Best Office Chair for 8 Hours

Best Office Chair for 8 Hours – Are you looking for a bit of expert advice for the best computer chair for long hours sitting in your office/home office? You’ve just landed on the right page.

It wouldn’t make sense to add a lot of pressure on your back muscles and spinal discs by using cheap quality computer chairs for long hours of sitting.

One of the best office chairs could also be one of the very few things that stand between you and chronic back and shoulder pain. Excellent ergonomics could be the last thing on your mind when you’re going about your hectic day at work, which makes having the right chair to ensure your well-being all the more important.

With one of these desk chairs overseeing your comfort and making sure that your body is in that ideal position all day long, you can go about your tasks for hours without worrying that you’ll suffer from injuries at the end of the day. Investing in one, therefore, is vital – just as vital as getting the most ideal PClaptop and peripherals – especially when paired with an excellent standing desk.


1.Steelcase Gesture Office Chair

The award-winning Gesture chair from Steelcase is one of the finest ergonomic chairs money will buy, and that’s saying something because Steelcase has some solid chair options and is our Editor’s pick.

This revolutionary new office chair is designed to accommodate various natural body positions and sizes, all while supporting and protecting the back and neck.

Gesture uses exclusive LiveBack technology that automatically adjusts to your body, mimicking the natural movement of your spine and neck.

Struggle with certain chairs because the armrests box you in? That won’t be a problem with this chair, as you can easily manipulate how the rests are positioned. Nobody wants to feel pinched in their chair. The arms can also swivel with 360 degrees of motion, literally supporting your arms in any possible position.

This design has a slightly taller seat height option. It can raise up to 21 inches, which should be fine for most individuals, even if you are over six feet (although once you push 6’6 you might be too tall for the chair). Most office chairs stop at 20 inches, so this extra inch might be exactly what you need.

Gesture won the Neocon Gold award in 2013 and is available in eight different colors, so you can always feel good about how your chair looks as well as how it functions.

Pros & Cons

2.Steelcase Leap Chair

With full adjustability, top-tier materials, and being specifically engineered to provide maximum comfort, this is, in my humble opinion, the best ergonomic office chair available on the current market.

Digging through the weeds, you’ll discover this chair’s LiveBack technology will bring you a level of office comfort you’ve never experienced before. It doesn’t matter if you are sitting, reclining, working on the computer, or reading a book, it will always shift to meet the needs of your body (if only everything else in life could do that).

Not only does the Leap Chair conform to your body and move with you in ways no other chair does, but it is also sustainably produced. No less than 30% of the chair is made from recycled materials, and over 90% of the chair is recyclable — meaning that when this chair does finally give out, the materials can be reused, providing minimal environmental fallout.

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3.X-Chair X4 High

While ratings may mean little to some, I find it hard to believe that thousands of Amazon shoppers have had nothing but words of praise for X4 if it’s not actually an exceptional product. This encouraged me to cover the features, potential benefits, and the reasons why it’s one of the top-selling chairs out there.

Featuring an exquisite brown leather finish and utilizing an array of unique technologies, most of my questions were answered quickly. This chair rocks SciFLoat Infinite Recline technology, which is essentially a next-generation system that provides superb flexibility, allowing you to find an ideal position quickly.

Full adjustability? Check. Its seat, back, arms, and headrest are all depth and height adjustable. Even though you can’t adjust its lumbar support, the DVL (Dynamic Variable Lumbar support) technology ensures you’ll stay comfy for hours on end.

In terms of aesthetics, this chair is quite a looker and is available in a variety of different colors. There are a few things I thought could be improved regarding X-4, though.

First and most notably, it may be pretty hard to properly assemble it if you don’t have some basic DIY skills. Although the process is straightforward, there are a few features that you’ll probably see for the first time, which may puzzle an inexperienced builder a bit.

Secondly, the X4 Ergonomic Office Chair is a pricey chair. With a couple of hundred dollars extra, you could probably afford a Steelcase one. Even so, its aesthetics, unique floating reclining system, and excellent performance overall make it a valuable choice.

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4.Herman Miller Classic

The Aeron is based on the biomorphic principles of the body for ultimate comfort and comes in varying size options, which means you can pick out the height for you. Because let’s face it, nobody has the same body type. Whether you’re tall, short, somewhere in between, or you have other chair requirements, one-size-fits-most chairs might not do it for you.

If you run hot, and leather or foam seats don’t cut it for you, then Aeron is the best mesh-back chair you can get for hot working conditions. Not only is this chair made from a breathable material, but it is also designed specifically for back support. Having been in the market since 1994, we are confident in this recommendation as the chair is known to be quite durable, lasting a decade or more for most users.

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5.ERGOUP Ergonomic

Ergroup’s ergonomic office chair is the first mesh chair on the list, as well as one of the sturdiest, best-looking chairs in its price range.

Sporting a metal base and aluminum construction, I’m under the impression that this chair will be able to survive at least a decade of use. Furthermore, it can support up to 550 pounds, which is something not many mesh ergonomic chairs can boast about.

Speaking of mesh, this chair is made of a material that is highly resistant to wear. According to the brand that made it, Ergroup’s ergonomic office chair went through thousands of resistance tests before hitting the market.

All of its features are fully adjustable, including the armrests, headrest, and lumbar support, but I want to touch base on its rolling caster wheels. They are unique in that they are outfitted with special foot mufflers that reduce the sound they make when grinding against the floor. Each wheel is covered with PU material, boasting an impeccable level of sturdiness without sacrificing mobility and flexibility.

The only downside to this chair is that it does not appear to be made for taller people. Namely, even though you can adjust the headrest, you can’t really extend it too far upward, which makes this feature relatively useless for the taller among us.

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6.Nouhaus ErgoPRO

The ErgoPro chair is a lighter alternative to Ergroup’s model, offering a relatively similar set of features and benefits at a shallower price tag. Although there are a couple of distinct differences that set them apart, NouHaus’s ErgoPro is still an excellent choice for anyone searching for customized comfort, regardless of budget.

I was pleasantly surprised with its SWS technology, which is essentially a weight-sensing mechanism that disperses the user’s weight in optimal proportion, regardless of how strong the force pressuring it is. On the downside, it can only support 275 pounds of weight, which is still fairly good.

In terms of durability, its base is made of high-quality aluminum while the back is made of breathable mesh fabric. More specifically speaking, NouHaus’s proprietary ElastoMesh forms this chair’s back, offering excellent sweat-resistance, elasticity, and comfort.

Unlike ordinary ergonomic chairs, this model features proprietary Pro Wheels, which are super-silent and offer a comfortable sitting experience.

Four-dimensional armrests, the headrest, and dynamic lumbar support are all fully adjustable. However, I found that the armrests are a bit too petite for my taste. Be that as it may, this is a wonderful chair that’s worth the buck, despite its minor imperfections.

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What Makes the Best Ergonomic Office Chair?

An ergonomic chair is, by definition, one that was engineered to provide optimal support for our bodies, catering to our posture, support, health, as well as comfort. In my experience, not all chairs that have the label ‘ergonomic’ fit the description. That’s why I wanted to dissect the matter a bit further, finding that ergonomic chairs with the following elements are the best in this category:

The 15 best and most comfortable office chairs to buy in 2022

1. Adjustability

Of all the things that make a good ergonomic chair, adjustable features take the cake. While the materials of a chair may be comfortable, many people, including myself, don’t find them as such if the rests (armrest, headrest, largest, and such) are in a fixed position. This also applies to the back of the chair, its base, and any detachable features that may be supplied.

However, adjustability can be rated in degrees. If only the base can be tweaked, you’re still stuck with a rigid chair – just one that can tilt up or down. Are the armrests detachable? Can you change the position of the headrest? If so, you’ve bought a good chair. The best ergonomic chairs, in my opinion, are fully adjustable and capable of catering to your individual needs, no matter how specific they may be.

2. Quality of Material

This is another fairly deep topic, especially given that advancements in technology now allow brands to manufacture sci-fi proprietary materials and things characterized by through-the-roof sturdiness, with triple or quadruple layers consisting of special sponges, fabrics, and soft, but robust wood.

Starting from the bottom upward, I recommend chairs with a firm, durable base made of metal. A plastic base is a common characteristic of a cheap, flimsy office chair. Ideally, shoot for stainless steel.

Certain parts will probably be made of plastic, but again, even this material comes in different forms. For the lower section of the chair, armrests, and back, ABS, PPSU, as well as polypropylene are all good choices.

3. Flexibility & Non-restricted Movements

It’s nearly impossible for a person to sit perfectly still for several hours. That’s why non-restricted movements are such a big factor when determining the comfort and value of any chair. There are a few things to be said about this issue, as it is largely subjective.

First and foremost, let’s start with the movement of your legs. If the base of your chair is too stiff, you’ll need to hop over the wheels every time you want to find a better position, which is bound to break your focus and affect your concentration.

Secondly, the movements of your arms, or better said, the positions your arms take while you’re typing are largely dictated by the position (and adjustability) of the armrests. If these features are uncomfortable, you may be better off not using them at all, but you’ll eventually experience fatigue.

Let’s not forget full-body movements; the moments where you simply don’t feel comfortable in a particular position so you instinctively move everything and begin searching for a new sweet spot. A flexible office chair will cater to those occasions.

4. Comfort Level

It’s important to make a distinction between short and long-term comfort. Since we’re talking about office chairs and things that you’ll probably use for at least five to six hours on workdays, let’s focus on long-term comfort.

In my experience, leather is great, but far from the best. It is flexible enough to support the chair’s ergonomics, and it’s typically sturdier than fabric (and in many cases superior to mesh). However, leather heats up quickly, and chairs featuring this material are nearly unbearable during the summertime.

Mesh offers great ventilation, it’s simple to clean, and it’s relatively close to leather in terms of ergonomic support. In my research, I’ve found that mesh materials can retain their original shape solidly, but they’re not as durable, or comfortable, as leather. Fabric-covered chairs are softer; however, fabrics are normally thin and provide minimal support.

5. Support

The first thing we all want from ergonomic chairs is support for our bodies. In simple terms, I think it’s important to consider both quantity and quality of said support, meaning the number of supportive features (rests), and their efficiency. The best ergonomic chairs are equipped with comfortable armrests and headrests, as well as lumbar support pillows.

Below is a list of some common queries that will put you on the fast track to identifying the right chairs for your back pain. 

What are the best brands for ergonomic office chairs? 

Some of the best brands for ergonomic office chairs are AmazonBasics and Herman Miller. This does not mean that an off-brand chair won’t serve you well, but these brands have plenty of reviews and hefty warranties backing up their quality. 

What is the most comfortable ergonomic chair? 

The most comfortable ergonomic home office chair may be on the higher end of the price spectrum, but that does not mean less expensive chairs are a bad bargain. In our opinion, the Serta Mid-Back Office Chairs is one of the most comfortable ergonomic chairs available around. However, the Embody Chair by Herman Miller and many more follow close behind. 

What is the best office chair for sitting for long hours? 

The best office chairs for sitting long hours should come with key features of adjustable seat arms and height and a design that mimics the curves of your body. This article features some of the best ergonomic office chairs for your back. 

Which chair is the best for your back? 

Ergonomic office chairs with adjustable arms and seat height and a curvy back that aligns with your spine are the best chairs for your back. Adjustable lumbar support also acts as a guarantee of pain-free working days to come. 

What are the best ergonomic office chairs for back pain? 

The 15 best and most comfortable office chairs to buy in 2022

The Serta Mid-Back Office Chairs and the Embody Chair by Herman Miller are some of the most comfortable ergonomic chairs for your back. 

What is the best Orthopedic office chair? 

The Serta Mid-Back Office Chair and Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair are some of the best orthopedic office chairs. 

What is the best high-back ergonomic office chair? 

The Steelcase gesture chair, Steelcase Series 2 Office Chair, and the Herman Miller chairs are designed to support a wide variety of body sizes. They provide both low and high back positions, making them a winner for most people. 

How do I clean my office chair?

How you clean your office chair will vary somewhat depending on the materials. The chair’s user manual should detail cleaning and general maintenance tips. If you tossed out the paper version of the manual, check online. Many retailers provide digital versions or even downloadable PDFs of their product manuals.

That said, most chairs should be fine with a damp cloth and mild soap or detergent. Test out a small area first and stay away from strong chemical cleaners.

How do I make an office chair more comfortable?

Many office chairs are adjustable. You can change the chair height and move the arms, and some office chairs even have adjustable lumbar support. So before tossing out your current chair, make sure you’re sitting in an optimal posture for your comfort by trying out different ergonomic positions.

Gary Allread, the program director for the ergonomics division at Ohio State University’s Spine Research Institute had two main suggestions:

  • You want your back to touch the back of the chair.
  • You want your feet to touch the floor (or you should use a box or footrest to prop up your feet).

They also suggested rolling up a towel to use for lower back support if your chair doesn’t have lumbar support.

How do I fix a squeaky office chair?

If you’re dealing with a squeaky office chair, you first need to identify the source. Double-check that all of the screws are tight and that the chair is clean and oiled. You might also need to replace a spring. Certain retailers sell replacement parts, if a loose or old spring ends up being the culprit.

10 Black Office Chairs for Upgrading Your Work-From-Home Setup

  • An ergonomically designed chair must support the natural curvature of the spine. In essence, it must support the spine in its natural alignment.
  • If it is not able to do so, the muscles and ligaments holding the spine in its natural alignment will be stressed to preserve the alignment. This may give rise to various types of pain, such as neck pain, lower back pain, etc.
  • The best office chair for back pain must also be adjustable so that you can fit the chair in accordance with your physical proportions.
  • The extent of adjustability may vary, but mainly the back of the chair, the armrests, and the height should be adjustable. Additionally, a swivel feature can help you to adjust your position without dragging the chair while multitasking.
  • An ergonomic office chair needs to support both the torso and the neck. In fact, the best back support for the office chair is one with a high backrest.
  • It can be much like a car seat since a car seat can support the neck as well as the back of the user. This reduces both neck and back strain and offers a comfortable seating experience.
  • If you are suffering from low back pain, you need to go to the best office chair for lower back pain. Such a chair must offer lumbar support for long-hour seating.
  • In fact, any ergonomically designed office chair for long-hour seating must offer lumbar support. A chair with lumbar support provides support to the lower back and prevents strain and injury.
  • An ergonomically significant aspect of posture is able to maintain the same position for an extended period of time. This calls for cushioning since cushions help to support the structure.
  • So the best home office chair needs to have a cushioning feature apart from being ergonomically designed. However, too much cushioning may be detrimental to health.
  • While an office chair for long hours of seating should be ergonomically designed and need to offer some level of comfort as well, it should not be overloaded with features.
  • This can make the chair a complex and costly product. Maintenance, too, can become complex and costly. So, you need to have a budget chair that accommodates all the required designs, and the best budget office chair has a minimal design.

Office chairs are meant to offer an ensemble of ergonomic and comfort features for overall satisfaction and healthy seating. Any shortcomings in one of the elements may render it useless.

If the seat padding starts to sag or the lumbar pad does not offer proper support, or the armrest has given way, the chair may not be fit for use anymore unless it can be brought back to its previous form.

Long hours of seating can generate heat in the contact areas such as the seat and the backrest. This can make seating uncomfortable. To make it comfortable to sit, there needs to be an arrangement to circulate the air and bring in the fresh air.

Mesh-covered chairs help in the circulation of air since they make the backrest and the seat breathable. This can make mesh-covered chairs better than others.

Ergonomics is about increasing efficiency in working settings bogged down by unaccommodating working conditions. Office furniture, especially chairs, is an integral part of any workplace. One of the common problems with unaccommodating office chairs is that they cause back and neck pain.

An ergonomic chair means designing it in such a way that it does not cause neck and back pain and also makes it comfortable to sit for a long time. This implies that there are some features that make a chair ergonomic.

Some of the essential features of an ergonomic chair are – long and adjustable backrest, adjustable seat height, lumbar support (adjustable ones are better), neck support, adjustable armrest, waterfall seat design.

The cost of material and design makes good office chairs costly. Though you can get good ones, even within $100, the more the price, the better it is. Needless to say, the higher the price, the better is the material used in the chair. A chair covered with bonded leather is obviously better than one with vinyl in terms of breathability and comfort.

But bonded leather costs more than vinyl. This is why office chairs have a vast price range. You can get ones below $100 as well as those above $1000. In general, though, a chair costing a few hundred dollars can be a good buy if you are not addicted to leather or don’t have a tall and big body. For people with heavier and taller frames, the cost can be higher.

The cost of a computer chair depends on the design, as well as the material used to make it. There are some proprietary technologies in the science of seating that make seating more ergonomic and comfortable. These make chairs costly. Even without proprietary technology, designing an ergonomic chair requires finesse in manufacturing.

These chairs are mostly made of multiple components that you need to assemble to make the chair. All these materials need to be robust enough to sustain the ergonomic features. Costly materials offer better ergonomics and more comfort compared to cheap ones. This is why office chairs are so expensive. BOLISS Ergonomic Office Computer Desk Chair with Flip Arms  Waist Support Function,500 lbs-Black

We have now gone through a complete list review of the best computer chairs for long hours in 2021. All the above computer chairs are the best ones with many positive reviews and five stars ratings that you can buy right now from amazon.

All the chairs deliver high-quality comfort, incredibly supportive, and highly durable in the long run. The main plus point about these computer chairs is much cheaper compared to others in the market.

However, the right computer for you will entirely rely on your personal choices and budget. We hope we have helped you to get enough information about computer chairs for long hours.

Comment down below your queries, which you feel are missing or something that you would want to ask us.

We will make sure to reply back as soon as possible.


Best Office Chair for 8 Hours – When you are working from home and sitting at a desk for more than half the day, it is important for you to be comfortable. Getting a good office chair can make sedentary work less taxing. It can also help reduce chronic back, hip and leg strain that can come from sitting in one place for too long.

When the pandemic started, many realized they needed a good office chair. A lot of the staff at CNET went on the hunt for home office equipment to shift to remote work, and we ended up testing many options. I asked our staff to tell me about the chairs they bought in the pandemic, giving them three different ratings to choose from: Super comfy; Good enough; Not very comfy. I filtered out ones that were rated Not very comfy, so I’m only listing ones here that are comfortable enough to sit on all day.

While these office chairs haven’t been tested in the normal CNET fashion — one editor testing a specific set of comfort criteria — they’ve been selected after months of using them for at least 8 hours a day, five days a week. This personal review is about how we feel about our chairs and why we think you might one, too.