Best Gaming Chairs Under 200

Best Gaming Chairs under 200 – We’re huge gamers ourselves and so we know a top-notch desktop gaming chair when we see one, as well as what the best gaming chair for PS4, best gaming chair for Xbox One, and best gaming chair for Nintendo Switch is. Making the switch to one of the best gaming chairs is an investment in your health.

Though some would call them gaudy, these high-end hybrid racing/office seats provide amazing support for your back and maintain your posture, even when you sit at a desk for hours a day for work or play.

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Many a gaming chair is paired with an eye-popping price tag. Not this one! For gamers on a budget, GTRACING found a way to offer a feature-rich racing style gaming chair for under $150. Quality PU leather, neck and lumbar pillows, adjustable armrests, and reclining from 90-170° round out this chair nicely. Add that all together and you’ve found our pick for the best cheap gaming chair.

The term “racing style” may sound ridiculous (chairs are stationary, race car go zoom, and coloring one like a Formula 1 car doesn’t mean it’s part of a Formula 1 car), but the set of features they tend to come with form a genuinely useful piece of office furniture. Since there are so many knockoffs and variations, obviously we can’t confirm that every racing chair has these features, but in general, you’ll find the following:

Adjustable arm rests. Where your arms need to rest is dependent on how long your arms are, and how tall your desk is. Fixed position arm rests are frustrating, but thankfully the racing style chair arm rests can usually be adjusted higher or lower depending on your needs. Some can also be adjusted wider, allowing for more waist sizes to fit comfortably.

Tall, wide back with ergonomic shoulder rests. Some office chairs only go up to the middle of your back. This is fine, but the tall back on the racing style chairs gives support for your entire back and head, which is especially helpful when reclining.

Adjustable incremental back rest. The back rest can be set to almost 90 degrees to help force you to sit upright, a more leisurely 130 degree reading mode, or all the way back to 170 degrees which is so flat and comfortable you could take a nap in this position.

Headrest pillow. There’s a pillow that straps to the top of your chair, which is perfectly position for your head to rest on when you recline the chair into nap mode.

Lumbar support pillow with placement straps. This is amazing. You can buy a lumbar pillow for plenty of office chairs and just set it in the small of your back, but racing chairs come with one that’s strapped in place. This keeps it in position so you always have support where you need it.

Absurd, “edgy” color scheme. For some reason, anytime someone makes things for “gamers” it gets stuffed with jagged angles, LEDs, and bright primary colors. Mercifully, racing chairs don’t have LEDs in them (yet), but most still tend to come with some godawful color scheme that has all the subtlety of a rainbow shrimp’s fashion designer.

Pros & Cons

2. Furmax Gaming Chair

If you’re looking for a new gaming chair, it’s easy to become disheartened. All of the most popular chairs are either too crazy looking or way too expensive. There’s no need to panic, though. What if we told you there was an affordable chair out there that’s comfortable and discreet, too?

Firstly, it’s comfortable to use for long periods of time. This is, in part, due to its combination of PU leather and mesh upholstery. The faux leather looks great and is easy to clean, while the mesh improves airflow and reduces the amount you’ll sweat during those long gaming sessions.

The seat height can be adjusted(15.75” at its lowest, 19.69” at its highest), and there’s a tilt feature that allows you to recline up to 30°. This can’t be locked, though, so if you were planning to nap in this chair, it’s not going to cut it. Now, let’s talk about aesthetics.

Now, for a product with such a low price tag, it’s obvious that there are going to be some compromises. The first of these is the slightly lower weight limit. The Furmax chair can support up to 280lbs instead of the standard (for large chairs) 300. Most people will be able to use this chair, though, so that’s not a huge deal.

All in all, the Furmax gaming chair is a comfortable, cost-effective chair for those of us who are setting up home offices or gaming rooms. Sure, it might not have all the characteristics you want, but at the very least, it’s a strong choice for the short term.

Pros & Cons

3. Devoko Racing Style

The Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair, racing style, is a great entry-level gaming chair with sleek styling, basic ergonomic design and adjustability features, and a good level of comfort and support for longer sessions.

PU leather is easy to clean and generally holds up well over time. It lacks the softness and character of genuine leather, but for racing style gaming chairs, it is the material of choice. You get a nice clean and modern look with this material.

The Devoka chair offers two style options with this material. You can get the red and black color combination or the white and black.

However, the seat itself is a high-density foam cushion intended for long hours of sitting while playing a game or working at the computer. So, despite the width issue, the seat pan itself is pretty comfortable.

This chair also comes with a removable lumbar cushion. You can adjust the height of this cushion using the attachments straps. If the cushion is to0 bulky, you can simply remove it.

The next step up from the ergonomic model is the Devoko Racing Style chair. At a slightly higher price point, this chair offers a higher weight capacity and some additional features compared to the basic ergonomic model.

The ergonomic model weighs just over 45 lbs. While this is not too heavy compared to most quality office or gaming chairs, it is something to keep in mind if you plan to move the chair upstairs or around the house. The chair is built with a steel frame, which adds weight to the overall design.

Pros & Cons

Buyer’s Guide

Before rushing toward the online store to buy a gaming chair for under $200, it’s important to understand what should be the minimum requirements a gaming chair have so that you’ll get the best value for your money.

  • It should have an ergonomic design to get the least stress and maximum comfort for your body.
  • The gaming chair should be made of high-quality material to ensure durability.
  • It should have a customization feature to suit your comfort needs.
  • Keeping the dimensions of your gaming area in your mind, don’t buy the gaming chair which is too big for your space.
  • Make sure the gaming chair is compatible with your gaming system such as Xbox 360, Play Station 3,4. PC etc.

Now, you know the important things to check before buying a gaming chair. Let’s proceed to the list of the best PC gaming chair to buy under $200 price range.

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  1. Ergonomics in Chair Design

The most important aspect that I will discuss in this gaming chair buying guide is Ergonomics.

Improper seating practices can exert pressure on your spine causing pain in the backbone.

It can also lead to a lack of blood flow in the body that can cause diseases like deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and complications like cervical spondylosis.

An ergonomic chair is a chair with adjustable parts designed to enhance maximum comfort during sitting.

It supports your proper posture and movements, minimizes back-pain, and supports your weight and lumber while you are sitting.

This support tends to balance your body and keeps you away from physical health issues that arise from bad sitting posture.

  1. The benefits of ergonomics chair are that it:
  2. reduces the risk of stiffness in the neck or shoulder;
  3. prevents you from the painful and long-lasting bone problem;
  4. reduces your back pain;
  5. reduces pressure on your hips

The question is that unlike standard chair, what are the features that ergonomics chair provides?

Adjustuble Seat Height:

One of the important features in ergonomics chair is adjustable seat height. The seat height shall be changed to suit a gamer’s body dimension.
You shall choose a chair that can be adjusted to place your knees above your hips and legs comfortably rest on the floor.

Adjustuble Seat Depth:

Select a chair that allows you to adjust the depth of your seat to a quarter-inch specification between the edge of your seat and the back of your knees.

This will help your both legs to settle in a way to support blood flow and prevent you from deep vein blockage that is caused by lack of equal blood flow to your legs.

Adjustuble Backrest Height:

This feature will allow you to adjust backrest part of your chair to be fixed in the best optimum position and support your back.

This will relax your back, making it less strained, and a healthy spine free from future pain.

Also, the chair should feature tilt lock or tension mechanisms to lock your backrests tilt in place and accommodate different postures.

Back angle adjustment

This feature is significant as it prevents you from sitting in the same posture for long hours that causes pressure on your spine.

You can turn the back of your chair to a comfortable position or angle as many times as possible.

Also, ergonomics chairs allow leaving the back angle unlocked to automatically change the angles every time you move.

Adjustable Arm Support

This feature offers a pivot where you can place your arms and gives you comfortable typing experience as you can adjust the height and width of your arm supports.

A chair without armrest may result in more stress on your shoulders that will lead to neck pain and wrist pains as well.

Quality Casters

You should carefully check the quality of two castors as the good quality castors will last long and will give the best support to your body weights as you enter or exit the chair.

Headrest Adjustment

A good ergonomic chair provides adjustable headrest that prevents you from gaining a stiff neck while working.

360° Degree Swivel

One of the most comfortable features you should look into your chair is a 360-degree swivel facility to help you to free your legs, pour a cup of tea, or arrange your gaming table without getting up.

Cushions and Pillows

Some chairs also provide lumbar support and head/neck pillows for additional pressure relief and prevents short-term or chronic back pain.

The lumbar pillows help to preserve the natural curvature of the spine, good posture, and minimize strain on the spine.

2. Available Spaces

One of the factors that you should check is available space in your gaming room and dimensions of the chair so that it can fit comfortably in your room and is convenient for your body shape.

Some chairs can be quite large to fit in the limited space of your gaming room. Therefore, you should first measure your available space to make sure that the chair you are going to choose enough space available.

Moreover, some chairs have narrower seats that make them unsuitable for people with larger thighs and bottoms. You will easily find dimensions of the gaming chairs on seller’s sites and if it is not available, you can ask for it.

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3. Material Used and Build Quality

The third factor that you should keep in mind as a buyer is the quality of material used in the chair.

You should ensure that good quality material is used when selecting best gaming chair. The manufacturer usually specifies the material.

Following are some of the most common material that you will find in some of the best gaming chairs.

  • Leather
  • Fabric
Leather Chairs

If you are looking for durability, Leather chairs are excellent. Leather is a kind of material that is flexible and long-lasting, therefore it is costly too.

They are usually recommended for children and teens so that if they mess up their chairs with food, tea, coffee, or juice, it will be easy to clean the spill and remove stains.

Leather chairs give you comfortable gaming experience and leather is a smooth material. One additional advantage is that leather material will cause your back to sweat and burn your calories.

These chairs will last longer if you take good care of them. The leather chairs can be further divided into diverse categories based on the kind of leather used.

Gaming chairs with genuine leather offers a long life span as it is one of the most durable materials used.

Another type of leather used is PU (polyurethane coating) leather which is synthetic leather, but still, it offers excellent durability and water resistance.

The third type of leather is PVC (mix of polyvinyl chloride leather) which is a lower-cost material than genuine and PU leather but offers strong resistance to liquid and fire.

Fabric Chairs

Gaming chairs are manufactured using different types of fabrics to provide the required comfort and quality to gamers. They are cheaper than leather chairs.

These chairs keep you sweat-free throughout the game but are hard to clean if you spill food or drinks. You need to use protective plastic covers specially designed for these chairs.

The main advantage of a fabric chair is that they provide you next level of comfort as you feel like sitting on a cushion. They are good also if you fear having problem with back pain.

4. Support Capacity

One of the factors that is extremely crucial to consider before buying your best gaming chair is weight capacity.

The chairs come with different weight capacities and recommended heights so you need to ensure that it is suitable for your weight and height.

The most heavy-duty chairs can support up to 500 lbs of weights.

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5. Compatibility with Gaming Setup

One of the important factors I would like to consider in this gaming chair buying guide is compatibility.

The selection of a chair also depends upon the gaming console that you are using. Many console gaming chairs also integrate with your consoles in various cool ways.

You can find USB ports fitted in chairs that will help you to charge your controllers from your armrests while some also have sound built into the headrest to play sounds next to your ears from your consoles.

There are some other additional features to consider in best gaming chair includes motion compatibility features but you need to pay price for those features.

6. Technology

Technology is the next factor I will discuss in gaming chair buying guide.

The technology in gaming chairs has evolved in a way to add several technological features. These features not only add to your gaming experience but also add more comfort and fun.

Some chairs have features like headrest speakers, rumble functions, Bluetooth, and headset inputs that you can choose as per your performance needs.

Additional Tips for Buying a Gaming Chair

  • Make sure to check customer reviews from other buyers.
  • Check manufacturer warranty for replacement and refunds in case there are faults in your chair.
  • Usually, chairs are delivered in a way that they need to be assembled at home. If you are not good at assembling stuff, make sure to choose something relatively easy to assemble.

What Is The Difference Between Gaming Chair Vs Office Chair?

The difference lies mainly in the design-technical aspects with the aim to increase the gaming experience. Some have built-in gizmos and come in flash color accents, which provide for a better gaming feeling. Quality chairs of both kinds are of highly ergonomic design and have features that may prevent back and health problems when spending many hours sitting in it. Chairs with extra upholstery such as head and lumbar pads and special seat shape could support the body slightly better.

What Are The Different Styles Of Gaming Chairs?

There are essentially four broad categories of gaming chairs. Nearly all rocker and pedestal type chairs are used for console gaming, though we do know some gamers who use pedestal chairs for gaming at a desk. We’ll discuss the merits and general chair design of each category in this section.

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1. Bean Bag To start off our list, we have the lowly and humble bean bag. Surprisingly, some bean bag chairs are insanely comfortable. Used for console gaming, bean bag chairs are an inexpensive and fun option. With this style gaming chair you can’t swivel, roll, or rock but it sure beats sitting on the ground for hours on end. An inflatable chair or lounge is a great alternative to bean bag chairs. The upside to this type of chair is easy storage as you can fold it compactly. The issue with inflatables is they are prone to punctures and losing air.

2. Rocker The rocker type of gaming chair is used exclusively for console gaming. It sits directly on the floor and — true to its name — allows the user to rock back and forth. It is the fidget spinner of chairs. X Rocker popularized this gaming chair design and are by and far the leader in the rocker gaming chairs category. The drawback to this style is it does not let you swivel left to right. Also, some users complain that they get uncomfortable after a couple hours of gaming.


Best Gaming Chairs Under 200 – If your mouse, keyboard, and controller are your sword, shield, and scepter, then your gaming chair is your throne. And it won’t do to drag any old seat from the dining room into your office or game room, either. You should feel like the proper ruler you are when you sit down to forge new kingdoms… or knock them down.

But the coffers of the realm may not be overflowing during trying times. So, maybe you need style, comfort, and plenty of features, for a bit less coin? Thankfully, there are a variety of gaming chairs available that provide all the quality and comfort of their pricier counterparts without breaking the bank. They come in numerous styles and designs as well, so you can easily find the best option for you.

Here are our recommendations for the best gaming chairs under $200.