Best Floor Chair for Gaming

Best Floor Chair for Gaming – Designed to give gamers maximum comfort, a floor gaming chair is a perfect way to play for extended periods. Whether you have a young child who wants to game with some buddies or a teenager who regularly plays competitive multiplayer games, there are plenty of floor gaming chairs to choose from.

Some floor gaming chairs are small and foldable, making them a good option for tight spaces or shared areas. A larger rocking chair with comfortable cushions can make gaming feel downright luxurious. For a truly immersive gaming experience, there are chairs with built-in speakers and subwoofers that put the sound all around you. Other chairs may have features like vibration or armrests.

They can often be nicely designed, aesthetically pleasing pieces of furniture too and make a good place to chill when playing on your best retro handhelds.

What’s interesting, however, is that while a large number of companies seem to fight it out for the higher end, adult sized gaming chair market, it seems that just two manufacturers absolutely dominate the smaller sized, floor gaming chair sector: X-Rocker and BraZen.

Alternatives are available, but these seem to be more akin to bean bags or recliner-style floor chairs that aren’t specifically aimed at gamers. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what are currently the 10 Best Floor Gaming Chairs available on the market.


1.X Rocker Pro Series H3

Serious PC gaming fans or media consumers who want to feel like they’re in the games they’re playing or in the movies being watched will appreciate the X Rocker Pro Series H3 floor gaming chair. This is a top of the line pick that we think is going to work for a wide range of users. This is a floor gaming chair with armrests and plenty of functionality to substantiate buying it. We like that this chair comes with a 4.1 high tech audio. This video gaming chair includes four built-in speakers and one subwoofer for a surround sound experience. But you also get various connections including a headphone jack.

While the speakers aren’t Bluetooth compatible, you can still connect them wirelessly to televisions or gaming console systems. And this rocking chair can be connected with other video rockers from X Rocker so that you can have a shared gaming experience with other players. This chair can support up to 275 pounds. In terms of other functionality, we like that this is an ergonomic chair with a fully padded backrest and seat. This also includes a pressure-relieving base and a headrest for added support. Best of all, we like that the X Rocker chair can fold flat for easy storage when not in use. It’s an excellent choice for anyone looking for the best gaming chair with speakers.

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2.The Crew Furniture 991590 C

If you don’t need a floor gaming chair with all the bells and whistles, this pick from The Crew Furniture is a good option. This rocking gaming chair features a simple lightweight design and can support up to 200 pounds. While that’s the bottom end for a classic video rocker weight capacity, we do think this would be a solid pick for younger or smaller gamers who don’t need a larger weight capacity.

The simple chair features an ergonomic design with lumbar support and is also easy to clean thanks to the faux leather vinyl material. You’ll get your choice of five colors. And we liked that while this pick is lightweight because of the wooden frame, it has a great build quality and can be easily moved from room to room. It’s a great option for someone looking for the best gaming chairs for kids.

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For people who like the concept of a gaming chair that reclines, but also want something that doesn’t look like a gaming chair, you’ll like this Birdrock gaming chair. One of the most impressive things we liked was that this offered the most recline positions. With the adjustable 14-positions memory foam floor, you can find a comfortable position and even enjoy a true lay-flat experience to enjoy the full six-foot length. And best of all, this floor chair arrives fully assembled with no set up required so you can easily take it out of the packaging and begin instantly using it.

You’ll appreciate the memory foam construction in the Birdrock chair that gives you support exactly where you need it. While this pick lacks some of the more exciting features like rocking, swivels, or even multimedia support, we like that this gaming chair sits on the floor and folds flat for easy storage. And since it doesn’t look like most gaming chairs, you can easily leave this chair out in living rooms or common areas. You might also like our best reclining gaming chairs buying guide.

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4.Factory Direct Partners FDP

For younger kids or teens who like to game, you might not want to invest in some of the more premium gaming chairs. In that case, something like this chair from FDP is a great solution. The wallet-friendly pick is a great no-frills gaming floor chair that fulfills the most important task — providing a supportive place for your kids to sit while they game or watch television.

If you’re concerned about volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from furniture that contains foam, you’ll appreciate that this pick is certified Gold Greenguard for low emissions. This is another great pick that also comes fully assembled and only weighs 15 pounds so your kids can easily move it from room to room. Let them choose from the six available colors offered. We think it’s a great option for the best console gaming chairs for the entire family.

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5.X Rocker Surge

If you like the idea of built-in speakers in gaming chairs, but don’t want to be limited to simple wireless connections, you’ll like the X Rocker Surge Wireless Floor Gaming Chair. While it lacks armrests, the other enhanced features more than compensate for that minor shortcoming — making this one of the best gaming chairs. The built-in speakers in this chair are Bluetooth enabled with a 30-foot range, meaning you can connect them to any other device that supports Bluetooth connectivity. So those two speakers and one subwoofer can give you perfect audio quality from any source. There are also control panels on the side of the chair to easily connect audio ports.

As is standard with X Rocker video gaming chairs, the Surge model can also be connected to other console gaming chairs from this brand for a shared gaming setup. In terms of the actual chair, it can support up to 275 pounds and is designed to be ergonomically supportive. You’ll get neck and lumbar support thanks to the built-in headrest. This chair weighs 36.16 pounds but is also foldable for easy storage when not in use. Also, note that this chair does support wireless connectivity and can be connected to console systems and other media devices. If you want a more relaxing option, our best massage gaming chairs buying guide has some great options.

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6.Best Choice Products

For many people, traditional gaming chair designs are ugly. They look like they belong in game rooms or a bedroom — but not in your living room for people to see regularly. So, we like this swivel floor gaming chair from Best Choice Products because it looks nothing like a gaming chair. So, you can confidently leave it on display in pretty much any room in your home without cringing.

While it lacks immersive gaming features like built-in speakers or vibration, we do like that this swivel chair backrest can adjust to four different positions. Also, this model features 360-degree swivel functionality. And we do like that this model comes with a swivel cover so you don’t have to worry about the base scratching hardwood floors. Another nice feature is the 285-pound weight capacity and sturdy steel frame which makes it ideal for a wide range of users. It pairs nicely with the best gaming console!

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How We Decided

10 Best Floor Gaming Chair | Reviews + Guide

Floor gaming chairs are a great alternative for people who dislike traditional gaming chairs set on a caster wheelbase. To create our guide, we focused on the following key features — size, adjustability, support, materials, and additional features. All of the gaming chairs in our guide are designed with ergonomic lumbar support.

As you saw in our guide, floor gaming chairs come in a range of sizes. Depending on whether the user is a child or an adult, and the type of chair you want to pick, you can find chairs that take up minimal space and much larger ones. In our guide, we included a range of options from slim rocker chairs to oversized lounging chairs that could also serve as regular furniture in your living room. Also, consider weight capacity and whether it’s compatible to the person who’ll be using the chair. You’ll find in our guide that the weight capacity ranges from 200 to 330 pounds.

Gaming chairs are often associated with having multiple adjustments that you can make. While most of the slimmer chairs that were marketed as rockers or had multimedia support lacked recline support, they did provide rocking functionality. For loungers that lacked multimedia support, they didn’t offer rocking but did provide a range of adjustable angles. On the low end, we found chairs with four angles and at the high end, we found a chair with 14 adjustable angles. And in some cases, this included a true lay-flat design so that the seat could be reconfigured into a portable bed.

We found a range of materials for floor gaming chairs. The most common options for enhanced chairs with multimedia support and simple rocker chairs was a faux leather material. With loungers, we found that most of these chairs were made with fabric or microfiber.

And finally, we considered additional features like multimedia support and vibration. Multimedia support is a premium feature that you’ll normally find in more expensive chairs. You can even find chairs that offer wireless or Bluetooth connectivity. And vibration can add to the immersive gameplay or television viewing experience and is also a premium feature.

Best Floor Gaming Chairs Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Factors to Consider

  1. Size
    Floor gaming chairs tend to be less bulky as compared to traditional gaming chairs. But you’ll still want to think about where you plan on placing your chair and pick a size that meets those needs. Some chairs are designed to fold down and be stored away between uses while others are intended to be permanent. Likewise, also ensure that the weight capacity is compatible for the person using the chair.
  2. Adjustability
    Since floor gaming chairs sit lower, they usually are designed to be stationary. However, it’s possible to find models that support rocking or swivel movements if you prefer those features. And also think about whether you want armrests or an armless model. For chairs that have armrests, you might want to consider flip-up armrests so you have a wider range of mobility.
  3. Support
    Gaming chairs are known for being incredibly supportive and floor gaming chairs are no different. While most floor gaming chairs feature a standard shape, some come with built-in massagers or a headrest for added support.
  4. Material
    Gaming chairs come in a variety of options. Your most common choices will be fabric, microfiber, or a bonded leather or vinyl upholstery. Vinyl, bonded leather, and microfiber are the easiest to clean while the fabric has the best hand feel.
  5. Additional Features
    Depending on your needs, you might want to look for a floor gaming chair with built-in speakers. This can give you an immersive gaming session when playing video games and watching TV, or serve as a great place to relax and listen to music. Also think about additional storage, as this is a popular feature many floor gaming chairs offer that can include side pockets.

Are floor gaming chairs comfortable?

As is common with most gaming chairs, floor gaming chairs are designed to be ultra-supportive and comfortable. While the basic shape gives you back support, it’s possible to find more premium models with a headrest and enhanced back support, including even a vibrating massaging mode.

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Are gaming chairs good for posture?

Because of the enhanced supportive construction throughout the backrest and seat of gaming chairs, they’re considered some of the best options for maintaining proper posture while seated. The backrest allows your spine to maintain its natural curve while giving you the ergonomic support you need.

How long do gaming chairs last?

In general, gaming chairs are designed to last for up to five years although most users find that they have an average life span of two to three years. However, these figures are also dependent on the chair you picked and the quality of the materials in the construction.

How much weight can a gaming chair hold?

Most gaming chairs offer a weight capacity that’s between 250 to 300 pounds. However, it’s possible to find chairs with much higher weight capacities. Part of this will depend on the chair’s design. But you should always confirm the weight capacity of a chair before you purchase it.

What is the best floor gaming chair?

The best floor gaming chairs are the ones that are durable, comfortable, and fit within your specific budget. It’s important for a gaming chair to have a comfortable seating and backrest padding.

What is the most comfortable chair for gaming?

By default, gaming chairs are a category of chairs that are designed to be very comfortable. That’s because gamers tend to spend a lot of time sitting on them, so they need to provide a comfortable surface and proper back support. The most comfortable gaming chairs are the ones that offer lumbar and neck support, but also have other ergonomic features that games might benefit from.

Are gaming chairs really worth it?

To a gamer, a gaming chair is absolutely worth it. Even if they tend to be rather expensive, gaming chairs are designed for a category of people that spend a lot of time sitting down. That means that manufacturers invest a lot in quality and supportive materials and come up with design options and constructions that tend to last very long. Even if you’re not a gamers, but you spend hours on end sitting down behind a desk, a gaming chair might make a good purchase.

What gaming chair does Ninja use?

Richard “Ninja” Blevins is an American streamer that uses the Twitch platform to stream the games he is playing to his community of followers. For years, Ninja has been using the Maxnomic Pro gaming chair.

10 Best Gaming Chair for Kids 2022 - Top Picks - Reviews

According to a recent study, children end up playing video games up to 15 hours per week, which means that they need proper support when doing so. As much as parents try to discourage playing video games, this is a trend that not many can dodge, so providing your children with a few hours of video gaming per week isn’t bad as long as they are not being groomed or exposed to sensitive information. Investing in a proper gaming chair will ensure a correct posture in an activity that not many parents will be able to completely eliminate from their children’s lives.

If you’re looking to buy a gaming chair, you should, first of all, decide which type suits you best. A regular PC gaming chair won’t do you much good if you own a console or if you want something casual and comfortable to sit on while watching TV. In these cases, a beach bag chair would actually be a great alternative.

Unwinding for a few hours with friends or with your favorite single-player game can be a ton of fun, but there a few things to keep in mind so you can stay comfortable — and healthy — while you play.

  • If you have a rocking gaming chair, use it to keep your legs from getting too antsy and preventing numbness. The chairs are designed to allow you to move around while you play.
  • It’s easy to lose track of the last time you ate or drank when you’re playing a brand-new game you’ve been anticipating for months. Keep water or another beverage nearby, and eat at the same time you normally would.
  • Loading screens provide an opportunity to get up and stretch. It’s not healthy to stay seated for hours on end — move around and consider getting in a few jumping jacks or push-ups when a loading screen comes up. Just because you’re gaming doesn’t mean you have to be totally sedentary.
  • For parents, consider setting time limits on gaming. Discuss an amount of time that seems fair, and think about setting rules like, “No video games before homework.” At the same time, you should be respectful of your kids’ passion for gaming — not all games allow players to save progress at any point, and online games can’t be paused (at least not without consequences for the player).

Gaming chairs actually come in different sizes so make sure you pick the right one. A chair that’s too small or too big won’t be comfortable and will cause all sorts of problems. You want your feet to sit firmly on the floor when you’re sitting in the chair, your back and neck to be supported, and to feel like you can maintain that ergonomic position for long periods of time.

The seat is perhaps the most important thing when it comes to gaming chairs. It needs to be solid so you get proper support as you move around, to be perfectly level so you get a good position and to have good and sufficient padding so that you don’t feel the frame underneath when you sit down or on the back of your knees. The seat should also be resilient and not get squished under your own weight.


Inexpensive: Basic floor gaming chairs from $40 to $60 are usually simple with minimal cushioning. These may be rockers or stationary chairs and are typically compact in design, making them a good option for those on a budget or with limited space.

Mid-range: For $60 to $100 are gaming chairs that range from simple rockers to immersive gaming chairs equipped with speakers and built-in vibration. These tend to be made of durable materials that will hold up for at least a few years. Many chairs in this range can accommodate children or adults. Chairs with speakers in this range may be wired or wireless.

Expensive: High-end floor gaming chairs from $100 to $200 usually have built-in speakers and wireless connections. These are chairs for the serious gamer who wants to hear the sounds of their favorite games and easily control the volume. The higher price tag usually means you’ll get durable materials that will hold up for years.

The backrest on most gaming chairs is adjustable. That means it can recline and offer you at least two different positions based on how you want to use the chair. If you’re very focused and you want proper back support, the default setting should feel comfortable. If you want to relax and unwind, perhaps lay back and watch a video, you should be able to easily shift to the reclining position. Make sure the angle is comfortable.

The Best Kids Gaming Chairs: Buyers Guide and Top Picks (2022)

Of course, the price is always important. It’s easy to be impressed by a very expensive gaming chair with lots of built-in features or an eye-catching design. However, before you’re swiped off your feet by all of those details, take a moment to consider what’s really important. Not everyone needs or uses all those extra features like the built-in speakers for instance. On the other hand, many gaming chairs that are cheap lack proper support, are made of unreliable materials and don’t really provide the comfort and durability that they promise. The best option is usually somewhere in between.


Best Floor Chair for Gaming – If you’re shopping for the best floor gaming chairs, you’ll want to think about whether you want a chair that folds down for easy storage or one that’s designed to be more permanent. Also, think about whether you want a chair that can recline at multiple angles including lay-flat modes versus a gaming chair that only offers rocking functionality. Consider whether you want a chair with multimedia support so you can enjoy a more experiential gaming session versus a simple chair that lacks those features. And of course, look for a chair that’s ergonomically designed with lumbar support to protect your back.

If you’re here and reading this, then it’s almost a guarantee that you’re a gamer. In turn, that probably means that you spend quite a bit of your free time gaming – which will mean potentially long periods of time sitting in front of a desk or the TV in a relatively fixed position.

Of course, to truly elevate your experience, ensure that you’re comfortable even during longer gaming sessions and look after your health (bad posture is really not good for you), you’re going to want to invest in a piece of furniture that’s designed especially for gamers.

Many gaming chairs these days come with a wide array of gamer-centric features and benefits – so as well as generally being beneficial from a comfort and health point of view, they can also bring a much more immersive experience to your sessions, thanks to improved sound or even lighting.