Best Folding Chair for Soccer Games

Best Folding Chair for Soccer Games – Attending your child’s soccer games can be super fun as long as you don’t have to fight for seating. Even if you do find a place on the bleachers, being comfortable on them for long stretches of time is a tough ask. A soccer mom chair can help you in such situations!

Soccer mom chairs are portable and can be carried in the trunk of a car easily. Not only that, but you can also set up the chair in your backyard when you are in the mood to relax within the confines of your home.

Whether you are cheering on your child for their upcoming soccer game, heading to the big tailgate, or looking for another comfortable chair for game day—the right folding chair can make all of the difference. A great folding chair can be supportive and comfortable enough to sit in all day long—and easy enough to fold up and take with you when you leave. However, as with many different consumer products out there right now—not all folding chairs are made using the most eco-friendly or ethical practices. We know that there are many shoppers out there who want to make sure that the products they are purchasing aren’t causing serious damage to the environment with your purchase.

As many eco-friendly shoppers know, there are many brands that are working on creating more sustainable products that are good for the environment. We have taken the time to review some of the top eco-friendly folding chairs out there to create a list of the best chairs for your game day experience. Take a look at this list of our top-rated pieces below.



If you are looking for a great game day chair—this oversized, collapsible chair from Alpha Camp (See on Amazon) is a great option. For our Alpha Camp review, we love that this chair is slightly larger in style and has a supportive back that will help you stay comfortable all game long. This folding table has an included side table and cup holder. It has a side storage bag to keep all of your accessories safe and dry.

This chair is made in the United States and crafted out of natural, breathable, mesh materials without any toxins in it. It is also UV-rated to withstand the elements, so you don’t have to worry about fading or damage with this chair.

Pros & Cons

2.CORE 40021 Chair

Next on our list is our CORE review. If you are looking for a comfortable, padded folding chair for game day—then consider this eco-friendly option from CORE (See on Amazon). We love the extra padding on this game day chair and how comfortable it is, and we know that you will love it as well all game long. This chair is made of natural polyester and durable steel and is designed to withstand sun exposure. This chair is easy to transport and folds up with a convenient carrying case.

We love that CORE is made out of solid and non-toxic materials that that it is lightweight enough to carry with you to all of your favorite sporting events. Plus, this product is proudly made right in the USA, making this one product you can feel good about buying.

Pros & Cons

3.Coleman Camp Chair

This Coleman (See on Amazon) Outpost Breeze Portable Folding Chair is a great game day option. In addition to being super comfortable—this camp chair is also easy to take with you when you are traveling to and from all of the biggest games. For our Coleman review, this folding chair comes with an included side table and cup holder that will keep your food and game day drinks right within reach.

Many people already love Coleman for their quality, outdoor products and that they adopt socially responsible practices. This company is “invested” in the environment and has recently brought about changes in their factories that lessen their carbon footprint by 99.7%. They are committed to their low CO2 emission manufacturing—which has reduced emissions so much that it offsets the planting of 144,000 trees per year.

Pros & Cons

4.Kijaro Chair

If you are looking for a portable sports chair that is great for both soccer matches and camping in the great outdoors—then consider this option from Kijaro (See on Amazon). We love how portable and comfortable this chair is and how easy it is to take to all of your favorite outdoor events.  For our Kijaro review, this folding chair has a breathable mesh back to keep you cool—and is made of non-toxic polyester that is able to withstand even severe weather conditions.

This company creates quality products in a sustainable manner that encourage people to get out and explore nature and take advantage of the beauty of our natural environment.

Pros & Cons

5.OmniCore Designs Chair

This OmniCore Designs (See on Amazon) Chair is a great option for anyone who is looking for a lightweight, portable yet comfortable chair for all of their upcoming game day activities. For our OmniCore Designs review, this chair is great not only for sporting events, but for camping as well—making it a versatile purchase that you will love for years to come. This folding love seat is a two-for-one and big enough to support two adults as once. It also has a backpack roll tote carrier—making it easy for you to transport.

We love that this chair is made out of non-toxic PVC polyester that is insulated for extra warmth and puncture-resistant, meaning it will last. There are a number of other hidden extras in this folding chair, including a bottle opener and drink cup for all of your game day festivities!

Pros & Cons

6.ONIVA Chair

Next on our list is our ONIVA review. If you are looking for a portable folding sports chair that is great for tailgating, game viewing and even a casual picnic in the park—then this option from ONIVA (See on Amazon) is a great solution. We love how lightweight it is and how compact and easy to transport it can be. This folding chair also included a side table and extra canvas storage pocket for all of your accessories.

This US-made seat features an extra wide style, and a sturdy aluminum frame that can withstand any weather conditions you may throw at it. The brand is so confident in the quality of their non-toxic materials that they even offer a money-back guarantee on this product. ONIVA also made our list of top folding chairs because this brand creates eco-friendly, PVC-free products such as this chair throughout their line of camping items.

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What You Need To Know

With our top five choices fresh in your mind, you’re probably wondering exactly how we decided on those particular chairs for soccer moms. What makes them the best? What should you look for when deciding on the best chairs for soccer games for you? We’ll explain.

You might have to wonder how we have selected the aforementioned soccer mom chairs. What factor we have analyzed and on which features can be compromised. So, please check the following buying guide, and know what features a folding camping chair should have in it; thereby, you can shop the right one. Let’s get started;

< class="elementor-heading-title elementor-size-medium">Comfort:

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Why are you in need of a soccer chair? The answer to this question is obvious, and it will be “comfort”. So, checking for comfort while shopping for a chair would be the priority. While scanning for comfort, please check the shape of the chair. Check either the back of the chair is tall or not. How comfy the fabric of sitting material is.

Furthermore, check, in which posture the chair will allow you to sit. By scrutinizing all the factors, you will be able to buy a comfortable chair.

< class="elementor-heading-title elementor-size-medium">Portability:

Portability is the other factor while choosing a camping seats. As we know that a soccer mom has to pack up her car with different recreational items and go to the playground. So, check the portability of the chair as well.

While checking portability, please check how much space the chair will take after folding it. Plus, check the weight for easy transportation. But be vigilant; most of the lightweight chairs are not stable and tip over easily. So, check lightweight and stability simultaneously; so that you can purchase a perfectly portable and stable soccer mom chair.

The whole reason you’re looking for a chair for all of your soccer-mom activities is because of your regular seating arrangements whether they be bleachers, the grass, or a blanket. So what you need is something portable, convenient, and comfortable.

Every chair on the above review list is foldable and comes with a convenient carrying case that makes them even easier to carry. Some are heavier than others due to materials or size, so keep that in mind when you’re making your choice, whether you’ll be loading and unloading your vehicle by yourself or with help.

Ease of use

As important as almost every time, your ease of using your outdoor sports chairs depends on this fact alone. That how easy it is to assemble and use. Make sure to keep this in mind when buying your best folding chairs for sports.

As obvious another of the crucial factors is your comfort level when you sit in the chair. This also depends on the material used in manufacturing your fold up sports chair. So be mindful of this one.

Last but not the least, knowing the ideal weight you want and what your best folding chairs for sports offer is a must know before buying them. If it’s heavy it will just be a headache for you all day so go for those best outdoor sports chairs which are lightweight and portable as well.

The Material

You’ll notice that some of the soccer mom chairs you’ll come across boast being 600D polyester or 600D Oxford, but what do those terms really mean? More importantly, is there a difference between them?

Durability and quality material have a deep relationship. The more quality material has been used in the chair; the more durable chair will be. In a folding camping chair, you will have to inspect two types of material; the frame and sitting material.

Frames of folding chairs are made of different materials like; wood or metals. In metals, high-quality stainless steel is the best for several reasons. For example, the stainless steel frame is less likely to get rusted after using hundreds of years. Moreover, stainless steel is sturdy enough that it is suitable for heavy persons as well.

On the other hand, check the fabric material of the seat. Either the fabric is breathable or not. Additionally, your back shouldn’t get sweaty after sitting on the chair for hours.

The answer is yes, but it’s a bit trickier to say this for sure than you think. That’s because Oxford is polyester, but the way it’s handled is different. The higher the number before the “D” indicator, the more likely it is to be labeled as Oxford rather than polyester, though not all manufacturers choose to make the distinction.

So 600D polyester is the same as 600D Oxford, in short. But under normal instances and if set standards are followed, then the material is “polyester” at ranges below 420D and are Oxford at ranges of 420D and higher.

You’re probably wondering what the “D” stands for at this point. “D” stands for “denier,” and it’s a unit of measurement. It measures the weight and thickness of your polyester fabric. What that means is that the higher the number, the heavier and thicker the fibers are that were used in your chair’s construction.

Heavy, thick fibers tend to be much more durable, weather-resistant, and abrasion or scratch-resistant. 600D fabrics are also mildew-resistant and have a considerable amount of water-resistance. This fabric type is also used in backpacks, equipment bags, awnings, and boat covers.

Features and Benefits

From armrests to cupholders, storage pockets to heating elements, there are many features and benefits that you’ll find as you search through the world of soccer mom chairs. It’s up to you which features and benefits are most important to your wants and needs.

Additionally, it will depend on what other equipment or accessories you choose to bring along, such as coolers, fans, blankets, and more.

Weight Limits

We get it – nobody wants to talk about their weight, especially not after having kids and filling your time with their sports and family activities. But, the weight capacity or weight limit of your soccer mom chair is an important factor you need to adhere to. You don’t want to invest in a chair and not be able to use it, after all.

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Be sure to check the weight limit of your potential chair and then check your weight, or whoever intends to sit in the chair. If you’re within five or ten pounds of the limit it’s usually okay, particularly in chairs that have heavier, more durable frames.

Chances are though, you’re nowhere near the weight limit of your chair, meaning you can be the best soccer mom in whatever chair you deem fit for the job!

Support and Stability

Along with everything else listed above, one of the biggest things you should be looking at when choosing your new soccer mom chair is the support and stability offered with it. This ties in with the weight and comfort factors as well. You want a frame and material that won’t give way under your weight while still being comfortable and supporting your body for the hours you’ll spend at the sidelines.

You should look for frames that are heavy-duty but aren’t heavy to carry, and the seat and back of the chair should be made of thick or durable fabrics and good materials.

Have questions about the best chairs for soccer games? Don’t worry – other folks did, too. That’s why we’ve collected the most common ones and answered them here for your convenience!

< class="elementor-heading-title elementor-size-medium">Single Seated or Double Seated:

You should know that these folding chairs come in two different options; single-seated and double-seated. Which one will suit you the most? The answer to this question depends on your requirements. If you and your husband are willing to watch your kids’ soccer match, go for the double-seated; otherwise, single-seated is good because of its easy portability and lightweight.

< class="elementor-heading-title elementor-size-medium">Other features:

We know the this type of chair is not like a massager in which you will find plenty of features; however, for user convenience, it also comes with different features. For example, most of the folding chairs have a storage compartment where you can store different items without any fear of being lost. Plus, these chairs have cup and beverage holders as well. These holders are made of mesh fabric.

Amazingly, various folding chairs have reclining options, which are perfect for the sufferers of back pain. So, look over these extra features before purchasing an outdoor camping chair.

soccer mom chair online -

Q: Were these chairs specifically made for soccer moms?

A: While some chairs are specifically made for soccer moms and have the title proudly emblazoned on the back or seat, the chairs we’ve reviewed were not made just for sitting on the sidelines of your children’s sports events.

If you choose to, you can use your new soccer mom chair for camping trips, picnics, family outings, fishing trips, and more. There’s no limit to what you can do with your soccer mom chair or where you can sit comfortably.

Q: Can you use these chairs for other sports or activities like football, field hockey, or camping?

A: You can absolutely use your soccer mom chair at other sports events or during things like camping trips and other similar outings. Anywhere where you have to sit outside, or even in some instances where you have to sit inside, you can use your chair.

With all of this information, you should now have a much better idea of what to look for in your perfect soccer mom chair. Personally, we think that the best chairs for soccer games are the Chaheati 11.4V Battery-Heated MAXX Heated Chair, which is fantastic in all weather conditions, is comfortable, and is raved as the best portable chair available.

If that’s not what you’re looking for and you need something a bit more geared toward heavy-duty use, you should look at the KingCamp Heavy-Duty Steel Folding Director Chair. It’s guaranteed to last you a long time, and that nifty side table can be used for drinks, accessories, and more. Or, if you and your friend, spouse, or whoever wants to share a chair, go ahead and try out the Coleman Quattro Lax Double Quad Chair.

No matter which chair suits your needs, you can’t go wrong with any of the ones highlighted above. But if you want to shop on your own, don’t forget about our helpful buying guide!

If your kids are into sports, you know how much it means for them to see you watch them as they play. What could make you enjoy the game if not a comfortable soccer mom chair?

Most of these chairs come in foldable designs and thus easy to carry around. You need one that is not only comfortable but also secure and fitted with amenities that you might need.

If not sure of the chair to get for your outdoor events, this guide comes to you at the most opportune moment.

Since most of us around us are or have been an avid sports fans and honestly who doesn’t love sports? While sports are a long favorite of almost everyone the need to have the most comfort while playing your beloved sport is crucial too right? So, we bring today for you people a guide to the best folding chairs for sports.

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You may be playing your favorite sport regardless of paying attention to your state or the climate around you, but to have the best outdoor sports chair and even best portable folding chairs. They are bound to make your day happier and refreshing.

While many of you would have already looked at over tons of manufacturers claiming they have the best covered chairs for sporting event or the most comfortable lawn chairs. But what their seats offer do they really make up for it under those expensive price tags? You and I both know they don’t except on rare occasions, so believe in us when you read through our buying guide. We hoped in our thorough buying guide we covered all of the best folding chairs for sports and best folding chairs for sporting events as well. Just keep in mind the factors we started off with before buying and make the best choice always and never comprise on your comfort.


Best Folding Chair for Soccer Games – We’ve all heard the soccer mom jokes, had our minivans picked on, the whole nine yards. But part of being a soccer mom is attending games that aren’t at home, and bleachers are simply not comfortable. They can hurt your back and other areas of your body, and you’ll be sitting on them for about an hour and a half per game. So what can you do? Well, you can get the best chairs for soccer games, of course! You’ll be able to sit at the sidelines of every game your kid plays in comfort and style without having to worry about cold, stiff bleacher seats or, worse, potentially wet grass.

A perfect mom is one who is always there whenever her kids need her help or support. And if your kids are good at sports, you will have to share support and help wholeheartedly. Imagine there is no place to sit and enjoy your kids’ soccer, how difficult it will be to see and enjoy the match. Obviously, you will suffer from back pain and feel tiresome as well. Moreover, sometimes bleachers aren’t good enough to provide you ultimate comfort. In this situation, we bring the best soccer mom chairs for you.

The following folding chairs can be transported easily, and we ensure you’ll enjoy watching kids’ sports and outdoor activities the most. Let’s check all the folding camping chairs one by one and make our decision about buying.

You pack up your car or van with gear, spare clothes, drinks, snacks, and more for every game anyway, so why not add the perfect portable chair to the list so you can enjoy your child’s activities in comfort? With this mindset, we’ve come up with the top five best chairs for soccer games. Don’t worry, they work well for dads, too! We’ve also written up a buying guide to help you settle on a choice, and answer some frequently asked questions regarding these great seating arrangements.