Best Home Office Chair for Heavy Person

Best Home Office Chair for Heavy Person – When it comes to office chairs, most people don’t know that the chairs are not one-size-fits-all. Specific measurements and features will determine whether or not a particular chair is the right one for you. If you are an overweight person, then your size will guide your office chair choices.

As an overweight, you don’t need just any chair, but one that supports your body posture—a wrong chair results in poor sitting etiquette leading to muscular and back pain. Thankfully,  office chairs for overweight persons are built for a larger frame and are uniquely comfortable and sturdy.

With roughly 86% of the American workforce spending most of their time sitting down, the importance of a comfortable chair is paramount. Spending hours sitting down may be unavoidable in your line of work, particularly if you work in an office environment. What is avoidable, however, is the subsequent pain and discomfort that can come from an unsuitable chair.

Finding an office chairs for heavy people is even more essential. Even the best ergonomic chair on the market may not be sturdy or strong enough to qualify as a good office chair for fat guys, which is why a little more research is required. Heavy people have a different set of requirements from a chair. To help you choose, we have narrowed down some of the best options, and explained what makes them great.


1.Duramont Ergonomic

Similar to the office chair above, this particular offering from Duramont is good, but not great. The cushioning used on the seat is just adequate for big and tall folks, and while the comfort is just okay for what you pay, I would personally would go for something that feels more ergonomic and solid, especially when it comes to the arm and head rests.

While the seat structure feels solid and well built, the armrests feel like they were bonded together with Elmer’s glue. Initially when you assemble this chair, the armrests feel solid, but as time goes on, they start wiggling around, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they broke eventually. The same thing can be said about the headrests.

I personally find the pricing to be a little bit too steep for what you get. Aside from the rollerblade style casters that makes it really easy to move around, this chair doesn’t really have any other redeeming qualities.

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2.Steelcase Leap Plus

Out of all of the office chairs that I have sat on in my life, the Steelcase Leap has been the very best. It is made in America with top quality materials that are built to last. Whil

If you are looking for an attractive, yet classy looking office chair that you can sit on for hours on end without you ever feeling uncomfortable, then this is the one for you!

Aside from this, another thing that I love about this office chair is how well built it is. As soon as you sit on it, you will notice how substantial it feels, as if it weighs much more than the advertised 58 pounds. This chair is #1 on the list for a reason: it has the best combination for style, weight capacity, comfort, and sturdiness. Highly recommended!

As I mentioned above, I have sat on countless office chairs of the big & tall variety, and while many of them feel relatively comfortable to sit initially, over time you just want to sit somewhere else. Either the cushioning is too hard or the chair’s ergonomics do not fit my body too well. However, this isn’t the case with this one.

The chair’s cushioning is just soft enough that you can sit on it pretty much all day without your butt feeling cramped, without it being too mushy either. The chair has been weight tested to up to 500 pounds, and I’m pretty sure this is a conservative number. This chair feels so rock solid that 600 pounders could easily sit on this chair without a problem.

Combine this with a very ergonomic backrest and you have the makings of a very cozy and snug office chair with a very elegant aesthetic. The chair’s minimalist but classy design would fit right in the office of a company CEO or physician. It definitely looks expensive, and guess what: it is! Actually, this is the only con that I have found on this chair, but if you are looking for something that will handle more than 500 pounds while feeling super comfortable to sit for several hours, then you can’t do much better than getting this chair!

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3.Herman Miller Aeron

Herman Miller is no stranger to best office chair lists, and this specific model is perfect for folks that are a little bit bulkier than usual. Herman Miller offers 3 sizes in their Aeron model, and this is their size C, specifically made for big & tall people. This is one of my favorite models because of the fact that it’s a little bit lighter and more maneuverable than other chairs on this list, perfect for people who need to be moving often inside an office on even a bigger bedroom.

This model only weighs 39 pounds, unlike the Steelcase Plus that weighs 20 pounds more. Herman Miller achieved this weight by focusing on using lighter materials throughout, with them using mostly mesh on the back rest & actual seat portion. In the process of doing so, they made sure not to skimp on the ergonomics of the chair. The result is a light but sturdy chair perfect for any gamer or office employee that needs to be moving often as I said above.

There’s algo a big pro of using mesh over other materials: it ventilates better than the traditional cushioning used on most office chairs. This makes this chair a better choice than what you might think for sitting for long periods of time. Foam cushioning might be quite comfortable but it heats up so much, especially on rooms with no air conditioning.

Aside from this, another big advantage of the Aeron and the main reason why this chair is so comfortable for big & tall folks is the PostureFit technology used in this model. Which means that you can adjust this structure to fit the curve of your spine. This is the great thing about the chairs on this list: they are built so that they can be accommodated to your specific body type, and not the other way around, and the PostureFit support is one of the reasons why Herman Miller is one of the leaders when it comes to big & tall chairs.

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How Do We Define Heavy?

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By a heavy person, I’m referring to a person who weighs more than 250lbs. Why?

You see, a standard office chair has a 200-250lbs weight capacity. That’s the average weight of an adult. Therefore, despite the height, an adult who weighs more than 250lbs Body Mass Index (BMI) exceeds 25-meaning they are overweight.

How to Measure Chair Seat Size for Your Body

The most crucial factor to consider when you are buying an office chair is its size. It should neither be too small nor too big.

Here is a guide on how to measure the perfect size for you:

Step 1

Sit upright at any chair at your home with your tailbone against the tailbone and your back flat. Then, slightly open your thighs in a v-shape position.

Step 2

Using a tape measure, measure the length between your tailbone (from the point it touches the backrest to the end of your inner thighs.) For a better depth, subtract 1-2 inches from the attained measurement values.

Step 3

Measure the lateral distance across your thighs using a tape measure. Add 2 inches to the values for an ideal width.

The derived width will support your body size and leave enough space on both ends.

If you love the crossed-leg seating position with both or one leg on the chair, add 2-3 inches to the final values.

Step 4

Now you have the ideal chair dimensions for your body size. So, while choosing an office chair, make sure that the seat dimensions fall close to those numbers.

A heavy-duty office chair should have a solid frame base, heavy-duty caster wheels, and a reinforced gas lift to withstand heavyweight.

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Therefore, make sure that the chair of your choice has 5-star reinforced based and sturdy casters (preferably inches wide).

Even so, you can swap the casters with a heavy-duty version of the chair you buy that doesn’t come with the best casters.

From the get-go, the weight capacity is the most crucial factor to consider. Nevertheless, different chairs come with different maximum weights.

Choose a chair that has a slightly higher weight capacity. The higher the maximum weight capacity, the slower the chair will wear out.

Also, read reviews and the Q&A section to establish the weight capacity written if not mentioned in the product description.

Heavy people compress the cushioning more, hence leading to discomfort and the chair wearing out faster. Therefore, you should go for a chair with firm and thicker padding.

Soft padding may feel comfortable at first but uncomfortable in a few minutes.

For a heavy-duty office chair, the more adjustments, the better. So, lookout for a chair that allows you to adjust the height, depth, and arms for customized comfort.

The two most common upholstery materials for office chairs are leather (genuine or bonded) and mesh. Nonetheless, they both come with pros and cons.

The mesh material is much more breathable, thus keeping you cool and comfortable during warm seasons. However, its backrest is not well-padded for ultimate comfort.

On the other hand, the leather upholstery comes with adequate padding, hence a very comfortable experience for the users. Even so, the material gets wet and sticky during warm weather.

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The distance between the arms is very important. Therefore, you should make sure that you fit between the arms before making any purchase. If you are buying the chair online, you should measure yourself using a tape measure.

What’s the Best Office Chair for People Who Are Heavy and Tall?

All the office chairs in this review are ideal for heavy and tall persons. However, my overall best office chair for heavy and tall people is Serta Big and Tall Smart Office Chair.

It comes with all you need for comfortable working hours.

What Should You Consider When Buying an Office Chair For Heavy People?

If you belong to the heavy and tall category, comfort should be your only concern. Nonetheless, you should also consider the safety, ergonomic features, and longevity of the chair.

There you have it! A review of the best office chair for heavy person. I hope it’s helpful and you’ve found the office chair for heavy people on the list.

While the choice depends on your preference, I recommend you look at the weight capacity first before purchasing.

I hope you found this post helpful. Choosing the right office chair can be difficult, especially because of all the options available.

If you’re looking for the best office chairs for heavy people, then you can’t go wrong with any on this list.

I did my best to include chairs of all different styles and price points, so you’ll surely find something that that’s the right fit for you. Keep in mind that choosing the right chair can be very subjective.

Since it’s a matter of personal preference, I would highly suggest trying them out first in a physical store if you have the option to find one that really fits your body type.

And finally, remember that choosing the perfect office chair is an investment, especially if you’re a heavier individual.

Since office chairs for heavier people are larger, they’ll typically cost a bit more. Also, if you’re a very heavy person, you’ll also need to keep in mind that your body weight will wear on the chair quicker.

Having a comfortable chair for an overweight person is essential for several reasons.

First, a comfortable chair will make it easier for overweight people to sit down.

Second, a comfortable chair will encourage them to use the seat more often than they would otherwise.

Lastly, a comfortable chair for overweight people is important because it will make them feel like they don’t have to do something about their weight problem and that ignoring the problem won’t hurt them.

As an overweight person, it is important to find a chair that fits your body. This will not only give you comfort but it will support your weight too. Here are some of the features that you should look at when selecting a chair for yourself:

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If the back is adjustable, have a choice between high and low slats The seat should be fully padded as well as the armrests If there is no lumbar support, choose a chair that can be adjusted. Your back should touch the backrest while at the same time your thighs should not press against the front legs of the chair.

Many people solve their back pain issues by investing in an ergonomic chair. Ergonomic chairs focus on the health of your lower spine while at the same time reducing fatigue issues that stem from long hours spent sitting.

It is important to know what type of chair would you be most comfortable in and then choose one that best fits your needs.

If your back problems stem from being overweight, you should make sure the chair supports your weight properly. You can also try a lumbar support which will help alleviate pressure from the spine and give relief from pain.


Best Home Office Chair for Heavy Person –  Have you noticed that most office chairs have a weight capacity of 200-250lbs? As a result, for the heavy people finding a good office chair needs a little more effort.

While office chairs for heavy people are not as many, they all don’t tick all the boxes for the best chair for a heavy person. Well, I got my hands dirty to separate the wheat and chaff.

If we were to define comfortable office chairs with one word, the word would be “invaluable”. In fact, this is especially true if you have a few extra pounds under your belt. No matter if you need to work on your income taxes, give the finishing touches to that corporate report, or even evaluate your student’s coursework, something is clear: a comfy, ergonomic office chair specifically made for heavy folks is paramount in order to do those tasks efficiently!

That’s why I decided to write this article. I decided to find the very best office chairs for heavier folks like me. I also talk about why they are the best ones, with detailed information about pricing, ergonomics, weight capability, and style, among other things. If you are looking to spend your hard earned money on an office chair that will feel comfortable to sit for hours on end, then this is the article for you!