Best Gaming Chair for Large Person

Best Gaming Chair for Large Person – In our search for the best gaming chairs for larger people, we’ve taken a look at over 40 different models and have narrowed it down to the best 10. Starting with our Editor’s Choice, the  Big and Tall Gaming Chair is a beast when it comes to fitting bigger and taller men and women with comfort for long hours of gaming. We especially love its comfortable and adjustable cushion padding as well as the option of a retractable footrest too! On top of this, we’ll take a look at nine other best big and tall gaming chairs to give you more options to choose from.

For our extensive market research, we’ve spent more than 50 hours and asked a team of experts to help us determine a number of important features that you should focus on when purchasing a gaming chair. These include chair dimensions, seat height, material it’s made of, weight capacity, and recline. After our detailed product reviews, we’ll then turn your attention to our buying guide, where we’ll inform you more about these chairs, answer some of the commonly asked questions, and then provide you with our top three picks in our final verdict. Let’s get started!

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1.DXRacer Tank Series

First up on our list the DXRacer Tank Series Gaming Chairs. DXRacer is one of the more popular office and gaming chair manufacturers, known for their high quality and well-engineered products. The Tank series of large gaming chairs are specifically designed to be bigger for those that might need, or want, it.

The first thing that stands out about this chair is its size. The chair stands over 53 inches from the ground and is over 30 inches at the widest part of the seat. This makes the chair a good deal heavier than normal (about 65 pounds) but large enough for tall and wide gamers. The seating offers an impressive amount of cushion and two gas cylinder hydraulics which is slated to support up to 450 pounds.

The chair has a strong aluminum frame that runs up the back. The metal frame makes the chair much more stable but can take away some comfort if you are used to softer chairs.

A negative consequence of the frame is that you can’t tilt and lock the chair in a reclining position. The armrests are also fixed in place, which is especially annoying for taller gamers who are more likely to need some adjustments; honestly, at this price point, that’s the least they could do. While this DXRacer is rather pricey, it’s also durable, so it will last you for a while. It also comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and a 24-month warranty on parts.

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2.Ficmax Chair

Another affordable chair for the bigger gamers out there, the Ficmax High-Back Ergonomic Gaming Chair is heavy-duty and offers a lot of padding. The chair’s construction is sturdy and its frame is made of a metal alloy, surrounded by layers of high-density foam for comfort and stability.

It is a bit more mobile than some other big gaming chairs for large men and has a 360-degree rotation and up to 180-degree recline, which is a nice touch for an aluminium alloy chair. This is probably because, despite it being described as a chair for “heavy” gamers, its weight capacity is only 300-pounds, which won’t be enough for many searching for high quality gaming chairs. The front part of the seat does not seem to have any contouring either, so you may find yourself slipping forward if seated upright.

Unlike a lot of other chairs on the market, the Ficmax has a built-in USB powered electric massage motor in its lumbar support pillow. Just plug it in and you get a nice lower back massage while gaming/working. While it is somewhat of a novelty, it can be a really nice edition, especially if your job requires being on your feet a lot.

It’s also got an extendable footrest. Unfortunately, the footrest can throw off the chair’s balance, but you can remove it while not in use. Speaking of removing things, some pieces, such as the wheel casters, are prone to breaking. Ficmax does offer a one year warranty on parts and a lifetime warranty on the frame, though.

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The KILLABEE Big and Tall is an impressive wide gaming chair, standing almost 53 inches tall and weighing almost 60 pounds. The alloy frame is very tough and the ultra-thick seat bed is made out of springy memory foam that, over time, adapts to the shape of your butt and hips. It even includes two adjustable pillows for lumbar and neck support.

Like the Ficmax, the KILLABEE has a USB powered massage device built into the lumbar support pillow and an retractable footrest. It has a very wide back which is good for those with broad shoulders, though the seat bed might be too wide to be comfortable for some.

The armrests are adjustable, but they don’t have a switch so you might find yourself accidentally shifting them while moving around in the chair. We don’t really understand why this is part of the chair’s design– it’s probably one of the chair’s biggest drawbacks.

The chair also does not have much vertical adjustability; I guess in that way it does way more for the “Big” part of their target audience than their “Tall” part. It does has a wide recline range, but again, for bigger bodies, this may mean more potential fault points in the frame.

The memory foam seat is very soft, but the PU leather gets dirty easily, which can make the seat feel tacky and sticky. Luckily, it can be washed with most normal cleaning solutions, and nothing special is required.

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4.Vertagear VG-PL6000

The VERTAGEAR P line of heavy-duty gaming chairs is built to last, the PL 6000 included. The heavy duty frame/base is made of a reinforced steel alloy and is rated for a max capacity of 440 pounds.

The PVC leather seat of the VERTAGEAR is perforated with holes that let the chair breathe and keep your butt cool. While the same can’t be said of the PU leather back, it’s not unique on this list when it comes to PU leather backs.

It somewhat lacks in vertical adjustability but the arms are adjustable in 4 directions, which is a huge win in terms of ergonomics and comfortability. Unfortunately, the back seat is not reclinable, but it does flex a bit so you can at least lean back a small amount.

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5.Homall Office Chair

Your home office needs a good, sturdy chair, whether you need it for working or for gaming. A quality chair ensures that you can stay at the computer longer, allowing you to get more work done during the day.

The Homall swivel chair is listed as being “leather”, but is actually made of polyurethane, a material used to emulate leather.

This does not compromise the quality at all, but if you are expecting a leather computer chair, this is not it. The features of this chair include a sturdy base and quiet rolling wheels, as well as pillows for the back and neck that can be adjusted or removed entirely.

This chair holds up to 300 pounds, standard across most chair models of this type.

The color is nice and bold and creates an interesting contrast throughout the chair. The back is 22 inches wide and 30 inches high, perfect for tall individuals.

The seat is also 20 inches wide, so you should have ample room to move around even while seated. Overall, it’s a good quality gaming chair for a low price.

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It’s hard finding an office chair if you’re a bigger guy; many office chairs on the market are too small in the seat or don’t provide enough support for the back.

Even if you do find a chair that fits all your comfort needs, there aren’t enough nice-looking chairs on the market. The Kinsal has redesigned a popular, tried and true chair to fit big and tall guys easier than standard competitors.

This chair boasts a 21-inch width and about a 25-inch depth in the seat for comfort and fit and swivels around 360 degrees for maximum mobility.

The wide base and smooth sliding wheels add stability while on the seat, and the easy-to-adjust height lever makes this a very nice chair to sit on.

Unfortunately, it is rated at 275 lbs; while that still is a respectable number, there are other chairs on the market that far surpass this weight limit for those that are a little bulkier.

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Things to consider before buying chair for Large Person

How to Sit in a Gaming Chair: A Detailed Guide -

As we’ve seen in our gaming chair reviews already, there are a number of things you need to think about before purchasing one. You may not need to focus on each detail, especially if you’re looking for something in particular. However, we’ve listed them all here to make things easier for you. They include the chair’s dimensions and weight, the seat height, its maximum weight capacity, its upholstery materials, reclining mechanism, armrests, the lumbar support and headrest pillow, its base, and lastly, its price.

Dimensions and weight

Possibly the best thing about big and tall gaming chairs is that they are very similar in its design,  and because of this, you can expect them to be of similar shapes and sizes. While the weight may differ by a bit between chairs, the sizes of chairs are relatively similar.

For instance, when looking at the width of the seat, we can see that there is a range of sizes, and it stretches between 21 and 27 inches. As for its full height, it can stretch between 50 and 60 inches, with the exception of the Homall Gaming Recliner, which is a completely different model with its own unique design.

As for the weight, they aren’t extremely heavy, but since they can be a bit bulky, some chairs may require you to have another person to help you put the chair together. Generally, these gaming chairs weigh between 50 and 70 pounds.

Seat height

The seat height refers to the distance between the floor and the top of the seat. This may not be the most groundbreaking feature of the best gaming chair. However, good seat height can make a very big difference in how comfortable you are while you’re playing and can also help out with back pain issues you may have while sitting for long periods of time.

It’s easy to say that the larger the seat height is, the more comfortable it will be to find the right posture. It goes a bit beyond that and depends on the quality of the padding of the seat itself.
Some gaming chairs like the Ficmax Ergonomic Massage Gaming Chair with Footrest or the KILLABEE Big and Tall 350lb Massage Gaming Chair both provide proper seat height and have memory foam in the seat itself, which adds to the comfort level. In terms of sizes, the seat heights generally range between 17 and 24 inches and can be adjusted.

Max weight capacity

The maximum weight capacity refers to how much a gaming chair can withstand while continue functioning normally. This is particularly important for bigger and taller people as they have a higher body mass.

Fortunately for you, the vast majority of gaming chairs are made for durability, and with that, they are able to accommodate a lot of weight. From our list, we can see that the chair with the lowest weight capacity at 265 pounds is the Homall Gaming Recliner, while the AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair with Wide Flat Seat can hold up to 400 pounds easily. Despite this seemingly vast range, you can see that these gaming chairs can take on quite a bit of weight and function just fine.


When it comes to the materials of the best big and tall gaming chairs, there’s really not a whole lot to be said. Every single gaming chair on our list uses polyurethane leather as its upholstery, which gives off the feeling of leather but is a much more affordable version of it.

Quite simply, these chairs use PU leather because it is smooth, durable, doesn’t tend to stick to your skin while you are sitting on it, and is easy to clean stains off of. The last part is important because you don’t want to waste much time on that, so a few wipes will do the trick.
Reclining mechanism
Everyone who plays a lot knows that it’s best to be as comfortable as possible, and a reclining mechanism on your gaming chair will do just that. All of the best gaming chairs have a recline function that allows you to tilt back your chair to a near lie-flat position or all the way down to a full 180-degree, lie-flat position. All you have to do is to lean back, find the right position, and lock the back of the chair. As for how far the particular model can go, you can expect it to tilt from 135 degrees all the way down to 180 degrees. Additionally, most of these chairs, including the Big and Tall Gaming Chair, also have a rocking function that simply just lets you rock in your chair while you are relaxing in it.

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Some video games are more intense than others, but in both cases, some good armrests are important. You’ll be glad to know that the armrests on the majority of these gaming chairs are adjustable.

Some are a bit more adjustable than others if they are 4D, which basically means you can move the armrests in any direction you like, such as seen with the CORSAIR T2 ROAD WARRIOR Gaming Chair. Others are a bit more conventional and can only be moved up or down. Nonetheless, they are easy to find the right spot is key for your arms and elbows, especially if you plan on playing for hours.

Lumbar support and headrest pillow

Perhaps, the most important parts of a gaming chair are the lumbar support and headrest area. Since you’ll be sitting in it for hours, you’ll definitely want your back, head, and neck to feel as comfortable as possible. That’s why all gaming chairs have proper and relaxing lumbar support, with many of them having a built-in massage function in this lumbar area. This heavily padded area provides proper relaxation for your back.

The same can be said for the headrest pillow on your gaming chair. While maybe it is not as padded as the lumbar support, the headrest still offers enough comfort so you can forget about neck strain and pain.

Swivel base

Nine out of the ten gaming chairs on our list feature a swivel base with caster wheels, and they can slightly vary from model to model.

Having a swivel base with wheels allows the chair to be nimbler and more mobile when you need to stand up or sit down. If you’re playing using multiple screens, having a swivel base helps you to easily switch your attention between the screens without having to tire out your head and neck.
With models like the DXRacer King Series PRO PU Leather High-Back Gaming Chair KS06/NG and the Homall Ergonomic High-Back Racing Chair, you will get smooth caster wheels that make them even easier to maneuver your chair around.


Each of the big and tall gaming chairs is covered with some kind of a warranty. This is very important because when you’re dealing with something that needs to be constructed and can go through wear and tear quickly because of heavy everyday usage, there are going to be some things that can and will need to be fixed or replaced.

What's a Gaming Chair? - Pro Gaming Chairs

However, there is no standard warranty period as each company has their own policy. Still, we can see a few trends when it comes to warranties. Some manufacturers offer them strictly on parts, meaning that they won’t send you a brand-new gaming chair if something goes wrong with it. Other companies can offer a warranty on the entire chair.

It’s best to check the warranty policy of the gaming chair you have your eye on. Generally, warranties can range from 6-months to 5 years.
Like with any product that comes with a wide variety of choices, prices can tend to fluctuate quite a bit, and the best big and tall gaming chairs are no different.

If you’re looking for budget-friendly and affordable options, there are a few gaming chairs you can find for less than $150, including our Best Value pick, the Devoko Racing Style Gaming Chair.

If the price isn’t a primary concern, but you still are wary of spending top dollar for a gaming chair, you might want to find something in the middle tier from $150 to $250. Here, you can see our Editor’s Choice, the GTRACING Big and Tall Gaming Chair, that comes with a variety of useful and convenient features, such as removable pillows and retractable footrest.

Lastly, in our premium tier, we’re looking at any gaming chair over $300, with the most notable one being the CORSAIR T2 ROAD WARRIOR Gaming Chair.

What are the main advantages of big and tall gaming chairs?

The biggest advantage of any big and tall gaming chair is clearly its ability to last much longer than regular chairs. When you’re paying over $150, you’re going to want a product that will last at least a few years. The best big and tall gaming chairs will do just that. Another advantage of these chairs is that they are able to withstand more pressure and weight. As you’ve seen from our list, all of these gaming chairs have a weight capacity of at least 265 pounds, and it goes all the way up to 400 pounds. Thus, the durability you get from these chairs is unmatched, and this is the reason why you should invest in one of them.

Are big and tall gaming chairs comfortable for smaller people?

The answer to this simply depends on the model of the chair. Some gaming chairs are specifically better suited for taller and bigger people, as noted with the high seatbacks and the wider seats. There can be some kind of limitation, so smaller people might feel them less comfortable. However, if a smaller person still can find the right posture in the gaming chair like this, then it should be no problem. The only thing is that you’ll probably have to keep in mind is to make numerous adjustments to the chair to find the right settings. You don’t want to be playing for hours on end to find out that your neck is sore because the headrest pillow isn’t low enough for you or that your shoulders are starting to ache because your armrests are too high.

Is it hard to adjust a gaming chair?

Adjusting your big and tall gaming chair is really not that difficult. However, we should point out that while it can get tempting to get into a comfortable and lazy position in your gaming chair, you should try to achieve proper posture in order to avoid any possible strain or pain. Adjusting the back tilt is crucial because it will ensure that your back is in a good posture, but you’ll also want to make sure that the lumbar cushion is in the right spot (curve of your lower back) as well. It’s also quite easy to tilt the backrest to the angle you want. With some gaming chairs, you can tilt all the way down to 180 degrees and back to an upright position very easily.

Top 9 Best Gaming Chairs For Big And Tall People

If you’re a big and tall guy, then finding the best gaming chair that fits your frame can be pretty difficult. You need a chair with quality materials that last, various adjustment features, and a sturdy frame with the high weight capacity.

Once you immerse yourself in a game, you can quickly lose hours if not the whole day exploring in-game worlds, competing with others, and unlocking achievements.

Your current computer chair just doesn’t cut it for those kinds of activities. Whether you game just for fun or you’re a Twitch streamer, you need a chair that suits your body type. Which gaming chairs should you consider?


Best Gaming Chair for Large Person – The hunt for a gaming chair for Large Person is intimidating. There is an insane amount to choose from with loads of features, and you oftentimes can’t test them before shelling out hundreds on the new seat. Adding to the pressure are many gaming chairs seem like they can do the job for big and tall gamers, but the reality is a lot are built for those with more average sizes. That means those options won’t offer as much seat space, as much support, and as tall a backrest. Finding something that’s properly large enough and provides ergonomic support will make a huge difference for you in long-term comfort and also help avoid potential strains.

We’ve rounded up a great selection of chairs that don’t come up short (literally) when it comes to giving big and tall gamers a comfy place to rest their bones. With these options, you’ll find wider seats, tall backs, and higher load capacities.

If you have spent any time on streaming channels, then you’ll know all of the most popular streamers are using gaming chairs. These souped-up office chairs (let’s be realistic, that’s what they are!) are made with extra padding and reinforcement for extra comfort during long gaming sessions.

One problem though: most popular gaming chairs are better suited for gamers with a smaller frame and may not be large enough for those with larger bodies.

Small seat beds, short seatbacks, and smaller load capacities are all issues bigger gamers run into when trying to find suitable chairs for big and tall guys.