Best Home Office Chair Under 100

Best Home Office Chair Under 100 – The year 2020 was a big one for home office chairs (no explanation needed). Although a swivelly seat is now a household staple two years later, finding one that checks boxes for both aesthetics and back support without obliterating your budget is tough. But where there’s an internet connection, there’s a way — to find the best cheap office chairs that are comfy, stylish, and clock in under $100. (When it comes to a piece of furniture as involved as your average rolling chair, going much lower than that could leave you sitting on a milk crate for your morning Zoom meeting.)

So, whether you’re replacing the swivel chair you stress-bought on a whim these past two years or you’ve finally realized that working from under the covers just isn’t cutting it anymore, the affordable office chairs featured ahead can help — and we made sure to isolate only the winning-est of models that boasted high marks from the customers who liked them enough to part with a hard-earned c-note.


1.Amazon Basics

The AmazonBasics Classic Leather Office Chair is a great product at a great price, with a beautiful leather design that is available in three colors, built-in lumbar support, a fully adjustable base, for easy height adjustment, and a padded seat and back, making for a comfortable sit. The dual-wheel casters are quiet and the chair was extremely easy to assemble, with all necessary tools coming packed in the box.

Though the chair allows you to lock certain sitting angles in place, we found that it tilted a little bit even while locked. Additionally, there is no headrest, which could be a problem for those of you who are taller than average. You may also want to read about the best office chairs and compare them to this model.

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2.KOLLIEE Mid Back

This office chair by KOLLIEE offers a 360-degree rotation, as well as hooded caster wheels that allow the user to roll and pivot without difficulty. The foam cushion installed on the seat shows high resilience, offering comfort during work hours and maintaining its original shape for a long time. Same goes for the back of the chair, made of breathable mesh, were resistant and hard to deform. Also, the black mesh covers both the back of the product and the padded seat.

As for customizing your position, this chair allows you to adjust its height of about 4 inches by using the lever located to the right of the cushion. Here, we can once again find the same rocking mechanism we’ve previously described, making it possible to tilt back about 30 degrees even if the angle can’t be locked.

Overall, the chair is built to be long-lasting, and it can support up to 250lbs. Finally, when you want to slide it under the desk, you can simply flip up the armrests.

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The second item on our list is a multifunctional office chair by QOROOS. Its human-oriented ergonomic construction is designed to support a person’s back, the mesh is breathable and durable, and the foam cushion helps reduce pressure and offers additional comfort, effectively reducing pain and discomfort when sitting for multiple hours a day.

The chair comes with a convenient 360-degree swivel and by lifting a lever connected to a gas cylinder, the user will be able to adjust the height within a range of 4 inches.

A rocking mechanism also allows the chair’s back to tilt about 30 degrees when sitting back, however, there’s no locking mechanism to lock the angle, meaning the back will spring to its original position as soon as you sit up.  This rocking mechanism can be activated by tilting a tension knob found underneath the cushion.

Last but not least, you can fold up the armrests to easily slide the chair underneath the desk whenever you’re not using it.

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Things to Consider Before Buying an Office Chair

With the wide range of options available on the market, knowing what to look for in an office chair becomes essential if you want to make a good choice. Here is what you should consider before buying an office chair:

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How much weight can it hold?

Most chairs on our list support up to 250lbs. This means the chair won’t break easily even if you don’t need it to support a lot of weight.

Is it easy to assemble?

If the chair is easy to assemble and if the manufacturer includes all the tools you’ll need in the package, then you won’t have to struggle to get the chair ready.

What materials is the back of the chair made of?

When you need to sit down for long periods of time, having a chair that lets your skin breathe is a key feature to consider. Most of the chairs we’ve described have a back made of mesh, a breathable material that is also easy to clean.

Is the chair ergonomic?

You’re probably going to spend many hours sitting down on an office chair, therefore, making sure it has an ergonomic design becomes essential to make a good choice. With an ergonomic chair your chances of avoiding neck, back and leg pain is greatly increased.

Is there a rocking mechanism?

When you want to lean back for a moment, the rocking mechanism of an office chair allows you to tilt back and relax. Many of the products we’ve described on the list include this feature, however, for the price they come for, they don’t allow the user to lock the angle of this mechanism.

Can you adjust the height?

One of the most important features to consider is whether the chair’s height can be adjusted to fit your needs. If the answer is affirmative, then that chair might be the one you’re looking for.

What is the chair’s cushion made of?

The cushion of the chair is another crucial factor to consider since you’ll be spending quite some time sitting on it. Before settling on a chair, make sure to check if the cushion is made of a resistant material that won’t lose its original shape with time. For example, a good option could be cushions made of foam.

Can the armrests be flipped up?

Having flip-up armrests isn’t the most important feature an office chair should have, but we can’t deny it might come in handy if the space you’re working in is limited and you want to slide the chair under the desk.

The Benefits of a Chair Under $100

Although the range of available choices for an office chair is quite extensive, varying from cheap options to more expensive solutions, here are the benefits of buying a chair for less than $100:

The best office chairs of 2022

  • The price for value of these chairs is good
  • There are hundreds of models to choose from
  • Most chairs are sturdy and durable
  • There are chairs under $100 that can support up to 300lbs
  • You’ll be able to adjust the height even if the chairs aren’t expensive
  • Most chairs include a mesh back that will let your skin breathe during work hours
  • The ergonomic design and lumbar support will help you avoid back pain
  • The cushions aren’t likely to lose their shape
  • A rocking mechanism is available on most models for when you want to relax
  • The products require very little time to assembly
  • In most cases, the producers provide the tools needed to assemble the chairs

Should I Buy an Office Chair Under $100?

Finding a comfortable position while you work and maintaining it throughout your shift is crucial if you wish to avoid back, neck, and lumbar pain. One of the many ways to do that is to purchase an ergonomic office chair that’ll help you keep a correct posture. However, whereas some chair models are quite expensive and require you to spend over $200, there are also other good-quality chairs that are not as expensive.

Most of the chairs we’ve described come for under $100 but still allow the user to adjust their height, tilt back to relax, flip up the armrests, and they also feature a mesh back and an ergonomic design. Remember that some of the most important things to consider before buying an office chair include the materials, the adjustable features and its functions.

Therefore, if you wish to buy a good office chair for a cheap price, these kinds of chair are what you should be looking at.

However, you should also be aware that, as sturdy as they can be, these products won’t probably last a decade and the cushions will eventually lose their original shape.

Still, all things considered, office chairs under $100 offer a great price for value ratio and we hope our guide will help you find the perfect office chair for you.

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How We Review: Our Office Chair Ratings Methodology

At Overheard on Conference Calls, we take pride in how we review office chairs. Our team of office chair experts spend hours researching and reviewing dozens of products before they even start writing their review or article. Our goal is to bring you honest and unbiased information to help you make an informed choice that will be the best for you. Our recommendations are not for sale and they are not influenced by any of the manufacturers we review.

When reviewing an office chair, there are numerous factors we analyze to determine our recommendations. Here are our four most important:

  • Comfort: Comfort is key to a good office chair. It’s likely you’ll be sitting in it for hours so you’ll want something that won’t cause you aches and pains after hours of use. We gauge comfort by testing for 4+ hours as well as looking at the thickness of the seat cushion and its material.
  • Durability: Not all office chairs are built the same. Our durability factor looks at the quality of the materials and how sturdy the chair is after assembly. Because we have a limited tested period, we also conduct customer research of longtime users.
  • Lumbar Support: While this is an ergonomic feature, we made this its own separate rating factor because of how important it is to your overall posture, health, and comfort. We analyze each chair for its lumbar support or lack thereof.
  • Ergonomic Features: In addition to lumbar support, we also look at other ergonomic features such as the armrests, height adjustment, reclining, seat ergonomics, and more. The better it is for your ergonomics and the more features/adjustability, the better.

Why isn’t price included on that list? Fair question! We do consider price in the order of our recommendations but because everyone has their own budget in mind, we won’t rule a chair in or out just because it has premium or budget price.

Our team has researched and reviewed hundreds of chairs and we’re confident in our recommendations. We strive to only recommend the best products and we periodically refresh our reviews and rankings.

Here’s what I learned about cheap chairs: Compromises are to be expected. Although I was impressed with the build quality of most of my test subjects, there were only a few I’d be willing to sit on all day every day. On one chair, the wraparound arms made things uncomfortable for my legs. Another wouldn’t move smoothly on a hard surface; it dragged instead of rolling. A third simply wasn’t designed for a person of my height (6 feet).

That said, any chair gets uncomfortable after too much sitting, which is why it’s important to stand, stretch and move around on a regular basis.

Something else to note: Branding can be sort of “fluid” with these cheapies. Occasionally what I received didn’t seem to match what I ordered. For example, I purchased a Smilemart mesh-back from Walmart; what arrived was marked Yaheetech. It appeared to be the correct chair, just with a different name on the box. (Another chair’s box bore no name at all.)

As for pricing, everything here is accurate at the time of this writing — but fluctuations are common. At one point, for example, the BestOffice chair was priced at $40, but it jumped to $51 shortly after the sample arrived. As of today, it’s at $42.

How We Decided

To help narrow down to the above list, we tested out dozens of chairs, looking for models that were extremely comfortable and offered back support, good lumbar, and, in some cases, neck support. We focused on products that remained comfortable even after using it for several hours, causing no back pain to speak of. To that end, we favored chairs that boasted a wide variety of adjustability options, allowing use by a wide variety of body types.

We also took a look at aesthetics, choosing models that would look great in the home office or at your primary workspace. We chose chairs made from ultra-durable materials that stayed cool even in use, thanks to fine mesh backrests and other comfort-forward features. Additionally, we leaned toward products with a high maximum weight capacity, as much as 450 pounds.

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Finally, we picked products that were easy to assemble, with everything you need coming right out of the box and no need for external tools or screws, with assembly taking between 15 and 30 minutes. We also wanted to make sure these chairs were backed with warranties in the one to five-year range.

We started off by evaluating the upholstery made of long-lasting, cozy, and breathable material that would also be easy to clean. Next, we looked at the capacity of the chair to determine the weight limit that can accommodate everyone, including heavy individuals. We also analyzed the overall dimensions as well as the size of the backrest and seat to identify the best office chair under 100 dollars that ideally fits your body and has a small footprint.


Best Home Office Chair Under 100 – A sleek, adjustable, ergonomically designed office chair sounds great — until you start doing research and realize they cost about the same as a gently used car. As a matter of fact, you actually can find a pretty decent chair for your desk for under $100 as long as you know what to look for.

If you work in an office and you spend most of your day sitting down and typing away on your computer, then having the right office chair is of crucial importance for your comfort and your health. But, if you don’t have a big budget to spend on an expensive chair, you could spend hours searching for one that will fit all your needs while not breaking the bank.

Because of this, I’ve created a list of the 8 best office chairs under $100. I based my choices on factors such as brand trust, price for value, main features and characteristics of each product and I hope this will be a useful guideline for those of you who are looking for the perfect and affordable office chair under $100.

What makes them good options? Well, we’ve inspected them, tested them, and made sure they’re quality chairs. Additionally, people who have spent time sitting in them have good things to say. Let’s take a closer look at each of these office chairs to see why they’re the best office desk chairs under $100.