Best Gaming Chair for Playstation

Best Gaming Chair for Playstation – Looking for the best console chair or best gaming chair for your PS4, PS5 or Xbox console? Look no further than our following buying guide, as we’ve rounded up a few good contenders vying for your money, and how to make the right choice for your preferred gaming set-up. What’s more, some of these chairs are currently on offer right now for the sales season, so it’s never been a better time to make a purchase.

The best console gaming chairs and gaming chairs for PS4, PS5 and Xbox are also a great accoutrement to those who’ve just made the jump to the next generation on PS5 or Xbox Series X – decking out your gaming set-up with a comfy, versatile cushion on wheels (or not, depending on your preferences) to make interactive entertainment that much more relaxing. So read on below for everything you need to know about the best gaming chairs for PS4 or PS5 or Xbox consoles and more.

Are you a PS4 enthusiast in search of the perfect chair for your epic gaming marathons? Then look no further than this article, where you can find an extensive list of the best gaming chairs for PS4 players.


1.X Rocker 5139601

Generally accepted as the premium of the pedestal console gaming chair range, X-Rocker’s Pro series are excellent for those that want a gaming chair for PS4 or Xbox One – or whatever – that offers everything. And it’s also very comfortable and is finished in a pleasing black aesthetic on faux leather.

One of the big unique selling points of the chair is its tri-motor vibration, which takes seat-bound immersion to a new level, alongside its 4.1 sound setup that includes a punchy woofer. The vibration stays in sync with the woofer’s bass tones and creates a powerful full-body sensation that’s great for heightening the console gaming experience.

This is premium in every way and that does extend to the size – it’s a bit of a chonker but will serve you well in doing so as it’s sturdy and robust. Not one for hiding in the corner of the room, though, due to its size, at least a plain black aesthetic helps to keep it ‘living room-friendly’ and not too garish or outlandish.

If you want a top-performing pedestal console chair for PS4 or Xbox and so on, then you can’t go far wrong with the Pro series from X-Rocker.

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The unique gaming recliner chair by Homall brings a lot of new features. It is designed with high quality PU leather, which means that it is friendly to the skin and easy to clean.

Its high density thicker sponge brings even greater comfort, accented by the adjustable footrest and back.

Speaking of which, one of the features I love about this Homall reclining chair is its adjustability in the foot and back areas – the chair can literally go in three kinds of shape from 90 to 180 degrees, suitable for working, gaming, watching movies and napping.

The modern built-in headrest has the S-Racer logo designed by artists, which looks as beautiful as the basic version.

When compared to the standard racing gaming chairs by Homall, this recliner is bigger and resembles a comfortable living room chair. It is more suitable for long-time gaming and can accommodate people with a weight of up to 265 lbs.

What many also appreciate are the nifty protectors on the chair’s feet, which look like non-marking pads, designed to effectively protect the sofa and hard floors. All in all, the chair can be perfect for gamers who prioritize comfort and want an aesthetic feeling when playing their favorite games.

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3.Furmax High-Back

If you’re keen to buy a chair that is versatile and can be used as both a console and computer gaming chair, this would be a great choice.

The Furmax Racing Chair with Footrest is perfect for playing on the computer and on a console as the footrest can make things more comfortable when you want to recline and play with a PS4 controller.

The Furmax Racing Chair with Footrest is also very comfortable and has an ergonomic design, as well as a lumbar support pillow to help you look after your back whilst gaming.

The chair is highly adjustable as it has infinity recline and adjustable armrests, which means you can play laying down if you really want to.

If you’re looking for a chair with a striking color scheme, this chair also ticks this box. It comes in a stylish blue and black design which is perfect for modern gaming setups.

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4.ACE Casual furniture

We have yet a third solid X Racer PS4 gaming chair for your consideration, the beloved Ace Bayou. This fabric chair has a similar shape and style to the X Racer Surge because both chairs can rock. They’re also adept for lounging.

With no feet or casters, you simply decide where you want to put your Ace Bayou chair on the floor and then you’re all set. It too can fold for convenient portability. Also, yes, as you may have imagined, you can also easily sync your Ace Bayou with any other model of X Racer PS4 gaming chair your buddies happen to own. By sharing the audio source, you can all get in the mood to game by pumping your favorite songs before the round starts!

Slip even deeper into the game world with dual headrest speakers. You’ll hear in-game audio right behind your head like you’re in the game world rather than ours. Further adding to the experience is a subwoofer measuring four inches that’s on the backrest’s outer surface. The rumbling it creates sounds so real you may do a double take. The speaker/subwoofer combo also enhances watching your favorite movies and TV shows.

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5.Vitesse Gaming Recliner Chair

On this list, we’ve highlighted some PS4 gaming chairs that don’t quite look like average seating options, and we’ve got yet another one here for you now. The Vitesse Gaming Recliner takes about 10 minutes to put together, meaning you waste less time with assembly so you can get back to gaming faster. The chair is also exceedingly easy to use, as you have to only sit and then push to adjust this gaming recliner to your liking.

Ergonomics abound with Vitesse’s recliner. There are multiple points of support centered around the legs, lumbar, and head. You can also recline between 90 and 180 degrees, choosing whether you want to sit upright or kick back and relax. Further, lumbar and head support cushions maintain your posture, as does a retractable footrest.

Spacious, Vitesse’s gaming recliner has a backrest that’s 24.8 inches wide by 18.7 inches long. The seating area is a generous 19.3 inches wide by 23.6 inches long. The base height of the seat measures 19.2 inches.

The whole chair is covered in a PU leather that is gentle on skin yet waterproof. Beneath that leather base is a soft but durable sponge cushion that makes sitting for hours a painless experience. You need to concentrate on the game, after all, not any pain. A metal transmission to the foot pad, also enrobed in PU leather, is another great ergonomic feature.

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6.X Rocker Pro Series H3

Yes, this is yet a fourth X Rocker PS4 gaming chair, but that’s only because they’re so well-known and preferred among gamers. The Pro Series H3 Vibrating Floor Gaming Chair has gun stock arms that allow this chair to fold up. If you have a small apartment and you don’t want to keep your gaming chair out all the time, now you can maximize space.

The 4.1 audio in the Pro Series H3 chair includes the X Rocker standard of immersive subwoofers and dual speakers added right to the chair. A wireless side control panel lets you access headphone jacks, output and input jacks, bass control, and volume without having to get out of your chair. You can also use the side control port to connect to a DVD or CD player, mp3 player, your PlayStation, and Xbox.

This all-fabric gaming chair also boasts vibration through motors, just like those featured in other X Rocker models. These vibrations trigger movement according to the bass of your game audio. The ergonomic back support found in this chair proves that your comfort is just as important as the cool tech features.

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PS4 Gaming Chair Buyer’s Guide

Now that we’ve presented 10 of our most preferred gaming chairs for PS4 players, you may not be able to decide among so many high-quality picks. To help you narrow down your options and make the best choice for you, we present this helpful buyer’s guide. It’s chock-full of information you’ll use as you proceed with your purchase.

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How to Choose a Gaming Chair for PS4

While many factors may matter to you when determining which PS4 gaming chair to buy, there are several common ones that most purchasers will think of before clicking the “add to cart” button on Amazon. Let’s talk more about these now.


Above all else, price is probably at the top of your considerations list. You want to ensure you get a great, lasting chair, but you don’t want to break the bank, either. The good news is that out of the 10 PS4 gaming chairs we covered in this guide, you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Almost every single one is inexpensive, and some are even available for under three figures. You’re still receiving an remarkable, awesome-quality chair for your money, you’re just spending far less cash in the process. It’s a win-win!

There are obviously some compromises when it comes to picking a budget gaming chair, but you’ll notice that there are definitely diminishing returns once you start paying upwards of $300 – $500 on a gaming chair. At that point, you’ll be paying more for the name brand rather than the quality of the chair. At the same time, if you spend under $200 on a gaming chair, don’t expect it to last your entire life. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Style of Chair

A lot of chair styles came up in our reviews. You may opt for a traditional gaming chair with armrests, footrests, and rolling caster wheels. You could also get a recliner gaming chair or a floor gaming chair, which eschews features like armrests and casters to go anywhere you need it most.

Only you can decide which of these styles is most conducive to your life as a gamer. If you travel a lot for competitions, then it may be within your best interest to buy a chair that’s portable, such as a floor chair. If you stay home gaming and streaming to your audience, then a traditional gaming chair or even a gaming recliner may suit you better.


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No matter what kind of features you could want in your PS4 gaming chair, you can find them in one of our 10 recommendations. For instance, if you care about technological features like built-in speakers, input and output jacks, and syncing audio, then any of the X Racer PS4 chairs ought to fit you like a glove.

If you want a chair that rocks, the X Rocker Surge Rocking Gaming Chair for PS4 or the Ace Bayou X Rocker Vibe both have that feature. Perhaps you like floor chairs. In that case, try the Chill Sack Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair, the BIRDROCK HOME Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Floor Chair, or the X Rocker Pro Series H3.


Another choice you’ll have to make before you buy your PS4 gaming chair is which material you like. Many of the chairs on our list are made of PU leather, an inexpensive leather alternative that looks and feels like the real thing. Another perk of PU leather is it cleans up easily and doesn’t stick to your skin, even if you happen to get a little sweaty while gaming.

Besides PU leather, you can also choose a fabric gaming chair. This may feel lighter-weight compared to PU leather, and plus it adds a simple appeal to any chair outfitted in the fabric.

Think of which material you prefer more and let that guide your decision.

Are Gaming Chairs for PS4 Worth It?

If you’re still on the fence, you may wonder if any of the above chairs are worth it? To that, we say absolutely!

These high-tech, impressive, well-designed gaming chairs are a much better choice than sitting in a kitchen chair or–even worse–curling up on the floor and gaming. Whether you’re competing on a large scale or you’re entertaining an audience on Twitch, you need to focus on your gaming abilities, not your comfort. That’s why a gaming chair is so integral.

If what’s holding you back is that these chairs are made for PS4 gamers, don’t fret. As we said in the review section, many of these gaming chairs feature cross-compatibility with multiple gaming consoles, including the Xbox.

What is the best gaming chair for PS4 players? Although there are a lot of excellent chairs to choose from, my top pick is the X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal. When it comes to console gaming, rocker-style chairs reign supreme and the X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal is a great example of this. It’s a chair that stylishly blends connectivity and comfort to enhance the users gaming experience.

What’s the difference between console gaming chairs and PC gaming chairs? The main difference between console gaming chairs and PC gaming chairs tends to be the height. PC gaming chairs need to allow the gamer to sit up straight behind a desk in order to use a mouse and a keyboard. As a result, PC gaming chairs tend to be more like office chairs.

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Most console style chairs are low to the ground and allow the gamer to assume a more casual position whilst gaming. However, some console gamers may choose a PC style gaming chair, as they often can be more comfortable, especially if you’re tall or have particularly long legs.

How much do PS4 gaming chairs cost? It really depends on the type of gaming chair you go for. If you’re looking for something simplistic that doesn’t have in-built speakers and power outlets, you may be able to get a nice comfortable chair for under $100. If you’re looking for something that has more connectivity options, then you could end up paying $100 – $200 or even more in some cases.

Plus, the chairs are made for all sorts of uses, including working, relaxing, and playing computer games. No matter what kind of gaming you like to do, you can rely on any of the above 10 chairs. If you want to unwind and watch a movie in one of these chairs, they’re very useful for that as well. 

If you’re on the quest to find the best PlayStation 4 gaming chair, allow us to introduce you to 10 of our favorite picks. These chairs come in all styles, from traditional gaming chairs to gaming recliners, floor chairs, and even a bean bag chair. With one of our seating options, you’ll be gaming in style and comfort on your PS4 in no time!

In order to choose the right gaming chair for your needs, it’s important to have an understanding of the kind of features to look for.

There are a lot of different types of chairs that gamers use, and a simple Google search for the generic term ‘gaming chair’ is likely to throw up a lot of results of chairs that aren’t suitable for a PS4 gaming setup.

This is because, for PS4 and other console gamers, it’s typical to sit some distance away from the screen. This is unlike PC gamers whose setups usually include desks and office style chairs with ergonomic support.

In addition to this, it’s more common for PS4 gamers to game with friends, which means things like having spare gaming chairs that can be stowed easily or chairs that can seat more than one person is beneficial.

A final difference is that PS4 gamers can typically benefit more from a chair with connectivity features like charging ports and in-built speakers as the gameplay experience on consoles is more immersive than it is on PCs.

Because of this, the options for console chairs are much more extensive than they are for PC gaming chairs and there are a lot of different styles and comfort features to consider.
< id="h-what-should-you-look-for-in-a-ps4-gaming-chair">What Should You Look for in a PS4 Gaming Chair?

As always, comfort is the first thing you want to consider. If you’re the type of gamer who plays for hours at a time, you need to be sure that your gaming chair can hang with you.

Remember, the best games chairs are designed using high quality materials and components. These ensure that you are investing in a gaming chair that will support your weight and provide you with plenty of use.

Your chair should also be able to improve your posture as you play. Poor posture can quickly lead to back pain and other complications. A gaming chair with ergonomic construction will help with this tremendously.

Other important factors include weight capacity, maximum recline angle, and manufacturer warranty.

If you decide to go with a video game chair for PS4 that has speakers, we recommend investing in a handy Bluetooth dongle. This will allow for easy, straightforward hookup without having to mess with all those pesky wires.

If you choose to invest in an X Rocker gaming chair compatible with PS4, there are a couple of ways to go about connecting it. Thankfully, X Rocker includes a wireless transmitter, making connection a breeze.

For this method, you first want to plug the included AUX cable into the transmitter, with the other end going into your TV’s AUX port.

Next, switch on the wireless transmitter. Finally, using the chair’s band selector, choose the band that gives you the clearest audio quality. That’s it! You’re ready to enjoy your games without the need for wires. Just remember to keep plenty of AAA batteries handy.

If you opt to go the wired route, start with the included cable that has a light green AUX end. This is the shorter cord that branches out into red and white RCA jacks. Insert the light green AUX end into your TV’s AUX port.

Next, simply connect the longer red and white audio cable to the corresponding red and white RCA jacks that branch out from the cord that you just inserted into your TV.

Finally, grab the free ends of those red and white audio cables and connect them to the X Rocker gaming chair. That’s it for the chair. Now let’s move on to the PS4.

To connect your console to the gaming chair, use the included AUX cable that comes with the X Rocker H3. This cord is the one that has light green tips on both ends.

Simply insert one end into your controller’s AUX port, with the other end going to the X Rocker’s AUX port. This port is color coded for easy match-up. And with that, you are ready to enjoy your games.

If you’d like an excellent instructional video to help walk you through the process, check this one out here. Fishing for the best gaming chair for PS4PS5, or Xbox is no longer a hassle. You only need to know what you want in the gaming chair and the Internet will figure out where to pick one from.

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We too began there. And now that you are here, we have made it our business to hook you up with one that you will love.

How do we know which gaming chairs rocks the PS4, PS5, or Xbox world?
Consulting is the key to picking the right product.


Best Gaming Chair for Playstation – You’ll find a variety of options here; we’ve included everything from pedestals and bean bags to office-syle chairs, and from softweave fabric to faux-leather seats. There’s also something to suit every age-group, so you’ll be well served regardless of whether you’re shopping for yourself or your kids.

You can use an optical cable connected to your PlayStation console and the wireless DAC converter (that also needs a power connection).

For PS4 – go into Sound and Screen menu – Audio output settings – Primary output – Digital Out (optical) and set the Audio Format Priority to Linear PCM

For PS5 – go into Settings – Sound – Audio Input – Turn on the Switch output device automatically button.

Some of the following PS4 game chairs are made with compatible audio while others are simple gaming chairs you can choose for their comfort or for how they look even when playing on a PS4 or PS5 console.

Only some of the best gaming chairs for PS4 and PS5 are compatible with the Sony gaming console. You need to know how you can connect your chair to the console. Alternatively, you can choose any best console gaming chair to stay comfortable while enjoying your favorite console games.

As a bit of a warning, such has been the case with so much gaming kit over the past few months, some of these console gaming chairs go in and out of stock like there’s no tomorrow so you might have to keep checking back with us in order to find the right one for you. Fingers crossed you’ll find something here that’s perfect for you and your setup though.