Best Massage Chair Under 500

Best Massage Chair Under 500 – A massage chair has taken the stress of booking a spa appointment to enjoy a total body massage in the comfort of your home or office after a long and stressful day in the office or your place of work. They are the best options for people that want to relieve simple ache, pain, muscle tension, or back pains without depending solely on painkiller medication.

From the article above, we can see that massage chairs differ in size, performance, function, and modes of massage. When looking for a massage chair, please keep the listed guide in mind to avoid wasting money on a bad one that will not serve any purpose.


Unquestionably, the Osaki  wins this category, given the surprising quality of its massage (even more surprising given the use of somewhat dated massage technology) and the fact that it’s an amazingly versatile piece of furniture that can do things most of the other chairs on our list of finalists simply can’t match.

1.Magic Union Power Lift Chair

Pros & Cons

Designed for maximum comfort, this recliner is made for a good catnap. The Magic Union power lift massage recliner heated vibrating chair is both heated and vibrating, meaning you can get a massage and rest your achy muscles after a long day. The leather material is sought after, and this chair takes no shortcuts when it comes to comfort.

A chair with this unique swivel feature is a great way to be mobile while sitting, as it allows you to swivel and see different parts of the room. Read on for more in this Magic Union power lift massage recliner heated vibrating chair review to gain an understanding of how this recliner is a great chair for relaxation. When you learn more about all the capabilities and massage methods of this recliner, you will find that this is the chair for you.

2.Comfier Shiatsu

Pros & Cons

The shiatsu balls that run up and down your back are positioned exactly where you need the massage, on either side of your spine, turning and rolling up and down and massaging your whole back in a way that is so relaxing. The massage balls can be changed to just roll up and down without turning around, which copies the motion of a massuese rolling their hands or fists up and down your back.

It’s also easy to adjust its width to accommodate the right fit for your body. The spot massage function is highly-beneficial to users who want to pinpoint a single area that they want to improve. For instance, you can have a full back massage or have it targeted at your upper back or lower back for better concentration.

3.OSAKI OS-7200H

Pros & Cons

Before you begin a massage on the Osaki OS 7200H massage chair, the auto computer scan function initiates. Using the massage roller heads and pressure sensors in the back of the chair, the Osaki 7200 maps the unique curvature of your back before auto-adjusting its rollers to provide you with a custom-fit massage.

Whereas many massage chairs provide varying pressure across the back, the Osaki OS 7200H keeps consistent pressure by identifying exactly how tall you are and where your back curves along the backrest.

4.Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Pros & Cons

The Zero Gravity design allows you to fully recline and experience the waist-heating massage therapy, which one reviewer says is well worth the price. “There’s so many massage options, it has compression air pockets,” they say. “Nothing else on the market comes close.”

There are eight fixed rollers with forward and reverse motions, along with airbags that rhythmically inflate and deflate over shoulders, arms, butt, legs, and feet to help ease muscle fatigue. A nurse who works 12-hour shifts and says her feet tend to hurt after work reports that, “coming home to get a massage especially the feet and calf function really makes the long day worth it!

5.OWAYS Massage Chair

Pros & Cons

According to the warranty certificate, OWAYS has a 30-day money back guarantee. This includes replacement or repair of its detachable parts, specifically the pillow and the handrails.

There is also an extended 10 year warranty wherein they can repair or replace parts but the charges depend on the extent of the damage. The details are in the warranty card

Best Massage Chair Under 500 – BUYER’S GUIDE

Massage modes and functions
Yes, even in this price range you’ll find massage chairs that offer you a variety of features. Which ones are really important? Our experts suggest you start off by looking for one that massages the areas you want to target. Some S-shape massage chairs focus only on the back, while L-shape units also target the buttocks, lower back and hamstrings. If you experience pain in these areas, it’s essential your new chair caters for your need.

A chair may even massage your arms, which can be worth investing in for older people who need treatment all over.

Next, look for chairs that will give you the type of massage you’ll enjoy. There are many options such as kneading, percussion, compression and stretching. With a tapping feature you’ll affect your blood circulation and a vibrating mode increases overall relaxation. What’s your priority? Shop accordingly.

A welcome bonus is if you can adjust the intensity of these treatments. This allows you to customize your experience and if your skin or muscles are sensitive you can tone it down to prevent injury.

When you look at the Mecor Electric model above you’ll see it’s possible to get a lot of these features in one unit.

Seat dimensions and weight capacity
You need to make sure the people who will use it will find it comfortable to sit in based on their size and height. These chairs are designed with certain individuals in mind. If all members of your family are tall, you need to invest in one of the larger units such as the Homegear chair above that can handle far more than 400lb if needed.

Overall dimensions and weight
When you read the dimensions above you also need to determine if it will fit in the available space in your house. You don’t want your new piece of furniture to ruin the aesthetics, be in the way or let your room seem cluttered.

Also look at the weight and gauge whether you can handle moving it around. Don’t hurt your back pushing it from room to room. If it’s too heavy, make sure you assemble it where you’ll end up using it.

Important note: when you consider the dimensions, look at the measurements of the chair in its usual setting but also when it’s fully reclined. Make sure it fits so you don’t buy something you can’t use.An important part of relaxation is the atmosphere around you. If a large chair results in the room feeling cluttered, you may not enjoy your massage session as much as you think.
Heating functionality
Above we spoke about modes, but the heating functionality should be discussed on its own. You may not find it on all units, as it’s quite specialized. Is it worth investing in? It is if you’re in the process of recovery. Heat can improve blood flow and help muscles recover faster & even help block pain signals from reaching the brain.

Of course, the heat must be present in the right places, so read up about the details. It’s unlikely a chair will have heated areas across its entire surface. If it’s limited to specific parts of the back of the chair, does it correspond to where you need this treatment to work? An excellent example is the Waterjoy model that heats up in the lumbar area so you can find some relief if you suffer from lower back pain.

Materials, padding, and build
Above we’ve mentioned comfort many times. And what will determine most of your comfort? The surface you’re sitting on. The types of padding & upholstery the brand use on the inside as well as the outside fabric will determine your massage experience. There must be enough padding to prevent the rollers and other massage features from hurting you.

The overall build also adds to the comfort you’ll experience and it ensures the structure is durable. It will carry your weight for months and hopefully years to come so make sure you invest in a smart build design. This requires sturdy wood and metal frameworks.

If your massage chair will end up in your living room it may serve as a general piece of furniture too. Daily use requires quality fabric and a comfortable seat, so research well before you buy.

Reclining features
Our experts feel that a reclining feature is almost non-negotiable. You’ll need this to find a comfortable position for your massage. But don’t stop there. Make sure what the maximum reclining angle is, as more is usually better.

An added bonus is if you find a Zero gravity recliner. This enables a specific position which distributes weight across your body so there is the least amount of tension on your joints and muscles. This in itself will help relieve some pain.

Lastly, make sure you know exactly how you get to the reclining positions. Ideally, it should be a powered feature, although some will only offer manual reclining.In a lower price range, you may have to settle for the latter and as long as the chair functions smoothly it shouldn’t add too much effort to your massage session.
Every aspect of the chair determines user friendliness and whether it’s easy to use. Research if your new chair has a remote—if it does it makes for easy management without the need to sit up to adjust settings.

Whether it’s on the remote or on the chair itself, also make sure the controls are user friendly and easy to understand so you don’t experience frustration getting used to your new device.

These chairs may undergo daily use and you want a unit that will last you a long time. Therefore durability—in the design, mechanics and fabric—is essential. You can look at the warranty to gauge the chair’s level of durability. Some brands may not specify, but if you find something like the OWAYS model with its 10-year warranty you know you’ve found quality. Just make sure what the warranty applies to so you know when you’re allowed to use it to claim for repairs or replacements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use if I have back problems?
Many massage chairs can assist in treating back problems, especially if they have heating features. This heat can improve blood flow and counter inflammation. It is important though to discuss usage of a chair with your physician. Make sure the position you pick won’t put unnecessary pressure on your joints or muscles.

How long does it take to assemble?
Each massage chair is different in how it will be assembled. Many chairs may arrive in different boxes, so make sure you have all the components before you start assembly. Clear guidelines will help you get the job done quick. The task can take as little as a few minutes if you pick a user friendly model.

What is bonded leather?
Bonded leather is a popular fabric type to cover massage chairs but note that it’s not 100% leather. It’s still durable but it’s a blend of other fabrics and leather. Your chair will contain animal hide but also other types of materials.


As you can see, chairs at this price range are defined primarily by their limited feature set. Many of them not even having some of the fundamental ingredients of a “true” massage chair (such as an S- or Hybrid L/S-Track and moving rollers).

Depending on your needs, any of these chairs can actually serve you well. However, having evaluated all of them, we’ve determined a clear winner in the “Best Massage Chair Under $500” category.