Best Nursery Chair for Breastfeeding

Best Nursery Chair for Breastfeeding – If you spend most of the time trying to calm or feed a fussy baby, then try doing so on a comfortable nursing chair. While comfortability is something obvious on top of your mind, you’ll be amazed at how practical these nursing chairs, gliders, or rockers can be when it comes to feeding or soothing your baby.

Whether you breastfeed or bottle-feed your baby, maintaining a good feeding position is crucial. A good nursing chair ensures maximum comfort for both you and your baby. These nursing chairs come at different prices, from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. However, the process of choosing the best nursing chair is not easy and can be intimidating. Fortunately, we’ve put together a list that includes the best nursing chairs and rocking chairs for the nursery on the market.

Getting a baby to sleep might be one of life’s hardest tasks, but thankfully finding a comfortable chair for the nursery has never been easier. When Naomi Coe started her nursery-focused design firm in 2007, there were only a few good baby-centric brands and very limited styles. In the years since, she has designed 200 rooms for little ones, wrote Your Perfect Nursery, and witnessed the rise of high-quality, well-designed pieces firsthand.

Today the problem with nursery furniture swings in the other direction from when Coe started: There are seemingly endless options, which can leave parents-to-be struggling with decision paralysis. And the nursery classic, a rocking chair, has faced stiff competition from gliders. “Gliders seem to be much more popular with my clients,” says Coe. “They have a greater range of motion than a rocking chair,” and some people find them to be more comfortable. They also require a bit less effort to keep moving than a rocker.


1.Storkcraft Tuscany

This stylish glider is super comfortable, making it suitable for sitting for long periods of time. The seat is nice and wide, so adjusting your position is easy.

Both the arm cushions and the base cushions are generously padded.  They’re also covered with a durable fabric that’s easy to wipe and spot-clean.

We particularly love the way this glider looks. It has a stylish, classic shape, and there’s a great selection of patterns and colors to match any taste and color scheme.

Another great bonus is the handy storage pockets built into the armrests. They’re roomy enough to hold all your baby items, along with your own essentials.

The icing on the cake has to be the price; this is one of the most affordable nursing chairs on our list.

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2.Delta Children

The Delta Children Emerson lets you enjoy the benefits of rocking, gliding, and swivelling all in one chair. The ball bearing mechanism is one of the quietest on the market, so your little one can snooze peacefully.

We particularly love the look of this one. The Chesterfield style armchair brings a classy element to any room. It also comes in two colors; dove grey and beige, so you can match it to your own decor.

The seat cushion is removable, so it’s easier to keep clean and free of dust and debris.

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3.HOMCOM Wingback

This nursing chair will be popular with the whole family. The elevating leg rest lets you put your feet up. There’s also a reclining seat back making it the perfect choice for napping, reading, and relaxing after a long day.

Your little one will love it too; the quiet rocking motion helps to lull your baby into a peaceful sleep. Just be prepared to drift off too…this chair has some of the comfiest paddings on our list!

As well as being comfy and practical, the HOMCOM is a super stylish option too. The clean lines and studded upholstery make it the perfect addition to any room.

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4.DaVinci Olive

The DaVinci Olive Swivel Glider is another super comfortable option that works great for feeding time and snuggles with your little one. It’s also a particularly great option for parents with back issues. There’s an additional lumbar pillow included with this chair that helps to keep your upright and supported.

This chair is the only one on our list that boasts a Greenguard Gold certification. This guarantees no nasty toxins or chemicals and actually helps to purify the air in the room.

The DaVinci Olive is one of the smaller options on our list. While many parents prefer a larger nursing chair, this is a great choice if you are limited on space.

It also comes fully assembled, so there will be no headache trying to put it together.

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5.Baby Relax Kelcie

The Baby Relax Kelcie is another super supportive option for anyone with back issues. The sturdy yet comfortably padded back and wide arms make sitting with your little one for extended periods a breeze.

The gliding motion is smooth and silent, helping to lull even the fussiest babies off to dreamland.

It’s also easy to assemble and even more importantly, easy to clean. The seat cover slips on and off and is 100% machine washable.

The Baby Relax Kelcie Set is a practical choice for busy parents. The removable seat cover makes it easy to wash and will keep it looking in tip-top shape for years to come. It’s also easy to assemble and great for anyone who needs a little extra back support.

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6.Dutailier Adele 0395

The Dutailier Sleigh glider is a great option for those who love to put their feet up. The matching ottoman glides along with the rest of the chair, and the foot padding offers extra comfort and support. The gliding action is also super smooth and offers a longer motion glides than many others on our list.

We love how versatile this nursing chair is. The 45-degree reclining backrest works stationary or in gliding mode. There’s also a multi-lock mechanism that keeps the chair securely in place in whichever position you choose.

The seat itself is wider than average, and the cushioning is sag resistant and extra supportive.

Another bonus to the Dutailier is its ease of assembly. It comes almost fully built; just screw in four screws, add the cushions, and you’re ready to go.

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Nursing Chair – Buyer’s Guide

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In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about nursing chairs. We’ll discuss their benefits, features, and the different types available.

What to Expect in This Buyer’s Guide:

  • What Is a Nursing Chair?
  • Benefits of Using a Nursing Chair
  • Different Kinds of Nursing Chairs
  • What Features to Look Out For in a Nursing Chair

< id="h-what-is-a-nursing-chair">What Is a Nursing Chair?

Nursing chairs have been a popular purchase for parents since the Victorian age. They were originally designed for breastfeeding mothers, but today they’re loved by moms, dads, and caregivers alike.

The sole purpose of a nursing chair is to provide a comfortable place for you and your baby. Also known as baby rocking chairs and glider chairs,  most have motion features to soothe your baby and get them to go to sleep.

Nursing chairs are designed for sitting for long periods of time. That’s why a good nursing chair will generally be more comfortable and supportive than a regular armchair or sofa.

Although they’re an old fashioned invention, nursing chairs have come a long way in recent years. Modern versions have all kinds of added features to ensure maximum comfort for both you and your baby.
< id="h-benefits-of-using-a-nursing-chair">Benefits of Using a Nursing Chair

Many parents simply nurse and feed their little ones from an armchair or sofa. While this works just fine for a lot of families, having a dedicated nursing chair has some huge benefits. A lot of parents swear by them, hailing them as their favorite baby-related purchase of all.

Here are a few of the reasons why nursing chairs are so popular.

Comfortable Feeding

As a parent, you’ll be spending a pretty large chunk of time feeding your baby. Whether you breastfeed or bottle-feed, finding a comfortable position is important. If you’re not properly supported, your back, neck, and posture can really suffer, leading to problems in the long run.

Nursing chairs are designed specifically for comfort and support during long feeds. They make those sleepless nights a lot easier and spare you unnecessary aches and pains.

Happy Baby

Nursing chairs usually rock or glide, and sometimes they even do both. The soothing motion helps your little one to drift off to sleep. And of course, the more sleep your baby gets, the more you get too.

The Power of Routine

Having a dedicated feeding chair in a dedicated room can help your little one to establish a routine. As your baby grows from a newborn into a toddler, the familiarity of the nursing chair can help to soothe and comfort them.

Having your nursing chair in your child’s bedroom is a great idea. When it comes to time for them to sleep by themselves, making the transition can be a lot easier.

Practicality and Convenience 

When you’re mid feed or you have a sleeping baby in your arms, it’s not exactly practical to get up and grab something you need. Luckily, most nursing chairs have you covered with handy storage pockets. They’re great for baby essentials, like pacifiers, bibs, cloths, and storybooks.

Easy Sitting and Standing

Nursing chairs are generally designed to sit lower to the ground. This helps you sit down or stand up easily, without waking your sleeping baby. This is also helpful for new moms who are still recovering from childbirth.

The Chance to Put your Feet Up

Swollen feet and ankles are part of motherhood. A lot of nursing chairs come with a matching footstool or ottoman, giving your tired tootsies a well-deserved rest.
< id="h-different-kinds-of-nursing-chairs">Different Kinds of Nursing Chairs 

No two nursing chairs are exactly alike, and there are several different types to look out for. Here are the most popular styles on the market today.

  • Nursing armchairs – These are usually fixed position armchairs designed specifically for feeding times. They’re similar to a regular armchair, just wider, lower to the ground, and extra comfy and supportive.
  • Rocking nursing chairs– These look very similar to traditional rocking chairs.  Two curved bands at the base of the chair create a soothing back and forth motion to help lull your little one to sleep.
  • Gliding nursing chairs – Rather than a rocking motion, these chairs glide you and your little one backward and forwards along smooth runners. Just like rocking, this motion helps to soothe your baby into a peaceful sleep.
  • Nursing chairs with ottomans – Many nursing chairs today come with a matching ottoman or footstool. Some even glide along with the motion of the chair.

Top Tip: If you’re not sure which type of chair to choose, visit a store to test out the various styles on the market. Even if you plan on buying online, doing a little in-person research will help you make the right decision.

5 Best Nursery Gliders and Rocking Chairs 2021 | BabyCenter

This should be at the top of your list of priorities. If you have back issues, make sure to choose a chair with good lumbar support. If you prefer to lean back, look out for automatic recliners.

Whichever features you choose, make sure to read the reviews to check it will be comfortable for those long feeds.

Easy Cleanup

Your nursing chair might have its fair share of stains and spills.  Everything from spilled milk, baby barf and yes, even poop, can end up on there. Choosing one that’s easy to clean is essential.


Many parents say they prefer a larger nursing chair. They allow you to change positions easily and give you and your little one plenty of space to spread out. Just make sure it’s not too big for the room.

Locking Mechanism

Many modern nursing chairs come with a locking mechanism. This stops your little one’s fingers from getting trapped. It also provides extra safety by keeping the chair still when you sit down and stand up.


Nursing chairs are not just great for nursing. If you invest in a good one, it can last well into the future and be used by the whole family. If you’re looking for something that will last, go for a quality, durable chair that will look stylish in any room.

Squeak-Free Motion

When you’re trying to lull a fussy baby to sleep, the last thing you want is a chair that squeaks. Check the reviews to make sure it’s as silent as possible.

Do I need a glider or rocking chair for my baby’s nursery?

Although gliders and rocking chairs certainly aren’t must-have items, they can come in handy.

These nursing chairs let you rock back and forth, and this gentle movement can help soothe baby to sleep. They’re also gloriously comfortable; a nursing chair is the perfect place to feed baby or simply sit when you’re up with your little one during the night.

What is the difference between a glider and a rocking chair?

When you’re choosing a dedicated nursing chair for baby’s nursery, you’re probably deciding between a rocking chair and a glider.

Traditional rocking chairs have two curved bands at the base, while gliders let you move back and forth on a stationary frame base. If you’re not sure which style you prefer, it can be helpful to visit a store to test out different models in person.

Keep the following in mind when shopping for a nursery glider or rocking chair:

  • Is it easy to clean? Rocking a freshly fed baby can be messy. Choosing a nursery glider or rocking chair with detachable and washable cushions or with stain-repellent fabrics is smart.
  • Is it comfortable for your neck and back? It’s best to test gliders and rocking chairs out first, and price-compare later. Remember, you’ll be holding your bundle of joy a lot, and you’ll need a supportive option.
  • Does it have enough padding? You could be gliding or rocking for hours. Make sure there is adequate and comfortable padding for the seat and armrests. You’ll appreciate the extra cushion.
  • Does it squeak? Trust us, that’s the last thing you’ll want your baby to hear in the middle of the night.
  • If you’re choosing a glider, is it on a 360-degree base? If not, that’s okay. It isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker. However, it’s a nice feature that allows you to spin around to get a quick visual on your other children if you have them.
  • Does it recline? Rocking baby isn’t all singing and reading fairy tales. At some point, you may be pulling an all-nighter in the nursery. A reclining glider lets you catch some shuteye while baby sleeps nearby in the crib.

How we chose the best nursery gliders and rocking chairs

5 Best Nursery Gliders and Rocking Chairs 2021 | BabyCenter

We considered the above recommendations when sorting through picks that members of the What to Expect community and our editors love. We also focused on products that have innovative and safe features to help make bedtime stories, middle-of-the-night feedings and all other kinds of snuggles cozier for parents.

What should I look for in a nursing chair?

When buying a nursing chair for the first time, mere aesthetic appeal alone should not be the central element in a purchase. Instead choose to go for the following– comfort, support, durability, ease of cleaning, safety and versatility. Size should be right while offering adequate support to back and head as well as the arms. Armrests must be padded and can hold your arms even with a nursing pillow propped up.

A reclining one or one with a 360-deg swivel can also come handy when soothing a sick child. Go also for solid frame that can endure up to your last baby. To ensure safety, check locking mechanism as well as exposed moving parts. It must also be easy to clean. You know, babies can be sneaky in spitting up, drooling or diaper overflow. Perhaps, a nursing chair with washable cover will do the trick. Think long term, too. Go for one that can still be used as a comfy seat even when your children have all grown up. You may also want to get those packaged with an ottoman for maximum savings while giving rest to your weary legs.

What’s the difference between a rocker and a glider? Is a rocker or glider better?

A rocker, or rocking chair to be precise, is designed to “rock” you and your baby up-and-down. The rocking motion helps to soothe and induce babies to sleep. A glider, on the other hand, floats or glides and sometimes swivel. Soft and comfortable, it’s usually cushion-filled for maximum comfort. Both can have matching stools or ottomans to rest the legs.

I hope, now you have a better understanding and knowledge of which is the Best Breastfeeding Chair and Nursery Glider for you and can make a purchase that’s perfect for you!

Your nursery glider or rocking chair should offer plenty of back and head support, give you room to change position easily, and be the right size for your body. You’ll want your feet to reach the floor at an angle that feels good. Pockets to hold baby gear like burp cloths are handy, too.

Your arms will need plenty of support as you hold your child or it will get uncomfortable. If you’ll be using a nursing pillow, check that it comfortably fits over or next to the armrests (consider bringing yours to a store for a test drive). Since a nursery glider or rocking chair is an investment, be sure that the frame is solid. Check for sharp edges, exposed moving parts that could pinch fingers, or gaps in the framework that could trap a child.

Drool, spit-up, and diaper overflow are common in your baby’s early months, and kids of all ages can be messy, so a washable seat cover is a plus.

Consider how you might use your rocking chair or nursery glider after your child has outgrown it, and choose the fabric and style accordingly.

Some nursery gliders have built-in locks to keep them from moving back and forth; this makes it easier to stand up with a baby in your arms. It also avoids hurt fingers and toes once your little one becomes an active, curious toddler.

Some nursery gliders recline for greater comfort, which can come in particularly handy when you’re comforting a sick child.

Glider or Rocker: Which one is better for a nursery?

There aren’t a lot of factors to consider when it comes to choosing a glider or a rocker for the nursery.

For a small nursery, a glider isn’t a great choice. A nice rocking chair would be an excellent addition to a small nursery. 

Some parents find rocking chairs handy to put the baby to sleep and moving around the room. 

While some parents find a glider or glider recliner comfier than a rocking chair while spending a lot of time in it, they often feel a rocking chair isn’t an excellent choice for breastfeeding. 

It all comes down to personal preference. Just go what you are comfortable with!

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First and foremost, you need to find a nursery glider or rocking chair that offers extra comfort and support. Remember, that’s the purpose of buying a nursing chair in the first place.

Check all the features of your chosen chair before hitting the buy now button. You don’t want to hear squeaking sound in the middle of the night. Also, padded seat cushions boost your comfort. Other bonus features include storage space, durability, and an ottoman for supporting your legs.

A lot also depends on your budget. Nursing chairs usually come with a high price tag. There are affordable options as well. Above all, consider a chair that offers the best value for the price.

Rocking chairs can easily move to face whatever direction you prefer, while nursery gliders are heavier and harder to adjust. If you want a nursery glider but think you’ll want to change its positioning, consider a model with a 360-degree swivel.

It may come with your rocking chair or nursery glider, or be sold separately. Using an ottoman made just for your nursery glider works well because it moves with the same motion.


Best Nursery Chair for Breastfeeding – Nursery seating is a non-negotiable (just ask any seasoned parent). And since it’s a place you’ll find yourself spending a lot of time—whether it’s for late-night feedings, nursery rhyme recitals or, heck, snoozing yourself—you want it to be comfortable for both you and baby. But deciding on the perfect glider or rocker comes down to much more than simply making sure it fits your nursery theme (though style is, of course, important).

Are you torn about adding a glider or rocking chair to your baby registry? You might be wondering if you need or even have space for one. And let’s face it — they can be pricey.

But there’s nothing sweeter than feeding and bonding with your baby in the nursery. If you’re daydreaming about reading, snuggling and singing to your bundle of joy while rocking the day (and night) away in one of these chairs, read on for everything you need to know about nursery gliders and rocking chairs.