Best High Back Office Chair Under 200

Best High Back Office Chair Under 200 – Shopping for a chair that costs less than $200 can be a tricky task. There are so many options, from so many different manufacturers, that it can be hard to know what is good and what isn’t. It is important to know what to look for when considering a cheap office chair. You also need to be willing to sacrifice on some things in order to get the cost down to $200 or less.

Choosing the wrong desk chair can have some pretty terrible ramifications, including lower work productivity and serious spine problems. Fortunately, many of the models on today’s market, including those at a lower price point, take all these concerns into consideration.


Comfortable upholstery, adjustable settings, tilt control, and swivel functionality are just a few of the things that will make all the difference in your everyday comfort, efficiency, and happiness.


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The Hbada Office Desk Chair and its high back desk chair version both come with a breathable mesh fabric which work in tandem to try and reduce back pain that can begin in your lower back. This built-in padding support system also offers fantastic neck and lumbar support.

It’s also quite strikingly designed because of the use of white against the black mesh and black seat cushion. You don’t really get this in models this cheap. You can also try the Steelcase Gesture Chair if white on black is a look you go for.


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With the public service announcement portion of this Komene Office Chairs review out of the way, we’ll say this:

Leaving aside the “problematic entries,” Komene appears to sell a modest collection of actual products that include beanies, push up bras, and a trio of office chairs.  Based on our research, we have concluded that the three chairs we’ll talk about here are legitimate products, and if you decide to buy one of these from Komene, you’ll get the product shown.

We don’t recommend that course of action at all, but if, for whatever reason, you decide you just have to have an office chair made by a company that sells beanies and push up bras, we’ll duly review them so you’ll have a better sense of what you’re getting.

3.Mid-Back Ergonomic

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Flash Furniture is a brand that has a huge selection of furniture. They sell just about every type of chair you could imagine. With such a comprehensive list of products, it’s hard to fault a brand like this one for offering so many options.

Of course, that begs the question: is this brand a jack-of-all-trades and a master of none? In regards to their Mid-Back Ergonomic Office Chair, they’ve managed to pack in some great features. All of this combines to create a very decent office chair solution.


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Smugdesk was originally founded in 2000 but the group of industrial designers that started the whole thing ran into some issues when testing their final products.

They then went back to the drawing board and launched their improved design in 2003. Their motto is that ‘the health of the customer comes first and comfort has to take the back seat.’

5.Office Chair

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In a hybrid work environment, you’ll need one of the best office chairs not just at your company’s office, but in your home, too. After all, you’re likely going to spend as much time in front of a computer at your house as you are in an office building.

That’s where our guide to the best office chairs comes in. We’ve selected chairs that are not only comfortable, but ones that are adjustable, too. No two people are alike, so a chair should be able to conform to your body. And, it should be supportive of your lower back, shoulders, arms, and wrists, so you don’t suffer repetitive stress injuries.

Best High Back Office Chair Under 200 – BUYER’S GUIDE

1. Lower End Build Quality

One of the most important things to consider is that chairs that cost less than $200 will have lower end build qualities. This is simply unavoidable at this price point. Our top pick, the 100MC, has the best build on this list and it still only scored a 43/100 for build quality on our big list of best office chairs for 2021.

In order to have such a low price point, the chair will almost always need to be imported from Asia and made from more basic, lower end parts. The most common counties to see lower priced chairs being produced in are China and Taiwan. Quality control will not be the same as higher-end products so the opportunity for defects is greater.

You will also see a downgrade in things like fit and finish. Lower end chairs do not look as nice as higher end chairs. They do not have clean lines and nice finishes that better products offer. The parts themselves also often do not fit together as well. It is much more common to see parts that wiggle or have “play” in them that wouldn’t be there on a higher priced chair.

2. Little Adjustability

Chairs that cost less than $200 are not as adjustable as similarly designed chairs with higher price points. Sure, you can find a $150 task chair with more adjustments than a $500 leather executive chair, but it is much less common to see a $150 task chair have more adjustability than a $500 task chair.

Adjustments are some of the costliest additions to an office chair. The less adjustments a chair has, the lower the potential price can be. This is one of the easiest ways to keep the price of a chair low. This is why most chairs under $200 will only have a basic set of adjustments.

Another thing to think about is that the ranges on the adjustments that these chairs do have are often limited compared to higher end chairs. The chair may have seat height adjustment but instead of a 5” range, like top of the line chairs offer, it may only have 3” of adjustment range. This can be true for all the adjustments on the chair.

3. Short Warranties

One thing to think about with office chair warranties is that it is not as important for low priced chairs as it is for higher priced chairs because the replacement cost is so much lower. If you are buying a chair for less than $200, then it may not last too many years. It will all depend on how much it is used each day, but you will likely replace a chair like this every few years. This differs from a $1,000 ergonomic office chair that you expect to last around 10 years. If you are buying something to last 10 years, then you need a really solid warranty. As long as your $200 chair lasts two years, you will pay the same amount over a 10 year period as a $1,000 chair. A warranty will help mitigate some costs, but it is not as vital as the $1,000 chair.

It is pretty rare to find a chair for less than $200 that has a solid warranty. Some chairs may have a limited lifetime warranty, but the exclusions are always what is important to look at. It is important that you know how long each portion of the chair is covered. It is common to see things like foam, upholstery and moving parts to be limited in coverage, often times to a year or less. If warranty is important to you, then make sure you read the full warranty policy so that you know how each component will be covered.

4. Weight Capacities

Make sure that you know the weight rating on the chair you are purchasing. Lower end chairs will typically have smaller weight capacities. The most common weight rating for office chairs is 250 lbs. This will be the weight rating most often found on chairs under $200. Some really low priced chairs may have capacities of 200 lbs. or even as low as 150 lbs. If you need a chair with a higher weight capacity, then be sure you know the weight rating on the different chairs you are considering.

5. Upholstery

The upholstery selection for chairs that are priced below $200 will be lower in quality and limited in options. When looking at leather office chairs, it is important to understand that most chairs do not actually feature real leather. Real leather is expensive. Finding a chair that is real leather, for less than $200, is usually too good to be true. Fake leather goes by a lot of different names, but they are all a synthetic material that is meant to mimic leather, while being much less expensive.

Mesh is very similar to leather when it comes to quality. Good quality mesh is expensive. Good quality mesh is soft, supportive and has nice elasticity. Lower quality mesh is lacking in some or all of these things. It is not realistic to expect high quality mesh, like we see on the Aeron or Liberty, to be on a low priced chair like the 100MC.

The same can be said for fabric but the limiting factor with fabric is usually color and pattern selection. You can find low priced chairs that have commercial grade fabric with 100,000+ double rubs, but they will almost always be a basic, solid color. Colors like black, blue, burgundy and grey are very common on low priced chairs. Fabrics in more unique colors or patterns are more expensive to produce, so they bring the price up and usually push it over the $200 mark.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the Best Ergonomic Chair under and around $200?

The five ergonomic chairs chosen for this review are the cream of the pop when it comes to budget office chairs under and around $200. Many ergonomic chairs cost a lot more than that, some with inferior ergonomic features or durability than the five that made our list.

The Duramont Office Chair is an excellent all rounder with very few compromises for a budget chair. We loved the Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair for the cutting edge style that usually costs double or even triple its price tag. The Smugdesk also offers unique benefits that people who find standard office chairs too hard on their back or bottom will really appreciate.


Finding an office chair that is comfortable, affordable and fits with your personal aesthetic can be a tricky task. Whether you’re adapting to a new work-from-home routine or looking to improve your posture while gaming, a new desk chair can make all the difference, especially given how many hours you might spend in it each day. Here are the seven best office chairs under $200.