Best High Chair for Baby Led Weaning

Best High Chair for Baby Led Weaning – Looking For Best High Chair For Baby Led Weaning? In this article, we Will talk all about high chairs and what you should be looking for when you buy it both from a practical as well as a developmental standpoint.

So normally when you think about what we want in a high chair we’re thinking practical considerations so is it easy to clean as it fits in your space is it collapsible anything like that and those are obviously very important considerations.

But I want you guys also to consider some other things that you’re looking at by nature and that is everything that we want to look at from a developmental standpoint and looking at these things can really help to improve how your child is able to eat at the table how comfortable they are everything like that and those are really really important considerations.

Giving your baby their first solid foods can be a big challenge, especially if you’re a first-time parent. But the best baby products can help make the transition easier for you and your baby. A good high chair can make mealtimes safe, comfortable, and easier to clean up.  It can be useful in BLW (baby-led weaning), by giving your child their own space in the dining room while enjoying meals with the family.


1.Boon GRUB 2-in-1

I’ll share what I think is the best baby led weaning high chair out there: this Boon Grub convertible high chair.

Why? Because the detachable tray AND the actual seat are both completely dishwasher safe. This makes cleaning an absolute dream!

Mama, imagine this: just put the dirty seat and tray, all covered in baby’s sticky mess and bits of food, right in the dishwasher: no scrubbing, no wiping. After the dishwasher does the work, you’re good to go for the next mealtime!

Talk about convenient – this really takes the stress out of messy meals.

From a cleaning perspective, this infant high chair is perfect for baby-led weaning.

The simple design means this chair transforms from a high chair to a table-height chair, to a toddler’s chair (and you can adjust its height o dinner table or kid’s desk).

The bucket seat might seem a bit too roomy for little babies. Thankfully you can move the tray closer to your child. I just love all of these adjustments.

But, there are some drawbacks, like the removable tray is actually a bit tough to get off.

Overall, this is the best high chair for ease of cleaning and becomes a cute chair when your child enters the toddler years.

Pros & Cons

2.Graco Made2Grow

The Graco Tablefit High Chair is a really good option for a number of reasons. There are some cons, of course, but it is versatile, comfortable, supportive, and adjustable.

Here are some of the features that make the Graco TableFit a good option for baby-led weaning:

The TableFit is adjustable in a number of ways. The footrest is adjustable to 3 different heights. Whilst I would prefer a chair that offers a more freely moving footrest, having one that offers 3 heights is still a good option.

The seat reclines to 3 positions. This isn’t a huge benefit in baby-led weaning and having your baby in the reclined position whilst eating is definitely not recommended. But it may be useful to let your baby sit back and rest whilst you potter in the kitchen.

The back support is also easily adjusted so that you can always ensure that it is at just the right height for maximum support and comfort for your little one.

And lastly, the entire chair is height adjustable which means that you can use it at tables of various heights which might be helpful.

The Tablefit comes with a 5 point safety harness, ensuring that your baby is well supported in the chair.

There are a few benefits of having a removable tray. Firstly, you can easily pop the tray into the dishwasher for cleaning. Secondly, the entire tray can be removed which means that your little one can sit close to the table to enjoy meals with the whole family.

And now the not-so-good. My main concern with the Graco is that it has a lot of fabric and cushion support. It can be wiped down and it is all machine washable but it is going to get grubby over time.

All in all, though, it is a good option for baby-led weaning and would be especially helpful during the first stages of baby-led weaning when your baby’s postural control is still developing and they get tired easily. The support offered by this chair would be really helpful at this early stage.

Pros & Cons

3.Ingenuity Trio

The Ingenuity Trio is very popular in the baby-led weaning community and gets a lot of good reviews. It’s versatile, grows with your child, and has a good price point. There is one major downfall in my eyes and that is that there is no footrest. It may still be worth considering though.

The Ingenuity chair can be used in 3 ways –  as a regular high chair, a booster seat on a dining room chair and as a toddler chair. That means that it grows and changes according to your child’s needs. It is not adjustable in that you can’t adjust the footrest (there isn’t one) but you can do a lot with the chair.

The Ingenuity has a 5 point safety harness for additional support.

So, we’ve said that it doesn’t have a height-adjustable footrest but it does have a footrest that your child will use when they are a bit older and can actually reach it.

Also, the chair is well-molded to offer more support and the safety harness will also help with support. So, whilst your little one may not reach the footrest when they first start baby-led weaning, there is probably enough inherent support to still be a good option as a high chair.

There are a couple of downsides to this particular high chair.

Whilst the Ingenuity has a wipeable and machine washable seat cover, there are a lot of nooks and crannies for food to fall into and get stuck. This makes the high chair tricky to clean and may put some moms off.

The tray is also not removable but it is height adjustable so there is some flexibility. This may not be a deal-breaker, though. Your little one would still be able to sit at the table with you but would need the tray so they wouldn’t be right up close to the table.

Pros & Cons

4.INFANS High Chair

This chair is from a less known brand but it has amazing reviews on Amazon. I do feel a bit mixed about some of the features but there is a lot that is also really useful.

Why I think it may work for you:

The footrest is height adjustable. It only adjusts to 3 different heights but that is better than nothing. The entire chair can also be height adjusted meaning that you can use it at just about any height table.

The Infans chair also has a five-point safety harness which will provide ample support for your little one.

Although it does have a cover, it is made from PU leather which means that you can just wipe it down. The tray is also detachable so you can pop it in the dishwasher. The one thing that may let this high chair down as a baby-led weaning chair is that there are some nooks and crannies that food can get lost in, making cleaning a bit of a hassle.

This Infans chair has a softcover as well as that 5 point safety harness. This is going to make it really supportive, especially if you are using it for a little one who is just starting out with baby-led weaning.

Pros & Cons


The IKEA Antilop Chair is only  and whilst it is a very basic high chair, there are some benefits which is why I’m adding it to the ring.

Let’s first look at the pros. For starters, at only $19, the Antilop is easy on the wallet.

There is a 3 point safety harness to provide a bit more support, not to mention safely securing your little one into the high chair.

The Antilop has a removable tray that can easily be wiped down and go into the dishwasher. As there is no fabric and with the fairly basic design, cleaning is not a problem at all.

Onto the cons…

It is not a particularly supportive high chair and would probably be better suited to an older baby who is confident in their postural skills and more proficient with their hands.

There is also no foot support. Having said that, there is a footrest available from Amazon for Normal. This would significantly increase the postural support provided and if you do have an IKEA Antilop chair, I would really recommend this.

And finally, if space is an issue, this chair may be problematic as it does not fold up for storage. Whilst it doesn’t take up a huge amount of floor space, it can get in the way at times.

If you’re on a budget, I would still consider the Antilop an option for baby-led weaning. Many of our friends had the Antilop and my babies did just fine in this high chair, even without the footrest.

Pros & Cons

6.Primo Cozy

It has a fold-down tray that can also be removed for easy washing (just pop it in the dishwasher). It has no fabric so can be easily wiped down and cleaned.

The Primo Cozy has a height-adjustable footrest so that it grows with your baby. Also, the high chair comes apart so that you can use it as a toddler chair as your little one grows.

The Primo Cozy has a 3 point safety harness to keep your little one safe. The harness, along with the adjustable footrests, will give your baby good support when they are starting out on their baby-led weaning journey.

This high chair has a removable tray that you can pop into the dishwasher. As there is no fabric and has a simple design, you can easily clean it and get rid of the food mess.

The only downside of this high chair is that it isn’t super supportive. The footrest and safety harness will help to make it more supportive. However, it means that younger babies, just getting started on their baby-led weaning journey may tire more quickly in this chair.

They will quickly develop more strength and endurance so this will not be a huge problem for very long. If you choose the Primo Cozy for your 6-month-old, just be sure to watch for signs of getting tired and make sure that you don’t keep them in the chair for too long.

Pros & Cons

When Can Your Baby Sit In A High Chair?

How to Choose a High Chair — Sprout + Thrive

All babies are unique in their developmental milestones!

My baby girl is early in everything. She started to sit straight up on her own at 3 months old.

Most babies, however, can’t sit unsupported until they are around 8 months old.
World Health Organization recommends starting babies on solids at around 6 months old. The digestive system of babies is not ready for solid foods earlier than that.
Because my baby girl could sit up unsupported way earlier than the recommended age for starting solids, we began to put her in a high chair at around 5 months.
She would sit with us at the table during mealtimes and watch us eat. While she was following us her curiosity toward food would raise each day. And after a couple of weeks, she started to reach her little hands to grab food from the table. 
That’s when we knew she was ready to eat solids.
If at 6 months old your baby cannot sit upright in a high chair, offer some support.
It’s important for a baby to hold his head and body erect before she can start handling solid food. Leaning back while eating is not safe for babies. So if needed hold your baby or tuck a small rolled-up towel around her hips until she learns how to sit straight on her own.

Is A High Chair Really Necessary?


While you can offer your baby solid foods when holding her in your lap or on an adult chair this is of course not convenient.

Your baby needs a safe and enjoyable place to eat.

High chairs are specifically designed for small babies to sit safely for feeding and staying in one place. Plus, sitting your baby in a highchair at the dinner table with the rest of the family will have a positive impact on how she perceives mealtimes and food. 

If you’re on a budget there are a lot of affordable options to look into. Check my list of the best high chairs for baby-led weaning below organized by price from low to high.

Or you can even get a high chair from your local mom community for free. A lot of parents are willing to give away their baby items once their child outgrows those.

You can score a great gently-used high chair on the Facebook marketplace or in your local Facebook mom group.

The easiest way is to ask if anyone is giving away their high chair. You’ll be surprised how much people are willing to pass on their baby items to fellow parents.

What To Look For In A High Chair For Baby-Led Weaning?

When choosing a high chair for BLW there are two main aspects you should pay attention to – safety and ease of cleaning.

When both of these are met, you can then consider your family’s budget, your style, how big your space is, how portable you want the high chair to be, etc.


Recent research by Safe Kids Worldwide found that “every day in the US an average of 24 children are treated in an emergency department for an injury related to either a high chair or chair booster seat – that is one child every hour”.

When choosing a baby-led weaning highchair make sure it meets all safety standardsLook for the JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) seal on the high chair itself, or in the chair’s instruction manual.

A safe high chair is sturdy with a wide base and fully functional safety restraints. Check if the safety straps are easy to buckle and unbuckle.

It’s important to always buckle up your baby before feeding and never leave her alone. Unsupervised babies are more likely to try to wiggle out of the strap or choke on their food.

Easy To Clean

Remember all the mess you’ll need to clean?!

The best high chair for baby-led weaning is the one that is easy to clean! This means no fabric! Fewer seams and crevices – food gets stuck in those all the time. Preferably, a removable tray that you can quickly wash in the sink or pop into a dishwasher. Some modern high chairs even come with an extra tray so that you can use the second one when the first is being washed.

Larger trays are the best because less food ends up on the floor but be conscious of your sink size too. If you have a smaller sink, a large tray can become a pain to clean with water splashing everywhere.

Foot Rest

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Did you know that good high chairs are those with a footrest?
One of the factors that affect how well a child eats is their sitting position.
To sit well and have a good posture kids need their feet resting, not dangling. A baby with dangling feet loses its focus and interest in food too fast. Plus, it’s bad for their posture and can bring to slouching. And, with BLW your baby will also be working on getting food back up so as not to choke. Hence, she needs full-body support.
As your child grows, remember that moving her into an adult chair without a footrest isn’t ideal for her comfort and posture.


While you want your baby to be comfortable and love her highchair, stay away from high chairs that have any fabric. Those are a pain to clean. Look for a high chair that’s well-padded instead.


After all, a high chair is a piece of furniture. While safety and easiness to clean must be your main focus, there is no shortage of sleek-looking high chairs of different designs that can perfectly fit your home decor.

Space Saving

If your kitchen and dining area are small adding another big chair to the already crowded space might not be a doable option. In that case, consider foldable high chairs that can be stored. There are also high chairs with wheels that make moving the chair around a breeze. This comes especially handy when you need to push the high chair to the table for meals and then back to the storage or against the wall.


Most high chairs today come with removable trays and a transition option. This allows for it to be used into toddler years and beyond. Our son’s high chair served him as a regular chair at our table till he was 4 years old and eventually transitioned to an adult chair. This was ideal as his high chair had an adjustable footrest that we could lower as he grew. There are high chairs that can be used even beyond that age.

Adjustable and Ergonomic

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One of the most important factors when looking at high chairs for your little one is that you need to make sure that it is adjustable. Your baby will grow and change and you want a high chair that will grow with your baby.

Also, it is so important that your little one is well-supported. In order for your baby to be able to use their hands effectively to feed themselves, they need to have a stable base of support. This will enable them to focus on their hands and feeding as opposed to trying to keep themselves upright.

So, an adjustable footrest would be invaluable. That way you can make sure that your little one is seated comfortably, with hips, knees, and ankles at 90 degrees.

When we started on our baby-led weaning journey with our daughter, one of the criteria for her high chair was a removable tray. We wanted her to be able to sit right up at the table with the rest of the family.

We didn’t always remove her tray but it was lovely to have that option.

Also, having a removable tray will make cleaning the high chair a whole lot easier.

What do I mean by support? Well, is your baby positioned well in their high chair or are they slumped over their tray or slouched in the high chair?

A chair with a 3 point harness will secure your baby between their legs and at their shoulders. This is better than securing just at the hips as it will prevent your baby from slumping over their tray.

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A 5 point safety harness is even better. It will give your child maximum support and safety as your baby is secured at the shoulders, hips and in between the legs.

When you first start baby-led weaning, your little one is practicing many skills, one of them being postural control. As your baby grows and develops, their muscles will also get stronger and they will be able to stay upright in their chairs for much longer.

Watch your little one for signs of fatigue. If they start in a lovely sitting position and over time slump in their chair or hunch over their tray, it’s time to have a break.

We know that baby-led weaning is not the cleanest method of weaning so chances are, you’re going to need to clean that high chair regularly. So, look for a high chair that is simple in design without too many crevices and nooks and crannies for food to get trapped in.

Also, a removable tray that can be popped into the dishwasher is an added bonus.

Okay, so that is the criteria that we’re going to be stacking these high chairs up against.


Best High Chair for Baby Led WeaningYou watch your little one try new foods. She smashes it, squeezes it, and throws it on the floor. Then you clean all that mess three times a day.

Ahhh, what can be more fun!

From now on and for the coming 2 to 4 years your baby will be sitting in her highchair trying all the flavors of the healthy foods you offer her.

So you want to create a safe and enjoyable environment for your baby. But also to make it easy to clean after her.

Because here is the truth – baby-led weaning is messy!

Nonetheless, it has so many benefits to traditional spoon-feeding. Baby-led weaning the most natural and healthy way to start your baby on solids and help her grow up a happy and confident eater.

Forget all the stress of force-feeding, fussing, the need to use distractions, and getting frustrated. You’ll put the strong foundation for an adventurous eater who’ll love to try and relish new foods.

And because BLW is so messy you want to choose the right high chair for baby-led weaning and a few other accessories to make your life easy.

You don’t want to get discouraged after a couple of messy and difficult-to-clean instances and resort to spoon-feeding instead.

So let’s break down everything in easy-to-follow steps so that you can choose the right blw high chair for your little one with confidence. And make baby-led weaning enjoyable both for her and you!