Best Massage Chair for Tall Person

Best Massage Chair for Tall Person – When purchasing a massage chair for Tall Person, it’s especially important to make sure the frame will not only fit in your home space, but also fit your body type. Anyone taller than six feet should check that the length of a massage chair in its reclined position will accommodate their height before taking the product home! And with so much of today’s massage chair shopping happening online, it’s not unheard of to receive a product that doesn’t meet expectations.

Most products listed on ecommerce sites will include specifications in their descriptions, but not everyone checks those specs before buying. If you’re in the market for a massage chair but don’t plan on visiting a showroom in person, it’s important to note product specs, or call the retailer for more information.

Fortunately, most massage chairs sold online today display their specifications clearly on the product page, so you can measure before you buy. The last thing a taller person wants is to find that their feet hang off the massage chair’s footrest, or that the headrest isn’t tall enough to support their neck. Armed with a checklist of features to look for, you can rest easy knowing your new massage chair will fit comfortably into your life.

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1.Infinity IT-8500 X3

So the first one on my list is this amazing massage chair by Infinity. I’m confident you’re already well aware of the brand name.

This massage chair model is popularly known for its pain management properties and stretching features. It’s a 3D massage chair that can comfortably accommodate people up to 6’5, which makes it a reasonable option to consider.

It has a body scanning feature so you can customize the massage as per your needs. It brings along a remote control system, which makes it easier for you to operate it.

The only downside of this massage chair is that you won’t get to control massage intensity with it. Though it isn’t a problem for many, it can be an issue for older adults or pregnant women.

For elderly people, a chair massage session too intense may become the root cause of muscle injuries. Thereby, it is something that you must take care of before actually going ahead and purchasing it.

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2.Human Touch Novo

Here comes the master of them all; this massage chair model by Human Touch can accommodate people up to 6’9 in height. It is primarily the reason why people are in awe of this massage chair.

Oh, and it comes with a three-dimensional massage technology, L-track design, heating airbags, and more. Needless to say, it can provide you with an extensive body massage while unwinding you mentally and physically.

It also accompanies foot and calf massage technology, which is very useful in the case of sore feet and legs, especially for people with over-exerting jobs.

Besides that, it has all the luxuries you ever wanted. From Bluetooth to mobile app functionality, this massage chair is an epitome of extravagance. Standing out in a crowd, maybe it’s a skill Human Touch possesses.

My mother has been using this massage chair model for more than half a decade now, and she’s still delighted about the fact that she made an excellent choice. The only con she ever talks about is its weak memory function. Rest assured, it’s the best you can get.

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3.KAHUNA Chair

How can you forget about this massage chair model when talking about taller people? It’s another incredible massage chair that has a height capacity of up to 6’5, making it a secure option.

It’s a recliner with a space-saving design, the reason why I love it so much. It comes with nine automatic massage programs along with 4-5 different intensity levels. It offers a combination of numerous massage techniques in order to provide you with the experience of a lifetime.

It’s famously trusted by people around the globe for the management of sore muscles. It brings along four massage programs for muscle relaxation. Yes, you got that. Whether you’re a workaholic or stay-at-home parent, this massage chair has got you covered.

Oh, and did I tell you it’s a therapeutic massage chair? Yes, it’s approved by FDA for its fantastic therapeutic properties. It is precisely the reason why this massage chair model is recommended to many people around the world by their physicians. In fact, I would say it’s the best option for expecting ladies.

The only issue with this massage chair is its unstable massage intensity. A few people have complained about its massage intensity calling it weak as the strongest one doesn’t feel strong enough.

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Things to Consider

How to Choose Best Full Body Massage Chair? - Buying Guide
There is a variety of things to consider when selecting the best massage chair for your needs. Consider this buying guide for tips and tricks on how to make the best choice. We will go through everything we used to weigh the various pros and cons of the best massage chairs for tall people.

Advantages of massage chairs designed for tall people

Getting a massage chair for a tall person is going to allow tall people to get the right kind of massage. Massage chairs target muscle groups, and if you are not the right size for the chair, the massage feature of the chair is going to hit you in the wrong spot on your body. You also run the risk of having your neck, head, shoulders, or feet all hang off the edge of the massage chair, which would be uncomfortable and not safe for your body.

Features to consider before you buy a massage chair for a tall person

We considered a variety of topics when we reviewed the best massage chairs for tall people. We looked at upholstery to make sure the chair was comfortable and durable. Weight and height capacity was considered to make sure the massage chairs are good for a variety of differently sized people. The dimensions of the chairs were also considered, so you would know if you can fit the chair in a tight space. The most important part of any massage chair is the massage itself, so we also compared the different types of rollers and massages offered by the different chairs.


Chairs can be made out of leather or synthetic leather. If you are going to be in the massage chair in limited clothing like a tank top and shorts, you might want to consider the KTN Massage Chair, which has a skin-friendly leather, so your skin will not stick to the chair when you get up off the chair after the massage.

A leather massage chair is going to be more durable than a synthetic leather chair and probably the most comfortable option.


The weight of the chair is important if you are going to need to lift and install the chair upstairs in your home. Carrying and lifting the chair will be the hardest part of installing your massage chair. So, if you are concerned about the weight of a chair, you should consider an option like the SGorri Massage Chair, which weighs only 158 pounds and should not be too difficult to lift and carry.


Dimensions are important because of where you will be using your chair. Do you have a tight space? If you want a chair that hugs the wall and does not require much room to recline, consider an option like the Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair. This chair is designed to be a space saver, so you can use it in a small room.

All of the massage chairs are designed to recline, and it is just that some hug the wall a little tighter.

Weight capacity

We did consider weight capacity when reviewing chairs. If you are a taller person, you naturally might be a bit heavier, so we want to make sure the massage chair can accommodate a variety of weights. If weight is a concern, consider the KTN Zero Gravity Massage Chair, as it can accommodate up to 330 pounds. Any chair designed for tall people is going to work with increased weight, but some of the massage chairs are sturdier than others. Make sure you get the right chair to support your size.

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Height Capacity

This is why you are here. How tall of a person can the massage chair accommodate? We did review a variety of chairs that can be used for tall people, but if you are really tall, consider buying the Ideal Massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair, as it can comfortably fit a tall person up to 6.5 feet. This chair also comes loaded with just about every feature you could want in a massage chair. Some chairs just have a footstool that extends out, which might be a viable option if you are around 6 feet tall and do not need a lot of extra legroom.

Most of the chairs specifically state their maximum height, so you can easily determine the right size to meet your needs.

Not all massage chairs offer the same types of massages, so you should consider that as well. Some offer foot massage, some offer airbag massages, and some offer a variety of different types of massage. For a chair that offers the most options, consider the KTN Zero Gravity Massage Chair. With 34 different rollers, your full body will be massaged in this chair. There also different types of massages, like Shiatsu, kneading, rolling, etc. Decide on the type of massage you want from your chair, and use that to help you make your selection.

What types of massage do massage chairs provide?

Any massage chair is going to massage at minimum your neck and shoulders. Some higher-end chairs also have airbags to assist with massaging your hips, feet, calves, and even hands and arms. Some have heated elements, which help to loosen up sore muscles before they massage them, making the massage more effective and long-lasting. You will find that a massage chair gives you enough of a massage to relax you after a long day and possibly even encourage you to take a nap.

What's the Best Massage Chair for a Tall Person?

Do massage chairs need any installation and special maintenance?

Some massage chairs come already put together, but others will require you to assemble them. If assembly is a concern, you can factor that into your shopping and buy one that is pre-assembled. Probably the hardest part of installing your massage chair will just be lifting it and carrying it into your house where it goes, as they can be quite heavy. Even if it arrives assembled, it will likely be delivered to your front door, and you will need to plan to carry it to its final destination. After it is assembled and you are using it, there is not much long-term special maintenance required for your massage chair. You will want to make sure you read the user’s manual and have a good understanding of safety features, especially if your chair has a heated element, and you want to make sure that it does not burn out.

Why height matters when one chooses a massage chair?

Most massage chairs are designed for people under 6 feet tall, so if you are taller than that, you should plan to buy a special chair. Your massage will not be as effective if you do not have the right chair. The chairs are designed to massage different muscle groups, and if you are taller than average, the chair is not going to land on the right muscle groups when it massages. This could be more than just uncomfortable, as it could also cause bruising or injury. Your feet could also end up hanging off the end of the chair, which would be uncomfortable, and your feet would not get a massage.

Best Massage Chair For The Money Reviews (2019 Update & Guide)

Most additions aren’t very practical when you think about the functions of the chair. It also drives up the price to exorbitant amounts. Luckily the Luraco i7 Plus is no such unit. All of its technological advancements were made to improve the therapeutic massage the chair can give you.

That’s why this is the best chair for me. It’s’s practical, fits tall people like me comfortably, has a host of good massage techniques on top of its superior technology, and boasts a reasonable number of important features.

consider what the chair’s build is meant to withstand. Typically, a chair that can withstand up to 300 lbs will be sturdier than those who are not.

You also need to make sure you fit into your chair. Your feet should not dangle from the leg rests, and your head should sit comfortably on the head support or pillow of your massage recliner.

There are a bunch of awesome features that come with the Kahuna Chair, but the one I love the most is the zero gravity feature. If you’re unsure what this means, well it’s basically reclined back into the same position astronauts go into before being shot into space.

I specifically bought a camping zero gravity chair just for this purpose and let me tell you, it’s so relaxing and pain free without having the massage function. This is because your body is put into a weightless state and the pressure is relieved in all the areas that normally hurt: neck, lower back, knees etc. It’s like laying on a cloud basically.


Best Massage Chair for Tall Person – We have reviewed five products. Our review will include an Editor’s Choice, the Ideal Massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair. This Shiatsu chair includes a heater and allows you to position the client in a zero-gravity position, which will allow you to give the best massage. This is the clear-cut best option for a massage chair for a tall person because it is designed to scan each person’s height and customize the massage accordingly. Take a look at our Editor’s Choice as well as the other products listed on our chart below for a good look at the best massage for tall people on the market.

We considered many different features when we did our reviews, such as upholstery, dimensions, weight, height capacity, and weight capacity. These are all important to consider as they have to do with how comfortable the person will be on the chair, and also how tall the person can be that uses the massage chair. In the article below, you will see a table listing our top five choices, a review of each product, and a buying guide that will help you make the best choice for your needs. After reading our buying guide, you should be able to move ahead confidently and purchase the best massage chair for a tall person.

The struggle is real for anyone over 6 feet trying to find comfortable furniture, much fewer massage chairs. Options in the market are usually few and far between, not to mention, expensive and impractical.

Most massage chairs either fail to accommodate my head or leave my feet dangling when they should be tucked into the leg rest for a relaxing foot massage.

I get it. I’ve been 6 feet 5 inches for as long as I can remember. Too many times have I experienced frustration at not being able to fit into a massage chair I ordered online.