Best Nursery Chair for Tall Parents

Best Nursery Chair for Tall Parents – Rocking calms babies as it mimics the waling pattern of the mother (or so the theory goes). As a result, most parents opt for a moving nursery chair. A glider moves on a stationary frame where’s a rocking chair has curved bands attached to the legs.

Comfort is important when you’re sitting with your baby in the nursery. You’re feeding, rocking your baby to sleep or simply spending quiet time in the nursery. I picked the Dutailier Sleigh Glider as the best nursery glider for tall parents.

Nursery gliders are a wonderful piece of furniture to have but if they cramp your style they’re a pain in the neck! Spending time seated in an uncomfortable chair often leads to painful necks, sore backs, and even aching legs. Tall parents know all about these aches and pains when they’re forced to sit in chairs not designed for their heights. But here’s my article for your rescue.


1.Dutailier Adele 0337

When looking for the best glider for tall moms, this dutailier Adele glider chair is my top pick for the list. Firstly, it comes with an exclusive gliding system using top-quality sealed ball bearings to get a very smooth gliding motion. It allows you to soothe the fussy baby within minutes and send it back to sleep.

Secondly, the cushions themselves are high-density that do not sag, so you’ll feel the difference compared to other cheaper products out there.

The comfortable padded armrests provide extra support while breastfeeding so your hands won’t get tired. The armrests can accommodate most breastfeeding cushions as well.

It comes pre-assembled with only four screws needed! It takes a few minutes to assemble. The instructions are easy-to-follow and straightforward, with all of the necessary tools for assembly included in one package.

At first glance, it looked like an oversized piece of furniture, but I was pleasantly surprised at how lightweight it actually was! It’s made from hardwood which means it’s designed to last— a five-year limited warranty is offered too. There were no gaps or holes where screws could come loose, so there’s no need to worry about additional repairs.

This chair also includes a leg rest that provides extra support to your back and knee as well as your feet when gliding in tandem.

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2.Baby Relax Mikayla

The Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Glider is a reclining chair with an elegant and eye-catching design. It has a comfortable upholstery that will make you want to curl up in the armchair all day long.

The 360-degree swivel motion allows for easy positioning of the chair, while its gliding motion provides you with additional comfort. This high-quality product is made from sturdy materials that can handle weight up to 225lbs. So, a tall or big person can easily sit in this glider comfortably.

On top of this, it comes with a supportive spring core foam-filled comfortable seat so you will feel snug and rested. If you’re looking for the perfect chair that can get you to relax in no time, this is a great option.

The armchair has minimal assembly required, so it’s easy for anyone to put it together without any help from an expert. It comes with a one-year limited warranty, which means that Baby Relax guarantees its quality and ensures your satisfaction.

The square silhouette with track arm design, button tufted backrest upholstery, and elegant welt trim detailing makes this recliner as attractive as it is comfortable.

The product dimensions are 30 “L x 37 “W x 41.75 “H, which makes it perfect for most rooms, while its net weight of 89lbs ensures that you won’t experience any difficulty in moving or transporting the chair from one room to another.

The height of the back frame is approximately 25 inches, so a tall mom around 5.9 feet can easily lean back with resting her head when nursing.

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3.Storkcraft Tuscany

If you are looking for the best nursery glider for tall moms to make your new mommy days more comfortable, then the Storkcraft Tuscany Glider is just what you need. This beautiful chair has all of the features that a pregnant woman needs to be as comfy as possible.

Firstly, it glides smooth, so moving back and forth is a breeze and helps lull your little one to sleep. Secondly, it comes with a high backrest about 28 inches tall that allows a tall mom to relax and enjoy the comfort with no issues of neck support. The included lumbar support pillow also helps keep you from slouching forward.

The seat and back cushions are made of polyester blend fabric, and they are spot cleanable. So, they’re much easier to clean than many other types of upholstery fabrics—a must for any new mother! And they will stay nice and fresh for years to come!

It comes with side pockets for storage where you can keep a burp cloth within reach or store your favorite baby books so you can read bedtime stories.

It’s also easy to assemble, so you won’t be spending hours trying to put it together. There are metal, enclosed ball bearings for smoothness and an upholstered arm with padding, which will keep you comfortable while reading your baby books or feeding them at night.

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What Is The Difference Between Nursery Glider And Rocker

Nursery gliders and rockers both are extremely helpful for nursing babies. They also make your life easier in terms of soothing or sleeping babies. The key difference is in their constructions. Some parents prefer nursery gliders, while some choose rocker. Let’s find out what are the differences between nursery gliders and rockers below:


As we mentioned earlier, the main difference between a nursery glider and a rocker is their constructions. A glider moves backward and forwards on a fixed track like a swing seat. On the other hand, a rocker moves back and forth in arched legs, creating swing motion stronger than a glider.

Size, Weight, And Mobility:

Due to the different construction materials, the size, weight, and mobility between a glider and a rocker also differ. A nursery glider is heavier and bigger than a rocker. So, it takes up more space in your home. You can’t easily shift it here and there due to its heavy weight.

On the other hand, a rocker is lightweight and portable. And the size is also smaller compared to a nursery glider.

But don’t forget that you are a tall parent. So, in that case, a nursery glider would be more suitable for you.


Rockers are a bit risky compared to a nursery glider. It’s because they come with two big arched legs so the toddler or pets might get pinched anytime.

On the other hand, you don’t have this kind of risky thing in a glider due to its stable base.

Comfort And Functionality:

A nursery glider is more comfortable and versatile compared to a rocker. Normally, it comes with a 360-degree swivel motion, so you can move the chair in any direction you want. It also comes with a padded seat which gives you so comfy and cozy feeling; thickly padded armrests support your elbow while holding the baby. Even some of them come with a recline feature for additional comfort.

Besides, a glider offers you more additional features. For instance, they offer a variety of color options to suit your nursery room, side pockets for keeping books, or feeding bottles. Even some come with an included ottoman for stretching your legs during feeding time.

On the other hand, a nursery rocker doesn’t have these features. They have just been replaced with a modern rocking chair from the retro design where you will just get padded seats and armrests.

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A nursery glider moves based on some moving components like wheels, rivets, etc. that require regular cleaning and maintenance to allow the glider to perform smoothly. So, cleaning and maintaining the glider is a bit complicated.

In contrast, a rocker moves only with arched legs that do not need any maintenance.


You can use gliders on any type of floor like wooden, tiles, carpet etc. But a rocker might not be a good fit on the carpet floor. It’s because you need to apply more and frequent pressure to move the rocker on the carpet floor. Besides, your expensive hardwood floor also might get scratched with the rocker’s arched legs.

Since a stiff back or neck is the last thing you want on your plate as a new parent, there are a few factors to consider when searching for the best tall nursery glider. You may think that having a glider is all about making your baby comfortable, which is mostly true. However, if you cannot get comfortable, you will not help your baby relax while they are being rocked in their nursery glider.

Therefore, you must find something that suits your body type and height. As a parent 5’ 8” and above, criteria such as back height, headrests, seat depth, and footrests become something you need to consider.

Check out my article on How to Choose a Nursery Glider for more tips!

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The nursery glider’s back height is important because you do not want to feel like you are going to lean back and fall out of the chair. You also want proper lumbar and neck support while you are holding your baby. Proper support will prevent any muscle strain or injury.

A proper back height will also place the headrest in the correct spot. If there is a padded one, it will come in handy if you need to take a snooze in the chair. If it is in the wrong spot, you will not be able to relax without squishing yourself down in the nursery glider to rest your head on it.

If the headrest is too low, it will push your head forward, which can add strain to your neck. If there is no built-in headrest on the back of the chair, your head will lean back over the top of the chair, which is incredibly uncomfortable.

Look for a chair with a seat back height of 29” and over. When measuring from your floor to the top of the nursery glider, search for nursery rockers that are 40” tall or higher. If you are finding it a challenge to locate gliders at that minimum, you can also try a glider with the floor to the top height of 36 to 38” with at least a 26” chair back height.

This will open up your options a little bit. Don’t be afraid to look at chairs that are not typically baby brands too. If you are looking for a chair that just rocks, swivels, and reclines, you could even look at something like a Lazy Boy recliner since they often come with a higher back.

Your best bet is to search for gliders with high backs, which should yield quite a few results that will suit tall parents, keeping you comfortable and focused on taking care of your little one and their needs.

You may wonder why seat depth matters as long as your back is supported. However, you do not want a short seat that makes you feel like you will fall off the chair. It is best to have your legs parallel to the nursery glider seat.

If you have long legs, you will want to look at chairs or nursery gliders that at least have 19 to 20 inches in seat depth. Seats with that depth will easily accommodate your legs, making sure your backrests comfortably up against the seatback and your feet can rest comfortably on the floor.

The proper depth will also ensure that your knees do not sit awkwardly, nor will you feel like your knees are in your chest, leaving plenty of room for you to hold your baby in your lap or up against your chest.

7 Best Nursery Glider for Tall Parents – The Hadicks

A deeper chair will also help if you need to add a lumbar support pillow. However, make sure you do not get too deep of a nursery chair, as it may be challenging to get out of an extra deep glider while holding your little one, especially if you are getting up by yourself.

Finding a nursery glider with the appropriate seat width matters for multiple reasons. When you sit down on the chair, you want to have enough room to get comfortable and not feel like you are sandwiched between the two armrests. You will also want enough room to place a support pillow or a nursing pillow.

Since nursery gliders are one of the more expensive pieces for your nursery, you will likely want to keep them for a very long time. With that in mind, you will want to find a seat that is at least 18″ wide, which should give you enough space to snuggle on the chair with your little one as they grow from a baby into a toddler.


Best Nursery Chair for Tall Parents – As a tall parent, you may have difficulty outfitting your baby’s room with items that do not make your backache, just thinking about using them day in and day out. Most nursery pieces in stores are made for people of average height. However, it is possible to find pieces that are a little taller or longer to accommodate your height.

One of the most essential pieces in the nursery to customize for tall parents is the nursery glider. You will spend a lot of time sitting in this chair, whether you are feeding your child, comforting them, or just reading them a story. You may even spend a good deal of time sleeping in the chair yourself, especially in the early months with your infant or when sleep regression hits.

If you are just starting your search for a nursery glider or rocker, you may be a little overwhelmed with all the nursery gliders are the market. It may also seem like there are not very many intended for use by parents who are above average in height. However, as a tall parent, there are many choices available to keep you and your little one comfortable while in their nursery.

We have done a little bit of the leg work for you, and based on reviews, we have rounded up some of the best nursery gliders available for tall parents. Hopefully, this list will give you the perfect starting point!