Best High Chair for Camping

Best High Chair for Camping – I’m a minimalist when it comes to camping: I don’t believe you need a lot of expensive gear to enjoy the outdoors.  However, after having my second kid, I’m starting to appreciate the merit of some extra gear – and that includes baby camping chairs (aka portable high chairs or portable booster seats).

Note that most portable baby chairs won’t work well for camping.  They are hard to clean, aren’t stable on uneven ground, or simply annoying to use. From my own experience and what other outdoorsy parents have said, here are the best baby camping chairs.

Camping can be fun for the entire family, however, when you take kids along you have to consider their big needs. Most parents know this and will clearly take things such as food, diapers, and much more. However, high chairs are also needed just as much as they are at home. Not sure where to find them? We have you covered with the best high chairs for camping on the market.

Each one is specifically designed for the camping world, making them perfect for the outdoors in various terrains. This is not the case for normal high chairs. That means you need one for your child that will work for the camping world, and we have found exactly that. Before we go over the products, we need to tell you about certain things you need in a camping high chair.


1.Cosco Chair

We like the Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair for Travel a lot. It gives us everything we want in one of the best high chairs for camping. The easy transport with this high chair makes it easy to take anywhere. The company touts its innovative and practical solution with this portable high chair…and we cannot blame them.

The durable materials like nylon are terrific. Meanwhile, the tray is covered in clear vinyl, all of which easily wipes clean. It’ll even do so with those big messes your child is likely to have…you know the ones, the type that they “give back” to the world.

The built-in cup holder is very useful but the safety they added to this chair is just over the top impressive. Of course, they added the common five-point harness but they also put the overall chair through rigorous testing. You cannot be among the best high chairs for camping and not be capable of passing inspections.

They take the gold here as they met the U.S. American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards, the EU European High Chair Safety Standards, and ALL of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) guidelines. This includes the use of lead, phthalates, and flammability.

This chair is also confirmed to hold up to 35 lbs and safe for kids up to 3 years of age.

Pros & Cons

2.Graco Floor2Table 7

Easy is a word that comes up in hundreds of reviews of this high chair and booster seat, starting with putting it together. According to one reviewer, “I assembled it in about 15 minutes with two children under two in the room. The instructions are clear and easy to understand and there aren’t any small, mystery pieces.” Dozens of other enthusiastic reviewers were equally pleased with how easy it was to clean this high chair after inevitable messes.

One happy mother remarked, “The best part is the ease to clean; the seat cover is one piece (so no rogue food bits hiding underneath) when a simple wipe down isn’t enough the whole seat cover easily comes of and goes into the washing machine, even the straps easily come apart and can be thrown in the washer; air dry it all and the high chair is good as new!” Aside from its functionality, reviewers praised the high chair’s adorable appearance, with one going so far as to say her son “looks SO comfortable in this chair we say he looks like a king on his throne.”

Pros & Cons

3.Summer Pop ‘n

While no one will claim this is the safest high chair on our list, it is still a great product. It does the job asked of it so well that we are discussing it. We assume that means it did something right. It is made with high-quality materials that make it easy to clean and comfortable for the child.

The 3-point harness will keep your child safe when you look away, something we all need for peace of mind. Of course, this company tries to do well in safety. That is why their hard plastic tray is BPA-free. The overall tray is safe and sturdy enough that food will stay in place and not fall into their lap or onto the ground. Plus, no rubber feet!

The fabric used is truly great and simple, plus it is easy to clean as it’s machine washable. The convenient read pocket helps keeps things organized for the baby and you. Plus, it is a very portable, an easy setup, and an easy takedown product.

This high chair is confirmed for use in children 6 months to 3 years of age as well as a weight limit of 40lbs.

We feel it is one of the best travel high chairs that one can find, and you’d be hard-pressed to tell us otherwise.

Pros & Cons

4.Baby Delight Go

We really like this high chair, mostly because they have taken a lot of measures to make sure they can cater to as many families as they can. One way we know this is in the limit on size. While this high chair is cleared for babies 3 months and up, it can handle a child up to 75lbs. This was done to accommodate the growing child.

In fact, the seat is on Velcro, and as the baby grows, you can open up the 2 leg holes that can allow the baby to stand up. It also allows parents to open up areas that the baby no longer needs or cannot fit in. This ability to carry so much weight ensures better safety as the foundation of this chair is perfect. Otherwise, how could it handle 75%?

The Five-Point Harness is very useful but it’s also removable just in case it gets in the way or you have an older child inside it. The harness is comfortable and most children do not have an issue with it.

The removable snack tray is a nice touch along with the sun canopy and carrying bag they included too.

While it may not stand out as much as others, we feel this should rank as one of the best on the market today!

Pros & Cons

5.VEEYOO Chair

At first glance, the Veeyoo folding high chair looks almost identical to the Pop n’ Sit high chair (reviewed above).  The dimensions are very similar: the Veeyoo is slightly narrower but a bit taller.  Both have removable trays, fold easily, and are easy to clean.

The difference is that the Veeyoo baby chair has a five-point harness.  This would make me recommend it over the Pop n’ Sit.  However, the back of this chair is flimsy and doesn’t do a good job of keeping babies upright. It also has a lower weight rating of 37lbs.

Pros & Cons

6.One2Stay Chair

To many, the One2Stay model is not just a great high chair for campers….it’s THE best. In looking into it, we have trouble arguing against that.

It is extremely portable and can be put up, with a baby added, and food to the child all in less than 30 seconds.

The high chair has comfort with a great footrest that babies love. Mom and Dad will love the removable BPA-free tray and seat for easy cleaning. They have also included a nice-size storage basket for diapers and toys. Plus, this thing is as light as a feather.

Of course, parents can trust this One2Stay model. The Five-Point Harness is useful, with child security being a big deal. They also added the One2Stay-patented double locking system that prevents possible collapse. To top it off, this whole thing is 300D Waterproof!

It is confirmed to hold up to 55lbs. However, they make sure to let you know a child needs to be at least 6 months before sitting in this high chair.

Try it risk-free, as they are all given a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you do not feel this is among the best out there, you can return it without any issue.

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What to Look for in a High Chair for Camping or Travel

12 Best Portable High Chairs for 2022 - Baby Can Travel

When it comes to camping high chairs, there is a lot one needs to consider over normal versions. Normal types you might see at home are usually designed to fit on level carpet or hardwood services. Others are made for various chairs at the dinner table. This is clearly NOT going to work for the undetermined levels of the outdoors, the surfaces presented, and much more.

That is why you need to be prepared for numerous situations that arise. As a result, your baby’s high chair needs to be capable of a few big things. Let’s go over those now!

Safety is Always First

Every parent, regardless of how old their child gets, wants them to be safe in all they do. This is how all good parents should be, of course. When their children are young, this is an even bigger priority for them. You want to protect your kid and we understand that, big time. Due to that, we wanted to alert you to a few key safety measures you’ll want to look for.

First, the strap, The best is the three-point and five-point straps; both keep your child properly locked into the high chair. You don’t want to risk them falling out of it, of course. You also want to make sure to look at the ages that the high chair is made for. Most are 3 months and up but some might be 6 months and up, so be aware of that. Of course, you also want to look at the maximum weight it can handle too.

The feet and overall chair need to be able to extend out and properly sit on any surface. Why is this a big deal? If it can adapt to the surface it’s on, then the high chair will have better overall traction and not move at any point while your child is inside of it. If by chance it only works one way, then you have to find a surface that fits the product, making life much harder than it needs to be.

More than this, you want to make sure it has passed ALL standard safety testing. There are a few big ones to keep in mind here:

  • Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA)
  • U.S. American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
  • EU European High Chair Safety Standards
  • Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act Guidelines (CPSIA)

As long as your high chair has passed one or all of these, it should be perfectly safe. If it passes them all, then you have the Fort Knox of High Chairs!

A good quality high chair should hold up without much worry.

3 Best Camping High Chairs of 2021: Budget-Friendly, Foldable, & Safe

It Needs to Be Portable

The beauty of a portable high chair is that they are insanely easy to pack. They fold up or come apart with ease, making them easy storage in your car and tent alike. On top of this, you can grab them in a hurry and fold most of them up on the go within seconds. That makes them truly invaluable to have for those times you’re in a rush.

They pack up as easily as they unpack. If you have a child, you know how important it is to get them fed when they are hungry. Otherwise, you can expect them to be difficult. They’re babies, what are ya gonna do, right? Having that chair ready to unpack and put the kid in within seconds will save headaches for days!

A Good Base 

Stability is key for any high chair and especially portable ones. They are naturally more lightweight and easier to knock over than a traditional high chair.

The width between the feet needs to be wider than normal to help keep it stabilized.

You want to make sure the portable high chair you get is sturdy especially if you are going to use it when camping since the ground will most likely be unlevel.

Food Tray 

Food trays are naturally a big part of why babies need high chairs in the first place.

Folding high chairs often have smaller food trays and sometimes they even have ones made of fabric instead of hard plastic to make them even more portable.

If a food tray is the main reason you bring along a high chair for your baby then it’s something to take a close look at when choosing one.

Chair Structure

One common complaint people have about camping high chairs is the fabric seat isn’t supportive enough for young babies.

If you are looking for a high chair for a toddler that can sit up any of the ones on this list are going to be no problem.

But if you are getting a camping high chair for a 6 month old who isn’t quite there yet a more structured portable high chair like the Inglesina Fast Table Baby High Chair or the Baby Delight Go With Me Chair is going to be a better option.

High Chair or Booster Seat

There are three different chair heights on this list today to help fit the needs of any traveler or camper with a baby or toddler.

Sometimes a booster seat is all you will need but remember that you might not have a sturdy chair to put it on when on the go.

A tall high chair is the best way to keep your baby up and away from bugs and dirt when eating but they are also harder to make perfectly stable on unlevel ground.

Removable Fabric

Babies and toddlers are messy, especially when they eat. Getting a portable high chair that’s easy to clean is going to make life a lot easier.

Most of the camping high chairs on this list have removable fabric but the ones that don’t can be wiped clean with a rag or sprayed off with a hose.

Easy To Clean

When searching for camping high chair, every parent wants to find a chair that won’t be a hassle to clean. Trust us, trying to clean up after a kid can be tough in any normal circumstance. Add in food and random liquids, as well as possible “returned” food and drink, and you have a giant mess that needs to be cleaned.

The best in this field can stand up to that. They will have easy to wipe down fabric and/or plastic, making every parent’s life just a bit easier. When you’re out camping with your kid, the last thing you want to worry about is cleaning their high chair. This is why every single high chair we found and covered below are easy to clean.

With all of this having been said about the products and what to look for, let’s actually dive in and tell you about five of the high chairs for camping on the market today!

At what age can a baby use a portable high chair?

The average age a baby can use a traditional high chair is 6 months. You want to make sure your baby is able to sit up and feel secure before using a high chair.

Some travel high chairs are not exactly traditional high chairs and can be used by babies as young as 3 months so long as they are ready.

How do I clean a travel high chair that doesn’t have removable fabric?

16 best kids camping chairs for 2021 - (babies toddlers, juniors)

Lots of portable high chairs for travel or camping don’t have removable fabric seats because of the style of chair.

This can be a problem as babies are not known for their tidiness. If you have a chair that doesn’t have easy to remove fabric you can wash it off using a hose or spray it off in the shower.

Use a brush and water with dish soap to scrub off any tough dirt or food stains. Make sure you rinse it thoroughly and allow it to air dry completely before using it again.

Are hook on high chairs safe?

A high quality hook on high chair like the Inglesina Fast Table Baby High Chair is safe when attached to a sturdy table.

The chair locks onto the table using heavy duty twist locks that can then be covered by the seat fabric to keep your baby from getting to them.

The best way to keep hook on high chairs safe is to double check the lock after securing it and to push down on the chair to make sure it can take more than enough weight to hold your baby or toddler safely.

Which is better a portable high chair or portable booster seat?

While booster seats are the more portable option since they don’t have long legs like portable high chairs there are a few things to think about before deciding on which kind you want to use.

For camping portable high chairs can be nice because they keep your baby up off the ground and away from bugs and dirt while they are eating.

It’s also harder to find a good chair to put a booster chair on when camping since most camping chairs are made of fabric which makes booster chairs bouncy and unstable when placed on them.

For air travel, a portable booster chair is going to fit in your luggage better and if you are visiting someone in their home chances are they will have a good sturdy chair for the booster chair to sit on.

It really depends on what you are going to be using the portable baby chair for.

Since a good sturdy chair for a booster isn’t always available most seem to prefer portable high chairs but a good folding booster chair can come in handy in certain cases as well.

Should a portable high chair have a footrest?

While footrests are a great thing to have on your babies at home high chair, portable high chairs don’t normally have them.

It’s not optimal but it’s still ok especially since a portable high chair isn’t going to be used as much as the at home one.

One thing you can do if you want to add a footrest to your portable high chair is to put a strap across the high chair’s legs in the spot where your baby’s feet will be.

You can cover the strap with a pool noodle to make sure it’s safe and comfortable for your baby’s feet.

Can a baby sleep in a portable high chair?

It’s not recommended to ever let your baby sleep in any kind of high chair, even the reclining ones. The best place for a baby or toddler to sleep is in a crib to help them learn healthy sleeping habits.

Portable high chairs are especially bad for sleeping in since they don’t normally offer the same amount of support as a regular home high chair.

The 15 BEST Kids Camping Chairs (Babies and Toddlers Too!) of 2022 – The  Crazy Outdoor Mama

Camping is fun until you need to take care of your kids and babies! If you’re an outdoor enthusiast with small children, then you’ll definitely need high chairs for camping. They’re specifically designed to help your cute little baby rest comfortably and safely.

Using a portable high chair for camping will allow you to have fun with the whole family while enjoying the surrounding scenery. When you’re not in the wild, a folding high chair for camping can be used for a variety of different purposes. That includes a backyard party or an afternoon in the park.

But just like other camping gear, a high chair for camping is now available in various shapes and models. This makes it difficult to choose just one. And that’s the exact reason why we’re here! To make your life a whole lot easier, we’ve picked some of the best alternatives for you to choose from. So, are you guys ready?


Best High Chair for Camping – When looking for portable travel or camping high chairs for babies the main thing you should look for is wide, sturdy legs that will keep the chair stable at all times.

If you don’t trust high chairs you can get a booster chair with a food tray instead or even chairs that hang right from the table.

Portable high chairs are great to have for travel or camping but some people use them at home as well. They fold down to a small size and can easily be stored in a closet.

There are also some great baby chairs that can be used from 3 months to even as old as 6 years.

As you begin to travel internationally with a baby, you will find that this is not always the case, even if a restaurant is family-friendly.

As parents traveling with a baby you already have enough to worry about, so bringing your own travel high chair for toddlers or babies is an excellent idea. Having your own baby travel high chair will enable you to give your baby their own seat while also being able to eat your own meal!

In this article, I’ll try to review every option available so you can find the perfect high chair or booster seat for your baby and/or toddler.