Best Gaming Chair for Big Guys

Best Gaming Chair for Big Guys – If you’re a big and tall guy, then finding the best gaming chair that fits your frame can be pretty difficult. You need a chair with quality materials that last, various adjustment features, and a sturdy frame with the high weight capacity.

Once you immerse yourself in a game, you can quickly lose hours if not the whole day exploring in-game worlds, competing with others, and unlocking achievements.

Your current computer chair just doesn’t cut it for those kinds of activities. Whether you game just for fun or you’re a Twitch streamer, you need a chair that suits your body type. Which gaming chairs should you consider?

The best big and tall gaming chairs have three things in common. First, they have a larger seat and backrest to support big bodies. Second, they all support around 400 pounds of weight. Third, all come with ergonomic features that encourage good posture while sitting. The best have superior durability, adjustability, and aesthetics. Looking for the most luxurious big and tall sitting experience? Here we review the five best premium gaming chairs for heavyweights.


1.Homall Office Chair

Your home office needs a good, sturdy chair, whether you need it for working or for gaming. A quality chair ensures that you can stay at the computer longer, allowing you to get more work done during the day.

The Homall swivel chair is listed as being “leather”, but is actually made of polyurethane, a material used to emulate leather.

This does not compromise the quality at all, but if you are expecting a leather computer chair, this is not it. The features of this chair include a sturdy base and quiet rolling wheels, as well as pillows for the back and neck that can be adjusted or removed entirely.

This chair holds up to 300 pounds, standard across most chair models of this type.

The color is nice and bold and creates an interesting contrast throughout the chair. The back is 22 inches wide and 30 inches high, perfect for tall individuals.

The seat is also 20 inches wide, so you should have ample room to move around even while seated. Overall, it’s a good quality gaming chair for a low price.

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2.OFM ESS Collection

It’s hard finding an office chair if you’re a bigger guy; many office chairs on the market are too small in the seat or don’t provide enough support for the back.

Even if you do find a chair that fits all your comfort needs, there aren’t enough nice-looking chairs on the market. The Kinsal has redesigned a popular, tried and true chair to fit big and tall guys easier than standard competitors.

This chair boasts a 21-inch width and about a 25-inch depth in the seat for comfort and fit and swivels around 360 degrees for maximum mobility.

The wide base and smooth sliding wheels add stability while on the seat, and the easy-to-adjust height lever makes this a very nice chair to sit on.

Unfortunately, it is rated at 275 lbs; while that still is a respectable number, there are other chairs on the market that far surpass this weight limit for those that are a little bulkier.

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3.GTRACING Gaming Chair

If you find yourself spending a large part of your day at a desk with a sore back and aching shoulders, then chances are your chair isn’t doing what it’s supposed to.

Finding an office chair that supports your back and helps your posture will go a long way to ensuring that your pain is minimized for long days in the office.

The GTracing ergonomic computer chair is specifically designed to support your back and guide you to a proper sitting posture. It features a comfortable faux leather exterior and removable lumbar and neck pillows for maximum comfort.

This chair is relatively inexpensive and of very good quality. 360-degree swivel, and up to 170 degrees when leaning back, this chair supports a wide variety of sitting positions.

It is designed with a 330-pound weight limit and is generous in the seating area for ample sitting room. There is some assembly required upon receiving this product, but the instructions are easy to follow and make a very sturdy and long-lasting product.

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4.AKRacing Masters

A quality chair doesn’t necessarily come cheap, but the good thing about buying a gaming computer chair from AKRacing is that you pay for what you get.

This particular model has many standard features, such as reclining back, and adjustable height, but it takes these features and improves upon them dramatically.

The back of the chair is much higher and can accommodate individuals over 6 feet with little compromise in comfort.

The chair is made from polyurethane, a plastic that is designed to look and feel like the interior seat of a race car.

You will feel more productive in this seat thanks to the cushioning pads within the chair, and the additional comfort of the lumbar and neck pillows to help you sit up straight.

The metal frame is not easily broken and can support up to 400 pounds of weight. This chair is massively heavy duty.

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5.JUMMICO Recliner Chair

Comfort is important when you spend long hours in front of a computer.

The right computer chair can make all the difference, especially when it comes to your spinal health. Additionally, finding a chair that suits your needs can be especially difficult if you are of a larger frame.

The JUMMICO computer chair is ergonomically designed to give you the most support while also being exceptionally sturdy and fashionably stylish. This computer chair is ideal for those individuals that spend a large part of their day sitting at a desk, whether it be for work or for play.

The JUMMICO features a wider backrest and a lumbar cushion for support, which will help with your posture.

It can withstand weight up to 300 pounds, and the backrest leans back for maximum comfort while you work. The armrests are padded and curved and help to support your wrists at rest. The wide-set metal base helps to prevent tipping when you lean, so it is a sturdy, bulky, heavy-duty chair.

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Polyurethane is a fantastic material to use if you want the look of leather, without the leather price or maintenance. It is essentially plastic, but feels so much better, especially on a chair.

The Modway Executive Chair is a PU chair that emulates the look of leather but is very easy to maintain and is resistant to spills and stains. It’s a great chair to have in the office and has multiple features that make sitting in front of a computer for 8+ hours enjoyable.

This chair is extremely stable thanks to the 5-star base and can hold up to 330 pounds of weight, making this chair exceptionally sturdy. It tilts back to allow for maximum comfort when resting but also snaps up to 90 degrees to support the correct posture when working.

Unlike other chairs, this chair does not have a metal frame. It instead uses wood and plastic to get the shape it has.

The seat is uniform in color, making it bot great for gaming yet presentable for work calls should the need arise.

The seat is about 19.5 inches wide and 19.5 inches deep, and the back is made to be tall, so anyone who hovers around the 6ft mark should have no problems getting comfy in this racing chair.

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What To Look For In A Chair For Big Gamers

Before you buy a gaming chair, there are actually several things you want to keep on eye out for. Thankfully, unlike most computer related products, they are pretty straightforward, but that doesn’t mean they’re less of a pain to keep track of when searching through a bunch of different chairs.

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< class="elementor-heading-title elementor-size-default">Capacity

The most important thing to check out is the maximum weight capacity for chairs. Most gaming chairs top out at 250 pounds. This, along with the chairs being shorter and narrower, makes them less fit for larger gamers.

In contrast, most plus-sized gaming chairs can support in excess of 300 pounds. Some of the better gaming chairs on our list can even support up into the 400 pound range. We recommend getting a chair whose weight limit is about 50 pounds more than your average weight.

< class="elementor-heading-title elementor-size-default">Adjustability

Gaming chairs are normally prized for their adjustability. However, for big gamers this can be somewhat of a double-edged sword. In particular, chairs that allow you to lean back can compromise the structural integrity of the chair.

< class="elementor-heading-title elementor-size-default">Width And Height

The main reason why big gamers need particular chairs aside from a higher weight capacity is that many normal chairs are just too narrow or short to comfortably fit your frame. That’s why chairs for big gamers are normally larger than average, featuring a wider seat and a taller/wider back.

While all of the chairs on this list are extra tall and extra wide, they aren’t uniform. Some are taller, others are shorter. Some are wider, others are narrower. If you’re uncertain at any point, then it is probably best to double check.

< class="elementor-heading-title elementor-size-default">Durability

Lastly, bigger gamers need a chair that can handle more stress than normal chairs. The best heavy duty gaming chairs typically have an interior metallic frame which keeps the chair’s shape and gives it the ruggedness it needs to withstand the test of time. Unfortunately, this also means heavy-duty gaming chairs are heavy.

Make sure you check product reviews so you can get something that will last. Just because something is made with metal doesn’t mean it actually had a good design. For instance, many companies like to go cheap on the casters despite them being the component that holds the entire chair up.

If you’re on the large side for a gamer, you’re not going to want to run out and just pick whatever chair everyone else is getting. If you’ve ever felt the minor discomfort of sitting in a chair that was clearly built for smaller people, you’ll quickly discover that a lot of that is exacerbated by the racing style of gamer chairs.

There are a lot of design elements to racing-style chairs that can get very uncomfortable if it’s too small for you, and some may not be obvious right away when you just test one out briefly. So let’s take a look at specific things you should look for to make sure you’re getting a chair that’s going to work for you.

One of the first and easiest things to make sure you’re getting is a strong enough chair. Check the max load capacity to ensure it’s strong enough to hold you up. It’s a good idea to get one that offers a bit of a buffer so the chair’s not always operating near its limit.

You’ll also want to make sure you’re getting a wide enough seat. Many racing chairs have bucket seats that have lightly padded metal bolsters at either side. If that seat is too narrow, the bolsters are going to dig into your thighs and hips. That can either be immediately uncomfortable or it can wear on you over time, as we’ve discovered during many long workdays testing these types of chairs out. Checking to ensure that a chair’s listed width doesn’t include those bolsters is essential (don’t worry, we’ve looked out for that on the chairs in this list). Better still, you can find some big and tall gaming chairs that don’t have these bolsters, and that’s a good sign the chair maker knows who they’re building for.

Mind your height as well. Your vertical adjustments are going to play a big part in your comfort as well as your ergonomics. You’re going to want to ensure the seat is deep enough to come close to the backs of your knees (without pressing into them), tall enough to let your lower legs drop straight to the floor while still touching it, and with a long enough backrest to support your spine. A short backrest may seem like a small problem at first, but if the lumbar and neck pillows as well as the curves of the seatback don’t line up with the curve of your spine and shoulder it will impact your posture.

If you want to ensure you’re going to get good ergonomics, you may want to also check that the height range from the floor to the top of the armrests overlaps with the height of your desk, as this keeps your arms level with your mouse and keyboard. This is less of a concern if you’re playing with a controller, though.

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Keeping all these aspects in mind when you’re choosing your chair should help you find one that’s big enough and tall enough to live up to your needs.

Standard office chairs are usually designed to support 90 kilos (198 pounds). People heavier than that sitting full-time in an overloaded chair face several risks.

First, there is the danger of the chair collapsing under your weight. Then there are long-term health concerns.

Forcing yourself to sit long hours in a chair not designed for your body will wear you down. Your lower back, neck, and shoulders will suffer. After a while, sitting will become unbearable. You’ll need to stand more, putting greater strain on the joints.

The gaming chairs reviewed in this guide address these issues. Below we answer common questions about gaming chairs for heavy users.

< id="physical-benefits" class="ftwp-heading">Gaming Chair Benefits For Big Bodies

The spine carries the bulk of a body’s weight. During rest and activity, the spine manages weight distribution. When carrying excess weight, the spine must bear a greater burden.

This often leads to slouching, which compresses the ribs. That compression puts pressure on the curve in the lower spine. At the same time, it weakens the stomach muscles. Weakened stomach muscles force the pelvis to tilt forward. That makes poor posture worse. Crippling back pain and diminished mobility is the result.

A gaming chair can improve your posture and make you forget that you’re sitting.

Sitting in a gaming chair can reverse this process. It will train your body to sit with a healthy posture. That takes the pressure off of the back and neck. It also makes your core muscles stronger. Over time, the simple act of using a gaming chair will yield many benefits. These include deeper breathing, better blood flow, looser limbs, and increased vitality.

Key physical benefits

  1. Eliminate back pain: sitting improperly for long hours puts strain on the spinal cord. This leads to back fatigue, pain and slouching. Conversely, gaming chairs support the back. These use an industry-standard backrest system. This keeps the spinal cord in proper alignment. Lean back in a gaming chair’s backrest to lock into perfect ergonomic alignment.
  2. Ease neck pain: normal office chairs have no support for the neck. While sitting for long hours, most people keep their heads still. This fixed position puts tremendous strain on the neck and shoulders. This leads to chronic stiffness. In contrast, gaming chairs come with adjustable neck pillows. These take the pressure off of your neck while sitting.
  3. Reduce pressure on the hips: gaming chair seats come with extra thick padding. This decreases pressure on the hips, buttocks, and thighs as heavy users sit. With less pressure in these areas, blood flow improves through the legs. With less strain on the muscles comes enhanced circulation. Most users can expect a greater sense of well-being and increased vitality.
< id="mental-benefits" class="ftwp-heading">Gaming / Computing Performance Benefits

Using a gaming chair will also improve your cognitive ability. Users suffering from chronic pain will not perform at their best. Distracted minds are vulnerable and prone to mistakes.

Gaming chairs are ideal for computer users seeking a performance boost.

In fact, several studies show a link between good posture and cognitive performance. Good posture also takes the strain off the muscles, leaving more energy for computing.

Instead of fidgeting in discomfort, gaming chair users have no physical distractions. A good gaming chair will make you forget that you’re sitting, resulting in 100% focus on your work.

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While we outline the max weight that gaming chairs can handle, we also wanted to discuss another crucial aspect, design.

You see, when you go to your local office supply store to shop for chairs, many of them have a low price point because they are made from cheap and flimsy plastic.  This will shorten the chair’s lifespan considerably, but more importantly, won’t be functional at all for larger men.

Therefore, when shopping for gaming chairs, seek out a chair that has a metal frame.  This will ensure that the chair will last for several years.  Additionally, you also want to look for both ample padding and a higher backrest for added comfort.

Lastly, some chairs include a footrest.  This can help to increase blood circulation to your lower limbs, perfect for those long gaming sessions.


Gaming chairs come in many different colors and design options.

So if you want an incredibly bold design, like the GTracing Ergonomic Office Chair with a head pillow and a recliner that can go back 170 degrees, then more power to you.

As a large user, there is nothing more important in a gaming chair than the size of the chair’s seat for long term comfort. Too small a seat, and you’ll feel constantly constricted; too big, and it’s like putting a kid in an adult chair, with your thighs cut off and entire bottom mis-aligning with the contours of the seat.

Here is how to determine the ideal seat dimensions in a gaming chair for your body.

Step 1: Sit down in your existing office chair (or even just a kitchen chair) in an upright position, your back flush against the backrest. Assume a relaxed position, with your thighs slightly apart.

Step 2: Calculate the ideal chair seat depth for your body. Using a measuring tape, get the vertical distance from your tailbone to the end of your inner thighs. Then subtract 1-2 inches to derive the ideal seat depth for your body, where when you sit flush against the backrest of the chair, there is a small gap at the edge of the seat to promote blood circulation in your inner thighs and legs.

Step 3: Calculate the ideal chair seat width for your body. Still sitting upright and with your thighs slightly open, measure the horizontal distance across your thighs just before they drop off the seat’s edge (Assume ideal seat depth, or 1-2 inches before end of inner thighs). Then, add 2 inches to derive the ideal seat width for your body, where when you sit upright with relaxed slightly open thighs, there is still around 1 inch of clearance on either sides of the seat for wiggle room.

Step 4: With these measurements in hand, look up the dimensions of your desired gaming chair to see if the seat will fit you well. For the chair’s width, make sure it refers to the width without the side bolsters (wings), which are common on many gaming chairs:

The best gaming chairs for big and tall bodies support 400 pounds. Beyond spacious seating, they have fully-adjustable features, rich upholsteries, and exceptional durability.

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Many hours of sitting hunched over the game console or the PC has potential health risks. Bad posture and uncomfortable chairs can cause backache, stiff neck and shoulder pain which can distract you from your game. Having a comfortable gaming chair can make the difference in not just the comfort factor but can also help to improve the game.


Best Gaming Chair for Big Guys – The hunt for a gaming chair is intimidating. There is an insane amount to choose from with loads of features, and you oftentimes can’t test them before shelling out hundreds on the new seat. Adding to the pressure are many gaming chairs seem like they can do the job for big and tall gamers, but the reality is a lot are built for those with more average sizes. That means those options won’t offer as much seat space, as much support, and as tall a backrest. Finding something that’s properly large enough and provides ergonomic support will make a huge difference for you in long-term comfort and also help avoid potential strains.

We’ve rounded up a great selection of chairs that don’t come up short (literally) when it comes to giving big and tall gamers a comfy place to rest their bones. With these options, you’ll find wider seats, tall backs, and higher load capacities. Plus, you won’t miss out on the classic gaming chair style or other common features, like 4D armrests or lumbar support. As you’ll see below, these chairs keep up with the best standard-size chairs ensuring you’ll be ready for even the longest gaming marathons– and click here to see them in the UK.