Best Gaming Chair for 10 Year Old

Best Gaming Chair for 10 Year Old – If your child is an avid gamer, a good gaming chair is one of the best gifts you can give them.

Not only will it make them more comfortable, but a quality chair can also help promote good posture, relieve the pressure put on certain joints by hours of gameplay in the same position and help prevent back and neck pain. In other words, it’s well worth investing in one.

Finding the best one for your child will depend on a number of things; do they play Minecraft games on a desktop computer or sprawl on the floor playing PlayStation 3 games? Are they usually sat playing for hours at a time or only allowed to play in short bursts? How much are you willing to spend?

There are tons of amazing video games out there and they can give your kids a real boost in terms of problem-solving, decision making and hand-eye coordination. But time can fly by and gamers can find themselves sitting in the same position for hours on end. That’s where gaming chairs come in!

Designed for kids comfort and health, gaming chairs are ideal for gaming, working, reading, and relaxing. A good kids gaming chair will encourage correct posture through proper cushioning and back support, which supports and strengthens key muscle structures and enables smooth blood flow. Top gaming chair models also include in-seat speakers, sub-woofers and under-chair vibration for total game immersion.  Besides, your child will LOVE IT.

Gaming chairs, then, are the healthiest and most comfortable way to really get into a game – whether in front of the TV on the PlayStation or other console, or playing on a computer. But which one is right for your little gamer? Here to help is our handy guide to the best gaming chairs for kids.


1.X Rocker Pro Series H3

If you’re buying a chair for a kid who’s a serious gamer, but don’t want a larger gaming chair that takes up too much space, the X Rocker Pro Series H3 is one of the best gaming chairs you can find. It’s our Top Pick because it’s a floor gaming chair that’s compact but packed full of amazing multimedia features. First, we like that this chair has a 4.1 audio system. So, you get four speakers and a subwoofer. This is the perfect gaming chair that also comes with vibration so that you’re fully immersed in your game of choice. Because this chair supports wireless connectivity, you can connect it to your console wirelessly, or use the audio jacks in the side control panel for a manual connection.

Because this is an X Rocker faux leather gaming chair, you can pair it with other chairs from the brand, to create a shared gaming experience. While we’re focusing on this chair for kids, even an adult could use it since it has a weight capacity of up to 275. Because this is a rocking floor gaming chair you won’t get 360-degree swivel functionality or wheels. But you do get armrests and an ergonomic, fully padded backrest and seat. But it is made from faux leather. Best of all, if you don’t like the idea of this chair cluttering your child’s room or the living room, it folds flat so you can store it in a closet or under the bed. If mom or dad wants to get in on the gaming, you might also like the best big and tall gaming chairs.

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The OFM Essentials Collection Racing Style Gaming Chair is our best overall pick because it incorporates all of the features of an expensive gaming chair in a slightly smaller, more affordable version. It’s an excellent choice for junior gamers. This ergonomically designed chair measures in at 30.5 by 28.25 by 44.5 inches, and it features padding that contours to your body, a comfortable headrest, and padded arms. Made from upholstered leather, this chair is exceptionally comfortable and cool against the skin.

This gaming seat can withstand a weight capacity of up to 275 pounds. It is an excellent choice for most kids as its sturdy build can withstand occasional bumps and tumbles. With that said, some OFM gaming chair owners mention that over time some of the material along the seams of this chair start to chip.

Available in a variety of bright and bold colors, your kid can personalize their chair by choosing their favorite color option. Another great feature is that your kids can adjust the degree of tilt and recline the chair and armrests with an easy pull of a knob. Cleaning this piece of furniture is a breeze as spills can easily be wiped away with a cloth.

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3.Homall Gaming Chair

The Homall Gaming Office chair is the perfect seat for the PC gamer – and any other kid that doesn’t want to be nearly on the floor.  It’s the chair my son and daughter use when they are playing games on Steam or doing homework at their desk.  I haven’t heard any complaints from the children about sizing- and that includes kids between 4’6″ and 6′ tall.

Compared to many other racing chairs, this model is half to a third of the price with similar features.  It can rock, move around easily on the five caster wheels, swivel 360 degrees, and has a wide height adjustment range.  This good looking piece of furniture has enough padding to keep your child comfortable in the seat for hours at a time.  It’s made of PU “leather” – which of course isn’t leather but is really easy to clean from the occasional spill.  You can spend hundreds more, but unless your child is turning pro why should you?

This Homall kids gaming chair comes in a wide range of colors so it can reflect your child’s tastes.  It’s the perfect gaming chair for long hours playing video games.  It has a 300-pound weight capacity, so don’t feel bad if you sneak some time sitting in it.  It works as a desk chair as well.  Do keep in mind the armrests don’t fold down, so if you are using it with a desk make sure to measure to see if it will fit under the desk comfortably.

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4.Vitesse Grey Gaming Chair

For families with rec rooms or a basement play space, a reclining junior gaming chair can be a great way to create a gaming sanctuary for your children without having their gear littering other areas of the home. This theatre style reclining chair from Vitesse is great for kids and adults and for playing games thanks to the 300-pound weight capacity. We like that it’s a plushly padded design with an additional lumbar pillow for added comfort.

You’ll like that this ergonomic high-quality chair has an ergonomic design with back support and a built-in storage pocket that can hold controllers, remotes, or even smartphones between gaming rounds. While this is a stationary chair, you’ll still get 180-degrees of recline function with a comfortable seat cushion so kids can lay back comfortably while they play games. But the larger seat width of 25.2 inches also helps to make this a great pick that the whole family can enjoy. Choose from six colors. You might also like our best floor gaming chairs buying guide.

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5.Amazon Basics

Even your mini-me deserves a comfortable place to take a seat. Whether they use this chair for gaming or not, you’ll both like that this little chair will give them plenty of comfort as they kick back and play games or watch their favorite cartoons. The AmazonBasics recliner is designed for children as young as five years old. Because it has a very low weight capacity of just 90 pounds, we do think it’s best for younger tots as opposed to late elementary age or older.

Still, you’ll get a full 180-degree recline and a footrest to ensure that your little one is supported as they ease back after a hard day of fun. And you’ll appreciate that the durable bonded leather upholstery is easy to keep clean with a damp cloth. The chair comes fully padded for support throughout the backrest, seat, and footrest. It’s why we’ve designated it the best reclining gaming chairs for kids on our list.

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Serious gamers like to have everything they need close by so they don’t miss a moment of the action. The Respawn 900 racing PC gaming chair is a great stationary chair with a 360-degree swivel base. While it’s not mobile, it offers amazing storage solutions so that your kids can focus on the game instead of scrambling around the room to find what they need. The left armrest features a cup holder along with a removable storage pouch for holding controllers, remote controls, your tech devices, or even snacks.

Even though this is a stationary chair, you still get recline support but it’s a smaller range of just 45 degrees from 90 to 135 degrees. However, the wide footrest gives you more support when you shift backward. This chair can support up to 275 pounds which is more than enough for most kids but is also ideal for adults. Your kids will appreciate the fully padded ergonomic backrest, seat, and footrest too. You might also want to check out our best gaming accessories guide.

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Best Gaming Chairs for Kids Buyer’s Guide

Whether you play MMORPGs, FPS, RTS, simulators or the recently popularized sandbox battle royale, gaming sessions can last very long, especially if you are on a winning spree.

Winning isn’t the only reason though. Some games are just so appealing and addictive, like the GTA 5, Red Dead Redemption 2, and (my new favorite) Fortnite; that it’s really hard to stop playing. Maybe it’s the allure of the story or the immersive gameplay. But whatever the reason, I have never had a gaming session that has lasted less than 4-hours.

Best Gaming Chairs for Dedicated Gameplay |

Heck, even my 10-year old boy never had a gaming session that was less than that (no, I am not a terrible father, I am a cool dad that chills with his kids). Anyways, the problem is that these long gaming sessions gave me back pain which got me worried about my son.

So, I asked around in a couple of online forums for a solution and was told to buy a gaming chair. Being the product reviewers that I am, I went a little overboard and bought quite a few of them. Out of all of those, I have chosen to review 7 which I found to be the best gaming chairs for kids thanks to the feedback I got from my son.

As a final note, what you choose to buy depends entirely upon the need of your kids and the purpose you want to fulfill with these gaming chairs. I would recommend you to buy any of the floor chairs if your kids do most of their gaming on consoles. For PC gaming, desk gaming chairs are a more logical and sensible choice.

If you are looking for chairs that serve multiple purposes, I would suggest that you choose the one which not only looks great but it is also easy to move around. For space like a living room, a bean bag would be an ideal choice as it would serve multiple purposes there.


One thing that I haven’t mentioned in the buying guide is the period of servitude you wish to get from that chair. Certain chairs in my list are only useful for kids till the age of 12 while others can be used until they are 15. This makes the age of your child/children a very important factor in your buying decision. If your kids are older than 13, I would suggest that you go for a chair for adults.

Regardless of which chair you buy, make sure your kids do not spend most of their day sitting in a chair, playing video games. Always encourage your children to indulge in more outdoor activities as sitting for long hours, even in ergonomically designed chairs isn’t healthy for their body.


Decide what you are willing to spend. Having a clear perspective of your spendings will help you in deciding a budget that you can easily spend on something like a gaming chair without adversely affecting your lifestyle. A predecided amount will make half the choice for you.


16 Best Gaming and Ergonomic Chairs of 2021 - Nerd Reactor

Once you have decided on the budget, you need to understand the purpose you are looking to fulfill with that chair. Do you only want it for gaming? Does it have to be an extra seat when people come over? Would your kids be using it for reading or relaxing? Raising questions like this to yourself will help you establish a reason for buying a gaming chair and narrow your choice further.


It’s another factor that can impact your choice. You need to have a clear vision of where the chair you want to buy is going to go in your home. If it’s going straight to the kid’s room, comfort should be your top priority. If you plan to keep it in the living room, the chair also needs to provide a certain aesthetic appeal.

The Most Important Factors to Consider

  1. Style
    Gaming chairs can vary in terms of design. The most commonly seen options are usually traditional chairs with a base set on caster wheels. But you can also find stationary chairs on a swivel base or floor gaming chairs. Floor gaming chairs are usually rockers or reclining chairs. Floor chairs are often designed to be compact and it’s not odd to find options that fold down for easy storage.
  2. Adjustability
    Customization is a defining feature for gaming chairs. For rolling or stationary chairs, it’s not uncommon to see models with a wide reclining range that can even support a 180-degree recline. Also, look for adjustable armrests or seat height — especially if it’s a chair set on wheels.
  3. Support
    Gaming chairs are well known for being some of the most supportive chairs on the market. Typically they feature fully padded backrests and come with a headrest as well. This ensures that the natural curve of the spine is left undisturbed and that no matter what angle your child is playing in, they’re maintaining proper posture. Specifically, if you buy a chair with a larger reclining range, you need to prioritize a footrest to ensure that your child isn’t placing pressure on their legs when sitting in a reclined position.
  4. Material
    True gaming chairs are usually made from vinyl or bonded leather. These are the easiest materials to keep clean and tend to be more durable — which is a plus when you’re buying a product for a child. But you can also find reclining chairs made with microfiber and fabric. While cleaning them can be more of a chore, these materials tend to be more breathable.
  5. Additional Features
    If you just need a comfortable chair to play games in, additional features aren’t all that important. But if your child is a serious gamer, they might like premium upgrades like multimedia connectivity. This would allow them to connect their gaming consoles to their chairs or even play music or audio content through built-in speakers. Also, consider additional storage pockets — especially if your child frequently misplaces controllers or remotes.Best Big and Tall Gaming Chair 2022 - IGN

What type of chair is best for gaming?

The best gaming chair is designed with enhanced lumbar support and a comfortable seat with a waterfall edge. Because there’s a chance you’ll be gaming for extended periods, you want a supportive chair, allowing your spine to maintain its natural curve. And the waterfall edge helps to reduce potential pressure on the back of your legs.

Are gaming chairs really worth it?

The question depends on how you plan on using the chair. For short periods of sitting, it might not be necessary to spend the money associated with a supportive gaming chair. But if you know you’re going to be sitting for long stretches, a good quality gaming chair can provide the necessary support for your neck, back, and hips so that you can play comfortably for hours without premature fatigue or aches and pains.

What is so special about a gaming chair?

The biggest benefit of a gaming chair is that it offers a higher backrest than a standard chair. So your shoulders get more support than you would in a traditional chair. Likewise, many gaming chairs allow you to adjust the lumbar support or even the tilt and headrest on the chair so that it’s truly customized to your needs.

What should I look for when buying a gaming chair?

The main focus should be on evaluating the supportive features of a gaming chair. This means you should look for plenty of adjustment features specifically in seat height, lumbar support, and recline or tilt lock functionality. Also, look at the backrest and ensure that it’s a high back design with a curve to support not just your lower back, but your upper back and neck too.

Playing uncomfortably or while sleeping on the bed may spoil their posture and give them a backache. There is no doubt that these gaming chairs give your child the needed support and comfort while playing video games, but make sure they do not spend hours playing video games, as it may have other harmful effects. Buy the chair after weighing the pros and cons, and only if the child will benefit from it.

Picking the right gaming chair for your child can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. To create our guide for the best gaming chair for kids we focused on the following key features: style, adjustability, support, material, and additional features. Note that all of the picks in our guide are ergonomically sound and provide lumbar support.

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In terms of style, your most common options are going to be wheeled traditional chairs, stationary chairs, and floor chairs. In our guide, we prioritized chairs that offered intuitive additional features like connectivity and built-in speakers.

Adjustability is important, which is why we focused on key features such as seat recline support, seat height adjustment, and even armrest adjustment. Even with floor gaming chairs, we were able to find chairs that reclined, giving you more options to stay comfortable as you play.

The materials for the most part focused on bonded leather options. However, we did include a few fabric upholstered models to provide variety. But for additional features, we focused on models that offered built-in speakers. While you can find models that offer wireless connectivity, we did include models that supported Bluetooth connections.

So, now that you have the list for best gaming chairs for kids, it’s time to help you make the right decision. Before you punch in that credit card number and confirm your order, here are a few things you need to look into first.


Best Gaming Chair for 10 Year Old – There are several places you can begin your search for the ultimate gamer chair, and several names to look out for. Amazon, Currys and Argos are good places to start, and you’ll see X Rocker, Homall and noblechairs models cropping up more than once amongst the best of the best.

Homall make great ergonomic chairs that are immensely popular, particularly in the US, and though they’re not cheap, they’re a very decent price for a high-end product. noblechairs offer a line of premium products for a premium price – they look and feel like luxury; only you can decide if they’re worth the expense. X Rocker are a real market leader when it comes to audio-enabled chairs, and they do some great gaming chairs for kids.

We’ve gathered together a range of the best kids’ gaming chairs on the market so that you can make an informed decision. Take a look below and find your favourite!

If your children spend a considerable amount of time playing video games or working on a computer, you might want to bring home the best gaming chairs for kids.

Gaming chairs are designed to help improve children’s posture and provide the necessary support to their back and neck while playing video games. Most of these chairs are also pretty versatile and can be used when studying, doing homework, or just relaxing.

Playing video games can be a great way to teach kids how to solve problems and boost their fine motor skills. It’s a very fun activity that can be extremely educational, and we’re 100% sure your kid will enjoy it. If your kid loves to play games daily, the best way to let them enjoy their time is to buy them one of the best gaming chairs for kids. It’ll allow your kid to feel like they’re genuinely part of the whole gaming experience. Plus, a good gaming chair is also ideal for working, reading, and relaxing. If you think about it, it’s really a good investment. That said, we’ve gathered a range of the best kids gaming chairs available on the market that you can buy for your kid. Take a look and find your favorite!