Best Gaming Chair for 400 lbs

Best Gaming Chair for 400 lbs – Respawn 400 is the best 400lbs gaming chair. Blue Whale, Killabee, and Fantasylab are all solid alternatives for people who weigh more than 300 lbs. These gaming chairs are made with durable stitching and stretch-resistant PU leather so they last longer.  All of them include lumbar support pillows to mitigate low back pain which isn’t uncommon in big and tall users.

The best gaming chair with 400lbs weight capacity is made for big and tall gamers. Their role is to offer support and a durable base that won’t crack under heavyweight. Gaming chairs of 400 pounds (181kg) weight capacity can also be used by regular gamers who need to ensure their purchase is going to last. This proves nearly impossible with regular flimsy gaming chairs you can buy in supermarkets.

When I was younger and far more innocent, I had no idea that anything like a heavy-duty gaming chair existed. I sat on our old spinning computer chair with paper-thin padding in our living room until my butt went numb.

It usually took about 15 minutes.

My “computer time” in those days was a max of 2 hours per day, so I would rush through my homework so I could crush Age of Empires 2 (the cheat code “aegis” for fast-build-time really helped….).

Now that I’m older and my computer gaming has evolved a bit (Let’s just say that I still spend a lot of time in a computer chair), my needs have changed a bit as well. My back, butt, and neck are no longer happy if they don’t get the support they need, and my performance suffers as well.



Respawn 400 represents one the most critically-acclaimed and best gaming chair 400lbs capacity-seekers can find. While many gaming chairs claim to hold up to 400 pounds without hiccups, the reality is very different than what’s promised on paper.

This gaming chair is the first recommendation for users of 300lbs, 350lbs, and above. Its maximum weight limit is ideal for tall and heavy gamers and chances are this Respawn design can only be purchased online given its specialized nature.

Apart from its high weight support capacity, this gaming chair also comes with plenty of cushioning for great comfort. As a bucket style office chair or as a bucket gaming chair, it can be one of the most robust gaming setup pieces you can own.

It even comes with adjustable lumbar and headrest pillows for that perfect ergonomic sitting posture.

But what impresses me, even more, is the asking price. Slightly more expensive than a knock-off gaming chair, it offers the affordability so gamers need.

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2.Blue Whale Gaming Chair

The Blue Whale 400lbs gaming chair capacity is among the first to offer a stylish option for big and tall users. While its weight capacity is its most important characteristic, you shouldn’t overlook how it looks for it. As living proof, Blue Whale made a gaming chair 400lbs alternatives cant’ compete with in terms of looks.

It features an angle-adjustable backrest. As a gaming chair, you can lay back in, it should not offer any reasons to worry as it has the weight balance for your heavy body.

Its armrests are also angle adjustable. Just as the Respawn 400, it also comes with armrests that adjust by typing angle which supports the ultimate gaming position. You can also use it as a 400lbs office chair when you’re done gaming due to the natural ergonomic hand’s position it supports.

One of the biggest ways Blue Whale saves money to offer this gaming chair at a low price is by switching up the foam with a sponge for cushioning. Its sponge should last at least a few years before flattening. But at least you know the chair’s structure is going to last under a heavy load during the time.

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A similar experience but with a different design can be enjoyed on this Fantasylab memory foam gaming chair. Designed for big and heavy users, it impresses with just how wide it is and how good it looks. From some angles, it even resembles a Secretlab gaming chair.

It comes with a seat depth of 20.5” and a seat width of 21.7”. It even features a wider 23.2” backrest. Available in all types of colors such as black and pink, this seems to be too good to be true.

So what’s the catch with it? The catch is this is a knock-off gaming chair shipped from abroad. It can take 2-3 weeks for it to arrive. On the plus side, you will pay next to nothing for it given just how good it looks.

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4.Okeysen Gaming Chair

This 300lbs gaming chair is ideal if you’re not pushing 400 pounds in weight. It features a weight capacity of 330 pounds which means it still works if you’re just above 300 pounds and not closer to the 400 limits.

The gaming chair is the only one on the list with an included leg rest. This can be helpful when you’re after a sleeping gaming chair. But it also comes with fabrics instead of the same old tired PU leather for a change of aesthetics.

The open design of this chair is also a considerable advantage. The backrest isn’t too narrow pushing against your back. Designed with an open backrest that still supports the back, it has that tall guy feeling you need. The same applies to the bucket seat design of this chair as it doesn’t push against your hips at all.

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5.AKRacing Masters Series

AKRacing is one of the best-known names if you’re looking for a really nice gaming chair. This chair, from their heavy-duty “Max” line, supports up to 400 pounds.

As you would expect of a chair at this price point, the AKRacer is meant to last forever and the warranty backs this up. This doesn’t only mean that it’s made of top-quality materials (it is), but it also has replaceable parts if things break or wear out! The heavy-duty casters are unlikely to break, but if they do, you can replace them or even just upgrade to rollerblade style wheels (Amazon link)! The gas shocks are ingenious, utilizing 2 instead of the usual one cylinder, and you can replace them any time you want or need to!

The seatback is higher than average and flexible, which is designed to provide excellent support for your entire spinal column. I would assume that most chairs support your spinal column, but the manufacturer assures us their superior back design makes things like lumbar pillows superfluous! Less is more!

It’s worth noting here that this is a big gaming chair, as are all of these. If you live in a studio apartment or are thinking of trying to weasel one of these into your bedroom, you’ll need to be sure you have the space for it beforehand. Otherwise, you might just be better off sitting on your bed.

If you take your gaming seriously enough that you never want to think about your chair again (beyond pondering why it’s so awesome), then this is the one for you!

I’ll admit, this chair is expensive. Not quite RTX 3080 expensive but it’ll set you back quite a bit more than most gaming chairs.

But, if you’ve been around here for long you’ll know that I like to put my money where my mouth is and actually buy the products I recommend. That makes this list more of my personal journey than just desk-jockey research.

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6.VON RACER Gaming Chair

VonRacer is relatively well known for producing comfortable and high-quality chairs but I had never realized that they had a 400lb capacity option.

Their big and tall chair not only supports 400lbs but has a flat base, tons of adjustments, and a high-quality covering. What else could you ask for in a heavy-duty gaming chair?

A metal frame and a one-year warranty? Perfect, they have that too!

If I’m being honest there doesn’t seem to be a lot that separates this chair from most others on the market apart from its price (it’s quite low) and the reviews. I don’t personally own this chair but those that do seem to love it.

So if you need something in this price range then don’t pass up on this option!

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How We Decided

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Gaming chairs are essential if you’re going to be sitting for long periods. To create our guide, we focused on seat dimensions, weight capacity, support, style, and additional features. All of the chairs in our guide are traditional gaming chairs set on caster wheelbases.

You’ll find that we focused solely on gaming chairs with a weight capacity between 300 to 400 pounds. These chairs usually also offer wider seats and better height adjustment ranges, making them ideal for people who fall in the big and tall category. But you don’t want to forget about general support.

While most gaming chairs offer full padding throughout the backrest and seat, we prioritized options that featured adjustable lumbar and headrest pillows as well as adjustable armrests. In some cases, you can find 3D and 4D armrests that give you more control beyond simply raising or lowering the armrest. And finally, we also included a few options that featured massaging functionality since this can help to reduce back pain and fatigue if you’re working or playing for extended periods.

Best Big and Tall Gaming Chair Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Factors to Consider

  1. Seat Dimensions and Weight Capacity
    Hands down, you should start your search for a big and tall gaming chair by focusing on the seat dimensions and the weight capacity. You’re going to want a chair with a wide seat so you can sit comfortably without feeling pinched. Taller people will want a chair with a seat height range that’s higher. This will make the chair more comfortable for you, especially if your chair is going to double as an office chair. Also, think about the weight limit. Gaming chairs can range from as low as 250 pounds to as much as 400 pounds. For the big and tall category, prioritize chairs with a range of 300 pounds or better.
  2. Support
    Gaming chairs are popular because they’re ergonomically designed to be more supportive than standard desk chairs and offer maximum comfort. These chairs usually feature fully padded backrests and seats, headrests, and often also feature adjustable lumbar and headrest neck pillows. For gaming chairs with larger reclining ranges, look for a footrest to ensure that your body is fully supported even when you’re in the deepest reclining position. Likewise, options such as adjustable armrests can also be helpful.
  3. Style
    There are a few options for gaming chair configurations. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from floor and rocker chairs, chairs with wheelbases, or theatre-style seating. However, floor gaming chairs might not be as practical for big and tall buyers since these chairs tend to be smaller.
  4. Additional Features
    Some gaming chairs come with enhanced features that can make them more comfortable. This can include massagers, console connectivity, built-in speakers, and storage. Depending on how seriously you take your gaming experience, some features may be more important to you than others. But for gamers who want to connect their console to their gaming chairs, you’ll usually have a choice between wireless and Bluetooth connectivity.

How much weight can a gaming chair hold?

Most gaming chairs are designed for average size users and have a weight capacity range from 250 to 300 pounds. However, big and tall shoppers should look for gaming chairs that are designed for larger people. Specifically, look for chairs that can support 300 pounds and more.

Are gaming chairs bad for your back?

No, they’re not. In fact, the opposite is true. Gaming chairs are known for being far more supportive than regular office chairs thanks to their fully padded backrests and seats. Gaming chairs also tend to offer adjustable lumbar pillows and have built-in headrests for added support.

How much should I spend on a gaming chair?

This is going to depend on your budget and what you’re willing to spend. However, most quality gaming chairs tend to range between $200 and $400. It’s possible to find chairs that are cheaper but still offer key features that make gaming chairs attractive options. And of course, if you prefer a chair with more intuitive features like console connectivity, storage, or massagers, those are going to be more expensive.

What should I look for when buying a gaming chair?

There are a few key features that should be prioritized when you shop for a gaming chair. Specifically, look for lumbar support, enhanced adjustability with the seat height, recline range, and possibly armrests. And also look for a higher backrest with a built-in headrest to support your neck. For chairs with larger reclining ranges, look for a footrest to prevent creating pressure on your legs in the deepest recline settings.

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Heavy Duty Steel Frame

Believe it or not, this is not standard in heavy-duty gaming chairs. The reason that I wanted a full steel frame is this: there is no gaming chair testing board that vets how honest the manufacturers-claimed max weight is. In fact, there is a chair that shall remain unnamed that claims a 600-pound weight limit, but has literally hundreds of bad reviews from 200-pound customers saying that the chair pretty much broke in half on them.

While a steel frame in and of itself is not an indicator of weight capacity, it does tell me that the manufacturer has at least gone through the motions for creating a heavy-duty chair. After all, some of the cheaper chairs on the market are nothing more than plywood bolted to a steel base. Not going to cut it.

I also gravitated toward chairs with a metal base instead of the plastic that is common on so many chairs. I don’t need a leg to break off while I’m slaying demons.

Removable Pillow & Lumbar Supports

For me, there are two main issues that will stop long stretches of gaming or computer time. Having a sore neck/back, and a tired butt. If you’ve never had a chair with a built-in pillow, prepare to have your world rocked. A pillow actually improves your posture, gets rid of neck strain, and allows many gamers to avoid headaches associated with a stiff neck!

The lumbar support may take some getting used to if you haven’t used a chair with any, but it is useful in the long run for obvious reasons. Your back is pretty important for stuff, after all.

Lots Of Heavy Duty Adjustments

Maybe I’ve just gotten weak, but I want my chair to have lots of heavy-duty adjustments. The more, the better. If adjustments aren’t important to you, just go get a giant boulder and put some foam on top. I guarantee that you won’t find a more heavy-duty gaming chair for your weight. If, however, comfort makes you play better (and longer), then check out the type of adjustments I was looking for:

  • Adjustable Arms. I want to be able to move them up, down, forward, back, in/out, and swivel. If I can move them through time, I’ll take that too.
  • Height Adjustment. I thought, when I first started shopping, that I would need to get a tall gaming chair specifically for my height. Then I learned that 6’3″ is not actually that tall, and most gaming chairs have enough adjustment to fit people up to 6’7″ or so.
  • Back Angle Adjustment. What can I say, sometimes I just want to be able to recline in my gaming chair.

If there were other readily available adjustments, I would have been looking for them too, but that’s really the extent of what can be moved around in a heavy-duty gaming chair. After all, the fewer moving parts there are, the easier it is to make it stronger!

Weight Rating 100lbs Over My Level Of Fat

Gaming Chairs | Racing & LED Gaming Chairs | Ryman® UK

I knew that I wanted a nice chair. However, I didn’t want a chair that looked nice and felt nice for a year or two. I wanted a chair that would last me a good 10 years! Because of this, I was focused on budget, yes, but also on finding the absolute best quality that I could afford. Since my budget wasn’t huge, one of the ways I hedged my bets was to buy a chair that was rated for significantly more than I weigh, the logic being that there was no way I could break it and it wouldn’t wear out as fast. So far my theory is working out, and I would recommend the same for any chair you buy!

As a large user, there is nothing more important in a gaming chair than the size of the chair’s seat for long term comfort. Too small a seat, and you’ll feel constantly constricted; too big, and it’s like putting a kid in an adult chair, with your thighs cut off and entire bottom mis-aligning with the contours of the seat.

Here is how to determine the ideal seat dimensions in a gaming chair for your body.

Step 1: Sit down in your existing office chair (or even just a kitchen chair) in an upright position, your back flush against the backrest. Assume a relaxed position, with your thighs slightly apart.

Step 2: Calculate the ideal chair seat depth for your body. Using a measuring tape, get the vertical distance from your tailbone to the end of your inner thighs. Then subtract 1-2 inches to derive the ideal seat depth for your body, where when you sit flush against the backrest of the chair, there is a small gap at the edge of the seat to promote blood circulation in your inner thighs and legs.

Step 3: Calculate the ideal chair seat width for your body. Still sitting upright and with your thighs slightly open, measure the horizontal distance across your thighs just before they drop off the seat’s edge (Assume ideal seat depth, or 1-2 inches before end of inner thighs). Then, add 2 inches to derive the ideal seat width for your body, where when you sit upright with relaxed slightly open thighs, there is still around 1 inch of clearance on either sides of the seat for wiggle room.

Step 4: With these measurements in hand, look up the dimensions of your desired gaming chair to see if the seat will fit you well.

The best big and tall gaming chairs have three things in common. First, they have a larger seat and backrest to support big bodies. Second, they all support around 400 pounds of weight. Third, all come with ergonomic features that encourage good posture while sitting. The best have superior durability, adjustability, and aesthetics. Looking for the most luxurious big and tall sitting experience? Here we review the five best premium gaming chairs for heavyweights.

For best results in a big & tall gaming chair, it’s important to ensure a good fit. There are a few measurements to look out for.

The first is the height of the backrest. Here is a 6’5″ model sitting in a Secretlab Titan XL and Anda T-Pro 2. Both come with extra-tall backrests designed for tall sizes.

The spine carries the bulk of a body’s weight. During rest and activity, the spine manages weight distribution. When carrying excess weight, the spine must bear a greater burden.

This often leads to slouching, which compresses the ribs. That compression puts pressure on the curve in the lower spine. At the same time, it weakens the stomach muscles. Weakened stomach muscles force the pelvis to tilt forward. That makes poor posture worse. Crippling back pain and diminished mobility is the result.

A gaming chair can improve your posture and make you forget that you’re sitting.

Sitting in a gaming chair can reverse this process. It will train your body to sit with a healthy posture. That takes the pressure off of the back and neck. It also makes your core muscles stronger. Over time, the simple act of using a gaming chair will yield many benefits. These include deeper breathing, better blood flow, looser limbs, and increased vitality.

Office Chair Vs Gaming Chair: Which Is Best For Comfort And Style?

Key physical benefits

  1. Eliminate back pain: sitting improperly for long hours puts strain on the spinal cord. This leads to back fatigue, pain and slouching. Conversely, gaming chairs support the back. These use an industry-standard backrest system. This keeps the spinal cord in proper alignment. Lean back in a gaming chair’s backrest to lock into perfect ergonomic alignment.
  2. Ease neck pain: normal office chairs have no support for the neck. While sitting for long hours, most people keep their heads still. This fixed position puts tremendous strain on the neck and shoulders. This leads to chronic stiffness. In contrast, gaming chairs come with adjustable neck pillows. These take the pressure off of your neck while sitting.
  3. Reduce pressure on the hips: gaming chair seats come with extra thick padding. This decreases pressure on the hips, buttocks, and thighs as heavy users sit. With less pressure in these areas, blood flow improves through the legs. With less strain on the muscles comes enhanced circulation. Most users can expect a greater sense of well-being and increased vitality.


Best Gaming Chair for 400 lbs – For average sized gamers, there’s an endless array of choices in the marketplace when it comes to ergonomic and affordable gaming chairs. Not quite the case for big and tall people however, especially men. A good gaming chair for larger people must not only support a much heavier weight, but be large enough in the right places- especially in the seat and backrest- to not have you feeling like a canned sardine when sitting.

It’s with all these factors in mind that we present the best gaming chairs for large users you can get in 2019,  We spent hours researching dozens of chairs to distill the list down to just 5 gaming chairs that you should consider. Here they are: