonomic Features:

This is the most necessary tip out there. Not only for just tall people but also people who have desk jobs need to purchase office chairs with cool adjustable ergonomic features as most people spend more than 6 hours on average sitting per day.

Adjustable ergonomic features can help you to reduce back pain. So I have given more emphasis on ergonomic features while listing the above chairs for you.

So, before buying any office chair, check for some required ergonomic features below:

  1. Adjustable Height
  2. Arm Rests
  3. Adjustable Lumbar Support
  4. Adjustable Seat Depth
  5. Adjustable Back Rest
  6. Mobility
  7. Adjustable Seat Tilt

2. Find an Office Chair With Suitable Weight Capacity and Seat Height :

As a tall person, the seat height of a chair can be one hell of an issue. Most office chairs in the market are made for people of average size.

So, check for the seat height for your height properly before buying any office chair to see if that chair can support your height and weight.

3. Ensure that the chair is stable:

Office chair stability is of great importance. If you buy an office chair, you have to check if that chair is well stable and sturdy. If the chair is stable enough, your sitting experience will be good.

On the other hand, a moderately stable or unstable chair can hamper your sitting experience, and you will not be able to sit at a stretch for long hours in such a chair.

5. Look for 360 Degree swivel:

This feature is very common and important in office chairs these days. The 360-degree swivel option allows you to rotate around and pick up nearby things easily without getting up from your chair. Having this feature can be very interesting and helpful for people with desk jobs who spend long hours sitting at the desk. So, look for this feature while purchasing an office chair.

Average Pricing of Chair for Tall Person:

10 Office Chairs You Can Find on Amazon for $1,000 or Less


The average price of an office chair for a tall person is around 200-500 dollars. Chairs that support a wide range of adjustable heights are not that available in the market right now.

Only a few office chairs are available which are comfortable enough for tall people. That is why the average price of these chairs is a little higher. So when you buy an office chair for yourself, you have to be careful about it.

If you are still confused about determining the right size of office chair for yourself, I have written a dedicated article about What Office Chair Size Should You Get For Your Height? Go check it out. You will also find a seat height calculator there which might help you to sit more comfortably.

Steelcase Gesture Review - GearLab

On this blog, we have carefully added 12 chairs that you can choose from. We did sufficient research to find the best chair that can accommodate taller people properly and tried to make a list of the best office chairs for tall people in the market right now. All of the chairs above offer different features at different prices. We have considered the best ones with a good price to performance ratio.

If you find any good chair that is comfortable for a tall person, please share it with us. We will definitely add that chair to our list.

As a tall person, you’re probably used to sitting in office chairs with your knees flexed or a good portion of your thighs exposed past the seat’s edge. And while this may simply look awkward more than anything else, there are real health and productivity issues that can arise from bein in this anatomically incorrect position for hours every day.

In this comprehensive guide we look at the key things you need to be mindful of as a tall person when picking out an office chair, plus our picks for the best chairs for tall people currently on the market.


Best Ergonomic Chair for Tall Person – Tall people are at an increased risk of injury: The further you are from the ground, the harder a fall is on your body and the more likely it is that you will get injured. Even if your body is strong, no one can fight gravity. And as a result, the back and neck are common places of injury that can ruin your day.

Poor posture can cause injury over time: Poor spine posture occurs more with tall people due to manufactured objects that are not specially fitted for all heights. Tall people also have less relative strength in the back that causes an eventual deviation from the neutral spine posture. The result is a sudden or gradual pain that may have been building up over years.

A bent spine from hunching: A deviation from spine posture happens when the spine is in a constant state of bending. This is a problem because the pressure that is applied unevenly to the spine affects the discs. This uneven pressure pushes the soft contents that cushion each disc to the side, which sometimes creates a herniated disc (usually at a later age. These issues are caused by constantly hunching day-to-day over the computer or at a physical job.