Best Gaming Chair Under 150

Best Gaming Chair Under 150 – In terms of both budget and ergonomics, a PC gaming chair usually excels compared to other types of gaming chairs. All of the reviewed gaming chairs above come in at less than $200, and for those on a really tight budget, there are even ergonomic gaming chairs costing less than $100. For that money, you are getting a full blown gaming chair with adjustable seat height, 2D or even 3D armrests, a tall back, and neck and lumbar support to support your entire body properly as you game.

As you make your buying decision, make sure that the chair you get is the right size for you and has all the features you want; as you can see, there are a lot of options, so you can likely find something that checks all your boxes, not just some.


If you’re on a tight budget, don’t be afraid to get chairs that aren’t made by huge brands; there’s no sense in paying a lot more for a brand name if you can get something almost as good or better for a lower price.

1.GTRACING Gaming Chair

Pros & Cons

In the market for a cheap gaming chair but don’t want to end up with a dud? On paper the GTracing gaming chair looks like a winner, costing less than (at time of writing) and with mostly glowing reviews on Amazon. But how is the chair really?

In this post, we put the GTracing Gaming chair through all of its paces to see how it fares beyond the first couple of days, and whether you’re really saving money, or just wasting it with this gaming chair.


Pros & Cons

No sources that perform objective hands-on testing have deemed the Dowinx Gaming Office Chair worthy of being included in their Gaming Chair roundups, which typically isn’t a good sign.

As for the Respawn Raven-Xi – Reviewed, a source that conducts reliable hands-on testing, has featured it in its The Best Gaming Chairs of 2021 roundup. However, it didn’t make it to any of the top spots.

Lastly, we tried to do a direct Dowinx Gaming Office Chair vs. Respawn Raven-Xi comparison of review ratings between these two products, but couldn’t find any review scores for the Respawn Raven-Xi.

3.Furmax High-Back

Pros & Cons

Anyone looking to save some coins on an executive chair that has decent features and is priced well within the reach of most people should consider the Furmax High Back Office Chair.

This high back chair is well suited for keeping you comfortable through those long work sessions, and thanks to its ergonomic design, you’ll be able to avoid any form of back pain that may come about from a bad posture. Could it be the best executive leather office chair for buyers on a budget? Let’s find out.

4.ELECWISH Ergonomic

Pros & Cons

Elecwish chair popularity comes down to a few factors. For one thing, they’re cheap: all models cost less than . Classic Elecwish chairs also come with a La-Z-Boy style retractable footrest.

For another, among all models, ergonomic features include various reclining modes and adjustable lumbar support. Because of these features, Elecwish chairs do a good job supporting healthy posture over long periods of sitting.

5.BOSSIN Racing

Pros & Cons

Anyone looking for the best gaming chair knows their purchase has to be comfortable for the inevitable hours spent in front of a PC or TV, but not everyone can afford to drop over $500 for the latest and greatest.

There’s a glut of cheap office chairs out there, so searching for the best reclining gaming chair can prove rather challenging if you’re on a budget. Enter the Bossin Gaming Chair, a good-quality office chair that won’t break the bank. Users of all shapes and sizes love this chair, though that low price point doesn’t come without its flaws.

Best Gaming Chair Under 150 – BUYER’S GUIDE


Comfort should always be a priority when you are planning to buy a chair. You spend hours on your chair while playing games that’s why choosing the most comfortable chair is very important and also an uncomfortable and clunky chair may result in some of the dangerous health issues.

System compatibility:

You also need to check the chair you are purchasing can fit well with your gaming set. Some chair fits perfectly for XBOX, PS4, and PC while some are specially designed for PC.

Saves space:

There are many varieties of chairs are available on the market, some are large and need more space while some don’t need lots of space. So always purchase the chair based on your working area.


Gaming chairs come with different features like headrest speakers, rumble functions, Bluetooth and headset inputs. All of these are fun and quite useful too.


It is the most important thing while choosing the best quality and durable chair. All the parts should be covered with good quality and specific material for the best comfort and durability.


If you buy a chair without the armrest than it can finally cause stress to your shoulder and which may lead to severe neck pain in the future. A chair that comes with the adjustable armrest is the best option for work.


Lastly the budget is the most important thing which finally decides which one you should purchase or which one not. So before going to purchase anything always make a perfect budget and look for a product according to your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best gaming chair for back pain under 150$? 

GT RACING High Back Ergonomic Gaming Chair is the best for back pain. It is one of the best gaming chairs that can fully fill all your needs. Looking at its build quality it is made up of high-quality PU leather with a high-density sponge. The chair is specially designed for more comfort. It can load up to a 330 lbs person.

Which is the best gaming chair for a heavy person under 150$?

Homall Ergonomic High-Back Racing Chair is the best for heavy people. homall gaming chair that comes under $150. It has some of the best features like it can recline up to 90-150 degrees, 360-degree rotation, etc. while looking at its build quality it is made up of high-quality PU leather with a high-density sponge.

Which is the best gaming chair for PS4 under 150$?

Furmax Gaming Chair High Back Office Racing Chair is the best for PS4. This is best for its build quality and durability. It is specially made up of a high-density sponge with high-quality PU leather. It can rotate up to 360-degrees. It comes with multiple functions like pull-out, flip over footrest. It can load up to 320 lbs.


At the $200 level, you can expect great gaming chairs that come with some unique features that can really minimize common ailments associated with gaming for too long. This includes back pain, nick stiffness, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Dedicated lumbar and neck pillows, bucket seats, height adjustable armrests and even some chairs with dedicated footrests can be found in gaming chairs at this price level.