Best Ergonomic Chair Under 150

Best Ergonomic Chair Under 150 – Are you on a tight budget?  Have you been frustrated so far, by your search for a decent quality, low-cost ergonomic office chair Under 150 ?

We totally understand, and if you answered yes to either of those questions, you’re going to love this roundup review.  The simple truth is that the value-segment of the market is a crowded place with dozens of companies offering scores of options.

There are so many to choose from that it can lead to a severe case of analysis paralysis.  That’s why we’ve scoured the internet on the hunt for the best of the best in low cost ergonomic office chairs.  Our goal is to simplify your search and help you zero in on the chair that’s perfect for you, offered at a price you can afford.


1.Amazon Basics

The AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair is a low-priced office chair with all the ergonomic basics covered, offered by an exceptionally reliable brand. Recommended for anyone on a budget who doesn’t mind the relative lack of adjustable features.

AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair

Our top pick is simple and stylish, offered by Amazon under their AmazonBasics brand for an almost shockingly low price.  It’s hard to beat the functionality and simplicity, paired with a trusted brand, like Amazon, so it was virtually inevitable that this chair would wind up being our top pick at this price range.

Ergonomically, it’s got the basics covered, offering adequate head/neck/shoulder support, good lumbar support, ergonomic armrests and a waterfall-style seat which helps take pressure off of your legs while sitting in the chair.

Unfortunately, none of the chair’s ergonomic features are in any way adjustable, but that’s to be expected, given the extremely low price of the chair.

There are two potential drawbacks to be aware of, however.

First, the chair can only support a maximum weight of 225 pounds, which is a bit on the low side when compared with some of the other chairs on our list of finalists.

Pros & Cons

2.OFM ESS Collection

The chair looks unique among the crowd due to its diamond shape pattern padding. OFM has used signature SofThread (bonded) leather material all over the chair, not to leave any spot for discomfort. Nonetheless, extra foam padding at the seating, backrest, and head area will definitely deliver something extra good for your comfort.

So, whether you spend extra sitting in your office or you have a long gaming thirst, this chair won’t leave you stranded against your purpose.

OFM has marketed this as both a gaming and office ergonomic chair. But practically, it bends more toward office setup as there is no aggressive ergonomics for your treat. The ESS-6060 does a necessary but smooth 120-degree tilt, and armrests are also fixed as most office chairs pose such a mechanism. But then, armrests are heavily padded with the same leather and foam padding for much-needed arm and wrist brace.

The major difference lies in the head section. The fixed head support is surprisingly an exception in such a price limit.

Being a high-back chair, the fixed headrest majorly serves goodness for guys above 5.8ft. Below this height may not make healthy compliance with backrest size; thus, one may feel annoyed to attain a right sitting posture.

Moreover, the backrest procures integrated lumbar support giving you a natural S Shape to add longevity for a comfortable sitting experience.

OFM ESS-6060 allows sober individuals to get fully immersed with generous dimensions and long-range adjustability. The 27 x 23 (D X W) inches seating dimensions don’t fall short for bigger bodies. Besides, the longer-range 17.5 – 22.6 inches seat adjustment provides a healthy range of adjustability for taller guys.

Nonetheless, the weight limit remains at 250lbs limit, which is actually a decent capacity for a bigger portion of users.

Pros & Cons

3.Hbada Office

On the seating part, the manufacturer hasn’t made tall claims to add fake marketing glitters. Instead of the typical W or U shape, the seat poses a flat surface with decent foam padding. The synthetic mesh fabric and sponge foam filling let you attain high breathability during summers without affecting your comfort.

Moreover, the combination of tear-proof mesh fabric at the backrest saves your back against the hell of sweating in summers.

But then, the chair isn’t built for long hours sitting. You can utilize this mini rolling chair as a study, casual desk work, and regular office chair for short timings. With no premium additives and fancy design, the comfort level just only remains for 4-6 hours, depending on body size and weight.

Beyond this duration may cause your butts to go numb, while discomfort will also be hitting your lower back.

While HBADA says it’s an ergonomic chair, users will see a slight touch of “Ergonomics.” There is no lumbar support except a slight S curve that mimics the spine shape for much-needed comfort. Also, the chair has a mid-back backrest, so no adjustable headrest support for your neck comfort (Yeah, I know it’s highly dependable on price point).

Furthermore, the most noticeable thing is the penguin style armrests that do something good for your wrist and forearms while reading books, using laptops, and other activities. The “Penguin Waving” style armrests are from the flip-up family, allowing you to flip 90-degrees depending on your usage.

Unfortunately, there is no foam or mesh padding over armrests. So, resting over these arm supports for long durations may strain your wrists or arms.

The backrest can tilt to 120 degrees with a tension control feature. Along with this, HBADA has used nylon wheels beneath the metallic base with a combination of Class3 gas lift mechanism to handsomely support 250Lbs weight limit.

And the story doesn’t end here!

With a height adjustment from 17 to 21 inches, it decently handles guys from 5.5 to 6.0 Feet. But don’t forget, it is built for short durations.

Pros & Cons

What Is The Best Ergonomic Chair Under $100? Under 150?

SOHO Soft Pad Management Chair (Brown) | Computer desks for home, Modern  home office furniture, Home desk

The value segment of the office furniture market is a lively, bustling place, filled with a mix of names you recognize and companies you’ve never heard of, all vying for your attention and your hard-earned dollars.

It used to be the case that when you started looking at bargain-priced furniture, you had two or three basic models to choose from and that was it.  Those days are gone.  The number of choices is simply staggering, and it can be hard to cut through the clutter and find the one you want.

At the end of the day, “best” means different things to different people, so perhaps the better question is, ‘which value-priced office chair is right for you?’

We’ve worked hard to separate the wheat from the chaff and have presented a pair of top-ten lists that offer something for a wide range of tastes and preferences, one for each of the market segments we looked at.

There were some genuine surprises on both lists, and even if you disagree with our tops picks, the odds are excellent that your next office chair is somewhere on this report.  That’s our hope, anyway!

Before making a final selection, we would encourage readers to set this roundup review aside for a while and spend some time thinking about what features are most important to you in your chair of choice, then come back and review our top picks again to see if one model, in particular, stands out.

Best of luck in your search and we hope we’ve made it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for!

Are ergonomic chairs worth it?

Ergonomics chairs better prevent you from lousy sitting problems and other posture-related problems. Some people take ergonomic chairs as a troubleshooter for their body imbalance or pain reliever. However, no chair heals structural issues but only helps you prevent tissue stiffness and other body pains.

How do I choose an ergonomic chair?

The most important part is the backrest. Do look for adjustable lumbar support and headrest. Other than this, seating comfort and adjustability are points for further note. As $150 is a constraint here, you probably won’t see chairs with aggressive ergonomics.

What is the most comfortable office chair?

For a broader perspective, Herman miller Aeron and Steelcase Leap are the most well-known office chairs. Nonetheless, as this listing goes, I have picked OFM ESS-6060 as the winner.

Why are ergonomic chairs so expensive?

They allow users to enjoy better adjustability and flexible seating options. So, for a price point, they go a little pricey than the regular office chairs.

Which type of chair is best for the office?

ELLE Décor Ophelia Bentwood Task Chair, French Ivory : Home &  Kitchen

Most of the time, executive chairs make better compliance with the office setups for comfortable long hour sittings, but they also live expensively. Apart from these, a regular ergonomic office chair can also do a fantastic job according to your needs and body size.

How to sit at your desk correctly

If you spend many hours a day in an office chair, make sure you’re sitting in a healthy position. Slouching can cause muscular pains that will only worsen over time if you don’t make some changes to your posture.

When sitting in a home office chair, remember to:

Support your back: Adjust the rear of the office chair so that it’s pressing gently against your back. In other words, it needs to be supporting you while you’re sat naturally, not bent backwards and unused.

Keep your feet planted firmly on the floor: Try to avoid crossing your legs. If your feet don’t reach the floor, consider investing in a footrest.

Make sure your monitor is at eye level: Ideally, your monitor should be roughly an arm’s length away. If it’s not directly in front of you, a monitor stand can help you fix that.

Important home office accessories

Posture harness for home office

A reliable posture harness can prevent soreness in your back and shoulders. The best cheap posture harnesses are made from breathable fabrics, are easy to wear and aren’t visible underneath a shirt or jumper.

There are plenty of posture harnesses on Amazon to choose from and, thankfully, none of them are super expensive. Popular brands include Aollop, Gearari and Modetro Sports.

Foot rest for home office

A foot rest can improve your posture and encourage blood circulation by holding your feet and legs up as you type away at your desk.

Shop for foot rests on Amazon if you think it’ll help improve your posture while you’re working from home. Our own research suggests some of the most popular brands include HUANUO, Kensington and Medipaq.

Minimal office chair inspiration from Muuto: The Fiber Armchair echoes  Scandinavian simplicity with its embracing sha… | Interior, Furniture  design, Muuto furniture

Remember to stay physically active even when you’re working from home. Check in with our detailed guide to the best treadmills or see our advice on standing desks with drawers.

Buying a cheap gaming chair can be a challenge, as you don’t want to end up with a chair that breaks apart after just a few weeks. To make your buying decision easier, we’ve compiled a list of important factors you can’t afford to overlook if you want a gaming chair that will give you more bang for the buck.

A Sturdy Base

You want your gaming chair to have a strong foundation. At this price point, most gaming chairs are typically made of nylon. But that’s not necessarily an issue if it has passed . A quality nylon base can usually safely handle at least 250 lbs. If you’re well in excess of that weight, it’s wise to spend extra cash on a more durable metal or aluminum base. And while most manufacturers will list a maximum weight limit, it’s best to check buyer and expert reviews to confirm the actual capacity.

Back and Neck Support

Both neck and lumbar support are important features to consider as well. Improper seating due to poor back support results in backache and neck ache. The good news is, gaming chairs by design come with a high back and decent lumbar and neck support. Nonetheless, check user reviews to see how those features really live up. Are the pillows too soft or hard? How protrusive is the external pillows Can the neck pillow move up or down?

Cushion and Upholstery

Another aspect to pay attention to is the thickness and quality of the padding in the seat. It’s no surprise that budget chairs tend to have thinner cushioning, though the type of foam used can be the main deciding factor here.

Very cheap memory foam will quickly sag in just a few months, while higher quality ones can last anywhere between 12 – 24 months before showing marked signs of depression. The gold standard is cold cured foam, though unfortunately that is found on much more expensive gaming chairs. If you’re a heavy person over 300 1lbs, our advise is to always go for cold cured foam.

You should also check the upholstery. Most gaming chairs at this price point use synthetic PU leather, which isn’t an issue in itself. However, cheaper, poor-quality leather can start to crack and peel after a few months of use. Read customers’ feedback to see if this is a potential issue.

Minimalist Home Office Chair Flash Sales, 51% OFF |


Lastly, whenever purchasing a cheap gaming chair, always prepare for the unexpected. This means looking up both the return policy and warranty of the chair. Test out their support by emailing them a couple of questions, even posing as a customer to see how accommodating they really are once the product it out the door.

The competition in the budget gaming chairs space is fierce, and that’s good news for you as the consumer. With proper research, some cheap gaming chairs are actually quite well made, providing decent adjustments with matching build quality that should last you at least 2-3 years.


Best Ergonomic Chair Under 150 – The office chair industry is enormous, versatile, and above all this – it’s expensive. Some fancy chairs will unquestionably attract you; however, the price tag against these will be a real cause to Goosebumps. I recently published a list of comfortable office chairs under 100 bucks. But then, if you have some financial space above this budget limit, I believe; this is going to be a peaceful day for you.

The value segment of the office furniture market is a lively, bustling place, filled with a mix of names you recognize and companies you’ve never heard of, all vying for your attention and your hard-earned dollars.

It used to be the case that when you started looking at bargain-priced furniture, you had two or three basic models to choose from and that was it.  Those days are gone.  The number of choices is simply staggering, and it can be hard to cut through the clutter and find the one you want.

At the end of the day, “best” means different things to different people, so perhaps the better question is, ‘which value-priced office chair Under 150 is right for you?’