Best Nursing Chair for Small Space

Best Nursing Chair for Small Space – Are you torn about adding a glider or rocking chair to your baby registry? You might be wondering if you need or even have space for one. And let’s face it — they can be pricey.

But there’s nothing sweeter than feeding and bonding with your baby in the nursery. If you’re daydreaming about reading, snuggling and singing to your bundle of joy while rocking the day (and night) away in one of these chairs, read on for everything you need to know about nursery gliders and rocking chairs.

Fitting every important piece of equipment into your baby’s nursery with a smaller size is no less than a challenge. You need to cut out many things but a nursing chair must not be one of those.

Breastfeeding a newborn baby is sometimes very difficult and having no comfortable and dedicated space for this purpose is the last thing you want to do. In order to turn those rocking sessions and feedings in the middle of the night into a comfortable experience, investing in a nursing chair is worthwhile.

If you have a small nursery room for your baby, then you’re in luck. We have put together a list of the best nursery rocking chairs for small spaces that’ll allow you to make one of these a favorite spot to spend quality time with your little one.


1.Dolonm Rocking Chair

The Dolomn Rocking Chair is a great choice for any small nursery!

The light beige color against the dark wood gives it a modern farmhouse look, which, let’s face it, we are currently all head over heels for. This rocking chair features a long padded back which is great for back support as well as elevated arm rests for arm support.

I also also love that it comes with a side pocket which makes it great for small nurseries if you don’t have space to place a side table. Dimensions are 39.76” (H) x 27.16” (W) x 37” (D) and have a 300 lbs weight capacity. As per the manufacturer it only takes about 10 minutes to install. 

Pros & Cons

2.Wingback chair

Another great options for a small nursery rocking chair is this beautiful Wingback Rocking Chair from Best Choice Products.

It is made with sturdy birch wood and specially made to stay still until the user is ready to rock. That is a great feature for nursey rocking chairs since it adds stability and sturdiness.

Enclosed arms and headrest makes this relaxing furniture piece ideal for rocking little ones to sleep. Overall dimensions are 34.5″ (L) x 29″ (W) x 40.25″ (H) and have a weight capacity of 309 lbs.

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3.Tribesigns Chair

This sweet little thing makes a perfect rocking chair for a small nursery.

It is not only affordable, but it is built from solid wood and metal frame to offer additional support. It is also made with lamb’s wool which is soft and comfortable to touch.

This small nursery rocking chair features a wide seating area with a thickly padded cushion which makes it perfect to accommodate mom and baby.

Best Nursing Chair for Small SpaceDimensions are 29.52″ (L) x 37″ (W) x 35.82″ (H) inches and it supports up to 250 lbs. Although a bit wider than the last two nursery rocker, it is shorter in length which makes it ideal for shorter areas.

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Why Use A Nursery Rocking Chair Or Glider?


You will soon realize how exhausting it can become carrying the baby for an extended period of time without arm support. This is especially true as the baby grows.

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Nursery rocking chairs and gliders allow for much needed rests while you are in that space.

Small rocking chairs in particular are ideal to tuck in corners of the nursery where traditional nursery rocking chairs or gliders wouldn’t fit.

Nursery rocking chairs allow you to:

  • Rest
  • Breastfeed (or bottle feed) comfortably
  • Rock your baby to sleep
  • Spend quality time with baby

Is a nursery chair for your small nursery crucial? It was for me. Having a quiet place to sit down and rock my children to sleep was a lifesaver.

In fact, years after I stopped rocking my children to sleep, I have found great use for our nursery glider. It has now become a favorite spot to read and relax. Even my husband uses it once in a while.

Traditional Nursery Rocking Chair Vs Glider


Most people are more familiar with nursery rocking chairs, but gliders have gained quite the popularly in recent years.

Nursery rocking chairs and gliders serve the same purpose. However, the most noticeable difference comes down to movement.

Here are the main differences in both nursery rocking chairs and gliders, so that you can make the best choice for meet your needs.


Nursery rocking chairs give you the ability to sway back and forth using the push and pull of your feet. The movement is typically more strong and pronounced than the glider’s movement.

Nursery gliders on the other hand have the ability to slide in a “forward-backward” motion. Some, even swivel give you the ability to turn in all directions.


Rocking chairs in general are built on two simple arced legs with no working parts. However, although the traditional rocking chairs are all made out of wood, some newer versions of nursery rocking chair now feature a padded body for addition comfort and support.

A nursery glider moves via a sliding mechanism installed on a stable base. Some gliders also have rolled and padded arms and a fabric skirt around the bottom.


Small nursery rocking chairs go back many centuries. They a very “country” and exude a very traditional look which many moms-to-be opt  for because of their classic and simplistic composition.

Nursery gliders on the other hand offer a more modern look to a small space.


Both of these styles of nursery rocking chairs provide their own lever of comfort. Although some styles of nursery rocking chairs come with more advances comfort features.

As a rule of thumb, ensure the nursery rocking chair you opt for has good back and bottom support as most of your weight will be supported by those areas.

Additionally, if foot support is also something you might be interested in, then a compact nursery glider might be a great choice. Nursery gliders often come available with a padded foot stool which allow you to elevated your feet and glide in one full motion. So, even come with a pop-up foot rest saving you additional space.

If you are opting to breastfeed, choosing a small nursing rocking chair with padded armrests can also be beneficial.

Rocking Chair For Small Nursery Considerations

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When it comes to nursery rocking chairs and gliders, keeping safety in mind is crucial.

If you have ever rocked yourself in a rocking chair you know to be careful that no one—including pets—get their toes, or paws, stuck under the arched legs!

Same is true for nursery gliders whose mechanist is exposed and little fingers might get caught while gliding.

If you have small children, you can select a rocking chair or glider that locks in place when it is not in use. That will prevent them from climbing the rocking chair while it is in motion which can be dangerous.

In essence, when picking your small nursery rocking chair, or small nursery glider, make sure you keep those things in mind.

Bonus Features

Just because you are looking for a small nursery chair, doesn’t mean that you have to give up some of the bonus features that comes along with some nursery rocking chairs.

Nowadays, nursery rocking chairs and gliders come with many great features, including:

  • partial swivel
  • 360-degree swivel
  • pop-up foot rest
  • USB port connection
  • lock mechanism

Small Spaces 

When it comes to picking a rocking chair for a small nursery either style of nursery chair could work for your small space.

Simply, take into consideration the size of the area you are thinking about placing your rocking chair in.

It’s important to look for certain qualities in a nursery rocking chair before making your final decision. It’ll allow you to choose the product that offers the level of comfort that your little one needs.

The size of the nursery glider is the most important factor to consider when you have a small space. Make sure that you choose the product that doesn’t make your nursery look cluttered.

It’s important to make sure that the nursery rocking chair you choose doesn’t have any visible moving parts and sharp edges that can hurt you or your baby. Some modern nursery gliders for small spaces come with a locking mechanism that keeps the chair from moving when it’s not required.

Different nursery rocking chairs have different prices and they range from downright crazy expensive to affordable. A better strategy is to first define your budget and then limit yourself while searching for a small nursery chair.

Best nursing chairs UK: Comfortable rocking chairs for mum and baby |  Evening Standard

Pick the nursery chair which is durable because you’ll be paying a good amount of money for that. Buy a product that comes with a warranty and make sure what it covers. Your nursery glider should last for all your future babies. If you’re not planning it then consider how it’ll look in some other area of your house like the living room.

Consider buying a nursery glider that offers a quiet and smooth gliding experience because squeaking or creaking sound is the last thing you want while soothing your baby to sleep.

You’ll need to spend a whole lot of time sitting on the nursery chair with your little one, especially in the first few months. Look for a nursing chair that’s properly cushioned and has padded arms with high head and neck support.

Pay attention to the quality and density of the foam and make sure it’s not too thin. Some modern nursing chairs also come with an additional lumbar support pillow that comes in handy to prop up the baby’s head or your arm.

Different nursery chairs come with different features. Consider choosing the one that meets all your needs. You might need storage pockets to keep your baby’s stuff, or you might want to have a 360 degree swivel function.

Some nursery chairs also have a built-in USB port that can be used to charge your smartphone while you cuddle your baby. Consider creating a list of features you want in a nursery glider to save your research time.

Do I need a glider or rocking chair for my baby’s nursery?

Although gliders and rocking chairs certainly aren’t must-have items, they can come in handy.

These nursing chairs let you rock back and forth, and this gentle movement can help soothe baby to sleep. They’re also gloriously comfortable; a nursing chair is the perfect place to feed baby or simply sit when you’re up with your little one during the night.

What is the difference between a glider and a rocking chair?

When you’re choosing a dedicated nursing chair for baby’s nursery, you’re probably deciding between a rocking chair and a glider.

Traditional rocking chairs have two curved bands at the base, while gliders let you move back and forth on a stationary frame base. If you’re not sure which style you prefer, it can be helpful to visit a store to test out different models in person.

How to choose a glider or rocking chair for your nursery

The 12 Best Nursery Gliders of 2022 | Healthline Parenthood

Keep the following in mind when shopping for a nursery glider or rocking chair:

  • Is it easy to clean? Rocking a freshly fed baby can be messy. Choosing a nursery glider or rocking chair with detachable and washable cushions or with stain-repellent fabrics is smart.
  • Is it comfortable for your neck and back? It’s best to test gliders and rocking chairs out first, and price-compare later. Remember, you’ll be holding your bundle of joy a lot, and you’ll need a supportive option.
  • Does it have enough padding? You could be gliding or rocking for hours. Make sure there is adequate and comfortable padding for the seat and armrests. You’ll appreciate the extra cushion.
  • Does it squeak? Trust us, that’s the last thing you’ll want your baby to hear in the middle of the night.
  • If you’re choosing a glider, is it on a 360-degree base? If not, that’s okay. It isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker. However, it’s a nice feature that allows you to spin around to get a quick visual on your other children if you have them.
  • Does it recline? Rocking baby isn’t all singing and reading fairy tales. At some point, you may be pulling an all-nighter in the nursery. A reclining glider lets you catch some shuteye while baby sleeps nearby in the crib.

How we chose the best nursery gliders and rocking chairs

We considered the above recommendations when sorting through picks that members of the What to Expect community and our editors love. We also focused on products that have innovative and safe features to help make bedtime stories, middle-of-the-night feedings and all other kinds of snuggles cozier for parents.


Best Nursing Chair for Small Space – Even if your room isn’t so spacious, you can still make room for a cozy spot to spend time with your baby. The best nursery chairs for small spaces will be compact enough to fit in your desired location while still offering a comfortable, supportive place to sit. This means that before you shop, you’ll want to ensure you know how much space you’re working with so you can take a peek at sizing specs to ensure your chair will fit. And since you’ll likely be spending a lot of time in this chair, you’ll want to pick one that has a supportive shape with cushioning in spots like the arms, back, and seat. Make sure that the fabric is easy to clean, too (some picks are even water-repellent or stain-resistant) — Amazon reviews can provide helpful insight on this.

It’s also important to consider the type of movement and any additional features you’d like from your nursery chair. Rocking chairs move in an arc motion, while gliders will move more fluidly back and forth. Some gliders even swivel, allowing you to quickly turn in all directions. If you’d like somewhere to prop up your feet, look for a chair with a coordinating ottoman (some even have hidden storage in them) or one that reclines with a built-in footrest — just make sure that you have the space for it! Extras like side pockets will allow you to keep essentials within reach, and a lumbar pillow can provide a little more support if you need it.

While ensuring that the chair fits and functions in your nursery is top priority, you should also consider aesthetics when picking out a chair. Luckily, with a range of color and style options ranging from mid-century modern designs to traditional-looking options or unique rounded-back picks, you’ll surely find one that vibes with the rest of the room’s decor — nursery rugs, crib mobiles, and all.