Best Gaming Chair for Lower Back Pain

Best Gaming Chair for Lower Back Pain – If you spend hours working at your desk or playing games, you need a supportive chair to prevent back and neck pain.

Incorrect posture can lead to poor circulation and unnecessary fatigue. It can even affect your mood and contribute to stress. The right gaming chair can help alleviate these issues.

There are a few things to look out for when selecting a gaming chair for back pain. Everyone’s needs are different, so it’s important to choose a chair with features that best suit you. Chairs that feature an adjustable back with lumbar and neck support are especially desirable due to their high level of adjustability. Some gaming chairs have ergonomic shapes that encourage you to sit up straight instead of slouching. A gaming chair that eases back pain should also have firm but ample padding. A tall backrest can also reduce slouching because they provide extra neck support that’s not found on shorter office chairs.



The Vertagear SL5000 is a racing-style seat favored by gamers for its immense comfort. The high backrest provides excellent support, and it also has a dual-vent system to keep you cool. Both the seat and backrest also have side supports to keep you snug in your seat. This Vertagear chair is upholstered with polyurethane (PU) leather that’s easy to clean.

The SL5000 gives users easily adjustable comfort features. These features include removable memory foam pillows that provide neck and lumbar support. Another feature that can help to ease back pain is the adjustable backrest. It can recline between 80 and 140 degrees so that you can find the most comfortable position.

This chair also has the usual features associated with gaming chairs, like adjustable height, four-direction armrests, and a tilt and locking mechanism. The Vertagear can help relieve back pain with its additional padding and adjustability features. It comes in a range of colors, including black, black and red, black and blue, and black with camo.

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2.DXRacer Tank Series

The DXRacer Tank series our pick for the best gaming chair for heavy people with back pain. And as the name would suggest, this chair is a tank, supporting up to 400lbs. DXRacer is one of the most popular and proven gaming chair brands on the market. Although they’re best known for their stylish race car design, the best feature is their chair padding. DX Racer’s backrest and seat padding are filled with high-density mold shaping foam that firmly supports your back, legs, buttocks, and hips. The mold shaping material actively responds to the body, ensuring a true body fit. It evenly distributes the pressure across the body and makes sitting for long periods comfortable. Additionally, the foam holds the structure of the padding for a long time.

This chair offers plenty of adjustments to help gamers customize their seat. Users can adjust the height along with reclining their chair up to 135 degrees. You can also rock your chair at any seating angle up to 15 degrees back. Whether you’re looking to sit upright to play games, sit back to read, or lean back to rest, DXRacer makes it easy.

For an inexpensive gaming chair, it’s quite durable. The upper base of the frame is made of steel, while the lower base is made of aluminum. This helps strike a balance between sturdiness and lightweight. If anything goes wrong, DXRacer includes a generous two-year warranty on parts, so you can always replace any parts as needed.

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3.Gtracing Gaming Chair

If you’re looking for a gaming chair that doesn’t break the bank, the GTRACING gaming chair is a great option to choose from. At only a fraction of the costs of most gaming chairs, you get plenty of ergonomic features such as padded seating, adjustable seat height, armrests, recliner, and even a retractable footrest. Footrests enable gamers to change positions by shifting their weight and lower the strain placed on their back. Overall, footrests will help reduce fatigue in a person’s knees, ankles, feet, and thighs, while also aligning with their posture.

Something we’ve found fascinating about the GTracing chairs is their deep recliner. It can recline up to 170 degrees meaning users can take a nap during breaks. We also enjoy the comfort of this chair. It has a thick padded seat and back to ensure comfort while sitting for long periods.

GTracing uses a bonded leather material, which is a cheaper alternative to genuine leather. However, it has a sleek and consistent texture making it look similar to an executive office chair. In addition, you’ll find a headrest and a lumbar pillow that is detachable and height-adjustable. With the lumbar pillow, you can position it precisely to adjust where you need the most support.

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4.Herman Miller Classic Aeron Chair

Despite the hefty price tag, the Herman Miller Aeron ranks as one of the top mesh back chairs in the market. The Aeron features a unique PostureFit SL mechanism that fits the natural S shape of a person’s back to promote a healthy posture. Without a proper lumbar system, most people will resort to a slouching position or a C shape posture. Its lumbar support is built-in and made of high-density memory foam to support your lower back by putting your spine in a comfortable position.

Another standout feature of the Aeron is the mesh material. The Herman Miller uses a woven pellicle mesh material that allows air circulation and won’t allow heat or pressure to build up. Increased air circulation has been proven to increase the amount of oxygen in your brain which boosts productivity and focus. For gamers, it means you’ll bring your A-game. The pellicle material also is woven to support eight specific tension points to help support and relax your back.

Herman Miller also offers an incredible 12-year warranty for their products. This means if any of the parts fail, you can easily get it replaced or have your chair fixed free of charge. As an industry standard, most sellers only offer a one-year warranty.

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5.Dowinx Gaming Chair

For big and tall individuals, the E-WIN gaming chair is an excellent choice to make your gaming experience more comfortable. It has a wide seat width and high backrest, while also supporting up to 330 pounds. Unlike most chairs that use aluminum, particle boards, or even plastic materials, the E-WIN chair includes a steel frame for durability and easy to clean.

This chair allows the user to recline their seating angle from about 85 degrees to 155 degrees, so gamers can find the angle that works best. It features a thick high-density foam material to provide additional comfort. Like most gaming chairs, they come with a height-adjustable headrest pillow and lumbar cushion. The lumbar cushion is much wider to properly support your lower back.

One of the most common positive feedback from customers is how the item is easy to assemble. It comes with all of the hardware pre-installed along with an installation video for guidance. All of the tools and Allen screws are supplied. Assembly time should be under 30 minutes.

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If you’re a console gamer, then consider the Respawn RSP-900. Although it doesn’t have all of the adjustments that a PC gaming chair would, it has lots of padding across its armrests, seat cushion and backrest. The chair features segmented padding along with a plush headrest pillow for additional comfort. The segmented padding is designed to contour to your body so that it adjusts to your body’s movements.

Frequent breaks are essential for your health. The Respawn RSP-900 allows you to recline up to 135 degrees while still feeling secure since you’re positioned lower to the floor. Even at the reclined position, you’re able to swivel the chair around 360 degrees. Furthermore, it has an extendable footrest for you to relieve pressure off of your legs and feet.

Most gamers love to keep their drinks and snacks around. The chair has a handy built-in cup holder along with a side pouch to hold any small items such as their phones or snacks.

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Choosing the Best Gaming Chair Back Pain – Buyer’s Guide

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Ergonomics is a crucial component to ensure comfortability and prevent potential health issues from sitting down for long periods. The ergonomics will vary from a console chair versus a PC gaming chair. PC gaming chairs are designed to ensure gamers are sitting at an upright position. If you’re not used to sitting straight, it may feel unnatural or uncomfortable at times.

Console gaming chairs are designed to lean back and have a rocking feature. Sitting closer to the floor encourages your body to lean forward.

One of the most ergonomic aspects to gaming chairs is their high back with a fixed headrest design. Since gamers sit for long periods, they tend to slouch their shoulders and bend their neck forward. The high back and headrest pillow provides sufficient support for your shoulder, neck, and head. Similar to how a pillow and backboard is essential to a good night’s rest, this design provides better comfort and support than most office chairs with a mid or low backrest.

Lumbar Support

Most standard office chairs will reduce the lumbar curve by rotating the pelvis. As a result, your spine and shoulders will overcompensate and lead to back pain.

Gaming chairs include a detachable lumbar pillow cushion. Make sure that the cushion is height adjustable so that it targets a specific area in your back. External lumbar support pillows help to promote a neutral spine, healthy posture, and provide relief to your lower back. With a lumbar cushion, it helps to prevent the body from sagging forward and will keep you upright. With the tall backrest and lumbar support, it’s nearly impossible to slouch.

Higher-end gaming chairs will include more sophisticated support. For example, the Secretlab Titan or Herman Miller chairs use an internal lumbar. Users can adjust the depth of the lumbar to provide the right amount of firmness or pressure to your back. The internal lumbar support feels much more natural since it feels like a part of the chair rather than a separate pillow.

With Herman Miller, you get other adjustments to ensure your back is healthy. For example, their lumbar support allows you to adjust both the height and depth. Each individual has their own unique needs and different height and weight profiles. The more customizable your lumbar support is, the better it is for your back.


Every gaming chair should have a variety of adjustments. Adjustments help make sitting more comfortable. For example, sitting on a chair that is too high means you’ll have to strain your neck to the computer screen. The adjustment that a chair may have includes adjusting your seat height, width, depth, seat angle, swivel, lumbar depth and height, and headrest height.

The seat height is likely the first thing you’ll need to adjust. Adjust the height, so that your head is leveled to the computer screen. In this position, your feet should be flat on the floor with your hips positioned higher than your knees. The armrests should be the same height as your desk. They help to reduce pressure placed on your upper body including shoulders, neck and upper back. Armrests that are positioned correctly help to give your wrists a break without having to bend at an angle to use the keyboard. This reduces the chances of getting carpal tunnel syndrome, which occurs when your nerves are strained from being pressed by the tendons around them.

Comfort (seat comfort, back comfort, arm comfort)

Besides adjustments, there are many aspects that make a chair comfort including the seat cushion, backrest, and armrest. Usually, the more padding, the more comfortable a chair is. However, plush and soft isn’t always the best for your health. Sofas are incredibly soft and comfortable to sit on, but not ideal for your back. Try to find chairs that strike a balance between comfortable and supportive.

Most gaming chairs come with a waterfall or bucket seat cushion with thick padding. A waterfall design slopes downward slightly to reduce the pressure placed on the back of the thigh. It also increases blood flow to the lower limbs. Lack of blood circulation causes numbness in your legs and even leads to soreness or injury. Most gaming chairs typically include high-density memory foam or cold cure foam seat cushions. Cold cure foam is twice as denser than normal foam, so it’ll feel much more firm and supportive. However, the foam will soften when pressure is placed on it for maximum comfort.

For backrests, gaming chairs usually include PU leather padding, mesh, vinyl, or fabric materials. PU leather is similar to the foam padding where it feels very smooth and soft to rest against. However, heat may build-up causing users to sweat while sitting for prolonged periods. Mesh materials allow ventilation in your seat to keep users dry and cool. The mesh material is also much more flexible giving you a lot of wiggle room to move and adjusts the support based on the person’s movement.

Armrests are great for allowing your arms to rest without bending while using the keyboard. Some gaming chairs, especially the console gaming chairs, have thick padding for additional comfort.

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Build Quality

Build quality ensures that your gaming chair will last for a long time. Cheaper chairs tend to use metal frames made out of aluminum alloy or aluminum. These materials are very light, however they aren’t as strong nor hold as much weight compared to steel chairs. Avoid chairs that use particle boards as frames since they are more likely to break down quickly.

Sometimes breakdowns may happen, so make sure that the manufacturer has a warranty where they will send you replacement parts free of charge. Many sellers offer a minimum warranty of one to two years.


Depending on your budget, there are great options in each price range. However, higher-end chairs tend to use high-quality materials and offer more adjustable features. Inexpensive brands such as Respawn, DXRacer, and GTracing use cheaper alternative materials such as aluminum for their base or PU leather for the exterior. These chairs often have features that are more for aesthetics compared to functionality. For example, the bucket design or winged back design doesn’t offer much of a purpose. Instead, it mimics the design of a race car seat. However, these chairs still offer the standard adjustments needed such as seat height, reclining angle, and even lumbar and headrest pillows.

With high-end brands like Herman Miller or even mid-tier brands such as Secretlab, you get more sophisticated ergonomic features. Herman Miller puts great attention to detail with their woven mesh material to ensure flexibility and relieve pressure points in your back. They also offer an internal lumbar system so the lumbar support feels more comfortable than an external pillow sticking out. Overall, it comes down to your individual needs and budget. High-end chairs give you more custom features, durability, and ergonomics for better back support.

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Are Gaming Chairs Good for Your Back?

Yes, unlike office chairs, gaming chairs have a high back design made to offer full coverage and support to your shoulder, neck, and head. Without a high back, gamers may develop bad habits of slouching. In addition, gaming chairs include a built-in lumbar support and a reclining angle seat.

< class="rank-math-question">What is the Best Gaming Chair for Your Back?

Gaming chairs ultimately come down to personal preference. But based on our experiences and customer feedback, we believe the Herman Miller Aeron is the best for your back. It might not have the plushy padding that other gaming chairs do. It features a woven pellicle mesh back material to allow air to circulate keeping your back cool. It also is designed with eight zones of tension to relieve pressure on your back and provide more sophisticated support. It includes adjustable pads to stabilize the base of the spine and provide lumbar support. With their lumbar system, you can adjust both the depth and height, so you can get just enough support in the right areas.

< class="rank-math-question">Is a Hard Chair Better for Your Back?

A chair with more firmness is likely to provide better support to your back. A chair that feels like a marshmallow can feel comfortable to sit on, however, are more likely to promote bad posture. Hard chairs provide sufficient support for the natural curve of your back. Your back needs to be in an S shape while sitting. Soft seats cause users to slouch causing a C-shaped curve. Firm chairs will relieve strain and stress from your lower back, while also promoting a healthy posture.

Do you experience neck and back pain when playing video games for long hours? If yes, you will need the best gaming chairs for back pain. These chairs are ergonomically designed to give much-needed support to your back, neck, and lumbar region, relieve you from pain, and offer you some relief.

With several options to choose from in the market, zeroing in on the right chair becomes challenging. Thus, we bring you this list of the best gaming chairs for back pain. The ones on this list are easy to assemble, height adjustable, made of premium and breathable material, durable, and sturdy.

A gaming chair is specifically designed to be more comfortable, adjustable, and supportive than an office chair. As for the shape, most of the gaming chairs are shaped more like a VR racing seat along with a backrest that goes all the way up to the shoulders, neck, and head for better support. They also have the option to recline, which allows you to shift your positions and posture over a long gaming session. One of the most obvious differences that a gaming chair has is its design and color choices. They often come in bright color options. However, if you are not interested in that, then don’t worry, there are some neutral color options available as well.

When choosing the best gaming chair for you and your back, it will come down to several factors. Different models can accommodate different weights and heights, so make sure that you check your fit before you buy it. Some chairs claim that you can sit cross-legged, but it depends on the length of your legs and your size, so make sure that you check the depth and width of the seat as well.

Most gamers spend hours playing games on the computer. In the initial days, they are happy and have no complaints but later on, they feel pain in their lower back.

As we all know that sitting for long hours on an uncomfortable chair may cause poor posture and lower back pain. Your spine can be affected and as a result inflammation in your body occurs.

Luckily there are the best gaming chairs for lower back pain that are comfortable and supportable for the back. These gaming chairs for back support have many ergonomic features that make the user comfortable while playing games.

There are many features in a gaming chair for lower back pain such as lumbar support, adjustable armrest, adjustable headrest pillow, swivel function, adjustable seat position, etc.

Many people have found these gaming chairs useful for lower back pain.

There are many factors to consider when purchasing best gaming chair for back pain. What should you do (and what aren’t you interested in)?  Is function more important to you than aesthetics, or vice versa?

How long should your next gaming chair last and how much abuse will it be? Even if you’re super nice to your furniture, do you have any pets or kids who aren’t?

Is it made of cheap particle board and plastic, or does it have a steel frame with more durable plastics?

Most of the chairs we picked at the top of the list are low-priced or mid-range chairs, and for the most part, there’s no getting around one simple fact. All things being pretty much equal, a chair cheaper will be built less solidly.

The first and most obvious step in maximizing the life of your gaming chair is to simply use it gently. Clean it every few weeks, be careful not to drop it heavily, and check it regularly to make sure the screws are still tight and other moving parts are in their place.

In the event of a breakdown or failure, many Amazon manufacturers and sellers are perfectly willing to send you replacement parts at their wholesale prices (especially if you’ve already left them a good review).

Even if you’re not particularly skilled, nothing is so mechanically complicated in a gaming chair, and there are YouTube videos for it all. You can surely replace a gas lift or replace a broken armrest yourself with a little patience.

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There are also third-party warranties and service plans, which can save your life if you are unsure about your purchase. For non-electronic items, these are usually very inexpensive.

You can often find 3 and 5-year plans for just 5-10% of the item’s purchase price.

Paying a little more today to know your new chair is covered for a while can help your peace of mind, especially if you buy a chair that is more prone to failure (a chair with built-in speakers, for example).


Best Gaming Chair for Lower Back Pain – Other features to look out for if you want to prevent back pain are a reclining function and removable pillows. Being able to recline allows your body to stretch and find the perfect position to get you the support you need. Included pillows can provide additional neck and lumbar support.

Moving from a conventional office chair to a gaming chair might be a bit difficult at first because your body has to get used to the new seating position. It shouldn’t take long to adjust to the new position, and you’ll likely know if the chair is right for your back within a week.

Most gamers spend hours at a time playing games on their computer or console device. Prolonged sitting without proper support will lead to poor posture and back pain. If you’re a gamer like myself, then you probably love spending money on high-tech gaming gear to enhance your gaming experience. However, it’s important to invest in a high-quality gaming chair.

Gaming chairs include a variety of ergonomic features such as a high backrest, adjustable headrest, and lumbar pillow, recline back, rocking feature, adjustable armrest, and adjustable seat. We’ve meticulously vetted dozens of chairs based on what gamers are looking for to provide you with ten of the best gaming chairs for back pain.