Best Ergonomic Office Chair Under 300

Best Ergonomic Office Chair Under 300 – Although you probably won’t see leather in $300 chairs, mesh is commonplace, and is arguably a better option for many people, as it’s more breathable and provides better air circulation. However, as mesh fabric, especially wire mesh, is firmer, it does not easily deform, which means a user might have to buy an extra layer of padding for more comfort. You can elect for chairs with faux leather in the $300 price range, though be aware that mesh is more durable; faux leather can wear down more quickly and ruin the looks of the whole chair, which you don’t want.

Many times, people aren’t sure of what they need. Whether you’ve been a freelancer for many years or you’re just starting, the right office equipment and mindset are key. It’s hard to force yourself to go to work every day, especially when you stay at home.


When searching for the right furniture products to put into your home office, you want the best desk chair under $300. Of course, the MyoChair is an excellent choice because everything on it can be adjusted to meet your particular needs.


Pros & Cons

With over nearly 3,000 user reviews on Amazon, there’s clearly a lot of love for the Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair. 70% of those reviews have awarded the chair a 5 out of 5 stars rating, with lots of praise for the wide seat and comfy headrest.

One user review stated how: “I’m happy to say the chair is extremely comfortable and the customer service was impeccable. Highly recommend this product.” While another commented: “Comfort wise, this chair is top notch. It’s supportive, it reclines, and the height adjusts. The fabric is a breathable and comfortable mesh.”

But the feedback from customers isn’t all positive. Some users were disappointed by the “short height of the headrest”, while others complained that some screws were missing, which affected assembly of the chair.

2.Home Office Chair

Pros & Cons

In a hybrid work environment, you’ll need one of the best office chairs not just at your company’s office, but in your home, too. After all, you’re likely going to spend as much time in front of a computer at your house as you are in an office building.

That’s where our guide to the best office chairs comes in. We’ve selected chairs that are not only comfortable, but ones that are adjustable, too. No two people are alike, so a chair should be able to conform to your body. And, it should be supportive of your lower back, shoulders, arms, and wrists, so you don’t suffer repetitive stress injuries.


Pros & Cons

If you’re searching for a mid-range ergonomic mesh chair, the NOUHAUS Ergo3D is definitely worth considering. I’m not sure about the name, but this American-made chair is definitely popular among people that bought it.

People say it’s comfortable, highly adjustable, and is built with quality material.

I’ll let you be the judge in this in-depth review. I take a look at the chair’s design, its range of ergonomic features, and what customers say.

4.Hbada Office Chair

Pros & Cons

In terms of height adjustment, the Hbada Task Chair’s seat can be adjusted between 16” – 19.75” (measured from the ground to top of seat). The lowest setting is actually very low, and makes it perfect for shorter folks like myself.

As someone who is 5’4″, I’ve had issues before with chairs that don’t go quite low enough for my feet to sit flat against the floor but I can do this with this chair without using the minimum setting. The height range will be comfortable for people between 5’ and 6’ tall.


Pros & Cons

The SIDIZ T50 is often compared to a Herman Miller chair. Some pertain to it as the budget option of an Aeron. Can it be true that something as affordable as the SIDIZ T50 can be as comfortable as a premium Herman Miller chair?

Well, there’s no other way to find out than to try out the chair. It’s quite exciting to see an office chair that has almost the same features as a Herman Miller chair. We do hope that this is going to turn out fine.

Best Ergonomic Office Chair Under 300 – BUYER’S GUIDE


Depending on your preference for style and long-term comfort, you should expect to find high-quality materials, such as:

  • Breathable and durable mesh: A high quality mesh should be non-abrasive. It should also not stretch too much, or at all, so the form of the chair stays tight to the contours of your body and supportive over longer periods.
  • Comfortable leatherette or bonded leather: Although this price point might not offer many genuine leather options, most modern task and executive style chairs are made from PU based leather or bonded leather. This materials is easy to clean and maintain. Although it typically will not age as well or naturally as genuine leather, it is generally durable, comfortable, and stylish.
  • Solid base and frame materials: The frame and base of your chair is not something you should need to worry about. First, always check the recommended weight capacity. Then make sure that the materials are strong and resistant. Here, we’re looking for things like steel reinforced frames, solid cast nylon bases and heavy duty casters.
  • Speaking of casters, you always want to look for durable and quiet casters that suitable for your specific flooring (i.e. polyurethane casters for hard floor surfaces; hard plastic or nylon for carpeted floors)

Solid Five Star Base with 360 Swivel 

A good office chair in the sub-300 dollar range should still have a very solid five star base with quality casters for mobility.

You should have a full 360 degrees of swivel, as with any true task chair, and a base that will hold up over the years.


Here you’re looking for the adjustments that matter to you. So, even though might not get the entire range of adjustability options available with a state-of-the art ergonomic design with a chair that’s below $300, you should still be able to choose from options like:

  • Height adjustment, controlled with a safe and reliable pneumatic cylinder, with a range of about 15 – 21 inches from the floor to the center of the seat pan to accommodate different heights, leg lengths, and desk setups.
  • tilt range of at least 90 to 110 degrees. Many chairs have a fixed tilt adjustment where you can lock the backrest in at your desired angled. Then a tension adjustment to control the resistance of the recline.
  • Lumbar support. Not all chairs in this range will have a separate lumbar adjustment setting, but if this is important, try to find an office chair with thickened lumbar support cushioning. You can also add a special lumbar pillow to your chair. Some chairs, like the Sihoo Ergonomics featured below, allow for control over the height and depth of the lumbar pressure.
  • Armrests that are height adjustable. That is the minimum requirement, as you you need to have your arms at the right position when working for correct ergonomic posture. Adjusting the height so your arms are parallel with the floor and your wrists can stay level when typing is important. But some chairs that are under $300 will also have rotating, folding, and/or extendable arm rests for further customization.
  • Seat tilt: This is an added bonus on some chairs which allows you to change the angle of the seat to reduce pressure on the back of your thighs and create a more active work posture

Frequently Asked Questions

Being a freelancer means you have to stay around your indoor working space most of the time. Hereby, it would be best if you had a comfortable chair that can keep you comfortable & productive every day so that your creative juice could flow through every work of yours. Comfortability and affordability that’s all you need to think of when choosing the best office chair under $300 because you’re sure to be sitting most of the day.


Sitting for extended periods of time on “normal” chairs can result in crippling stress to your spine and neck. It can also lead to development of back pain, neck stiffness and affect the lumbar region.

When you look at all the negative effects associated with sitting in general, it’s a no brainer to invest a few hundred dollars on a good ergonomic chair, considering the long term positive effects and money saved on healthcare in the long run.