Best Gaming Chair Under 250

Best Gaming Chair Under 250 – If you are into gaming, you will need to invest in equipment. And that can be quite expensive. As we all know, you will need to get a high-end PC if you want to play new games. At least if you are looking to enjoy the game to the fullest.

But this is just one step of the way. Yes, you need a great PC to run the games, but you also need other things like a gaming chair Under 250 . Why is this so important, you might ask.

Well, you will spend a lot of time sitting in front of your monitor, playing games, and you need to be comfortable. Getting a good chair can make a world of difference since you’ll be able to adjust it to your needs, and enjoy playing games for as long as you like.

As with any other part of gaming equipment, the prices of chairs can be quite high. However, there are still budget options you can consider, and here, we will take a look at some of the options you have.

As gamers, we focus so much on our gaming PCs and the graphics cards, processors, monitors, and cases that go with them that we often forget about the one component that is probably the most important of all… our chair.

Nowadays, with all of the studies coming out linking back problems to spending an extensive amount of time in a seat, it has never been more important for serious gamers to have a quality computer chair. Fortunately, there are plenty of chairs out there that are built specifically for gamers.


1.GTRACING Gaming Chair

The GTRACING Gaming Chair (full review) is a boldly styled chair with ergonomic comfort and an impressive recline. Whether you work on your computer or use it mainly for gaming, this chair can keep you comfortable and in good posture for hours. While it may be a bit too flashy for an office setting, this GTRACING chair is perfect for your desk at home.

One of the first things to look for in an ergonomic gaming chair is how it will treat your back. In addition to the winged curve of most racing-style chairs, the GTRACING Gaming Chair has adjustable pillows for neck support and lumbar support, which means you can sit back comfortably without worrying about future back pain or bad posture. One user said that this gaming chair was more comfortable than any office chair he had used before.

In addition to feeling great, this chair looks awesome as well. A striking two-color palette draws the eye, and even the wheels have a sharp look. Many people like to match the look of their chair with their computer, so if you have a boldly-colored battlestation, this could be the gaming chair for you. Several users of this chair mention the coloring on this chair as a big plus.

Finally, the GTRACING Gaming Chair has an above-average level of adjustability, especially among other gaming chairs in the $200 range. One disabled owner of this chair commented that this chair’s adjustment options perfectly met their needs. The back reclines up to 170°, so you can practically lie down in this chair if you want (perhaps detach the lumbar pillow first, though). The high recline of the backrest makes this gaming chair a solid option for any sort of work or relaxation that involves sitting.

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2.KCREAM Gaming Chair

The Kcream Gaming Chair comes at a slightly higher price than the GTRACING Gaming Chair, but it also offers the next level of comfort and higher build quality in our testing. If you like to sit in a highly reclined position often to watch a movie or read, the added footrest will also make a world of a difference.

The backrest of the Kcream gaming chair can recline up to 155 degrees. That’s less than the 170 degrees found on the GTracing chair above. However, this is still flat enough to benefit hugely from the footrest the chair comes with. One owner of the Kcream says it’s by far his favorite part of the chair after a long day at work.

Comfort and build quality wise, the KCream really took us by surprise. It’s on a whole new level compared to all other $200 gaming chairs we’ve reviewed. The seat cushion is an incredible 5″ thick, the armrests are very wide, and the backrest is also generously padded:

One of the biggest worries when buying inexpensive gaming chairs is that they will begin to break down after a few years of use. The build quality of the Kcream gaming char is simply exceptional. There is zero annoying squeaking, and all the components feel extremely well made. The only hint that this is still a budget chair is the nylon (hardened plastic) base.

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3.HEALGEN Gaming Chair

The Healgen big and tall is unique among gaming chairs in what it doesn’t have, and as such makes it ideal for larger gamers. The seat on standard gaming chairs are usually “winged” to hug the user as he sways left to right, though this can create a cramped sitting experience for wider people. This Healgen chair does away with the side bolsters to create a seat that is one of the widest we’ve reviewed.

The seat on the Healgen Big and Tall is an incredible 22.4″ in usable width. One user that is 340 lbs says it fits in perfectly.

Like the other Healgen chair on this list, this one comes with a robust recline feature paired with a pull out footrest. The backrest can recline all the way back to 155 degrees. At that angle, it makes perfect sense to have a footrest to prop up your lower limbs as you watch a movie or take a quick nap. We love that the armrests also move back as you recline, supporting your arms to create a feeling of suspension.

Another note worthy feature found on the Healgen Big and Tall chair is the large waist pillow for your lower back. It has a built in vibration feature powered using USB. Like most cheap massage pillows, it’s nothing to write home about, though nonetheless a nice touch for a budget gaming chair that costs under $200.

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The different types of Budget Gaming Chairs Explained

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When it comes to budget gaming chairs, the traditional PC gaming chair isn’t the only form factor. In the below we discuss the different options, all of which have good models that cost less than $200:

Rocker Game Chairs

Rocker Chairs are closer to the floor than most other conventional-style chairs, and are designed with the gamer’s comfort in mind. Normally, they are equipped with padded backs, a scooped L-shape, and headrests, and chair arms. The more higher-end ones can also be equipped with speakers and subwoofers, padded-vibration for the back and underside, RCA inputs, and wireless receivers.

However, while the Rocker Game Chair is a fantastic choice when it comes to temporary comfort and enhancing the gamer’s experience, it is a poor choice ergonomically for long term gaming, however. The rounded L-shape does not promote a straight and neutral spine, which can add extra tension around the cervical (or upper) spine and shoulders. This will add excessive tension to the area, especially after playing for hours.

The Rocker Game Chair also does not allow for the feet to be placed flat on the floor, which can result in stiff hips and knees after long periods of time. For the living or gaming room as a chair to host your friends, however, it’s not a bad choice, usually costing less than $150.

Pedestal Game Chairs

The next step up from the Rocker Chair is the Pedestal Chair. Like its counterpart, the Pedestal Game Chair is close to the ground and is normally padded to enhance comfort. However, the chair is raised slightly off of the ground and is normally equipped with armrests and a headrest. It also rocks and rotates around a raised pedestal instead of straight from the ground or off of raised wheels.

The structure is also more optimal than the Rocker Chair in terms of spinal neutrality. In addition, the armrests allow for a more relaxed upper body, and helps to prevent rounded shoulders and added tension to the neck and upper back.

However, the Pedestal Game Chair does not allow for the hips and knees to open and unflex, since the feet cannot be placed flat on the floor. Instead, they are forced into constant flexion and can be left stiff and painful if playing for long hours at a time. Like rocker chairs, pedestal style gaming chairs are best for the living or gaming room to host friends, or for pairing with TVs which are close to the ground.

PC Gaming Chairs

The PC Gaming Chair differs from the Rocker Chairs because it is well-raised off of the floor. This is due largely in part because PCs are normally set up on a desk or table, not on the floor, and so the more optimal positioning would be to sit up higher, with the feet placed firmly on the ground.

PC Gaming Chairs are also padded and are equipped with headrests and armrests for maximal comfort while playing. They have a similar swivel feature and feel of an office chair, however PC Gaming chairs contain a “bucket style” seat to enhance comfort when sitting for long hours.

PC Gaming chairs are the most ergonomic choice of gaming chair. They had detachable cushions, built-in lumbar support, and even have the ability to lean back 180 degrees to take pressure off of the spinal cord when sitting for long periods of time.

What’s more, the PC Gaming Chair has the ability to place the feet flat on the floor, which helps to alleviate tension from the hips and knees. Instead of being constantly flexed, these joints have a chance to stretch out and relax during playtime.

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Bean Bag Gaming Chairs

Unsurprisingly, the Bean Bag Gaming Chair is placed directly onto the floor and, like most conventional bean bags, offer little to no back support. In fact, Bean Bag Gaming Chairs offer almost no amenities that other chairs offer, such as: headrests, armrests, RCA inputs, lumbar support, detachable cushions, or speakers.

However, Bean Bag Gaming Chairs are padded and offer immense comfort to a gamer. They are also lightweight, flexible, and affordable, which makes them a great choice for young gamers strapped for extra money or space.

In terms of ergonomics, however, the Bean Bag Gaming Chair is one of the more poor options because it does not allow for great support, nor the ability to keep the back straight and the feet flat on the floor. If you already suffer from mild to severe back issues, the Bean Bag Gaming Chair is not for you — especially when playing for hours at a time.

Memory Foam Gaming Chairs

If you prefer the look, design, and feel of a Bean Bag Gaming Chair but require more support, the Memory Foam Gaming Chair would be your preferred chair. It has the same exact feel as a Bean Bag Gaming Chair but, like classic memory foam products, also offers far more support and comfort than a conventional Bean Bag Gaming Chair.

The Memory Foam Gaming Chair is also much larger than most plain Bean Bag Gaming Chairs, which makes it a viable choice for any gamer of any size. What’s more, memory foam contours to the body of the man or woman that is sitting atop it, so it will offer support exactly where you need it the most! Because of this feature, the Memory Foam Gaming Chair can offer exceptional lumbar and upper back and neck support, which will protect your joints and muscles during long playing times.

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However, much like the Bean Bag Gaming Chairs, the Memory Foam Gaming Chair comes with no additives that can enhance the player’s experience. While it is brilliant to enhance the player, it does not come equipped with extra padding, headrests, armrests, or any electronic add-ons, such as: RCA inputs, speakers or subwoofers, or vibration options.

The Memory Foam Gaming Chair is also ill-advised for those who suffer from tight hips, because the feet are far too close to the floor. This will stiffen the hips and make them more irritable, especially after playing for long hours.

Picking a Good Budget Gaming Chair under $200

In terms of both budget and ergonomics, a PC gaming chair usually excels compared to other types of gaming chairs. All of the reviewed gaming chairs above come in at less than $200, and for those on a really tight budget, there are even ergonomic gaming chairs costing less than $100. For that money, you are getting a full blown gaming chair with adjustable seat height, 2D or even 3D armrests, a tall back, and neck and lumbar support to support your entire body properly as you game.

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As you make your buying decision, make sure that the chair you get is the right size for you and has all the features you want; as you can see, there are a lot of options, so you can likely find something that checks all your boxes, not just some.

If you’re on a tight budget, don’t be afraid to get chairs that aren’t made by huge brands; there’s no sense in paying a lot more for a brand name if you can get something almost as good or better for a lower price. However, you should be aware of reviews and of the policies for warranties and returns if the chair you choose isn’t what you expect. Most of the gaming chairs included in this guide come with very decent warranties.

Finally, be sure to value your own health and comfort when you make a decision on buying an ergonomic gaming chair. If you spend hours each day sitting at a computer, it might be worth spending more on a chair than you would on a piece of furniture you just use every now and then. There’s a reason why ergonomic chairs are becoming so popular in this modern age of computers, and an investment now could make your back thank you in the future. Hopefully this guide has been helpful, now get out there and look at some chairs!


Best Gaming Chair Under 250 – If you often complain of a backache and stiff neck, chances are that your PC chair Under 250 does not do its job properly. Finding a good ergonomic chair to support your spine during the long office hours or weekend gaming marathons is a challenging task. It should promote right sitting posture while being sturdy enough to hold the weight of an adult.

A good quality chair is a physical necessity and you will reap long-term benefits of using one. Even if you do not feel any pain right now, you may rest assured that at one point, the back pain will get intense. The best thing you can do to prevent/ alleviate the backache symptoms is to use a PC gaming chair that is adequate for your needs.

If you have set a $200 budget for getting a comfortable chair, that means you are looking for a mid-range item. In other words, it will not be flimsy or poor quality, but you have to narrow down your search to brands that are not very popular. So, if you are more concerned about your comfort rather than the logo on the cushion, have a look at the best gaming chairs under $200 we have picked for you.