Best Gaming Chair for Ps5

Best Gaming Chair for Ps5 – If you’re in search of the best gaming chair for the PS5 then you’ve come to the right place. A high-quality, console chair is essential for long hours of action. It should be able to support your body weight without any aches or pains and generally improve your whole playing experience.

To achieve this, the majority of chairs on the list are highly adjustable. They also include top-tier features built-in such as massagers, speakers, and pockets for controllers, etc.

In this post, we will cover a variety of options for all ages; ranging from Pedestal chairs to Rockers and Recliners.

With the gaming market growing, it is becoming straining to find a gaming chair that exudes quality and is not a cheap knock-off of some brand that has gained popularity.

Gamers tend to invest a decent amount of money into their gaming equipment and thus, expect it to be in pristine condition. This is the case with gaming chairs as well. They expect their gaming chairs to not only be comfortable, but the materials to be timeless and not prone to any sort of breakage.

Unfortunately, the current market is oversaturated with gaming chairs, and it’s kind of hard to find the right model. A well-balanced gaming chair should look great have exceptional comfort, and be able to justify its price tag. However, that’s not the case with most brands. Lucky for you, we have compiled the list of the perfect gaming chairs on the market.


1.DXRacer PC Gaming Chair

My pick for the best PS5 gaming chair for short people is the DXRacer Racing Series. Whether you’re looking forward to 2021’s Gran Turismo 7 or you want to replay a classic racer like Dirt 5 or WRC 9 on the PS5 (since it’s so wonderfully backward-compatible), you need a slick racing chair like the DXRacer to match.

The DXRacer Racing Series could be that chair. It features a reclining backrest that can angle between 90 and 135 degrees for sitting upright or reclining back. The base swivels 360 degrees so you can follow every second of the racing action on your screen.

To further customize the fit of this gaming chair, you can set the height, backrest angle, tilt-rocking, and armrest height. The chair measures 19 inches by 18 inches by 51.5 inches and features a foam-filled backrest and seat that’s covered in elastic leather.

Pros & Cons

2.Homall Gaming Chair

Second on my list is the Homall S-Racer Gaming Chair. Look, we all know the PS5 wasn’t exactly cheap. If you want to save some money but still have an exemplary gaming chair, the Homall S-Racer is it.

This chair measures 19.8 inches by 20.5 inches by 47.8 inches. The seat height is adjustable from 17.3 to 21.5 inches. That’s far from all you can adjust, though. You can also twist a knob under your seat to rock the S-Racer. Lean back in between a tough game with a recline that’s set 90 to 180 degrees.

The multi-directional caster wheels let you travel across the room freely. So too does the 360-degree swivel that’s built into the S-Racer. The chair itself is covered in PU leather that doesn’t wear easily and won’t stick to your skin if you work up a sweat while gaming. This chair also features ergonomic head and back support pillows for your comfort.

Pros & Cons


The PlayStation 5 is a next-gen-looking console, so you might want a gaming chair that’s next-gen-looing to match. If so, I recommend the Respawn RSP-900, which is also my pick for best reclining PS5 gaming chair. This well-made chair is 35.04 inches by 30.71 inches by 44.88 inches.

The swivel base of the RSP-900 moves 360 degrees for all-encompassing security. You can recline quite far in this gaming chair, 135 degrees. The style of the RSP-900, which is more like a comfortable recliner than an office chair, lends you lots of comfort as you lean back. You could even take a little nap.

Another perk to Respawn’s design is the continuous surface from the top of the chair all the way to the footrest. This prevents your PS5 cords or headphones from getting caught in between gaps in the chair.

Pros & Cons

4.AKRacing Core Series EX

What if you don’t necessarily want a leather gaming chair? Then I recommend the AKRacing Core Series EX, which I declare the best fabric PS5 gaming chair. This streamlined chair measures 27 inches wide with a back width of 21.25 inches and a back height of 32.75 inches.

The fabric across the Core Series EX is on both the back and front of this chair. AKRacing says the fabric can handle even sweltering climates, as the material is soft and breathable. The armrests are comfy too, as they’re 3D and can be adjusted left to right, back and forth, or up and down.

Two pillows with the AKRacing logo on them are included, one for back support and the other for head support. Like the other chairs I’ve discussed, both pillows are removable so you can customize your PS5 gaming chair experience your way.

Pros & Cons

5.X Rocker Pro Series H3

For the best floor rocker PS5 gaming chair, that’s got to be the X Rocker Pro Series H3. Measuring 29.13 inches by 22.05 inches by 20.87 inches, this is a high-tech chair that acts as the ideal complement to your new PlayStation 5.

What do I mean by high-tech? The Pro Series H3 features a side panel with a personal headphone jack, input/output jacks, a bass boost, and volume control. You can plug in your home theater system as well as a myriad of gaming consoles for audio through the chair. If you have a gaming buddy who also owns a Pro Series H3, you can even sync your gaming chair with theirs!

On top of that, this chair features four speakers, all facing forward, as well as a subwoofer for crisp 4.1 audio. Vibration motors built into the chair will detect the bass tones in your music or video game and then rumble with the bass. You’ll feel even more immersed in your PS5 than you already do!

Pros & Cons

6.GTRACING Gaming Chair

After a hard day of gaming, sometimes you want nothing more than to kick back in your chair and put up the footrest. With the GTRACING Gaming Chair, you can. This faux leather chair is 21.26 inches wide, 20.47 inches long, and between 48.8 and 52 inches tall depending on how you set it.

Let’s talk more about that footrest, shall we? It’s retractable, so if you want the footrest down so you can concentrate more on your gaming (or even work), the GTRACING chair can do that. Otherwise, the footrest flips up to cradle your feet. It too is crafted with PU leather, as is the rest of the chair.

The armrests feature tilt and lock adjustments. You only have to pull the armrest paddle to tilt it. Then, when the armrest is set as you want it, you can push it down to lock it in place. The whole chair tilts too courtesy of a tilt tension knob below the seat. Raise or lower the seat as you wish to make your gaming experiences even more exciting.

Pros & Cons

How to Choose the Best PS5 Gaming Chair – A Complete Buyer’s Guide

Next is my buying guide, which will come in handy for helping you narrow down your options for the best PS5 gaming chair. If you’re stuck between two or three chairs and can’t pick one, review the following factors carefully. I think you’ll find it a lot easier to choose!

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Type of Chair

Many of the chairs I featured on this list were your standard office/gaming chair, but not necessarily all. The Homall Gaming Recliner is a recliner-style seat, the Respawn RSP-900 has a continuous design that makes it recliner-like, and the Herman Miller Embody features a hidden spine.

If you do indeed want a standard chair, you have plenty of options. You can also go for a more specialized, comfortable type of seat so your PS5 gaming is always fun and cozy.


The ergonomic features present in these 9 amazing gaming chairs for the PS5 run the gamut. Some chairs feature detachable headrest and lumbar support pillows. Many others take it a step further by building ergonomics into the chair via adjustable features. I again have to mention the Herman Miller Embody, which is not only the most ergonomic chair on this list, but one of the most ergonomic chairs available, period.

Should your budget be a lot smaller than what the Embody costs, you can still get great support and comfort through the other chairs on this list. You can’t go wrong.

Build Quality

I’d say that about the build quality of these gaming chairs as well, that all of them are well-built, durable options. The more expensive chairs may be even more durable, which does not necessarily mean that you have to buy a Herman Miller. I would recommend a sizable budget of around $300 to get a chair with a good enough build quality that it can stand up to the rigors of you playing a lot of PS5.


How comfortable does your gaming chair feel? For the chair to be the best, the answer must be very. You want to look at the seat comfort, back comfort, and arm comfort, as all are important areas.

Most of the PS5 gaming chairs I covered promote seat comfort through padding and plush materials. Back comfort is prioritized via lumbar support pillows, spine cradling, and other ergonomic features. As for armrest comfort, the AKRACING Core Series EX features 3D armrests that you can raise, lower, and turn this way and that. The Herman Miller Aeron also has very adjustable armrests.


This is an area that comes down to your personal tastes, but there are no shortage of great designs amongst this collection of PS5 gaming chairs. From architecturally gorgeous chairs like those by Herman Miller to recliners and seamless chairs such as the Respawn RSP-900, you have so many good picks!

The type of desktop and chair that you choose for your gaming setup is more important than any of us realize. We tend to spend huge bucks on things like a GPU and other hardware accessories, but a few gamers realize the need for an ergonomic chair. With that said, let’s take a brief look at some of the factors which makes a gaming chair stand out from the competition;

Build Materials

A good gaming chair is one that is made up of premium materials. It’s a criterion that every type of gamer should look into before buying a seat for their rear. Quality speaks for itself, so if the materials of the chair are cheap and rusty, it will lead you to a bad experience and cost you a lot in the form of maintenance.

As a general rule of thumb, take a quick glance at the chair base and find out whether it’s made up of plastic or metal. Gaming chairs with plastic bases are lightweight and can support the user’s weight, but they are prone to damage over time. Similarly, leather chairs are also great as they provide breathability and make the surface comfortable to sit on longer duration.

The aesthetics or overall layout should come second to the material used in a gaming chair. It is recommended that you look past the different colors and styles and then decide which model suits you the best. A lot of different brands carry a plethora of color schemes and finishing, so the one that matches your setup might not be ideal for others. Also, remember that going for the flashy might not be ideal in many scenarios. The majority of the cheap brands try to configure their chairs based on this misconception, so make sure that you have a clear mind in terms of the design.


Other than the design and build materials, you should also consider the resting space or the chair adjustments. Check out whether the armrest is maneuverable and how well they stand in terms of ease of use. Most of the time, the armrest on PS5 gaming chair is four-dimensional, meaning they can freely rotate in the desired setup (up & down and sideways). If you’re shopping for chairs, armrest customizability is a feature you need to double-check. In addition to that, also look out for things like a lumbar support and height adjustment system.

playstation gaming setup cheap online

As you can see, when it comes to console gaming chairs,  there are just so many options. The good thing is that there is something for everyone, whether price or high-end features are your main focus.

I hope this review helped you pick the best PS5 gaming chair for your needs. If you need more details or want to see more chairs, head to my review of the best Xbox Series X|S gaming chairs – you can use some of them for your PS5 station as well!

Unfortunately, many new people to the gaming world initially tend to assume that gaming chairs for PS5 are unnecessary. Well, they might be right in their own regard. You cannot blame a person who does not know what he is talking about.

Before we suggest to you the best gaming chairs available in the market, it is high time to introduce the method to find the best gaming chair. One needs to consider the following features to make a reliable purchase. Many times people forget to consider the minor yet significant features and only focus on the major ones. It might sound petty, but after some time, you will regret such chairs bought inefficiently.

As there are numerous types of gaming chairs, one needs to be conscious about his choice. Some people will wish to have a rocket gaming chair with additional features like Bluetooth, while some will go for affordable and simple ones. It is pretty subjective. You must make a list of your needs to find the same gaming chair for you.

The design of the gaming chair is essential. Fortunately, every manufacturer tries to introduce a different design. If you feel that your shoulders are the most stressed parts when playing online games, go for a design that focuses on the upper back. If You feel back pain while gaming, you should get an ergonomic design chair. Similarly, if one thinks that a gaming chair with increased lumbar support will be ideal, he should choose the relevant designs.

Armrests and footrests are essential for those who will play games for most of their time. You should try to buy a chair which comes with all types of arms and footrests.

A moveable gaming chair is always preferable. It will increase the comfort level, and the player will not be bound to stay in a single place.

You never know if the manufacturer has created a gaming chair according to your height. Therefore, you should choose a gaming chair that comes with adjustable height. Otherwise, you might not be able to fix the PC or laptop according to your size.

Most of them think that gaming chairs are simple office chairs, and to play online games, any chair will be fine. The fact is, yes, any chair can work for you, but not every chair or stool will be a comfortable choice.

Gaming chairs are now considered a different genre. These are designed with great care while considering the body shape. Moreover, unlike the regular office chairs, the gaming chair has extra support. The best thing is, you can use a gaming chair as an office chair too.
< id="why-do-we-need-gaming-chairs-for-ps5">Why do we need gaming chairs for PS5?

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To enjoy your game thoroughly and comfortably, you need to have a reliable gaming chair by your side. PS5 comes with exciting games that will require some time to play. If you are willing to spend ten to twenty percent of your day on gaming, you should consider having a dependable quality gaming chair.

You cannot sit on a stool for more than twenty minutes, and if you do, the chances are that you might face backache and other posture issues. Thus, a gaming chair is the ultimate solution for a healthy posture while enjoying the latest PS5 games.
< id="which-is-the-best-gaming-chair-for-ps5">Which is the best gaming chair for PS5?

It is a tricky question, and it will be wrong to mention only a single gaming chair. Several companies are making some fantastic gaming chairs. We have enlisted a few of our favorite ones, and you can choose the one that suits you.

The topmost gaming chair is undoubtedly a complete package. It has a headrest, a lumbar support cushion, 4D armrests, and a thick steel frame for increased comfort. If you wish to have a gaming chair with footrests too, then the Respawn gaming chair will be a fine choice.

Choosing a reliable gaming chair for PS5 is not very easy when you know nothing about furniture. However, with dependable reviewers, it will be fun. We have considered the eight best gaming chairs for PS5, and you can select the one that seems suitable as per your needs.

Knowing what to look for in a gaming chair isn’t always the easiest thing for most people to know off the top of their heads. Often you’ve got to ask yourself a series of questions before making a purchase, such as, “Am I looking for comfort, or am I looking for something which will improve the gaming experience?” Just that one question alone will quickly narrow the parameters of your search; to help you out we’ve included some other questions/common information for your consideration. Hopefully it will lead you to the perfect purchase for your needs.

What are the advantages to a gaming chair? When do you need one?

From rocking gaming chairs to bean bags and ergonomic chairs, there are thousands of models available. The top ten we’ve listed are certainly some of the best and are easy examples of gaming chair advantages.

First and foremost is the advantage of back support and an ergonomic design. If you’re a heavy gamer (5–6 hours a day and more) you’ll quickly realize, that a regular couch, sitting on the floor, sitting up in bed, is already messing with your back. Without the proper support while gaming, you’re actually likely to injure yourself and have a hard time doing other activities. A good gaming chair will support your back, arms, neck, and head, thereby eliminating most pains.

Each chair above has a listed weight rating, and it’s best not to go over this limit and risk breaking your new chair. Once again, this will be a matter of forethought and preference before making your purchase. If you don’t know your weight then go, measure and come back before you make a final decision.

Your warranty on each product is the guarantee you have to return it for repair, replacement, or money back. Most warranties last only a certain amount of days, and for gaming chairs, the warranty lasts from 60 to 90 days.

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Before you make your purchase check out each warranty so that you know the period of security you have on a purchase in case something goes wrong. If there is no warranty, then you may very well not want to buy the product. Again, this is a matter of preference.

It’s important to look at all facets of each chair, and we have to rank them in order on this list. For this review, we’ve scoured the market to find the top 10 dogs. From the functionality of the chair – whether it supports wireless, recline or adjust – to the portability (dimensions and weight), as well as each gaming chair’s materials and warranty. Here we truly have the best of the best.

We went directly to the source every time and dived into product specs, as well as expert and customer reviews. For the gamers’ convenience, our advice has been broken down into the table summarizing our top 10 picks, comprehensive reviews of each product with pros and cons, and a buying guide, each segment providing detailed reviews and suggestions to make easier purchasing of the best console gaming chair for your needs.


Best Gaming Chair for Ps5 – You were one of the lucky few who got your hands on a PS5. It arrived on your doorstep not too long ago and you’ve been playing it constantly since. You’ve realized that while you have the perfect console, you need the perfect gaming chair to go with it. Which chair should you consider?

I’ve curated a collection of what I think are the best PS5 gaming chairs. If you’re curious what makes any of these gaming chairs the best of the best, I’m about to tell you. Ahead, I’ll go through each of these chairs, reviewing them and sharing some pros and cons. I’ll even have a complete buyer’s guide to help with your chair-buying decision!

The best console gaming chairs can easily be found on Amazon because of the avid variety. There is always something for someone available. The right chair for you depends on the kind of setup that you have and the console that you make use of. Remember to invest in a chair that fulfills your needs. Make sure that you do not buy a chair just because it looks good. Make a practical purchase and spend your money wisely. This list will be able to guide you in terms of the features of multiple different gaming chairs.